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Body building recipes e-book

20060919 12:35

I found a cool free ebook to help design your own muscle building diet. The e-book comes with 25 muscle building recipes designed for muscle building.
Some recipes included are;

– Ground Turkey Omellete

– Chocolate Banana Protein Bars

– Protein Fortified Rice

– Spicey Turkey Chilli

– Protein Waffles

– Chicken Kabob
– Beef Chop Suey

To view the free ebook click here, or to download it right click on the link and click save-as.


My workout..

20060916 12:11

Almost everyone has their own workout program which suits them best, some may workout on weekends, some don’t. I myself don’t like to workout on weekends, as i’ve probably gone out the night before and the only thing i need is sleep!
My weekly workout plan is as follows;

Monday – Chest/Triceps
Tuesday – One hour bike ride
Wednesday – Biceps/Back
Thursday – One hour bike ride
Friday – Shoulders/Legs
Saturday – off
Sunday – One hour bike ride

There are thousands of workout routines, but some are more effective than others for obvious reasons. I have listed my workout routine below;

Flat Bench Press
Dumbell Pullovers
Flat Bench Dumbell Flyes
Incline Dumbell Flyes

Lat Pulldown (or weighted pull ups)
Bent Over Barbell Row
Bent Over 1 Arm Dumbell Rows

Standing Barbell Curls
Preacher Curls (with dumbells or barbell)
Seated/Standing Dumbell Curls

Tricep Press Down
French Press
The more weights i lift on a specific workout, the less reps i do, for example if i were doing bench 40kg’s i would do 10-15 reps, but if 70kg+ only 5 reps etc. I generally do 10 reps of each workout, it is only on the bench press where i do 5 reps.

Is creatine a steroid?

20060909 12:29

Someones e-mailed me a few days back, asking whether creatine is a steroid. To give you the answer in a nutshell, no it isn’t a steroid. Steroids are a synthetic version of the male hormone testosterone. You can see creatine is not by reading through my other articles on the website.


20060904 21:55

Haven’t posted on here lately due to me coming down with the flu! Wasn’t a pretty sight, but i think i’ve just got over it now, so hopefully i will be back in training tomorrow morning!

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