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Creatine in a can!?

20070207 08:34

The technology has been used since the beginning of the year by Atlantic Multipower Germany, Europe’s leading supplier in the sports food sector. With “Crea Max”, the company is introducing a ready-to-drink creatine product in Germany, UK and Austria. Cranberry-flavoured Crea Max contains 4.6 g creatine citrate, a natural dietary supplement, which enhances the performance of those engaging in sports involving intensive muscle workout and which increases the effectiveness of weight training.
Thanks to the wedge, the creatine is freshly mixed with the drink when the can is opened. The advantage for the consumer is the added convenience because creatine was previously only available to sportspeople in tablet or powder form and not as a drink. Crea Max in the 429 ml can is sold through sports studios and, in Europe, is available exclusively from Atlantic Multipower Germany.

“The effect of creatine in muscle workout is well known. In the sports food sector, it is a unique innovation to offer the active substance in conjunction with a drink. With this product, we can offer sportspeople with true added value,” explains Stephanie Wullenweber, Junior Brand Manager Multipower Professional. “Being the leading supplier of dietary supplements in this sector, Crea Max is extremely important to us strategically.”

“Scientific studies have shown that creatine is not stable in normal beverage products. The longer it is in contact with the liquid, the greater the loss in effectiveness”, explains Dr. Ralf J├Ąger, Vice President Marketing & Sales at Degussa Fresh Tech Beverages. “The potency of such sensitive substances starts to decline as soon as they are dissolved in a liquid”. Degussa is one of the leading producers of creatine which is sold under the brand name “Creapure”.

“The FreshCan technology has changed our general concepts as to what we can market as a drink in future”, says Rob Miles, Vice President Sales&Marketing at Ball Packaging Europe. “It is feasible that numerous innovations will be supplied as ready-to-drink solutions thanks to FreshCan, in particular in the continually growing segment of sports and wellness products.”

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