Mixing Creatine

A common question asked when taking creatine is: What do I mix it with? Is it ok to mix creatine with other supplements? Should you take it with water, with food, or with juices? Can you take it with protein? Throughout the following article I will outline some of the common and productive ways to take creatine.

Water is the most abundant natural resource on the planet. Water is also tasteless. If you are taking creatine monohydrate, odds are it is tasteless as well. So wouldn’t it be logical to take creatine with a class of water this way you don’t have to deal with the awful taste in your mouth? Well, that is not necessarily the case.

Research has shown that grape juice contains simple sugars that cause insulin to be released into the body. Insulin production is necessary to help transport to creatine into the muscle fibers. Just because creatine works well with grape juice, do not assume it works with all juices. Creatine mixed with citrus juices, such as orange juice, can be rendered useless because it will be converted to createinine which the body can not use.

Another option is to take creatine with Gatorade or other sports drinks. Sports drinks are loaded with electrolytes and help replace everything the body loses during an intense workout. If you plan on mixing creatine with Gatorade, it is recommended that you do it in the Gatorade powder form, not the pre bottled stuff. Gatorade powder has dextrose in it which helps replenish electrolytes.

What you mix your creatine in also depends on the flavor you buy. Supplement drinks can taste awful depending on the flavors and liquids you mix. You do not want to mix chocolate flavored creatine with grape juice. And you do not want to mix citrus flavored creatine with Gatorade. If you buy flavored creatine it would be best to mix it with water to help retain the flavor.

As far as mixing creatine with protein, there seem to be some conflicting reports. Some experts encourage it, while others oppose. The experts who approve the mix say the protein helps with creatine absorption. The people who oppose say that creatine and protein use the same transport and that they will compete with each other once in the body. The best way to figure it out is to try it yourself to see what works best. Start off with taking creatine before your workout, and protein after your work out.

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80 Responses to “Mixing Creatine”

  1. MAURICIO GIL says:

    hi,,, my name is mauricio, i am from colombia and i wanted to tell you that i am drinking protein and creatine blended with water and some bananas at the same time. i take one in the morning before eating any breakfas and other just after training hard… so my question is…. is it good? or what am i supossed to do?….. thanks

  2. manuel says:


  3. drewo says:

    There is a new superhydration beverage that allows you to start absorbing water, electrolytes, and antioxidants into the bloodstream directly through the mouth. It also helps you absorb whatever you mix it with, i.e. creatine, glutamine, etc. resulting in higher assimilation and metabolic activity. It just launched in California, but soon should be available in more states. It’s pretty insane. I’ve used it with a couple of different supplements and the results are amazing, like you can “feel” the supplements working. No caffeine, no sugar. It would be a great alternative to grape juice or gatorade. It’s called AQUISS. Try it.

  4. ed says:

    when you say gatorade.. but isn’t it citrus? b/c most of them are either orange flavour or lime flavour.

    I’ve started Creatine Mono, and I bought the Staminade powder to mix it with, the flavour of the Staminade powder is lemon lime.

    Does it make the Creatine not effective?

  5. Will says:

    Is it good to mix Micronized Creatine with Nitro-tech Hardcore?

  6. Michael says:

    Can you take creatine pills and powder at the same time? Thanks for the advice.

  7. Read a reliable source somewhere says:

    Ok, I’ll try to answer all of your questions. First, creatine is not a miracle drug. But, if taken properly, it can give slight increases in strength and size, and also helps with recovery. Creatine does this by helping to replenish ATP, which can keep your energy up and slows down the process of lactic acid buildup (burning sensation in muscles) when you lift. All of my answers are based on a variety of articles I have read and my personal experience with creatine monohydrate, which is the creatine used in almost all of the studies and also is shown to be the most effective and safest form of creatine. “MAURICIO GIL” and “manuel”- Take creatine 1 hour before your workout. Do not take creatine more than once a day. Your dosage depends on your bodyweight. I am 200 pounds and take 10g a day for four weeks, then take a week off and repeat the cycle. If you weigh 150 take 6-7 grams. If you weigh 250 and up, take 15-17 grams a day. Of course, the safest reccommend dosage is 5g, but a bottle of creatine will show this because it is a “blanket doseage” or a doseage that will safely cover a wide range of people. Also, the powder form of creatine is most effective.
    “Asian Skin Care”- I take creatine and a protein shake seperately, but at the same time. This has been effective for me. Also, you need a lot of water when you take creatine, so I reccommend you take it with a large glass of water.
    “drewo”- I have not taken the form of creatine that you mentioned. Since that particular form is new it is not likely that it has went through enough testing to be deemed “safe”. No form of creatine, not even monohydrate, has been proven safe by long term studies, since the first studies on the substance regarding supplemental use were first done in the 90’s. No forms of creatine are approved by the FDA, either. Don’t worry though, if taken properly it is not likely you will experience side effects. I do not reccommend that anyone use creatine unless it is creatine monohydrate, since as I have mentioned before, it is the most widely tested and accepted form of creatine.
    “ed”- To be safe I would not mix creatine with anything that has “citrus” on its ingredint label. Creatine may create an imbalance in electrolyte levels, so it is a good idea to take creatine with something like gatorade. I take creatine with red punch gatorade. Try to find something like a blue or purple flavor, again, just to be safe, because combining gatorade with something with citrus in it like orange juice will make the creatine ineffective.
    “Will”- I have no ideo what nitro-tech hardcore is, and have only taken and read about creatine monohydrate. The best advice I can give is to take the form of creatine that I take, creatine monohydrate, and to take a protein shake before and after a workout.
    “Michael”- It is not a good idea to mix pills with powder because the risk of an overdose are higher. It is better to take powder only with my earlier reccommendation.(5g is roughly equal to one teaspoon tsp.) Powder works better because it is absorbed by the body faster.

    Remember, I am not that reliable of a source, although I have researched and personally used creatine. Your best chance for finding information on creatine is on an OBJECTIVE WEBSITE THAT IS NOT TRYING TO SELL THE PRODUCT. I hope my information has been useful.

  8. moodi says:

    im taking protein and cratine mixed with milk together .. is that bad?

  9. moodi says:

    im taking protein and creatine mixed with milk toghether.. is that bad?

  10. nothing wrong with that says:

    nothing wrong with that, make sure there is no caffine in the shake… it negates the effects of creatine

  11. Johny says:

    after i finish workin out i’m takin creatin.
    then after 10min a take protein is that ok to have it like that.
    an what u think about cell teck creatine?!
    thank you.

  12. Liam says:

    can I use an electrolyte beverage powder with 1.3meq of citrate in it mixed with my creatine?

  13. jamal jackson says:

    I am 15 and before i took creatine my max bench was 160 now i have taken it for a month and i can bench 190

  14. Anonymous says:

    Although Creatine has shown certain benefits in terms of lean muscle gains, faster recovery and weight gains, the amount of such gains are clearly not significant enough to warrant intake, as the major risks factors of creatine supplementation has not been clearly identified.

    Even as a Sports Medicine Doctor, I would advise against my patients (mostly professional athletes) taking it, until more clinically significant research is done.

    Prof. Andrew Tamils, MD, PhD

  15. Prof. Andrew Tamils, MD, PhD says:

    Although Creatine has shown certain benefits in terms of lean muscle gains, faster recovery and weight gains, the amount of such gains are clearly not significant enough to warrant intake, as the major risks factors of creatine supplementation has not been clearly identified.

    Even as a Sports Medicine Doctor, I would advise against my patients (mostly professional athletes) taking it, until more clinically significant research is done.

    Prof. Andrew Tamils, MD, PhD

  16. kd says:


  17. Peter says:

    Can i mix creatine with lemon juice? will it mess up the creatine? monohydrate states u can mix it with a NON acidic drink…what does this mean =(

  18. craig says:

    do creatine and protein help if you do workouts like push ups and chin ups/pushupsż

  19. craig says:

    i meant chin ups/pull ups ^^

  20. Mike says:

    I use Creatine + grape/apple juice 30 minutes before working out then a Designer Whey Protein shake 30-60 minutes after the workout. The protein I take on days I workout only. The Creatine I take everyday for about 4-6 weeks then I take a week off before starting over. I have been lifting and involved in athletics all my life and that seems to be the most effective mix. If you have to chose between Creatine or protein, go with the Creatine because the research proving the effectiveness of high levels of protein is very sketchy. You WILL see result quickly from Creatine and the cost is manageable.

  21. Mike says:

    To Craig, you probably don’t want the added expense of supplements when doing just push/pull ups. Weight training breaks down the muscles, if trained properly, allowing for the supplements to assist in recovery. Push/pull ups are great exercises and if mixed with Abdominal work can be a substitute, if free weights aren’t available. But you will likely create leaner, defined muscle but not as much size as free weights. Hershel Walker, former University of Georgia running back, did push/pull ups, ab work and a lot of sprints when he was young because no free weights were available and he was a beast!

  22. Randy says:

    There is a TON of answers to the questions you all have on bodybuilding.com I’m not spaming you I’m simply trying to help you guys out who have these questions. Peter if you took creatine monohydrate with lemon juice you would defeat the purpose of taking it. As stated a NON-acidic drink would be, water, milk, gatorade and Apple juice. Acidic drinks are Pineapple juice, Orange juice, grapefruit juice…

  23. Raghavendra.M says:

    i’m planning to burn the fat.,,, if i take creatine will it add fat mass? will it help to get six packs?

  24. Gabs says:

    yo, i have a question someone please reply: can creatine monohydrate be mixed an energy drink like redbull for preworkout? also, can i take creatien monohydrate be taken with food? also, if i’m taking pure arginine alphaketoglutarate , can i also take it with the energy drink? thanks

  25. Makko says:

    hey, this forum mentioned that beverages with citric should not be taken with creatine and gatorade with blue, violet and red flavors are good with it but they have citric acid in it’s ingredients is that ok? and I’m drinking serious mass and creatine monohydrate can i drink it at the same time? serious mass has a 1 gram of creatine already so is it ok to drink it with creatine? thanks!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Pepe says,
    Until Now and after all the articles I have read about Creatine, I can’t understand or be sure that is is safe and effective to add my daily Creatine dose to a cup of Milk. I would like that a professional Captain answers me more clearly with yes or no.

  27. Pepe says:

    What’s wrong? Be more clear
    Creatine is not to be added to any acid or it will be Creatinine, which is useless and non effective. In this case you are wasting your money for nothing.

    For the best results add your creatine dose to a cup of water with some sugar in it.

  28. aidzzzz says:

    hi it is ok f i drink creatine w/ no work out?thnx

  29. BigJ says:

    Aidzzzz: Why would you want to take creatine if you don’t work out? It wouldn’t do anything – you still need to train hard. Creatine isn’t a miracle muscle growth formula!

  30. aidzzzz says:

    hi i just want to ask by taking creatine 4 times a day 5g?cuz im taking only 2 times a day before n after work out.thnx

  31. aidzzzz says:

    do i take creatine daily for about 5 weeks?cuz iv work out only 3to4 times a week….thnx

  32. aidzzzz says:

    hi…. do i need to take creatine daily?for about 5 weeks?even do im not working out everyday……?thnx

  33. Justin Griffiths says:

    hey…i take creatine with a drink made i got of a reliable bodybuilding site.you mix 908 grams of dextrose with 4 litres of water and 1 flavor sashay of raro for taste.pour 155mls in to a cup then add creatine,is a little sweet but tastes like celltech hardcore,i have 5 grams 30 mins before workout and 5 more grams after workout then protien shake.works great,i feel pumped all day.load with 20 grams a day for 5 days ten 5 grams non workout days and 10 grams on workout days for 3 more weeks then take 4 weeks off creatine,by the time next cycle comes round you shold be up-ing weights big time.

  34. Big_J says:

    Ok, since no one pays attention or can be botherd to google.

    1: Creatine will NOT ad fat.
    2: Creatine will no make your muscles bigger, they just appear “bloated” as it helps your muscles retain fluid, so that your muscles have a better enviroment to grow in.
    3: Just use your head when it comes to mixing, things like orange juice are bad, because it is acidic. .. just read the lables
    4: If you want results quicker, go on a loading phase eg. 20grams a day for the first 5 days, then a maintenince dose of 10grams a day there on after.
    Be sure to have a month off! this lets your body come back down to earth. eg (2 months on creatine 1 month off)

    any questions at all about supplements, please add me on touge_fun@hotmail.com

  35. jb dallas says:

    alright i got a question i bet no one has the answer to but ill ask anyway. i bought celltech hardcore creatine and got thru the 1st 5 days which is the loading phase. then i went about a week of taking one serving a day which is the maetinance phase. But then i stopped taking it and i haven’t in about 2 whole weeks. But now i wanna start back up but im confused on what to do. Do i start all the way over and do the whole 5 day loading phase again? Or do i jump right back into the maetinance stage and just start taking it once a day again. Like i said its been 2 whole weeks without a serving so i don’t know if there is still enough stored in my system or what. Help me Please!!!!!!!!

  36. phil says:

    jb dallas. Creatine stays in the body for weeks from the research I’ve seen. Your muscles are saturated with creatine. so you can go with out the loading phase.
    I think its safe to just do the daily

  37. matt says:

    I’m no expert but I can say for myself personally that taking no shotgun before I work out as well as 100% gold standard whey protien before after and throughout the day is giving me freaky gains in stregth and size, but the real key is to lift heavy as possible but also to include low weight high rep at the end to get seriously jacked up pumps. FEEL GREAT !! LOOK BADASS!!!

  38. dave says:

    what are the side effects of creatine monohydrate? what could happen to you if your “not using it right”. and only take 6-7g per day cuz im around 150 pounds. i just wanna make everything clear before i go ahead and starty using this

  39. dan says:

    Stick within the recommended dosage of 2-5 grams of creatine per day. For 150 pounds, I’d say stick strictly to 5 grams a day.
    Take this in the morning on non-workout days with grape juice and/or dextrose. This means AS SOON as you wake up. The earlier the better, as your body has depleted its reserves throughout the night.
    On workout days, take 5 grams creatine immediately after workout with your protein shake (or before, but more research supports after the workout). I say after because protein has shown to aid in creatine absorption. As long as you are creating a sufficient insulin spike (30-40 grams of protein and 60-70 grams of carbs such as glucose and dextrose) you should be fine in terms of protein/creatine competition into the muscles.

    Now, as long as you stay within the dosages recommended, there should be no side effects. Also, drink AT LEAST 10-12 glasses of water (250 mL each). Creatine utilizes a great deal of water and its extremely important if you don’t want any side-effects such as muscle cramps, diarrhea, kidney disorders (kidney stones), etc. Some nastier side effects occurred in a competing athlete (he took 10g plus, every day) where he had a stroke which was said to be caused by large dosages of creatine, herbs, and stimulants. Just to let you know, athletes who did the loading phase and athletes who didn’t load and started taking 5g a day ended up with the same results by the end of week 2. This means that you will make the same gains loading or not loading but you will notice a greater “jump start” by loading. I recommend not loading as it seems to be the safer method.

    Bottom line: Drink lots of water, take only 5g of creatine a day (or 5g, four times a day, for 5 days if “loading”), and take it at the right times for optimal results.

  40. matt says:

    gatorade has citric acid in it.

  41. nolicia says:

    hello,,,im taking a creatine 5g before workout and 5g after workout and i mix it 240ml of MILO ,,it is good and effective,,,i had weighing of 165+founds,,,help me plssss,,thankss…

  42. Barry says:

    Im taking creatine monodydrate at the moment, also with a mass gainer protein and some powder form amino acids (BCAA’S).
    The amino acid powder is orange flavor (Brand: Scivation Extend). It says one of the ingredients is Citric Acid wich from what iv read is bad to mix with creatine.
    I dont mix the creatine with the amino acids, but i do drink them within the same hour, so i presume they are “mixing” in my stomach”.
    I took a look at the grape flavor (which it meant to be good to mix creatine with) amino acid powder and it also contains Citric Acid. So im guessing its there used as a preservative to stop the powder from going off quick.

    Should i NOT take the amino acids while using creating because it contains citric acids EVEN THOUGH i dont mix them together?


  43. Dave says:

    Cell tech is decent but it’s expensive and unnecessary. I buy straight Creatine Ethyl Ester powder from http://www.purebulk.com It’s $11 for a 250 gram bag. Good quality stuff. I also got a 500 gram bag of AAKG for like $26, and I’m taking 5g a day, so it’ll last a while. It’s the same as the NO products. Either way it’s a lot cheaper and you can make your own stuff for pennies on the dollar compared to the stuff at GNC.

  44. hey says:


  45. Anonymous says:

    anything wrong with taking creatine and a testosterone booster? if so is there any “safe” dosage?

  46. schneff says:

    i was wondering about this stuff. ive been takin it for 3 days and each day i get some lower back pain after drinking it, i drink a bottle of water b4 taking it, take creatine with another bottle of water, and drink another bottle after that, drink some water while working out, and then drink another bottle after the workout………so about 4.5-5 bottles a day maybe at the most. is that enough water. after doing all that i have to pee like crazy which must mean im hydrated……and i only to 5g on workout days before working out with protein b4 i got to bed.

  47. Zak says:

    I am takeing the Pro Performance® AMP Amplified Creatine 189™
    When i wake up, and after my work out, They are pills. Am i also able to take a cup of Whey Protein during, or after my workout as well?

  48. anomomous says:

    i hurt my lower back a while ago and now when i take creatine my back seems to tense up. Is this related or iam i just reinjurying me back?

  49. hi and good bye says:

    can I just mix my creatine monohydrate with mineral water and 1 teaspoon of white sugar? will that be ok?

  50. gordon says:

    ok now it is 2010. do you still have to load creatine? i have read that you dont. also what can you mix it with?

  51. just me says:

    Im starting to train again, just ordered in some whey-80 protein and Creatin.
    Im also starting on a new medicin. Seroquel.
    Do anyone knows if creatine can affect the medicine, or any medicin at all?

  52. justin walters says:

    hey so i bought this stuff called super advanced creatine high performance powder stuff and i was just wondering do you know wat to mix it with?

  53. justin walters says:

    oh email me if you know it ok it’s justin.walters94@yahoo.com thank you so much

  54. Anonymous says:

    can one mix creatine an a-akg together?

  55. justin walters says:

    is it ok to mix creatine with orange juice, iv read all the posts but i want to be extra sure and i want to hear it from big j or dan. its also hard for me to drink it because it tastes like milk, some body told me that creatine is white, but when i ordered it over the net it came abit yellowish with a creamy sensation.
    please rreply im worried

  56. Anonymous says:


  57. Zach Roper says:

    Hey, I’m new here I just got one question can I start a loading phase with the super creatine pills? And can I take 2 pills an hour before I work out, and whey protein shake with milk after my work out, if so is it healthy, and will I see results or am I going about taking creatine, and whey the wrong way….


  58. Zach Roper says:

    Oh and one more question is the super stack recipe on the label on the creatine bottle a good idea (sounds like a heart attack) or is it just a bunch of BS?!?


  59. Zach Roper says:

    It would be chill if someone would answer my questions asap if u don’t mind I really need the info I’m stuck between taking whey, and creatine or just one or the other I need to know of it is safe let me know please..


  60. Zach Roper says:

    This website sucks!! Its been 5 hours and nobody has even answered my questions……. Fuck yall fucking pricks!!!

  61. Phil says:

    I have read taking creatine and some supplements at the same time like before a workout can nullify both to the point where it just like you took neither. I want to take 5g Arginine & 5g L-ornithine HCL with the 6g creatine should i take them all 3 together or split them to before and after the workout?

  62. Omer says:

    Does apple juice work ?

  63. mark says:

    I have heard that creatine makes the penis shrink.So I have done measument and found this rumour to be the opposite.Has anyone had any affects in this erea?

  64. dante says:

    can u mix creatine mono,with 100% ON whey, with muscle milk at the same time?

  65. Ry says:

    Hi i take 43g of cratine 4 times a day is this gokd for mybody as i have only just turned 16? I mix myn with choc
    milk so its easy to drink. Fruit punch flavour with water tastes like sweaty shit and is hard to drink and makes me gip

  66. anon says:

    Dude, your body need only 3-5 grams per day.
    So u basically are just too rich, perhaps, judging from the way u waste your creatine

  67. Falkon says:

    Ok iam going to keep this short and sweet due to the high demand in questions here:

    1) If i weight 89.5 kg how much creatine monohydrate should i take a day?.

    2) My pack of creatine monohydrate doesn’t mention anything to do with a “loading phase”, it just says take 10 grams per day in one or two doses. but is that too much for my body weight?? (89.5 kg).

    3) keep in mind we are talking about creatine monohydrate here and not any other type of creatine.

    hope you can get back to me, thanks


  68. Promodh says:

    1) Can I take creatine monohydrate and 100% whey protein (both are GNC) together…. or which is the best way to have them.
    2) Can I take Creatine monohydrate with apple juice.

  69. oren says:

    Can I mix creatine powder with rice milk.

    Many Thanks

  70. Anonymous says:

    you could mix your craetine with anything beside citric acidy stuff

  71. grump diesel. says:

    haha i load like 12g of craetine on friday for 3 week.get off it for 1.5 months so my body wont be bloated..as far as i know..flavorless craetine taste good with any flavored whey protein and whole milk.but you could choice what you want to mix your with…

  72. grump diesel says:

    haha i load like 12g of craetine on friday for 3 week.get off it for 1.5 months so my body wont be bloated..as far as i know..flavorless craetine taste good with any flavored whey protein and whole milk.but you could choice what you want to mix your with…

  73. Mike says:

    I take Creatine Monohydrate and mix it with Gatorade powder and 500ml of water right after I work out. Then about 20 minutes later I make and drink a protein shake.

    I also take creatine the same way as I mentioned above first thing in the morning and then drink a protein shake right away as well to start the morning off.

    At mid morning I drink another protein shake.

    The only times I take creatine is in the morning and right after my workouts (5g each time)…

    The first 3 days of starting Creatine I “loaded up” and took 20g a day. Morning 5g; mid morning 5g; post workout 5g; before bed 5g.

    Next week I will also be starting to take L-Glutamine in the morning and before bed time and fish oil (Omegas) first thing in the morning in my protein drink in addition to these other supplements.

    I guess the question I have is should I be taking the creatine before my workout or immediately after?

    NOTE: I will also be looking into taking a pre-workout drink NO2 to increase my energy levels for my workout.

  74. Slingdinger says:

    Just gonna answer a lot of the common questions I’m seeing.

    1) no, you do not need to load. If you don’t load it will simply take a lurks longer to see results. Loading actually puts tremendous strain on your kidneys and you body, so it’s not really needed.

    2) regardless of what you weigh, take about 5 grams of creatine. For all of you taking flavored creatine your getting screwed out the ass in terms of money. Your better off just buying a straight tub of mono and mixing it with grape juice.

    3) you don’t have to take creatine OR protein. They do two different things, creatine draws water to the muscle and increases stamina, protein repairs torn muscle fibers

    4) stay away from anything acidic when mixing, it turns your creatine into it’s incredibly useless counter part.

    Now I have to ask why in gods name would you take 43 grams of creatine a day? That’s absolutely insane and your taking 38 grams more than you need to

    If your taking another form of creatine supplement you don’t need to take anymore. Apple juice is also fine to take with creatine. You just want anything that’s high in sugar but isn’t acidic. Hope this helped guys.

  75. dave says:

    ok im 46 years old and been working out for many years and taking sups . after many years of research and trials i can say a few things that may be of use to ppl wanting to work out hard .. 1stly most protien sups are a waste of good money .. if you eat your average 3 square meals per day you get all the protien you’ll ever need . your body can only absorb so much protien then it dicards the rest via urine or other means .. excesive discarding of protien can damage liver and other organs .. you may notice after taking protien sups your urin smell strong . thats the excess (wasted ) protien being discarded ie: your money .. if you want extra protien look up protiens foods … and believe it or not ? the cheaper meats actually contain more protien then the expensive meat . corned beef is great ans so is tuna for protien ..
    however . the only sups that i take are . creatine mono powder .for muscle recovery (also gives better strength and longgeverty in workouts) as well as hydrates muscle for easier growth . but does not grow muscle ..
    (branch chain amino acid ) as these are almost all the amino’s the body needs for muscle cell growth , if you are lacking them in your diet . and branch chain amino goes directly to the muscle , and not stored in the liver , which is a pluss ,,,

    and being an oldie . i take testosterone. simply because after 35 years of age the body stops producing it and muscle growth and rebuilding of tissues starts going in reverse , and im not ready to wither up and die just yet :-p

    but all in all for you yonger guys out there ? you honestly cant go past a complete staple diet and hard workout training for the best and lasting muscle development ..mostly all other sups are a waste of your money .. a tuned athelete needs approx 150g of protien per day .. an elite athelete at most 250g per day .. this is easily obtained by natural food . the rest is just waste matter ..

    hope this helps … febuary 2011

  76. dave says:

    In addition to my comment , i just want to add . i live in australia . and a 3kg tub of cell – tech costs about $120.00 for a measily 30 doses which if you take a dose prior to work out and one after for the creatine repair factor ? your only getting 2 weeks use from it . thats $60 per week .

    i pay $15 for 500g of creatine mono and use 5g per day on maintaining days so thats 100 servings over 3 months supply .

    i also pay $20 for bcaa branch chain amino acids 500mg pills 60 per jar and take 2 per workout .. even if you workout every day ? which you shouldnt !!! (rest between workouts ) “is the vital key to muscle growth . ”

    thats a months supply of amino acids ..

    $ 35 for 1 month or more of amino’s and 3 months or more of creatine is a DAMN SIGHT CHEAPER then $60 per WEEK for usless fillers and brand named containers , when all the supps you need from them are obtained for a fraction of the cost from ppl on EBAY . just punch in (creatine ) and (branch chain amino ) and remember “EAT RIGHT AND WORKOUT HARD ” and you cant go wrong

  77. dave says:

    zac ? whey is just a protien sup (waste of money ) creatine does a different job to whey .. but to answer your impatient question its ok to take both … whey is a fancy name for animal protien ie: meat milk cheeses etc … google is your friend :-p

  78. malta08 says:

    hi frnds,
    can i take no shotgun before workout and nitro-tech after workout..???
    I jus wnt to define(body)..spclly abs
    thnk u so much

  79. asiancaram3L says:

    The best creatine I’ve used so far is Con-cret. I take the capsules form because it gives me an exact amount every usage. I take it with grape juice or apple juice. I usually take the creatine right after my workout. Then drink ON 100% whey protein. Does great.

  80. To He Says says:

    @He Says
    You Are the IDIOT….He did not ask a stupid question.

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