Creatine Ethyl Ester

Creatine Ethyl Ester is creatine monohydrate with an ester attatched. An organic compound that are formed by esterification, the reaction of carboxylic acid and alcohols.

Regular creatine monohydrate has been show to be effective at increasing lean muscle, muscle strength and endurance. However, regular creatine is absorbed poorly by the body and you rely on the cells ability to absorb it. Due to the poor absorption rate it requires a large dosages of creatine.

Creatine ethyl ester is a creatine monohydrate with an ester attatched, the ester is significant as its found in the fat tissue of animals.

All substances that you put into your body will affect its operation. There are three ways that substances can affect a cells operation.

They are:
Ligand binding to protein receptor sites.
Secondary messenger / metabotropic systems
Passive permeation of the cell wall via lipids

Unlike normal creatine monohydrate, there has been no reports which show side effects of using creatine ethyl ester. Ethyl Ester digg:Creatine Ethyl Ester spurl:Creatine Ethyl Ester wists:Creatine Ethyl Ester simpy:Creatine Ethyl Ester newsvine:Creatine Ethyl Ester blinklist:Creatine Ethyl Ester furl:Creatine Ethyl Ester reddit:Creatine Ethyl Ester fark:Creatine Ethyl Ester blogmarks:Creatine Ethyl Ester Y!:Creatine Ethyl Ester smarking:Creatine Ethyl Ester magnolia:Creatine Ethyl Ester segnalo:Creatine Ethyl Ester

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  1. Tom says:

    The best creatine supplements are those are mixed with a protein powder. Your body only needs a small amount of creatine to benefit from taking it long term. A higher % of creatine in a supplement is more beneficial short term. For example before competition.

  2. Lewis Davies says:

    Is it true that if you take creatine for a long period of time then your body stops making it naturally and relies on the supplement, so if you stop taking it you are left with none in your body at all for a while?

  3. Zach says:

    This is true, however, it will only last for a short time. This is true for most of the supplements you can take. If your body notices that it no longer needs to produce something because it is readily available through your diet, then it sees no need to waste energy in producing that some compound. However, this does not mean your body forgets how to produce it altogether, it will simply stop until that source is no longer available. The human body is a very adaptive machine. This being said, it is still recommended that creatine be used in cycles, simply because it makes more sense from a physiological standpoint. By using creatine in cycles, your body never fully stops producing creatine. Thus allowing your body to have two sources of creatine, the natural kind and the synthetic kind. And then when you go off your cycle for a week or couple of weeks, you wont have the worry that your body chemistry will be altered.

  4. Matt Stock says:

    “Unlike normal creatine monohydrate, there has been no reports which show side effects of using creatine ethyl ester.”

    How can such a comment be made when there have been no peer-reviewed studies conducted on creatine ethyl ester? Most scientists will admit that they’re not quite sure how athletes react to creatine ethyl ester. And other than weight gain, what side effects does creatine monohydrate have?

  5. Lewis Davies says:

    I currently take creatine ethyl ester, but only half a normal dosage as i am still quite young. What cycles of time periods do you suggest i should undertake? e.g 2 months on it, 1 month off it?

  6. Brit says:

    What about women? Is creatine ethyl ester okay for a woman to take? Will it reduce the amount of water retention seen as a usual side effect of creatine monohydrate? Is it worthwhile to add creatine to a protien regimen?

  7. Dave-o says:

    Matt: One side affect less commonly known is the requirment to drink no less then 10 glasses of water a day, even though it’s printed on a lot of labels they fail to explain why. If you don’t drink enough it can actually start to leach calcium from you. Unfortunately you’re right, the science behind it and the research is a bit iffy sometimes, and there’s almost a dozen kinds of creatine now.

    Lewis: Usually the label will have an indication of the time period you should be taking it for, some are sneaky and word it like one I used “For maximum benefit use for 8 weeks.” Your typical cycle is tyo be ‘off’ the supplement as long as you’re on it, so for that example it would be 2 months on, 2 months off. 2-3 months is the typical cycle but READ THE DIRECTIONS.

    Britt: Yes women can take creatine and it is ok if you’re in good health, but consulting your doctor first even if you plan to ignore what he/she says is a good idea. Ethyl ester will reduce the amount of water retained because it’s made with the same kind of fatty acids (esterification) found naturally occurring, so less of the creatine is stored outside the muscles nutrient pocket as water weight which is common in the monohydrate forms.

  8. Dave-o says:

    Forgot to mention part of the reason less water is stored is because your bodyt absorbs it more efficiently and so less is needed, the water bloat is often unabsorbed creatine actually, not just water.

  9. Billy-Bob says:

    What supplements can one take with high blood pressure?

  10. birjodh says:

    Hi. i actually used creatine monohydrtae for 2 months and now i want to leave it.. i have heard that if i leave now then i will lose muscles because the muscle mass i gained i just water..

  11. FreedomFighterXL says:

    Billy-Bob, I would guess that you should take arginine/NO2 products, as they decrease high blood pressure as a side benefit since vessels become expanded.

  12. pete says:

    Is it true that creatine ethyl ester has NO side-effects except kidney stones(if not drinking enough water)? I’m hearing all these claims, but I do not know if I should believe them.

  13. johnny says:

    does CEE stunt your growth? i’m only 15 and i’m taking those pills and i’m 5’8… and also when should you take the pills morning and night or b4 work outs?

  14. kyle says:

    Im abit worryed; im 16 im heavy into my swimming i want to know taking CEE now at this age wil it burn me out before i reach 18 because i have heard from people that taking CEE now and preforming when you still young and then burn out before you actually reaching your prime of your career thats whats worrying me??please advise

  15. Sport Scientist says:

    Matt Stock says:

    20070324 3:46 am
    “Unlike normal creatine monohydrate, there has been no reports which show side effects of using creatine ethyl ester.”

    How can such a comment be made when there have been no peer-reviewed studies conducted on creatine ethyl ester? Most scientists will admit that they’re not quite sure how athletes react to creatine ethyl ester. And other than weight gain, what side effects does creatine monohydrate have?

    Matt, the most dangerous reported side effect of creatine monohydrate, certainly with its’ long term use, is renal dysfunction.

  16. thommo says:

    im on prescription medication (roaccutane), and not sure whether it will be ok or not to be taking CEE, it says don’t use it if on prescription medication but i don’t see what harm it will do; can you give me advice on whether it will be ok or not?…ADVICE PLEASE?

  17. Jeremy says:

    To Thommo:
    I’m no doctor mate, but I’ve used Roaccutane & Creatine plenty of times together, and have had no side affects or troubles.

    Obviously who knows long term, but, my experience is no trouble

  18. johnny says:

    does CEE stunt your growth? i’m only 15 and i’m taking those pills and i’m 5?8… and also when should you take the pills morning and night or b4 work outs?

  19. Cook says:

    yea im 15 5’8 175lbs
    is this bad if im on supplements at this age?
    i take a creatine monohydrate and a pro complex protien
    i was told the other day that monohydrate creatine is garbarge because ur body cannot absorb it.

  20. amit says:

    hi , i use maximuscle cee max, i train 4 times a week and gain a few punds every 10 weeks , i tried high doses of creatine monohydrate, i bloated out nicly , but i cudnt keep with the doses , ontop of my other supplements. (whey protein ‘promax extreme – as god as it gets but ONLY for serious training!, Ecdysterone , Viper) so i read about CEE, ive been using it for about 4 weeks, my training sessions are unreal!!! i can go for alot longer , alot! harder!! short burst of serious power output like sprinting or rowing are intense and drasticly improved. theres no doubt this product works, i highly reccomend u try it , alot cheaper then high dose monohydrate! easy to take no loadin, bottom line , IM LOVIN IT!!!

  21. amit says:

    and i really mean LOVIN IT! lol peace

  22. creatine says:

    sounds like a maximuscle ad posing as a blogger.

    maximuscle too overpriced and theres far too much sugar in cyclone

  23. james says:

    im 15 and have just started using creatine monohydrate to get bigger and stronger for rugby. is it the right choice for what im trying to do?

  24. kulow12 says:

    I have used creatine several times and have had very good results, I added 15 and 10 pounds the two cycles i have had it, this is with a hight protein diet, high calorie diet. That is really sad about your friend, I have never heard of that. I agree with dino on the 15 year old thing, wait til you graduate. I did and gained 15 pounds on it, im glad I waited adn remember to always stay hydrated

  25. bausa says:

    I have been loyal to creatine EE for almost five months now, and i can confidently say that the results are profound. I have gained a large amount of muscle mass and increased my strength and indurance 10 fold. if you are looking to get big quick take CEE and accompany it with a four to five day lifting scheduele. It is also extremely important to stay hydrated. I am 16 years old and proof that compound works.

  26. jacob says:

    hi, I just wanted to know if what the guy said about kidney stones was true and that im 13 and if I should wait to take CEE. Respond please

  27. dennis sydney says:

    hi. i’m thirty five and have just started lifting weights again after taking two months off training due to work commitments. My objective is to re-gain five kilos I have lost recently. I have begun taking “Horsepower” kre-alkalyn creatine ethyl ester trcicreatine malate pre work out. I occassionally suffer from an ectopic heart rhythm or palpitations. Two days ago my blood pressure was 150/90. Does this supplement increase blood pressure? Best Regards. Dennis

  28. Nick says:

    I just picked up a bottle of creatine ethyl ester hcl. I was told by a few people that you do not need to take it forever and that after a few months of taking it your body will not “deflate” and your muscles will not shrink like it does with creatine monohydrate… is this true??

  29. Metri says:

    Im 16 and I have just started taking CEE last week and i’ve already gained 6-7 pounds, its a great product and I would reccommend it… just most importantly drink atleast 1 gallon of water a day after all your body is mostly water. And just eat right and you should be fine, everybody’s body is different though so one may get a lot better results than someone else but there is no hurt in trying it

  30. Metri says:

    and jacob, 13 is a little young I would wait.. at that age your body is still growing a lot on its own just stick to a high protein/calorie diet and you will be fine, protein shakes wont hurt either

  31. john says:

    yeah, anything below 17 18 is actually to young, on average your muscles wont be fully developed until your in your late teens early twenties, wait for the end of their development, then start taking CEE and continue it. when your still growing protein and regular workouts by themselves should do the job…and i’m sure theres another good reason that alot of the canisters state “keep away from children” and “do not use under the age of 18”

  32. alex says:

    I’ve recently started taking CEE caplets an I must say the amount of extra energy and reps i could pull of even after one dose was incredible!
    One side effect I have noticed is that it tends to aggravate my stomach and cause some acid reflux and the caplets smell like pure alcohol which can be offputting!

  33. air jordan says:

    i have had alot of people tell me that my bottle of creatine ethyl ester, is a type of steroid. therefore, they say that by me taking my two servings a day in conjunction with lifting, that my body will grow a need for it, and my muscles will cease to grow when i cut off the supply of creatine. What are your comments on that?

  34. air jordan says:

    also, is it true about the whole kidney stones? i am 18 and i do not want to run into problems right now. and they said it will shrink…… well ….. my manhood, any truth to that?

  35. TANK- 15 year old says:

    i toke creatine monohydrate for one month and stopped for a month and now using it again. in the first month ive noticied great stenght gains but minimal muscle gain. i went from benching 185 to 205 within 2 weeks. after i stopped taking it i did not lose any weight nor get weaker. minimal age for taking creatine should be 15

  36. Jay says:

    Hi. I just started taking Creatine Ethyl Ester caps and so far, so good. I take 2250mg & drink 16oz of water 30 min. before workout, and drop 2250mg more after the workout as directed. It’s still too early to see any significant gain, other than intense energy during the workouts. I have found many of your reviews very helpful and encourage the more experienced/veteran lifters to continue guiding the new guys (and gals!). I give thanks to everyone for their input, and I’ll post again in a few days to stay in touch.

  37. Lewis Davies says:

    Hi guys, does anyone here take creatine monohydrate aswell as ehtyl ester? the mono to give you the size, and the ester to give you the pump? Is it dangerous or pointless?

  38. Lewis Davies says:

    Hi guys, does anyone here take creatine monohydrate aswell as ehtyl ester? the mono to give you the size, and the ester to give you the pump? Is it dangerous or pointless?

  39. joe says:

    any n.o. product gives you the pump not ester just take both if you want, the ce2 is way better though but go ahead and take the creatine mono if you want to be bloated

  40. Steam says:

    I’ve taken creatine monohydrate for several months on and off, and found it to have a reasonably noticeable effect on strength and training intencity. I did not experience any bloating, however I had 2 cases of shall we say “instantly liquefied intestines” directly after a dose, meaning a quick trip to the loo which wasn’t pleasant and left me pretty concerned about absorbtion issues. I was taking 5g teaspoons dissolved in a shake or glass of warm water twice a day. I then tried tri-creatine malate.. this dissolved in water tastes like citric acid, not great, but it did the job and i didn’t have the loo issues like monohydrate. Now i’m about to start a bottle of creatine ethyl ester. I read good things, bought it, then just now found the studies debunking it as less effective than monohydrate.. so i’m not hugely enthusiastic, but since i’m stuck with it i’ll try it for myself and we’ll see how much clout the negative studies have in the real world application. I’ll try and post back here after i’ve used it for a while and give my honest opinion.

  41. Andrew says:


    Is it ok to take Creatine Monohydrate and Ethyl Ester together? Should I do a loading session with Ethyl Ester also?



  42. Triathlete says:

    Ethyl Ester is much more effective at being absorbed by the bodys muscles than monhydrate, there is no reason to load with it, unless you want to tax your kidneys by increase your CreaTinInE levals.


  43. sanket says:

    Did it is nessacery to take creatine and protine cycle simaltensely

  44. David says:

    I’ve noticed significant side effects with Creatine Ethyl Ester HCL. When I take it to the dosage stated (3600mg twice a day) I become ill and can last for about 2 weeks with continued taking of the creatine. It’s hard to explain, but it’s a deep feeling of illness a little like having the flu. At first I thought it was just random but having been off the Ethyl Ester for a few weeks then starting up again for the third time, within one day the symptoms returned. I’ve never experienced symptoms like this with Creatine Monohydrate (only bloating).

    So I think there should be a study into the effect of the Ethyl Ester HCL form as I don’t believe it to be free from side effects, far from it.

  45. David says:

    Correction: 1200mg twice a day.

  46. Derek says:

    Can CEE be taken with NO2 or another vasodioaltor? I was wondering if it owuld be safe to stack these two supps.

  47. dk says:

    cee and no2 are made for each other i personally take ce2 and twin lab nitric fuel and extra arginine, plus other supplements and vitamins. anyone think theres much of a difference between no2 and twinlab nitric fuel?

  48. dk says:

    sorry ce2 and no2 made for 1 another

  49. Jamie says:

    I am currently taking creatine monohydrate and I have a few questions concerning the different forms of creatine.
    1. how do you know if you are a non-responder to monohydrate much more effective is micronized creatine than creatine monohydrate?
    3. I have looking for about 2 hours for the side effects of Creatine CEE, but long term mostly, and have found next to nothing. I was wondering how new is this and if ANYONE out there has had any negative side effects, or even any concerns about long term.
    Also, I was wondering if there are any supplements that I should take to get more cut that are proven to have minimal to no long term side effects. Currently I am taking BCAA, Creatine Monohydrate, Glutamine, Whey Protien, and NOxs.
    Any information would be very helpful.

  50. Romeo says:

    Best ever Creatine!
    2.Most effective (even a small dosage makes impact to your muscles)
    It’s on the second place in my list of bobybuilding suppliments I’ve taken over the past 10 years….Cell Tech-no doubts,on the first…along with Doctor’s Testosterone Gel…
    No side effects so far…only less fat around my waiste.So buy it with confidence!!!

  51. nicholas says:

    i’m taking CEE now, can i take creatine monohydrate after my CEE finished, i mean take it a day after my CEE finished without doing washing phase?

  52. michael says:

    can oxidized creatine still be used?

  53. michael says:

    can i take creatine together with meals before workout?

  54. pat says:

    Hey guys just wanted to get your advice

    im currently taking dymatize Xpand (Caffine free) and that apparently uses the CEE form of creatine. However i also have a seperate micronized creatine that i usually add a teaspoon in to my Nitic oxide drinks.

    is it ok to mix both creatine monohydrate and Cee together?


  55. Phillip Smith says:

    Hi Guys

    Hmm, wonder what extent CEE will have on hypertension… I know monohydrate did push my BP up even higher and that could have been due to the water retension and the impact creatine has on the kidneys. That is the same was AAS works by stimulating creating in the kidneys.

    Any links to sites that might give further information on ‘trials’ done to test side affects.


  56. ct thompson says:

    I’m takin a product b y gnc called amp amplified mas xxx. It has creatine ethyl. Estr hcl. Will this product show up in testing in football athletics and cause a negative drug test for high school athletics???

  57. rich says:

    i’ve got a question on creatine..u seem to know alot about these stuff…i’m 15 year old… i’ve been takin no xplode for a month and almost two…seem to be helpin alot..but then i also tried takin creatine after workout..about 1 spoon with 8oz of u think it is a good idea for a 15 year old like me to be taking these stuff..i’m takin 1 teaspoon of no xplode with 8 oz of water before workout…1 teaspoon with 8 oz of water for creatine after u think this is a good idea..or is there any side effect of mixing these two shake…is it a good idea for me to ever being drinking these shake…i’m working out 5 dayz a week…with 2 dayz of rest..workout 1 hour 45min to 2 hour a day..

  58. ive heard creatine ethyl ester makes you more lean is this true? i need someone that has had results to tell me pleassseeeee! says:

    I’ve heard creatine ethyl ester makes you more lean. I need someone with results PLEASE?!

  59. Chris says:

    I just recently heard about this Creatine Ethyl Ester and bought some. Is it ok to mix it in with your protein shakes and still have the same affects?

  60. Jimmy Page says:

    Working out regularly and hard leaves me in a constant search for low fat sources of quality creatine and vitamin supplements. After having tried numerous powders and stacks, I finally decided to try the Dr Max Powers Anabolic Stack after doing research about the stack and its ingreidents.

    It seems to give me what I was looking for. I take it an hour before workouts and seem to recover much faster with no muscle soreness and more strength and energy the next day. Plus its made me huge. The research I did showed that the creatine included in the Dr Max Powers stack is the most efficient for body building. I recommend it.

  61. andy4130 says:

    i take 2 shakes of protein shake a day (10am-ish and after training,about 7ish) and cee capsuales too.(4,twicw a day)…am i taking too much? im noticing a difference!

  62. john says:

    hi i am taking vpx meltdown and was wondering if it is ok to take creatine monohydrate serum at the same time

  63. Jake says:

    If your are skinny and tall and need to get strong with mass build take gaspari nutrition size on. My bench went from 145 to 225 I stopped taking it cause I left for basic and just starting taking protein and doing pushups and situps a lot! My max is about 265 and climbing. You don’t always need to take creatine. I suggest taking creatine then cycling to protein back and forth it worked out wonderful for me.

  64. russ 77 says:

    Hi guys, i’ve tried most creatine products but my personnal favourite is liquid fury, it has Kre-alkylin it gives you the most crazy pumps, im an amatuer cage fighter so i’ve been trying to pack on lean muscle aswell as cut my body fat i was using xedra cut-xt for slimming and started to notice serious fatigue issues so i added liquid fury in and it was total madness strength went through the roof first use and increased continually, im not a sports scientist or anything but i reckon the stuff works, i’ve noticed a couple of weeks being off cycle that i feel flat in the gym so it defo gives good pump,some friends used it and found it so intense they stopped for a while and then soon re-started so im a definate fan, haven’t tried cee yet but will be having a go next maybe…

  65. Owen says:

    For all the people saying you can’t have creatine until your 18, that means you can’t have steak until your 18 either.

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