Creatine skin care

For many years, athletes and gym users have used creatine supplements to maximise muscle energy. Research now shows creatine revitalizes skin cell energy metabolism and provides protection from premature aging and enviromental induced stress.

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  1. Stuntman1222 says:

    need more info email me with it (creatine skincare)

  2. Stuntman1222 says:

    need more info email me with it (creatine skincare) need it for biology
    Subject: creatine skincare

  3. George says:

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  4. Safe Nontoxic Cosmetics says:

    That was a great post. I will have to bookmark this site so I can read it later.

  5. Emu Oil says:

    I have heard of creatine a couple of times but not in reference to body building.. It will be interesting to see how it goes..

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