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Creatine to cause cramp?

20061230 14:49

I was reading up on a post made by which suggests that creatine may cause cramp..

Cramp is a tight intense pain that is common in leg muscles and is caused when a muscle contracts and doesn’t relax. Cramps are usually temporary and doesn’t normally lead to serious muscle problems. Some factors that may cause cramp are; poor fitness, exercising at high work loads (overlifting), too little stretching before workouts and creatine (reported by atheletes).

If you do get cramp and it’s severe or occurs regularly or fails to improve with simple treatment, you need to see a doctor.

Happy crimbo!

20061224 22:47

I’d like to say happy christmas to all readers and best wishes for the new year!

It’s six month’s till summer, and no doubt in January everyone still feel’s bloated from Christmas lunch! I know i will, but why not try something new to bulk up for summer time? Take yourself down to the new year shopping sales and treat yourself to some creatine! In my opinion creatine is definatley worth the money.

If you are reading this blog for the first time, please take a moment to read up on my articles on creatine side effects, what is creatine?, creatine loading and useage and mixing creatine.

I’m ill..

20061219 11:38

Grrr i haven’t had a good night’s sleep in for a few days. I’m awake all night coughing and sneezing! I think i have came down with something, possibly from going on late night bike rides in the rain heh. While i’m in this state i have no intentions of doing weight training as i just don’t feel up to it.

Although christmas is coming up, six days to go! I struck a sale with someone for another website of mine so i have things to be happy about! I’m moving house late January to somewhere less quiet and polluted so maybe that’ll help me get in the swing of things again, plus hours of country lanes etc definatley a route for bike riding.

It’s way too wet and cold for Creatine!

20061211 09:06

I officially hate the winter – right now it’s cold, wet and windy! I really don’t feel up for going on a bike ride at 10pm on the evenings to get blown away by the wind.. seriously! It’s that bad, in London not so far away from me a house was blown to pieces due to a tornado, and i don’t particularly feel up to getting blown away!

On another note, it’s nice and warm inside so i am continuing to do my weights indoors at my house, i have found out a new strength training program which i will describe in detail soon, some of you may have already heard of ‘Mark Ripptoe’. Well i’ve been reading up on his program and it seems quite good!

I’ll keep you updated!

Creatine skin care

20061206 23:38

For many years, athletes and gym users have used creatine supplements to maximise muscle energy. Research now shows creatine revitalizes skin cell energy metabolism and provides protection from premature aging and enviromental induced stress.

If you haven’t already you’ll soon see top skin care companies introducing hand and body lotion with creatine in!

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