Creatine Side Effects

One of the biggest concerns when starting a new supplement is what are the side effects? People worry about hair loss, acne, rage, and even testicle shrinkage. Luckily creatine is not a steroid, so you do not have to worry about any harmful or adverse side effects. In this post I will outline some of the negative (if any) and positive side effects or using creatine to help boost your energy and build muscle mass.

Negative Creatine Side Effects

No serious side effects from creatine have ever been recorded in research. A common misconception is that creatine is an abusive steroid-like substance that can kill you. With a little education, most people can realize the falsity of their claims.

The most common ‘negative’ side effect is an increase in water weight. An increase in water weight can make you appear to be bloated. It will look like you just got done eating Christmas dinner. And because your muscle will retain more water, they might feel softer to the touch. Your muscles will still be hard and impressive to a normal person, but after you rest for a few hours and try to flex, your muscles might not be as rock hard. There are possibly other unknown negative side effects associated with creatine, but due to a lack of research there isn’t much available.

Another negative side effect of creatine is when you get off the cycle. If you take creatine for 4 months and then stop taking it, you will notice a sharp decrease in your energy level and appearance. Your body might ‘deflate’ slightly as you lose the excess water weight.

Positive Creatine Side Effects

Now onto the good stuff. Do you ever feel fatigued or tired? Do you wake up and decide you don’t want to work out because you’re too tired to lift weights or go run? Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions then creatine is for you. Creatine is an energy booster. It’s not like drinking coffee or an energy drink, by taking daily creatine supplements your body will get used to having more energy throughout the day, leaving you enough energy to wake up, hit the gym, and provide that boost you need to lift an additional rep.

Another positive side effect of creatine is how it will make you look bigger. I am assuming that is a look you want if you are reading this blog. When you take creatine your body retains more water, making you look fuller. It will make your chest and arms appear to be bigger because of the water in the muscles.

By taking creatine you will be able to work out longer and lift more reps than usual. This is a very positive benefit of taking the supplement. You will gain weight (some water weight but most muscle weight). If you are a skinny person now and are looking to bulk up, then it is highly recommended that you take creatine along with other supplements to help speed along the process. Not only will you increase your weight rapidly, but you will gain more confidence as you watch your body bulk up.

If you take creatine and begin experiencing any serious negative side effects (I’m talking about chest pains or something), I recommend that you stop taking it immediately and consult a physician. Overall creatine can be a very safe and productive supplement. It is one of the few out there that have little to no negative side effects.

Be sure to check out for more information on creatine side effects and how it MAY effect your body. Side Effects digg:Creatine Side Effects spurl:Creatine Side Effects wists:Creatine Side Effects simpy:Creatine Side Effects newsvine:Creatine Side Effects blinklist:Creatine Side Effects furl:Creatine Side Effects reddit:Creatine Side Effects fark:Creatine Side Effects blogmarks:Creatine Side Effects Y!:Creatine Side Effects smarking:Creatine Side Effects magnolia:Creatine Side Effects segnalo:Creatine Side Effects

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  1. creatine says:

    Yeah me too, its like animal testing but on me :p

  2. ali adel says:

    hello how are you lm ali lwould like to get some advise about creatin did you have kind from creatin decrease the wight and which kind can l use lm trianing all time lm suffering the bill can you help me pleace with best wishes

  3. wael says:

    im working out in a gym and im taking supplements. one of these supplements is creatine monohydrate so wht i wanted to know is it ok to take it with amino acids and hydroxycut(weight loss tablets) and protien shake

  4. Phil says:

    Another negative side effect could be constant soft stool or diahrrea. Remember, you will retaine water. Stick to the recommended doseage.

  5. Ali says:

    it did help me a lot . thanks for putting this article here , it really helped me

  6. kul bhushan says:

    I found this article very effective and useful one. Try to write more articles like this.

  7. daniel says:

    actually creatine has other negative effects.
    One of them is to kidneys.
    If you take more than the amount suggested it will affect your liver and kidneys.
    For the liver there is no high risk due to the fact that liver has the ability of re-creating its self while there is a problem with the kidneys.
    Actually somne supplements can increase ur acid levels in the blodd producing crystals which get block in the kidneys and has the same effect as kidney stones.

  8. daniel says:

    also dring a loot of water and I suggest to disolve it in hot water and not juice as its suggested

  9. pete says:

    i agree with this article, however, if creatine is used for a long preiod of time and the user doesnt drink enough water, the user’s kidneys can crystalize. The water in your muscles has to come from somewhere, it happens to come from your kidneys, but as long as you drink enough water, (4-8 bottles a day) you should be fine, especially short term users.

  10. d m sports says:

    how young is too young for creatine users?

  11. stephen says:

    i heard tha creatine can slow you down? as in performance wise like sprinting. i am a soccer player and i do not want to loose my speed. is this true or a myth?


  12. Victor says:

    Can one take creatine with hydoxycut? I really need to know this…..

  13. Dave says:

    If you are to use creatine, and then stop working out for a short period, say a month or so, will muscle tissue gained from the use of creatine decrease more rapidly than normal into fats?

  14. Lewis Davies says:

    No, but your body will lose the water that has been retained in your muscles so you will notice a decrease in size fairly rapidly. This is normal and it is not your muscle breaking down.

  15. Davis Yach says:

    hey creatine made me bloated and i had a kidney stone from it I also heard you can have kidney failure from it, but it made me strong 🙂

  16. Patrick Cuenca Ramirez says:

    ive started taking creatine 400 for more or lessa month and it did help me increase muscle mass,but a negative side effect is that in the morning, when i first wake up, me kidney region of my back is a little sore. i really am not sure if it may be the creatine.

  17. Vickie says:

    Another negative side effect is it will give u rage and depression after u stop for a while

  18. nick says:

    If you take a creatine supplement, it is commonly belived that your body will stop permently producing a natural supply, due to the supplement. is this true?

  19. mimo says:

    creatine,i think is great,i took it for a year now
    but i have a question
    i hope any 1 can answer it
    does it affect sex????

  20. Miguel says:

    Man i feel bad for mimo jajaja, showing up ehh? Actualy its supposed to give you more energy during sex… maby ur getting to old… Try viagra

  21. LuAnne says:

    My son took creatine for 5 months. He’s 19 years old, 6’4″ and 190 pounds and WAS in excellent health. He was diagnosed with an enlarged heart last week. Why? Thanks to creatine! Yes, it puts excess water in the muscles, and since the heart is a muscle, it put water there as well. We’ve seen 2 cardiologist who confirmed this. I warn anyone who takes this stuff, our physicians say it should not been taken for more than 2 weeks at a time. It can also cause liver failure!

    If my experience helps just one person, then I suppose all this is for a reason. My son is now on heart medication and may be looking at surgery in the future.

    Thank you creatine.

  22. Cesar says:

    this is for LuAnne im sorry to hear about your son, but are you sure he only used creatine? Stereoids can cause heart problems

  23. Sam says:

    Thank you,
    This article was very helpful. Im thinking of talking it, although im not sure if i should or not still.

  24. Michael says:

    Creatine is great for weight loss too.

    Because creatine helps you to work out harder for longer it simply means that you burn more calories.

    I quite like the fullness creatine give my muscles.

    The more weight I gain the better, just so long as it’s not fat.

  25. wayne c says:

    I take creatine about an hour before training during that hour i feel fatigued and tired. However it usually goes away after an hour and i usually regain my energy. Does anyone else have this problem? I am wondering why it is making me so tired when I take it.?

  26. Dylan McKay says:

    I took creatine and it made me look huge. Had a few side effects such as cumming really fast and numb feet. I can attest that it really works, but what are you willing to risk?

  27. Carter H says:

    This article was very useful to me. Ive been taking creatine for about 3 weeks and i already gained around 12 lbs. I look and feel great too. Its funny because earlier today i was talking to my father about how my stomach looks to be “fat” but when i read how taking creatine makes you look bloated that gave me great comfort and boast to get back into the weight room with my football and basketball teams.

  28. Matt says:

    With any suppliment that is in effect overdosing the body with any naturally produced chemical there are going to be some side effects that will depend on the person and their genetic makesup.
    Use it at your own digression is what I say. It’s a new suppliment and there are risks.
    Taking it with other suppliments may also create side effects that taking creatine on its own may not produce.
    Be smart.

  29. Chad says:

    It gave me a kidney stone. I wasn’t drinking enough water though…

  30. Gerardo says:

    hey, creatine made me gain 10 pounds in a week, it definetely gave me energy and muscle mass, but my doctor says it affects my liver, so I’m on a two week dosis, to stay on the safe side, drinking plenty of water thou, about 2 gallons a day 🙂

  31. Moh says:

    i took creatine n it caused ma heart to hurt so i advise dont take this,

  32. chris m says:

    lets hope theres no hidden dangerous side effects gents.
    havnt really had any side effects yet however – slight stomach upset
    – slight high after taking capsules.


  33. AML says:

    I have been taking creatine for two weeks now , my muscles feel pumped longer, I have been taking it 20 minutes after my workout ( when I get back to the office) the package says to take it “immediately” after the workout am I waiting too long? Should I take it before my work out? Also my kidneys are sore . I think I need more water.

  34. mark says:

    I recently started taking Creatine and it has worked well. Thank you all for the added info…i will be sure to increase my water intake. As for MY experiences with it: I feel good, my feet don’t seem to get numb, and as for cumming faster…it has had the opposite effect…I now have difficulty cumming. It was fine at first but now women feel like “they don’t do it for me” NOT TRUE! Oh well. Guess I’ll have to fake it.

  35. crog says:

    sounds abit dangerous to me

  36. Jakr says:

    Just a general warning I spent roughly 2 months researching creatine before i started using it, and it all seemed fine. On the 2nd time round cycling creatine my breathing became very tight and i kept getting chest pains. Since stopping my heart is still hurting occasionally but the breathing is improving. I would reccomend training with nothing more than plenty of protein and carbs for the sustained energy. I realised after taking creatine that all of the sites I had reasearched were biased towards the supplement’s use, so make sure you don’t just search “Creatine monohydrate” on google because you will get loads of sites endorsed by the companies singing it’s praise. I personally would say keep off it. Actually, consult your doctor because I know people who have had no problems what so ever, I reckon then, its down to you as an individual.

  37. Rohan says:

    I took creatine for about a year, and then had a checkup. My doctor found a protien traces in my urine and I had to go to the doctor’s to get my kidneys checked out. Everything worked out, and apparently the protien traces were in the safe zone and my kidneys were fine. The specialist did tell me to stop taking creatine, and get another checkup after 6 months. Lets see how that goes.

  38. roshan says:

    is it possible to loose this water weight through cardio workouts like swimming?

  39. Ghulam Mustafa Bhatti says:

    i think its a great article to undrstand how to use the creatine supplement.because many of the sports men around the world did not know about creatine many say its a mass builder and many its a fatlosing supplement.

  40. jijuma says:

    i eat 8 s3rvings of creatine a day and it makes me huge!!!!

  41. sunny says:

    creatine is good supplement for body.but it effects on my skin.i use the creatine of ENS.i dont know what i do.i am a powerlifter i cant leave the creatine but it effects.i dont know what i do

  42. Jeff says:

    Hi im a 15 yr old kid about to turn 16 156 lbs anybody have any advice for me if im wanting to get much bigger but i dont know if i want to try creatine after ive heard all of these blog stories i am also using N.O. Explode which i might add for anyone works great but should i take creatine or no?

  43. Q says:

    My mate uses Creatine and he gets very angry in drink … he’s also started grooming all the women at work. Is this because of the Creatine ?

  44. Michael says:

    Your mate may be taking too much. I took creatine ethyl ester powder and got angry and mean from taking too much. I realized afterward I was taking way too much powder. I lowered to the proper dose and I now have more energy without anger.

  45. sameer says:

    hi…i have taken the creatine for 2 months and i have gain a good musle mass…and i have no side effect… it s a best supplement i have ever seen …

  46. bill says:

    creatine and var works well together. try taking 5g c. mono., 5g BCAA, 5g Glut 5 times a day.

    a bunch of supplement companys put prohormones into their supplements…that could explain the anger.

  47. ed says:

    Just stay off of it

  48. SPC. Middleton says:

    I made a mistake while taking creatine, for some reason i decided to take more than what I was suppose to and I started feeling like I was going to die.

    It all depends on the Mind/Body Connection you have, mine is strong and accurate so I can tell when my body is upset and when its happy and creatine makes it more unhappy than happy. But it does give you energy and make you look bigger. But it makes you look fat also, its relieveing to know its just water and not fat.

  49. Joey says:

    That is the problem. I studied exercise physiology and I know how Creatine works and does not work. The problem is there is no LONG term studies with this product. When steroids cam out they were thought to be safe. What are Steroids? Testosterone.. which, just like Creatine, occurs naturally in the body. With that being said. I think Creatine is small doses and LESS than what is written on the bottle is fine. Think about it, the company selling you wants you take as much as is safe, so you can buy more of their product!

  50. Sam says:

    I know two people who were taking creatine and have gone to emergency for kidney stone

  51. Suhrob says:

    Hi guys,
    yes it i great article but it still does not say a lot about creatine, they for got to menton that creatine also dicrisise your sexual performance, and aslo it was iligal it still new in market we dont know the long term side effects,

  52. Creatine Side Effects says:

    […] Only one way to find out! […]

  53. laylo says:

    it basically comes down to the individual, creatine like anything should be taken in moderation. if you do take it and start to feel negative side-effects then stop using it. nobody knows exactly how it will react to you until you take it, obviously it won’t cause immediate permanent damage so there isn’t a huge risk involved here. as long as you use it correctly it is a relatively safe product. but in the end only you can decide if it is going to work for you. besides, there are other ways of gaining muscle-mass naturally, if you are dedicated enough to reach you goals a little extra work in getting there should not affect your decision on completing them.

  54. john franco says:

    Okay listen, creatine is probably the worst supplement you could ever take and here is why:

    Short term side effects:
    -Muscle gain (yeah but this is the only plus hear me out)
    -Shortness of breath
    -muscle tears

    Long term side effects:
    -Kidney failure
    -Double kidney failure
    -Acid Reflux
    -Body’s natural creatine production will eventually stop due to unnatural levels being introduced from supplementation.

    Think again about this before you take creatine. So what if there is no official argument or documentation against creatine, its a relatively recent supplement and side effects are not fully known, not to mention it hasnt been fully tested. Did you know that 52% of the products you buy of the shelf are sprinkled by illegal muscle gainers without you knowing it. Even your multivitamin could have high levels of led as previously tested by a grop of scientists who have studied 1300 supplements. All I know is that some of us are going to have to worry about cancer later if we stay with this garbage.

  55. wizzer says:

    ive been taking anadrol for months now that increases muscle mass rapidly im wondering do i use creatine aswell as i want to look and feel bigger than ever.5-6 tabs a day along with anadrol shud i be ok and also whey powder ?????????

  56. Jeremy says:

    Hey if you do enough speed and agility workouts and also ab and core workouts will you still get bloated?

  57. Imtiaz Latif says:

    Thanks to the advice on this site I will NOT be buying any creatine whatsoever

    John Franco, where did you get the information about the illegal muscle gainers? I do weights and take supplements (whey protein and meal replacement drinks) and would like to know where you got thi sinformation from?

  58. Kasie says:

    Can creatine cause rage and/or depression? Maybe some mood swings?

  59. William says:

    I just completed my physical for Special Forces. While preparing for the last 6 months I took creatine as part of my workout. I only took one dose a day (as opposed to the two recommended on the bottle). As part of my physical I had an EKG. The results came back showing I had an enlarged aorta. This scared the heck out of me. I asked the Dr. what could have caused this. Because my level of workout was not at an extremely high level the only cause seemed to be the creatine. I have since stopped taking creatine and my aorta has returned to its normal size despite my workout routine remaining the same. I am a 33 yr old male. I score a 300 on my Army pt test (that is the max on the regular scale) for my age group. I hope this personal experience helps some of you make up your mind about creatine.

  60. Andy says:

    I started using creatine monohydride from a recommendation on a natural bodybuilding site that promised big gains in strength and muscle mass.
    This was true for the first month or so, but the creatine also increased the levels of Uric acid in my blood too, giving me quite severe attacks of gout!
    If I’m too limited in movement / sore to go to the gym, what is the point?
    I also experienced acne / skin problems from the creatine too. Or at least from the crap that is mixed with it.

  61. SteveNineSevenThree says:

    I love the replies from kids with really bad spelling, but besides that, I have a serious point to make. I try out supplements from time to time, but none of them show really super promising results. If any of them showed *consistent* results from several studies that boosted your endurance or muscle gains by even TEN percent, then that might be worth taking. However, when you use supplements like creatine, you’re putting concentrated amounts of substances in your body. These levels don’t occur naturally or in this form, so there are bound to be some side effects. Some might be mild and some might be severe. The really difficult side effects to gauge are the long-term side effects. If you were rising some fairly serious health issues that might arise 20 or 30 years later in life, would you be messing with creatine? Seriously, for the minimal extra gains that you might get, is it really worth the risk? It’s better to eat properly and maximize your healthiness than to play with largely unknown supplements. Just take some time to think about it.

  62. shaheed says:

    i had started taking creatine from three days but iam confused what to do after reading all of them pls help me

  63. lol.. says:

    iv been using N.O.Xplode, for about 1 year…used a lesser effective powder for a few months before going on this stuff.

    Overall it does work..but im sitting here reading all this “enlarged heart, aorta” stuff and im scared shitless…

    I keep feeling my heart and reading off all the sympoms on the posts here and thinking i have all of it…more in my head i guess.

    There haven’t been any conclusive tests..but something in my heart tells me that, yes…there probebly are really bad side affects for people who use it daily for years..that would be me, so i HOPE there arent any enlarged hearts or kidney stones in my future…

  64. lol.. says:

    PS guys, IMPORTANT!!!!

    Right after you injest creatine MAKE SURE to immedietly brush, listerine wash, and floss…your tooth enamel (stuff that makes them white) will literally fade away, once its gone..its gone forever lol!!!

    I just recently noticed enamel wearing and realized that it’s due to the fact that creatine has alot of acidic make sure to brush RIGHT afterwards or you will do damage to your teeth guys.

  65. Sablicious says:

    I don’t see why anyone other than bulk obsessed ,body building gimps would entertain taking an unproven product like Creatine:

    a) It gives you that ugly bloated look (refer to any number of ‘Arnie Vs Coleman’ montages)
    b) It’s medium-long term side affects are still a mystery
    c) Once stopped your energy levels, & consequently shape, nose-dive markedly.

    Methinks proteins, amino’s, a healthy diet and motivated training are a FAR better and less risky option.
    Different strokes for different folks however…

  66. rory says:

    i used creatine and don’t think i took it properly i had it like 3 times a day most of the time and now i’ve got a twitch and when i went off the creatine i lost about 5 kgs and think i lost energy too…i want to do it again but i don’t think i should

  67. Kai says:

    Creatine will not cause your heart to enlarge if used properly. If you need some gains, take a little from time to time. And I would advise not to load. 5 grams a day should suffice. None of that 20 grams a day horse shit.

  68. sean says:

    I find it funny how everyone thinks creatine is a unnatural supplement. Any serious body builder or nutritionist knows that creatine is a naturally occurring substance found in beef, and other animal proteins, but largely in beef. the standard 5 g that you would want to take a day could be ascertained by simply eating more red meats. And contrary to popular belief, this will not make you fat or more likely to have heart disease. And about the large heart, thats genetics not a supplement… Also about the kidney failure/stones/etc… you guys weren’t drinking enough fluids or rather maintaining proper fluid balance. To you guys using the N.O. stuff… don’t its just a marketing gimmick stating that it will increase your nitric oxide levels in your blood but no scientific evidence to prove it… but if your eating enough quality protein… your body will produce the required amount of Nitric Oxide to increase muscle mass.

    Lastly… to the guys thinking that creatine is a form of testosterone… it is not. Simply put… the more lean muscle mass and less adipose (fatty tissue normally surrounding the abdominal section) the more testosterone in your blood. And also the more likelihood that you will have 6-pack abs.

    The aforementioned studies… were a variety taken from Harvard Research Scientists, Duke, and Princeton. For a little more insight on the effects of creatine… visit and search creatine

  69. Dominic says:

    The reason I got to this article was because I Googled “creatine side effects”. The reason I did that was because I’ve had a strange skipping feeling in my heart enough times after taking creatine and exercising for me to wonder if it was more than coincidence.

    Doubtless my age (44) doesn’t help, but I do never take more than 5g a day. Like most posters, I can’t say anything conclusive, but the feelings I’ve had, combined with some of the other experiences of posters, have now made me decide to throw the creatine away and stick with humble whey protein. I’m not prepared to gamble with my health in order to get fit. (See how little sense it makes when put like that? 🙂

    I also concur that lots of extra water is a must — I didn’t realise at first, and got some raging thirsts and headaches.

  70. Jamrock says:

    I think it wieghs down to more than a few things. People in life expect to get something for nothing, for example taking creatine and not working out. When on this stuff you need to work out your muscles and drink alot of water. The water reserved in your kidneys is literally drained away in the hours after taking this stuff, so replacing it is essential.

    I’d recommend taking less than the daily doage stated, who cares if it takes double the time to build your muscles up. At least you’re looking after your health in the process.

  71. michael says:

    to all creatne users,
    im 18, wonna use creatine pls anyone using it normally 4 over 2 YEARS should tell us all about it,side effects and a safe method on how to use it

  72. Pat says:

    Hey im 17 and I have been taking creatine for about 4 days now, I have been taking 15g a day because of the loading phase I am planing to take 5 grams a day for 2 weeks (maintenance phase) after the one week loading phase then for the third week I am not going to take ANY creatine then restart on the maintenace for 2 weeks. i have been drinking 2-3 litres of water a day i dont want to stop using creatine even after reading all of this beacause it works! But my question is does this sound safe? And should i contact my family doctor?

  73. chad says:

    i bought it today with my friend kevin but now i dont think it seems to appealing

  74. chad says:

    i mean anything that could effect me sexually in a bad way is not worht it in my book, but has anything really been proven that it does?

  75. matt Maa says:

    hi i’m maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i take creatine at king maaaaaaa’s MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA MAAAAAAAAAAAA

  76. Joey says:

    well. i havent taken creatine yet i was thinking of purchising some and, after reading all of this i’m not too sure i need to gain any water weight i already weigh 265 pounds. also, kidney stones wouldnt be too good. I’ll just stick with my muscle milk and whey protien.

  77. yayyyy!!! says:

    ive been taking M5 Extreme – its mostly just an energy kick w/ little creatine monohydrate. when i take 1 scoop pre-workout i can lift more and longer. when. BUT when i take 2 scoops- half way thru the workout i get a weird bloating discomfort in my stomach for up to an hour. so i only take 1 scoop. other than that its working great.. buidling mass mucles!!!


  78. Steven says:

    This article is bias, they are trying to sell you creatine, they are leading you to beleive it is safe. They still do not have conclusive long-term stats, which in the meantime does not mean that creatine is safe. Creatine affects your muscles, your heart is a muscle, creatine could increase the size of your heart, which is not good. Creatine can damage the liver and kidneys. Kidney disease, Kidney Stones. Putting synthetic creatine in your body reduces the natural production of creatine, that is proven. After studys are completeing there is more evidence pointing to these negative side effects that people tend to ignore.

  79. JON KRONIN says:


  80. iRON mOM says:

    I am a 43 y o female bodybuilder…I take 3 caps (2.3 grams) on the days I train…right after I lift. Rest and refrain on wknd. I find that I am looking more defined and have more energy, quicker recovery after training and can lift with enduring intensity. I do stay well hydrated. I have also noticed my muscle bellies are harder, my bowel movements are a little more frequent and I have a bit more gas…foul smell, occasional abdominal pain in the AM…nothing very bothersome of longlasting. I also think it has sped up my loss of bodyfat, which I needed.

  81. hunor2 says:

    Are there different kind of Creatine products ,if so which is the best for fast muscle growth?

  82. Strm38 says:

    I used creatine 8 or so years ago, had great gains, ( it was the exact same product then & dont tell me its gotten better becasue its effervescent or some b.s.) But I also had a frequent & uncomfortable need to urinate that was NOT just from consuming extra liquid, but from my kidneys being put on overload & doing damage to them with this stuff. I drank plenty of water, took a little less than the recommended dose & was having the urination problem for years after the use of creatine… I also was very short tempered with my family & young kids at the time I took it as it altered my mood.
    I also have a friend who underwent a kidney transplant, that if he didnt get, he would have died . the reason for his kidney failure was creatine & he would tell you to stay far away from it as it almost costed him his life. This stuff is absolutely no good-

  83. Johny says:

    i told my regular doctor that im into workin out an all an also told him that i am takin creatin. he asked how much do i take, i told him 10gramms on workout days an 5 on none workou days he was like ”you must be killin youre self”
    also he said there was a guy that was in to basketball. When he was playn he just felt down an died in the middle of the game. then after he died doctor found out that he was takin creatine an thats why he died, it led to kidney failer…. yeah=(

  84. Johny says:

    i told my regular doctor that im into workin out an all an also told him that i am takin creatin. he asked how much do i take, i told him 10gramms on workout days an 5 on none workou days he was like ”you must be killin youre self”
    also he said there was a guy that was in to basketball. When he was playn he just felt down an died in the middle of the game. then after he died doctor found out that he was takin creatine an thats why he died, it led to kidney failer…. yeah=(
    so im thinkin bout to hop off that shit…

  85. Johny says:

    i told my regular doctor that im into workin out an all an also told him that i am takin creatin. he asked how much do i take, i told him 10gramms on workout days an 5 on none workou days he was like ”you must be killin youre self”
    also he said there was a guy that was in to basketball. When he was playn he just felt down an died in the middle of the game. then after he died doctor found out that he was takin creatine an thats why he died, it led to kidney failer…. yeah=(
    so im thinkin bout to hop off that shit…
    i think u can gain muscle an streinght without thi shit!

  86. Jim says:

    Im a very skinny person, im a highschool student and im 6 ft 2 and im only 130 pounds, would creatine help me gain weight(any kind of weight, muscle ,water, fat, etc…) please reply!

  87. jacob says:

    hey wats up im bout 160 and 5ft 9in and i just satarted taking it you said that it holds water in your muscle… so my qiestion is it really muscle….cuz wat i got from it was dat it more for looks or a kick start to a better and fitter body… can you turn it to all muscle…??? please e mail me back thank…..


  88. josh says:

    first of creatine is not illegal I did my research paper on creatine. First of creatine is a amino acid made in the body. It won’t ever be illegal because its found in salmon and other fish. I don’t know about long term effects. I can say that if there was we’d all be in trouble. There might be a long term effect if u overdose. I don’t know about deflation because Im not on it. Also people are different it might work for some others it might not it all depends on ur body. I hope this helped u.

  89. george says:

    I started out 17 years old, 5’11” at about 135 pounds, and this was about a month ago. I started taking creatine, the purple k (the adverse advertising caught my attention) brand. It’s been about a year now. I’m up to 6’4″ 210 pounds and my dick grew an incredible 3 inches. Shit’s fuckin great. I pour this shit on my oatmeal, plug it when i’m on the shitter. I might do a bump, or a line here and there. Sometimes me and my buddies get together and max that shit out, paint ourselves green… look like the mutha fuckin HULK in this bitch. say aaaaaaaaah bitch!!

  90. wallace says:

    i think creatine is great i gained 30 lbs and dont even look fat im 15 six foot and 195 lbs and ive seen or felt no side effects

  91. LAMBO says:

    I am 15 years old 5 foot 8 inches and 190 pounds.I have some exess body weight but i am very muscler. I would like toi bulk up for football and wrestling seson.The sugjested dose is 5 grams a day…..I plan on taking 2 to 3 grams a day…..I allso plan On drinking a gallon bottle of water a day….Is that enouf water???????…….should i take creatine????????????????????

  92. Dallan says:

    im gona start taking creatine and i got acne and i want to know if what they say about it giving u a lot of pimples on ur face is true

  93. Dallan says:

    im gona start taking creatine and i got acne and i want to know if what they say about it giving u a lot of pimples on ur face is true?

  94. lambo says:

    I am 15 years old 5 foot 8 inches and 190 pounds.I have some exess body weight but i am very muscler. I would like toi bulk up for football and wrestling seson.The sugjested dose is 5 grams a day..I plan on taking 2 to 3 grams a day..I allso plan On drinking a gallon bottle of water a day.Is that enouf water???????.should i take creatine????????????????????

  95. bob says:

    yo i nedd some help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i ju st started taking creatine yoday….I have a few questions…….
    how much should i take?????????????????????/
    how many times a day should i take ???????????
    when should i take it durring the day?????????
    how much is enouf water.???????????????
    by the way im 15 years old 5 foot 8 inches and i weigh 190……i was wondering if its good for me??????????

  96. Tre says:

    I’ve been reading posted comments and articles on the web and I can not make up my mind if i should take creatine or not? There are many positives to taking creatine like faster recovery, bigger muscles and more energy which have all been well documented (so most websites say and only a few with references) and have personally seen results with people I know taking creatine in short periods of time (6mths or less) or longer (1year Plus) with no problems to date and massive results. But there are still some side effects that are noted which are harmful. Is it worth the risk?… 50%yes, 40%no, 10%unsure. Is there anyone out there that has taken Creatine 10years or 20years Plus?

  97. OscarS says:

    I’m 16 yrs old, 5’6” and about 125 lbs. Is creatine safe for me…btw i’m worried about the acne too. please reply!

  98. Maxx M. says:

    Hopefully someone can give me some insight on this… i started taking creatine recently, and at my practice the other day (in the Arizona heat 110 degrees) i started having major cramps. i admit i only drank about 50 ounces of water prior to practice, but is it the supplement that is causing it? i had a similar experience but way more intense last year when i was using other supplements that did not contain creatine, and that event caused me to stop taking supplements all together. do i just simply have to increase my water intake or is there something else i need to be doing? electrolytes maybe?

  99. Animal says:

    The bloating is from Monohydrate. Try Creatine AKG or Tri-creatine malate maybe Kre-Alkalin, no bloating, soft BMs. I’ve been taking creatine in various forms for about 2 years. no problems… yet. I’ve been taking a lot. After reading this I think I’ll cut it back a bit. I have to say that the energy is great. I don’t want to drop it, but all things in moderation (including moderation). Drink lots of water… Drink Drink Drink.


  100. Animal says:

    Oh yeah… Creatine Ethyl Ester may contain alcohol from the esterfication process. Many sites are saying that this is a big cause of liver problems associated with creatine. We all need to try to be specific about what type we are talking about. It is also important to consider the other supplements that may be involved. Excess protein without enough water will kill your kidneys all by itself. NOS supplements knock out your immune system so you need to supplement Lysine. I got really sick last year after taking some NOS supplements. I WON’T take anything with arginine in it. Pro hormones like ZMA make me take forever in bed to the point that it isn’t good. I think this depends on the individual, but these all have good and bad. Find what works for you. I try to keep it simple. I take creatine (not monohydrate), glutamine, HMB and tons of protein.


  101. Sam says:

    Listen! Creatine is a natural product in the the body. You can get creatine from fish and steak. I use a product called Nitro-Tech. It is a mixture of both protein and creatine. Also do not take a creatine product for more then 2 months at a time. Take it for 2 months then take a month off. Also that Creatine Ethyl Ester is the new form of creatine. Used in the BSN products and others. It is supposed to be easier on your stomach than mono. Yes creatine will give you bloating during your first week but after that you should be fine. Great day and Happy Lifting

  102. Rajesh Bhanjan says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am quite convinced with the use of creatine monohydrate, but does it have a long term effect. If not then I will surely going use, but starting from a little quantity.

    What long term effect it gives to any part of the organ or muscles or does it have any effect with aging. If not then I will surely going to use it.

    Please mail me the dosage and the product of creatine monohydrate to be used on a regular basis.

    Thank you,

  103. mr. h says:

    i was going to take it, but after reading this I decided not to. It’s best to just do it the old fashioned way with patience and determination to build muscle mass. sure beats kidney failure, enlarged heart and all this other bull s**T….NO Creatine for me. Rather just work it out in the gym naturally with no suppliments. just by eating the right foods and working out.

  104. mr. h says:

    people want everything in a hurry that’s why they go for creatine. But getting things in a hurry can have consiquences. Soo people you don’t need creatine and all this crap. Eat right, work out and bare patience. Cause then your muscle mass will last longer when you stop working out. Stop pumpin’ garbage into your systems. Live long and prosper.

  105. luberenga says:

    am 31 years but very skinny, l have been body building for about four years on and off.once when l went to south africa ,l bought suppliments that had creatine and they really worked for me.All l faced was having to drink too much water some thing l was not used too but was happy coz am not a water person.Right now l have just gottten pure creatine and l want to try not going to follow the dosage on the tin.but l think the most important thing to do is drink alot of water as you can./when l dont take water l feel funny but after taking water l get better.our body is made up of about 70% water now you want to increase you body size so you have to drink water and that is what creatine does.make you drink water.will get back to you after l see some changes.but l hope it works

  106. Little_ Miss says:

    Creatine made my brother have a fit and he had only been drinking it for a week.. creatine isnt good for you in fact everything that this article says is a load of bull. Dont drink it people because if you do you yourself could end up having fits like my brother. and by the way hes not the only one, a few of my brothers friends, and my mother also had had fits over Creatine..

  107. Rocky Arora says:

    I AM A MBBS.

  108. Shawn says:

    Hey, i’v been kinda feeling a pain in my kidneys. been taking this stuff before and after i workout 6 days a week. i’m 17. Is there any way that this can be fixed? if i just stop taking it, will my kidneys get better??

  109. koosh1329 says:

    I took creatine for two cycles, each with a different brand. Here are my results.

    It helps me recover amazingly fast (this is the only reason I take it anymore, just to recover from injury) and it does help me get a little stronger.

    Side effects I’ve experienced:

    I have a much harder time doing cardiovascular exercise, including exercises such as stationary bike which should’nt be affected so much by the increase in water weight.

    Even when I’m not working out, there have been many times where I feel pain in my chest throbbing with my pulse. This is only when taking creatine, never when I’m not. I’ve been worried that it’s enlarging my heart and I found a comment here that seems to confirm that theory. My blood pressure went up from 121 78 to 155 90. I work out for health benefits among other things so I don’t take creatine regularly.

    When I stopped taking it after a long cycle of about 3 months, it took me almost a year to get out of extremely depressive symptoms like being very mentally fuzzy and suicidal. It was also harder than ever to pump my muscles back up and keep them that way, but eventually after a long break they began to pump up on their own again thus it seems like there can be a depenency.

    It also makes my muscles look distinctively soft-a look I find undesireable and distinctive to creatine users. This is not just a bloated stomach like you would get from “eating Christmas dinner.” I realized that when I took it I started to look like the other doughy people in the gym who I thought I was so much better than before.

    In conclusion, this supplement caused allot of problems for me when I used the 5 ml a day the supplement label usually recommends. I modified my cycles to only several days at a time, only when I get an injury, at half dosages (I weigh about 185 lbs and eat 3000 calories a day) and did not notice any relapses, excess water retention, or any lack of the benefits in strength and recovery time compared to when full dosages were taken on longer cycles. Information I’ve found from other sources confirms that long-term side effects like degeneration of the retina were avoided by taking half dosages.

    I think creatine is great when used in moderation, but awful when used as recommended by the supplement label.

  110. Why says:

    No long term results cuz all the long term users are dead, what now?

  111. Chris Alvira says:

    I was wondering the effects of and if there is any concern of me taking my creatine cycle, while still drinking a 6oz cup of coffe in the morning? Will this be too much or am I cool to take my creatine in the morning, and drink my coffe like 1 hour later? Thank YOu

  112. Anonymous says:

    Im only 15 but ive been lifting weights aggressivley for the past three yrs. Im not your average 15 yr old by any means. Ive been hearing so many good things about creatine but some people say you shouldnt take it under the age of 18. My problem is nobody says why i shouldnt. Why not? I know 18 yr olds that i am physically more mature than, so what makes them less likely to experience sideaffects? What are the exact sideaffects? the thing about researching creatine is everybody is so vague when talking about it

  113. dmitry says:

    Creatine killed my brother and raped my mother.

    After taking it my dick fell off too.

  114. NickX says:

    Most of the comments on this article are total BULLS$#@. People having fits, etc. And you retards that dont drink enough water daily with your kidney problems – what other supplements are you taking too?? jesus

    Creatine is a fine supplement – TRUE – In high doses, your body does get “big” and muscles get bigger. I went from a long distance runner (1500k,5k) to a thrower (discus, shotput). In the pool i went from a 1600m\800m swimmer to a 50m sprinter. Muscles are good, but too much muscle can be a disadvantage in some aspects of sporting. And in other aspects it’s an advantage.

    I’m back on Creatine now to quickly build muscle mass so I can increase fat burning. But later I will most likely stop because I’d rather look trim and toned than bulging and squishy.

    It’s all a matter of personal choice.

    Stay away from dodgy “cheap” creatine to avoid these “freak” occurances people have been having. And stick to the Pure versions – cuz its most likely the extra marketing additives causing all these other problems that people are having.

  115. SUNNY says:

    i use a creatine for 4 months,after that when i stopped that i think i am having a problem of sex power decreases.plz tell me what i do

  116. VISHNUDUTT says:


  117. marcus says:

    im 19, ive been using creatine since i was 16 years old, creatine has done nothing else but build muscle and give me excellent recovery. i take it atleast 3 times a week, whenever i work out, and remember guys you can take creatine along with some organic protein along with this supplement. and do not “stack” these supplements 3-5 times a day for a few weeks, its obvious that too much of something is always bad right? take off cycles and work on cardio after 3 week cycles of creatine. creatine is only to have that finishing touch on your physique, it is not ultimately required to build muscle so keep that in mind. protein is the key, you guys need to focus on that.
    -i hope i helped

  118. Evan says:

    i’m a wrestler and lacrosse player, a huge factor in both sports is muscle and size. is 13-14 too young to start taking creatine? i lift weights already but am looking to get much bigger and stronger for high school.

  119. ant says:

    Creatine definately does give good results no question of that but there are definately side affects such as shortness of breath, kidney problems. i would say to leave creatine. it isnt worth it.

  120. ben dover says:

    i am 24 i started using creatine about 8-9 years ago since then i had kidney stones an enlarged aorta and heart surgery thanks to creatine i wanted to get bigger n stronger for high school and biggest mistake of my life do not do the same i was already strong but i always had the feeling n that need to be bigger and stronger so i took creatine yeah it works i made the 500 lb club in 10th grade(bench + squat combined 500 lbs) but was it worth it absolutly not not in the long run i just wish i read up on it b4 making a huge mistake

  121. ben dover says:

    i am 24 i started using creatine about 8-9 years ago since then i had kidney stones an enlarged aorta and heart surgery thanks to creatine i wanted to get bigger n stronger for high school and biggest mistake of my life do not do the same i was already strong but i always had the feeling n that need to be bigger and stronger so i took creatine yeah it works i made the 500 lb club in 10th grade(bench + squat combined 500 lbs) but was it worth it absolutly not not in the long run i just wish i read up on it b4 making a huge mistake

  122. jack mehoff says:

    i love creatine it makes me ripped

  123. superhotme says:

    I’ve been taking creatine for a week now and I finished the loading stage (200g a day as it says on the label) a couple of days ago. For the last couple of days I’ve only been taking 100g a day, but the point is that I am experiencing very acute pain in my kidney area. I have increased my water intake but it doesn’t seem to help much and I don’t see any significant difference in my body size/shape to the protein isolate that I was taking before.
    I am stopping creatine and I hope I haven’t caused any long-term damage to my kidneys.

  124. COBR@ says:

    WEll, Well, WEll..
    i’ve been readin this blog for about two hours and found that humans are really stupid creatures.
    I’m 28 years old 5’10” around 200 pounds, it took me 8 years of trainin to get here from the 130 pound guy i was.
    BUT BUT BUT it just didnt happen by magic simply because magic doesn’t exist
    It happened because i took everything serious.
    I mean a dosage of more than 5 g of protein per day more than 5 days per week WILL 4 SURE leave a trace somewhere in your body
    IT will make ur heart, aorta, skin,kidney,.. suffer and it MIGHT leave you with permanent injuries.
    p.s i’ve been usin it for 5 years or so plus glutamine, arginine, BCAA, and of course the whey powder which in my opinion are the key role in bodybuiling
    CREATINE WILL make you HUGE in 2 months if you overdosed and it WILL have it’s side effects on you
    & CREATINE WILL make you HUGE in 2 years also if taken wisely and it WONT have it’s side effects..

    SO SO SO now you got it and its up to you guys and gilrs

    Remember: “if the bar ain’t Bending, ur just Pretending”

  125. COBR@ says:

    Sorry guys, i meant 5 g of CREATINE per day and not protein
    OK of course protein can be taken in high dosages.
    Please feel free to mail

  126. gryffindor says:

    i started usin creatine 2day.was usin whey protein b4…after reading all the articles jus felt that u really need to be wise usin this thing…..i will continue usin this but wid regular breaks n gud enough amount of water intakes………use the less creatine intake n workout more then after a period shift to whey protein for better results……………hope m duin the right thing…….jus can ne one tell me that is loadin phase necessary while takin creatine ??????? on the whole thnx 2 every creatine user who has posted their comments over here……it will surely help me lot………….

  127. wozell says:

    Our son of 31 has taken Creatine in the past. 3 years ago he had to have his gall bladder removed because of a gall stone, had jaundice whilst waiting for operation. Was admitted to hospital 6 weeks ago with what they thought was appendix, then after a CT scan, showed he had enlarged spleen. Yesterday, he has been told by consultant at hospital he has an enlarged heart and has to have an echocardigram to find out what is causing this. We as his parents have no doubt that CREATINE maybe a contributing factor of a once healthy, fit young man. You all make your own decisions – unfortunately our son didn’t take our advice years ago.

  128. dominick says:

    well i am sure all of you are aware of the potential positive affects of Creatine. You get stronger and your recover time is shrunk to an absolute minimum. i am 18 years old. don’t let the number fool you, i know what i am talking about. Creatine is potentially harmful full on your body and here is why.
    for the record you have 3 types of muscles in your body smooth (stomach), skeletal(biceps), cardiac (heart) :
    the best way to describe creatine is stupid, it goes to the muscles in the body that is being worked out the hardest for lifter those are for the most part skeletal muscles. but often creatine goes else where such as the other muscle groups leading to a bloated heart (because all creatine muscle is water weight) cause serious health complications. there can also be an issue if it goes to your smooth muscles.

    i have never taken creatine, steroids, or even protein sublimates. there is no reason all of your goals can be acheived natural but they may take longer.

  129. cale says:

    how about all the people complaining about their kidney stones just use some common sense and drink more water (as advised on the bottle)

  130. HARD MAN says:

    why dont these eager guys just be real and do it the natural old skool way,eat good!!!,work hard!! BE A MAN!! stop being a pussy!!! no pain no gain.. creatines for bitches!!

  131. john says:

    I fukin love createen its fukin cool fuk u allllllllll!!!

  132. paulo says:

    ive was using cr2 pure creatine ethly ester for a year taking 3 capsuals at 2250mg in morning and same at night,with water before, with,inbetween,i worked in a very labour intensive job and also done weights,the growth was good.
    then i started getting acid refulx so give it up,been off it 3 months and get acid reflux daily as in every fkn day 3/4 times a day,im giving it a little while more then im off to the doc`s to see wtf its done to me.
    hope it hasnt rotted my stomach lining.
    id stay offf it its no good looking good on the outside if your insides are fkd or suffer because of it.
    anyone else had acid reflux and seen doc??

  133. COBR@ says:

    Well since i wrote here two months ago almost nthg had changed.
    Guys still think that this substance will kill them, or leave some bad results in their system which in turn will affect their bodies.
    YOOOOOOOOOOOOO wake the fuck up and stop taking more than 5 grams per bloody day and u will live to get a 100 years with a physical shape u havent ever dreamt about.
    but for those who are seeking the fast results i recommend to stop taking Creatine and go for STEROIDS because its the same, ur gonna die anyway.
    Come on more than 5 grams per day WILL WILL WILL WILL fuck u up.
    OOUFFFFFF some people are really stupid

  134. Gavin says:

    I dont care what this article says, i would never use a supplement as a source of energy or muscle build up. How weird you you feel being, as described in this article, deflated?

  135. COBR@ says:

    Gavin go kill urself

  136. Chuck says:

    Creatine made my dick grow like 8 inches I got huge and ripped…..then I got kidney stones and my foot had to get cut off, I lost an eye and my hair, my testicules exploded and my dick can’t get hard anymore…..but im still ripped

  137. Jeff says:

    Wow I have been taking creatine for 3 or 4 years now and I have had ZERO side effects from any of it. So anyone who wants to blame creatine for health problems needs to remember there are no scientifically proven negative side effects. You guys are just speculating, if it was so obvious that creatine causes kidney failure and an enlarged heart it wouldn’t be sold on the market. There’s a reason steroids are not legal…

  138. Justin Griffiths says:

    Oi 2 u all I take creatine in monthly cycles then month off & have had no side effects at all & also take hmb I love the energy feeling i get.make sure you do work out properly & drink plenty of have to be 100% comitted.Ride on TRIUMPH POWER!!!

  139. will says:

    thanks alot everyone for the posts…has helped me decide if i want to take it or not!

  140. will says:

    thanks alot everyone for the posts…has helped me decide if i want to take creatine or not!

  141. dan says:

    hey…..right now i weigh a total of 165 pounds and can bench a measley 130 pounds..if i start taking creatine, how much do u think i will weigh and be able to bench after a period of taking it for a month?

  142. COBR@ says:

    Dear dan..
    look m not gonna lie or smthg
    but u need 2 take it for more than 1 month.
    i’d say do it for 3 months but cycle it.
    that means like 1 month on 1 off for 3 months that means a total of 6 months and i bet that u will increase ur weight by 15 pounds minimum and bench like 20 pounds more if and only if u eat right, drink right, rest right and sleep well.
    p.s: no more than 5 grms per day and it would be gr8 if u take whey proteins during the full period

    Good luck.

  143. dan says:

    yea… going to cycle it for a long period, i was just wondering what would happen after the first month of so of using it……thanks though

  144. COBR@ says:

    well dud the first signs of growth will appear within 10 days or so and the major results will be in the first month.
    thats why cyclin is required so that u can get more results from it
    tc and pump that weight

  145. KEVIN soccer514 says:

    i just started takin pure mono creatine 4 days ago,im 17 y o ,im a skinny type but realy cut 160lbs naturely strong it’s in my gen family anway.i just wanted to know if you could tell me what you recommend me to do(cycle,,,5 day a week,,,,5g a day ,,,etc..??) if i just wanna get bigger not like to much but just enought(around 180-200lbs) even if it takes 6 month or a year,the safest way possible because i play in a soccer team i don’t wanna have heart problem or any realy bad side effect
    ps (sorry for the bad english im french)
    thank alot

  146. Smeedle09 says:

    Lmao this is hilarious. I love all of the wannabes who are looking to get bigger fast while simultaneously being completly oblivious to the facts and stories by others who have had first hand experiences with creatine. Even if you choose to disbelieve what others post, go to your physician or nutritionist and they will explain it to you in detail for christ’s sake, it couldn’t be any more simple. The fact of the matter is, for all of you people who can only pray and hope the negative side effects won’t occur in your body, YOU’RE ALL PATHETIC. Bodybuilding takes time and effort, there are no shortcuts nor are there any cutting edge supplements that will increase your muscle size, strength, or endurance without there being any negative side effects. Anything that increases your muscle size, strength, or endurance DOES affect you in one way or another. It could be as significant as kidney or liver failure or it may be as small as mood swings or a decrease in anything after you stop taking it. I have read a large number of comments that have mentioned kidney stones, kidney failure, an enlarged heart, rage and/or depression, and a significant decrease in size when the cycle comes to a stop. For those of you reading, if only looking big is more important than any of the risks that i have mentioned, you are asking for your system to eventually screw itself up in one way or another and deserve it. Anybody who is willing to risk all of that just to look big and attain strength is asking for all of these consequences. Now you can bulk up and look big within a period of time with all of the risks and side effects included, or you can play it safe and be a legitamate bodybuilder which will of course take a number of years. But hey, nothing in life comes easy and if you are looking to get bigger faster without damaging your system, then there are no supplements out there for you and you have to face the fact that real bodybuilding takes TIME and the determination to go through with it 3-6 days a week without seeing any results in the first several months.

  147. Mike says:

    stop using creatine will shrikage ur penis!! u will see… i read about it and thats true.. JUST STOP IT!!!

  148. Rick says:

    i beleive creatine will not give off any side effect and will increase your muscle wieght.

  149. Random says:

    kudo’s to the ppl. that havent had any side effects but ive been picked on for bein skinny and i started working out in jrotc well all ive got to say NO PAIN NO GAME BECAUSE IF YOU PUT AN EFFORT INTO IT YOULL GET RESULTS

  150. Jorge says:

    I have taken creatine for 4 years… I have experimented with cow creatine and goat creatine. I have to say this new stuff called synthetic anabolic creatine is the best. I inject it directly into my abdominal muscles and they immediately contract and twitch very rapidly. This is quite painful but I believe it has made a significant improvement. I have never cycled creatine, and don’t plan to. I dare someone to challenge the truths I have spoken, and am prepared to kill them. If anyone wants to see pictures, email me at You can also add me on facebook, my name is Jorge Carillo. Thank you.

  151. james says:

    should i take creatine Im 16 going to be 17 i read all this stuff and i don’t know what to do. I play football and i wrestle.

  152. waldo says:

    hello i’m from South Africa and speak Afrikaans so please excuse my spelling..

    Nothing personal but most of these people who are against creatine must be jelious ore gives you superb results and every good thing has a bad thing so dont only think of the side effects..

    just follow the dosage and drink even more water then u can..


  153. Lorcan says:

    The only bad thing is that when you stop using it you will feel very tired and will need to go back on it

  154. vinay says:

    creatine is safe for everyone.but concern with doctor before used it.

  155. Mark says:

    Creatine is great I have early bird weighlifting and being a highschool student I tend to stay up late. But when I take Creatine in the moring I jsut get so pumped up and eager to life, I love the stuff!

  156. Mark says:

    Creatine is great I have early bird weighlifting and being a highschool student I tend to stay up late. But when I take Creatine in the moring I jsut get so pumped up and eager to lift, I love the stuff!

  157. Lola says:

    Has anyone ever experienced vaginal pain or elevated PH from Creatine supplements?

  158. steve says:

    Creatine requires plenty of water intake as water is redirected to the muscles, and if you don’t drink more water than you would normaly while not taking it, you will get headaches muck like the ones you get with a moderate hangover.

  159. ron says:

    Here is My Interesting story with Creatine .i am 30 years old and thin muscles. Few weeks backs i started to do intensive work out program and i took branded(ce..) creatine product. After two weeks i went for my routine general check up with the doctor.he suggested me to go for routine blood test.Nextday i got call from hospital saying that my Liver Enzymes got Elevated. My AST 198 and ALT reading 156.I was terribly upset and was freaking about Hepatitis. Doctor suggested me to go for Hepatitis test. I was so upset and stopped all my work outs and stopped taking creatine too. After two days i was feeling gastro problems. My stomach was so upset and abdominal pain and pain in the lower left side. for test results it took almost 15 days was desperately waiting for the results because all these symptoms are of hepatitis(Liver enzymes and gastro problems and problems with stool).Finally i got my test results back with No Hepatitis .I was so happy and the creatine is cause for this my 3 weeks non sleeping terrible days.i went again for Blood test where My Liver Enzymes came to normal level(because I was not taking creatine for 3 weeks).I analyzed the whole thing here is my reading with the creatine and cause for my problems.
    My Dosage:
    I took Branded creatine product as per there dosage suggestion
    Like working days two scoops(10gm) of creatine after workout and non working days daily in the morning.
    mistakes :I did not take enough water while taking the creatin.I suggest to take as much water as possible(Minimum water intake when ur with creatine:more than 2 gallons).
    Precautions: Never take the dosage as suggested by the product. Always go for less than 5 gm to keep safe.
    Never go for Loading Phase because all bodies wont react similar way.
    Drinking lot of water is very much important than anything other wise u end up with loads of problems. which includes cardio, Liver enzymes,kidneys,gastreo. Never go more than 5 gm.
    Never take creatine months together take break for every three or four weeks of usage
    As many sites it suggests that visit doctor before take product. As fact Most of the doctors Does not know about the Creatine I went before using creatine to couple of doctors about usage and side effects some doctors never heard about this product and some simply says dont take any body building product they are not good. But I suggest educating these doctors is very much important by the manufacturers and health department so that they will give more precautions to their clients.
    As a whole My Conclusion with creatine if u got good physique I never suggest u to go for creatine .Protein powder and good diet should me more than good and safe. Not required to experiment on this product on ur body. But if ur desperate and want to use inspite of all Side effects I suggest to use minimum Dosage and lot of water in take.which keeps u safe from side effects. Hope my story useful to u.If u have any questions u can email me to my id

  160. Jjh says:

    I was 155, 5’8″ when I started creatine. Two days later I’m now 6’4″ and 265!!!! Wow this stuff really works!!!! Look it’s totally safe as long as taken propely and with lots if water. Just calm down.

  161. Jjh says:

    Water. Lots of it, that’s all. Besides, water is great for u anyhow. Get big!

  162. Anonymous says:

    which is the best brand of creatine?
    also, should you take it just before training? and after? or wen?

  163. vivekrk says:

    Ive been using creatine for some time and i’ve found out something. The joint repairs are taking a lot longer than usual. Mostly a small twist in my leg joint would disappear within a few days now it takes a few weeks to do the same. This thing started only after i started taking creatine. Could this be because of eating that

  164. Randall says:

    It is evident that there is a debate over the use of creatine and that no one really knows for sure what it does and does’nt do. The simple solution to all of this? Don’t take it. What is the purpose of taking a supplement? its cheating. People are wanting to get bigger muscles faster, without the hard work. Yes I have taken creatine and all it did for me was make my muscles LOOK bigger from all the water retiention. Dont waste your money. A little determiniation can give you the energy for that extra rep.

  165. Anonymous says:

    Thanks All,I have learnt Buy a Qaulity creatine ,drink plenty of water,use 5gm or less a day use it to make gains lifting , then have a break from taking creatine, use it until your happy with your gains and most of all be carefull listen to your body ill keep using it until i notice a problem, I used the stuff years ago 9 maybe for runnning 2.4 km fitness tests it would save 20 seconds of my time eg 8min 30 down to 8min 10 and many of my friends noticed simular results in their times. now im giving it a go again in the gym it seems to give me 20% more effort If it gives me those extra lifts then I must be working harder thus will reach my goal quicker and there for not give up because I can see my results such as being able to lift more work more muscles run faster Its not cheating Thats like saying eating food is cheating because you have energy and protiens . Its just been refined into a pure concentrate to much of any thing can kill you even water, you will notice all the time on tv picking on products eg butter,margarine,suger,Mcs,eggs,everything if we had to listen to it all we wouldnt eat anything and then we would stil die the word here is MODERATION everything in Moderation

  166. dr shaiv says:

    as far as proven side effects go, it takes a minimum of 20 yrs before enough data can be made available in medical texts on the hazards of a substance…studies are a long and tedious process…whether creatine is dangerous or not cannot be conclusively said but the reports are slowly tricklng in about cardiovascular and neurological side effects, anyone who is saying that it is completely and 100% safe is being very short sighted and taking a risk…lets assume there is only a 10% probability of being risky, but even then isnt it scary considering dat some of da outcomes are sinister

  167. Anonymous says:

    lets say I want to test creatine on eg mice or chickens what would be the best way to go about it generaly my interest would be growth and life expectancy would this test show some conclusive results if so how many would i need to test what controls would i need what doses would i give etc or if someone has already done study showing results ,thanks

  168. anonymous says:

    I am 14 yrs old. I have been taking creatine ocassionaly,( body Fortress powder) and i was wondering dosage wise how much i should take if i got started. I was also wondering if this would affect my growth at all.

  169. abhishek says:

    awsum …………….results ……………

  170. Bazza says:

    Replying to the 14 yr old. I dont Know weather you should take Creatine or not I guess It would depend on weather you have finished growing or not ,the 5gm suggested are proberly for an adult eg 65kg to 100kg ,its known that to much is waisting your money plus to much and it will act like a laxative ,lets say creatine worked and you are using it for muscle growth you have to exersise those muscles for them to grow using creatine would give you maybe more energy in the musle to exersise them more giving more muscle growth However if you have not finished growing the muscle could deform your bones the other thing is injury due to over training make sure you drink plenty of water to help flush this stuff out and make sure your existing diet is balanced eg eat really healthy foods without knowing details of you I would recomend you dont use creatine until you have finished growing Physicaly and mentaly I recomend you research fitness and nutrition books this will benefit your whole life, theres no miracle pill just eat right and exersise right. This infomation is my experience only and have no qaulifications in this area Do your own Research I Hope this helps. lets here from others thoughts on this .

  171. pumped says:

    Creatine has always worked well for me over the past 10 years and whenever I am on it I have better / stronger workouts. I also see faster growth in muscle size. Of course I also eat properly, get good sleep and drink lots of water.
    I never over-dose on the stuff, I typically take less than recommended and cycle off of it after two months. So, 2 on and 2 off cycle.
    I’m about 5’10” / 185 lbs and 42 y.o. – No one ever thinks I look close to my age (ppl usually guess my age at about 29-32, so i’m not complaining!)

    however- I do run into problems with muscle tears when on creatine, since I feel stronger during the workout and tend to hit new max limits and push harder. So I would advise not pushing yourself too hard regularly even though you may definitely “feel” stronger on creatine.

    With taking creatine (or anything else for that matter) conservative and moderate use is key.

  172. JHS Football game changer says:

    Im 14 years old 5′ 11″ 185 pounds and I wanted to get in better shape for sports. Im in the weight room after school every day and I was taking Whey Protein and it worked okay but the Creatine is amazing I have seen an increase in my lifting ,and I dont have to drag myself in the weight room. It gives me the energy to lift that extra rep, add that extra weight and run that extra mile. I am glad that you put this article up because I was hearing the good and the bad people dieing from Creatine, and I havent had any side effects.

  173. JHS Football game changer says:

    I was reading the other reply and would Creatine affect my growth if taken reguarly with hard workouts?

  174. nickkkkkkk says:

    creatine rocks so stop sayin shit bout it

  175. Hans says:


  176. penis shrunk w creatine says:

    creatine is the bestest thing that happened in my life!!!!! my penis shrunk a total of 9 inches i am now sadly a 3inches 🙁 but it made me super buff
    i feel like wonder woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i even bought the costume and went to skool like that now im the popular kid in skool!!!! u should all buy creatine. but a wierd side effect is that i started to grow a vagina now i can fuk myself!!!!!
    i dont need gurlz no more fukin urself is WAAAAAAAY better than jagging off
    i ? creatine!!!!!

  177. Vlad says:

    People who say that creatine doesn’t work or harmful, have no idea what they are talking about. It was shown by many researches that creatine not only harmless but also gives results comparable to anabolic steroids, when taken properly.

  178. sanju says:

    hey…i am about to start takin creatine…i researched on it..i think its a good choice..but u have to be carefull on how much you take…also drink a lot of water per dayy…

  179. Humphrey Burke says:

    i found this useful, but i would strongly advise users me being one of them to see the actual effects it has on yourself as an individual. Different people react differently to supplements like creatine and so the best way to actually measure the damaging side effects of creatine is to see for yourself if any do occur. You can then weigh up whether you should continue or discontinue the usage of creatine for yourself. Never go over the recommended dosages though because then damaging effects probably will occur.

  180. john says:

    I took creatine and gained 3 stone of mass, was extremely happy with the results until I suffered a massive heart attack. I mamaged to survive it but was told that i have to be on medication all my life and that I will be unable
    to get an erection again because of the water retention. I have lost my wife due to this. I have also lost my house because of buying so much creatine.

    Creatine has ruined my life, dont let it ruin yours

  181. wise up lads says:

    You’re all full of shite.

    If you are skinny, so what, just go down the pub, have 6 pints and screw an ugly fat bird. Some things never change, even with creatine!

  182. rta says:

    my experiences with creatine after 2 weeks, per work-out day dosage for a 3-day workout and 2.5 g 30 mins-1hr before workout: my cardio workouts suffered as i felt that i easily get exhausted probably on the account of creatine affecting heart muscles, palpitations even when at rest and when going to sleep,& erection difficulties, & increased levels of uric acid

    i stopped after assessing the benefits and the other long terms effects.

  183. George G says:

    I have been taking it for over 6 months now, i am 17 and have gained just over a stone. I am also taking shouldnt use either of these unless you are willing to work out alot. Given me good results only problem i do sumtimes get cramp

  184. cp says:

    Should I still have protein after working out know?

  185. charlie says:

    I heard all the other work out supplements they sell @ GNC or Vitamin Shop, don’t really work well. You will see little to no improvement to your body by taking these other supplements. Especially the ones you see behind the locked glass case, they purposely mark up prices to make it look like you are taking something close to steroids that is legal.

    I say, just take creatine along with a multivitamin or with protein shakes if you wanna bulk up fast.

  186. MARK MY F.ING WORDS says:

    if you are a fucking underaged kiddo (17<) stay away from any drugs and shit.first put your conciousness together and grow up then decide wheter you want the risk or not. cus it will be you cursing your fucking childish concerns when you are having health problems at the age of 25 that occurs usually on olders aging 60…

  187. Andy says:

    – EXACTLY !!! – I’d sign it !!!

  188. Joel B. Schaperow says:

    A while ago, on WCBS 880 AM radio (NewYork City), it was stated that through research, it was found that extended use of creatine, could cause kidney damage. Since that information was on CBS Radio, I figurethat the information was factual. Shalom, Joel

  189. Joel B. Schaperow says:

    A while ago, on WCBS 880 AM radio (NewYork City), it was stated that through research, it was found that extended use of creatine, could cause kidney damage. Since that information was on CBS Radio, I figurethat the information was factual. Shalom, Joel Note: A natural source of creatine is “BEEF”!!!

  190. Michael D. Perkins says:

    If you are dehydrated and taking creatine other shitty supplements you can have a seizure and nearly die in the ER like one of my Soldiers. DO NOT MIX CREATINE SUPPLEMENTATION WITH AEROBIC EXERCISE.

  191. Tricia says:

    My sister was blinded from the increase in spinal fluid from using creatine. Her workout partner suffered a blown out spine from resuming a workout too soon after injury, again, creatine softened the conncting tissues that held the inside of the spine inside the spine.
    Creatine can be very dangerous for some people. This article is dangerous and irresponsible.
    The only safe creatine is from food sources. Real food.

  192. jack says:

    i am planning to take some creatine supplement ,but after reading these replies from it’s users i think i should not take it….as i am only 18 .maybe i’l take it at age of 22-23 to see it really works or not…..i know it works but to see are there any side effects…..

  193. jack says:

    and i have heared about lot’s of rumours that is shrinks the penis….
    is it true
    can anyone tell??

  194. Omar says:

    To Luanne,
    I’m sorry but your cardiologist is incorrect. Creatine DOES NOT increase the size of the heart, ANABOLIC STEROIDS DO. I am actually shocked they were dumb enough to say that for being cardiologists.

    Creatine puts water in the muscles, but it leaves after creatine cessation.

    Creatine won’t make you bad tempered. Your just an idiot if you think it did. It’s called psychological anticipation.

  195. Joe says:

    Im a skinney person looking to bulk up what other supplements along with creatine should i use to help speed up the process.

  196. Anonymous says:

    My wanker fel off aftr usen dis shet.

  197. Your all fucking idiots says:

    You guys are fucking idiots. creatine has been used safely for over a decade with millions of studies not one says anything about liver, heart, rage or anything your dumb ass hypochondriac moronic shoulda been sterilized asses.

    may god have mercy on your pathetic offspring

  198. Anonymous says:

    i take 10g a day and am healthy as a horse, blood levels show all is fine even after taking pro-steroids! Get HUGE!

  199. pdd p says:

    i’m sorry to see so many uneducated posts regarding creatine
    —first off kidney/liver problem will exist if and only if the person is taking an unnatural amount of creatine (100g or more a day) or has an existing condition
    —there are NO rage or psychological problem associated with creatine those that show such problems were already in that condition to begin with even if no one “noticed” before (athletes and bodybuilders have a saying “assholes are assholes no matter what they take”)
    —there is no likelihood of enlarged heart due to creatine, its just NOT possible
    —creatine has been used for more than a decade really, its existed way before the 1980s and people get in their everyday diets anyway (it comes from meat for gods sake)
    —no it doesnt shrink your penis (wtf?)

    if you have existing conditions (liver problems, heart problems, kidney problems etc) you HAVE to be responsible about what you , and drink dont just blame the first thing you can think of (spinal injury? creatine caused? not bloody likely and even doctors muck up with their associations)

    supplements work so long as you are using the right ones, at the recommended doses and with a PROPER workout regime, just popping pills or takign powders (and no more isnt always better) wont give ou results if you are a goddamned couch potato looking for an easy way out

  200. hunteryo says:

    I took creatine for a couple of months and my heart started to hurt alot one week. It hurt whenever i tried to breathe and I had constant chest pains. The doctor I went to diagnosed creatine as the problem. Don’t use it.

  201. Nick says:

    I took creatine about a year ago and it was fine to begin with, but the longer I took it the more aggressive I became especially if I had a few beers as well. I stopped taking it becuase of this. I started taking it recently again to see if it would affect me in the same way, I’m not aggressive but I kept waking up with a painful blocked nose and sometimes nose bleeds, so I stopped taking it. Reading all the other side effects as well I’m gonna stop taking it and stay off it. This article seems biast towards people taking it in the way it is written, most of the articles on the internet are to increase the size of the market for people to take it, including probably some of the comments made on the article. Anything which arouses suspicion for heart problems definately isn’t worth it

  202. Tony says:

    So i have been taking creatin for about 2months. And i have noticed a HUDGE improvment. Before takin creatine i was very skinny. and in the past 2 months i have gained 15pounds, of course working out about 5 to 6 times a week. If you are serious about getting bigger and looking better then i strongly suggest that YOU take this suppliment!

  203. Derek t says:

    I took creatine for approximately 2 months. It gave me a MASSIVE surge in stamina and increased my size. The only downsides for me were i had to drink almost twice as much water, some of my previous definition was lost due to bloating, and I would get occasional mood swings with anger. no depression though. overall for track or football i would highly recommend it.

  204. bill says:


    when i take creatine i feel no sourness or anything first week i took it i gained 10 pounds i take 4 tbps of powder… i drink lots of water and feel fine but when i wrestle and take it i dont perform as well as i did with out it…your heart is a muscul….so when u take it it grows your heart! READ THID READ THIS

  205. cwifey says:

    hey. well my boyfriend just started takin creatine and he is gettin very naseas and he is vomitting every day that he takes it. is this a side affect of creatine or what?? and i read up that it has had some cases of enlarging hearts and aorta’s. thnxx. i dont want my boyfriend to get hurt with this stuff..

  206. i like roids says:

    na go on creatine

  207. rta says:

    i wouldnt take something that will grow my muscles at the expense of irregular heartbeats/enlarged heart and kidney failure. better to go for natural sources.

  208. Inside Jones says:

    I’m in prison now from(you guessed it) CREATINE! I’m typing this on a smuggled in blackberry. Anyhow I killed a man for staring at my girl. I’ve never been mean till after creatine. It’s the goddamned devil!!!! Now I gotta fight for my life everyday. I joined the Aryan brotherhood and they have access to creatine. They are some really violent guys but I think it’s because they’re all jacked up on creatine. To keep up I’m gonna have to start doing creatine again. But there goes my goodtime. I know I’ll just kill somebody else-again. I probably would anyhow but jacked up on creatine-I’ll enjoy it. Creatine stole my life! Goddamn you EAS and fuck you Joe Weider. Richard Simmons fuck you too for being such a little punk bitch. It was watching your faggot ass that made me wanna bulk up and become musclebound. I never felt that way watching Chuck Norris. Oh yeah btw – the things that hurt: my joints; my teeth; my heart;my dick & balls; my stomach. Now none of those things hurt since I stopped doing that wicked shit. But I gotta tell my asshole is killing me. Damn here comes a guard.

  209. sj says:

    Lot of impurities in all that Chinese shit(which it all is). *Creapure* is a high grade German creatine that does’t have the contamination of residule poisons that all that Chinese shit has(google it). As for other shit like ethyl ester creatine it’s a marketing scam. There is no such thing. Creatine is not going to mess your heart up or cause aggression. Of course Chinese contaminated products have the residule poison(from the chemicals used in seperating it from meat sources on top of contaminated meat sources) plus god knows what(proably lead cause those fuckers have it in everything else). With that being said, creatine causes increased atp levels which can increase tycardia in cardiac arythmia sensitive individuals. As for aortic complications as stated above there exist no evidence of such. 95% of these posts are people following suite. Creatine is the most tested supplement in supplement history. I don’t know where this “new supplement’ nonsense is coming from. I guess just ignorant kids(or foolish adults). I’ve taken creatine off & on for almost 24 years as well as a multitude of others in my peer group that I personally know(as in I physically coexist in the same town and workout with them). I have NEVER heard any of the nonsense spoken like posted here. If I wasn’t bored with insomnia just typing various things in google , I never would’ve stunbled on to this ridiculous fabricated idiocy. And you “Prison Bitch in Mich City” get a life! Your asshole hearts cause you’re a packed ass homosexual.

  210. Revelations says:

    Long-term oral creatine supplementation does not impair renal function in healthy athletes POORTMANS, JACQUES R.; FRANCAUX, MARC Abstract Long-term oral creatine supplementation does not impair renal function in healthy athletes. Med. Sci. Sports Exerc., Vol. 31, No. 8, pp. 1108-1110, 1999. Purpose: Oral creatine supplementation is widely used in sportsmen and women. Side effects have been postulated, but no thorough investigations have been conducted to support these assertions. It is important to know whether long-term oral creatine supplementation has any detrimental effects on kidney function in healthy population. Methods: Creatinine, urea, and plasma albumin clearances have been determined in oral creatine consumers (10 months to 5 yr) and in a control group. Results: There were no statistical differences between the control group and the creatine consumer group for plasma contents and urine excretion rates for creatinine, urea, and albumin. Clearance of these compounds did not differ between the two groups. Thus, glomerular filtration rate, tubular reabsorption, and glomerular membrane permeability were normal in both groups. Conclusions: Neither short-term, medium-term, nor long-term oral creatine supplements induce detrimental effects on the kidney of healthy individuals.

  211. john says:

    great article, i’m gonna try it and see what happens.End of the day if any of the side effects get too much i’m just going to stop using it…as with anything you put into your body, you want to know the side effects..

  212. Darren says:

    do none ofyou idiots no that creatine is a main ingredient of muscle along with protien and amino acids. Taking a creatine supplement when weight training is safe all you are doing is topping up what ever you burn off during a training session

  213. John Anderson says:

    I have been taking Creatine since the 1980s. No real harm till recently. My balls fell off. Flushed them down the toilet by mistake. Thanks a lot!!

  214. sbeezy says:

    i’ve been taking creatine for a few months now, but i’ve been taking below the recommended dosage and i’m not sure if its working but i havent put on any wieght really but i’ve gotten alot stronger and my chest and arms look good. Now i want to focus on my stomach, i know thats the toughest area to work on. So my question is would the creatine have any affect on that?

  215. DeathStare says:

    A cold dark stare came over my face. I did some creatine and destroyed the place. The place was my pappy and my gandpappy’s farm. I fucked em both up. I broke grandpappy’s arm. Then I fucked a chicken and a pig too, lost my mind for more than a minute or two. Started barking like a dog while jumping around. Climbed on top of the barn then fell to the ground. Got the screamin shits tried to losen the stress. Stumbled and tripped and rolled in the mess. If only I’d of listened to genius’s at the start. I wouldn’t had burned down the barn by lightin a creatine fart. Please forgive me grandpappy you goddamn old mummy. CREATINE I HATE YOU ! You scarred me and fucked me, because I trusted you.

  216. adi says:

    i used creatine for 2 weeks and no wonder my penis grew 2 inches long….my penis is also a muscle for ya info….so it retained more water and and it grew 2 inches loooong….my galfriend is the most happiest gurl int the world….love creatine…..thanks for the help! muah

  217. Eric says:

    idk if creatine made your penis longer dude cause if it did then ever guy on the article would be braggin about it and so hey i didnt read this whole damn page so idk if there was another article and all of you assholes r not real men cuz you take creatin which hell its like cheating. Why dont you actually work for it here you work out for like what an hour o man thats tough just bench some curl some do some crunches maybe 2 or maybe even 3 pullups and oo wait pushups and then talk for the rest of the time and thats your workout and your arms get big why would you be so proud of that and look and Rodney o i forget his last names but his arms are bigger than your arms and legs put together they are huge and guesss what he didnt do roids or possibly criatine so get a fricken life and actually try and when your done doin creatine youll probably get fat and youll have to take creatine for the rest of your life if you dont wanna get fat
    plus you dont know what the long term effects are and i have a six pack and it looks good and i didnt cheat.

  218. EricIsADickhead says:

    Cheating who? Creatine for the rest of your life? Everything you posted is so ignorant and completely stupid you should be beaten. There’s a lot of nonsense posted here true. Mostly for comedic value. It’s your clueless dumb ass’s posting your know it all know nothing rants that are really annoying. You have bought into all the ‘natural and steroid propaganda and your simple minds can only equate supplements of any kind to ‘cheating’. You have the simple minds of sheep! For one thing- no matter how you feel about steroids or any supplements in sports; there is NO such thing as a NON compettive person/athlete/hobbiest body builder taking, steroids, GH,clenbuterol, IGF-1 ec.., or a food source derived supplement such as an amino acid like Creatine cheating. You low IQ brainwashed fools need to get that in your heads. If I wanna take drugs that make ME stronger look better etc., nobody is being cheated! Back away from the damn TV and stop listening to Soccer moms and old fat beer guzzling martini sipping, little- boy- fucking/molesting congressmen who keep spoon feeding you sheep this nonsense while they destroy the U.S. and allow their big biz buddies to poison U.S. ctizens by the millions(when it makes them a profit/payoff). If there’s any cheating to be spoken of, it’s the individual thought processes that come with thinking for yourselves instead of letting anyone with an agenda think for you. Damn!

  219. Levi says:

    Remember creatine is natural in our bodies

  220. Dr Mahmoud El Masry says:

    Very Very Fine . . . But Please . . . notice that there is another side effect that is not yest listed . . kidney funnction will be affected . . . the more the abnormal increase in creatine & creatinine level in your blood the more the abnormal reabsorbtion by your kidneys . . And we (All humans) Have normal creatines stored in our muscles . . no need for external supplements except in neuromuscular DISORDERS . . . Healthy adults can supply themselves with more creatine in meats And many vegetables . .

  221. Thomas Lyons says:

    ive used creatine for about 4 months and it works great, i went from 150 to 165. Its great for making you stronger and bulking up, but it also makes you slower, ive noticed a great decrease in my punching speed.

  222. nonsense says:

    creatine isn’t fully studied at the momentl

    as for effects on muscles, in skeletal muscles we get an effect on the type II muscles ( a, x and b ) where creatine supplementation has shown to improve strength, endurance, and recovery.

    the problem starts with the cardiac and smooth muscles, their were studies on rats that showed creatine having a negative effect (slowing recovery) on damaged heart muscles, however the study has used a bactiraia to induce heart failure so the circumstances aren’t valid enough to say “creatine is bad for the heart”.

    I also know for a fact that sprinters use creatine and show no slow down in cardiac recovery ( they train just as often with no need in extended rests ), so this puts the cardiac muscle recovery issue to question.

    as for smooth muscles, I haven’t read any studies on those and it seems their won’t be any for a while because no one really cares 😉 , I suppose at a sufficiently high enough dosage, creatine might make your smooth muscles increase in size, which means that if you have a low bf% with a 6 pack, your stomach muscles will get bigger showing off a more “ripped” look, but if your fat, you might find your belly getting bigger 😀

    their are of course the kidney and liver issues, but this studies are again at diseased individuals, and aren’t numerous enough or well founded enough to draw any conclusions, statistically speaking, their are no known case studies of creatine affecting those organs and related functions.

    I use it, because my kidney and liver are fine (at least that’s what my blood tests show), and because related cardiac effects aren’t an issue since I don’t do cardio, and since I train 3 times a week, cardiac recovery from the resistance training I do is more then enough…

    All and all, I never even heard on a case study of a healthy individual showing any unknown \ ill side effects, so I can’t think of a problem with creatine as a supp.

  223. Preston says:

    Well….I just recently made my purchase of creatine.
    Just took the first glass. (never consumed creatine before) “supplementwise”

    Side effects… Honestly, i didn’t expect any side effects. I’ve taken numberous supplements prior and this has a different feeling to it. My skin feels a little tingly, maybe compared to when you have the “flu” and your skin has a different feeling to it. Maybe a little jitter, like caffiene, but w/o the energy boost. I’m 20 years old. 145 lbs muscle, not a hint of fat. (I’m sure the effects are due to the fact I just started it. We’ll see. No major side effects that will keep me from taking it. We’ll see. (P.S) I plan to take far less than stated in the future next time.

  224. sumesh says:

    hey guys will there be any sexual problems. Major dobt of People Like me is whether der will b any hormone imbalance………………
    looking forward for an answer….

  225. Yuri says:

    Well I train about 7 days a week, sometimes 2-3 times a day. I wanted to take take creatine for tje extra energy boost, nut after reading all of this I decided not to. Rather figure out your diet that has to do with carbohydrates and protein intakes, and naturally with patience and determination, I believe we all could have a great journey. Training is not a destination, but rather a journey. People who are goal orientated focus on the means of the end result. Once one goal is reached, another starts. The old fashioned way without scientifically modified supplements is the purest way to seek great fitness, and pure results, see how much you are determined, and stick to the natural way.

  226. Hassan says:

    o hi evry one i use this supliment i got to much problums can any one tel me how is possibale it nat give u a side effect what a bullshit …..

  227. justdome says:

    I’m 45, 5’10”, and 165 lbs.I weigh the same as when I was in High School.Bought a jar of this shit and started eatin fistfulls of it,mixed with everything.Did some sit ups and push ups and gained 10 lbs. in a week.Got a big ol zit on my dick, though…………..

  228. Rahul Jha says:

    well…creatine is a boon for the people who are very much skinny. They must use it to speed up tha muscle growth. Otherwise they might keep on doing workout for the whole lifetime nang may gain no or very less muscle. Concequently they put the whole blame on gym. Plz use it and then see the positive effects

  229. nummnuttz says:

    isgood make me big now but stone in pee make me scream.the cockaroaches love it too,they huge

  230. Gemma says:

    I am conducting research on the psychological effects of creatine including levels of aggression, attention and memory.

  231. ramesh says:

    me,53 yr old,perhaps the oldest to have tried creatine monohydrate,5 gms only,just for a day alongwith my longtime regular supplements whey and glutamine,experienced enough adverse side effects in spite of taking plenty of water,stopped immmediately.CARPEL TUNNEL SYNDROME and numbness in legs due to pressure on nerves caused by water accumulation in muscles is an obvious side effect of the main effect of creatine.i simply could not continue just for checking other side effects of enlarged heart or aorta,damaged kidney or anything even worse.anyone above 50 pl be cautious before you try this dangerous supplement even if you are in dire need of muscle strength.

  232. NeverFalter says:

    A healthy diet that includes 6 small meals a day, eating only lean meat such as chicken, salmon, tuna, beans as well as green vegetables, fruit, etc.. will suffice. Eating six small meals a day will provide you with more than enough energy to complete “that one last rep”, and over 150 grams of protein per day. Follow a workout program that incorporates a High Intensity Interval Training workout method and you will get huge, i’m talking HUGE. Workout with weights three days a week and do High intensity interval cardio the other three days per week, and you will have the body that you have always desired in no time. I recommend buying the book “Body For Life” and following his workout routine if you want to get ripped. No supplements necessary.

  233. jj says:

    I date a RD(registered Dietitian) and I can guarantee you that with correct eating and regular exercise that you can get the same results as you can with creatine. Maybe it wont happen quite as fast and in a nation of fast food and inpatients that might be a turn off but correct nutrition is the only way to get in amazing shape with no side effects. I weight 180 lbs and can bench over 260lb and run full marathons with a solid 8 min mile pace. Think about the natural way before wasting you money on chemicals. You can get the same nutrients and protein from chickens and fish supplemented with carbs veggies and fruits. Think about it…

  234. Anonymous says:

    I loove injecting steriods in my wiener!

  235. Steriods + Wiener = says:

    Saaame dude!

  236. Workout Hard says:

    I can see the logic in thinking creatine put water in the heart also, however you should never take it for 5 months straight that is far to long of a cycle, I hope your son recovers.

  237. Robert says:

    I tried Creatine as part of a weight loss program, thinking it would improve muscular definition. It packed half a stone on me in a week of pure fluid. I was totally deflated when I went to weigh myself after having trained for a solid 2 days and a rest day then 2 days in a week of 4 sessions, to find my weight was up. I laughed when I read about Creatine retaining fluid in the body and quickly stopped taking it. I have lost over a stone of weight, hopefully fat, now that all the fluid has gone out of my body after taking Creatine. I did notice when I was taking Creatine how I never had to use the loo much even when I was gulping water down at the gym. mmmmm not for fat people, be warned.

  238. steroid luver !!! says:

    i get my steroids in pill form and shove them up my ass for a quicker effect on my legs ! 😉 it works great.

  239. anthony says:

    Here’s a new twist. I too have been taking creatine, with some muscle gain but nothing too exciting. Haven’t noticed any side-effects yet but I’m definitely getting stronger. My bench is up to 210 lbs, which I think is pretty good as I am no 70 years old

  240. mr schwarznegger says:

    creatine duz cause depression,did me. had therapy n 4 month off work.dunt no bout owt else. wont stop me going to gym. ILL BE BACKK!

  241. Fine says:

    There is nothing wrong with creatine!! As long as you take it as directed you will be fine. As for all of the kidney type side effects, that has been proven to be a myth when it comes to creatine itself. Any kidney issues can be related to other problems during any type of weight lifting.

    Weight lifting can cause kidney issues by an indirect route. Strenous weight lifting can damage the muscles. In fact, this is basically how the muscles get bigger. They get damaged a little and heal back stronger. When muscle tissue is damaged a protein called myoglobin is released. Myoglobin breakdown products can crystalize in the kidneys and damage them.

  242. dave melbourne says:

    I tried creatine for a few weeks and put on about 3kg of muscle, although i lost it all after stopping. My friend said he got really bad bowel control, and was forced to stop taking it…

    I go gym 3 times per week and take a ripped protien and get comments about how much bigger i am getting, i think the key is to stay at it, and eat a balanced diet, after a year or so of dedication you will have awesome gains…

    For all the 16 year olds, forget steroids or creatine you dont need it just lift weight, take protien, and change your workout program every 3 months. The people on this blog are actuall users of this product and are admitting they have had complications, just something to think about.

  243. dr smith says:

    To all worried about creatine,

    I am in the medical feild and have seen first hand what effects creatine has on various users, and the only thing i can say is DONT USE IT.

    It will not effect every person who takes this product, but you really have to think is it worth risking your health…

    If you want to improve the look of your body or get stronger there is natural proven methods that should be considered before taking an untested product, you are not mice. Dont be the test.

  244. ryan says:

    hi Creatine is not good for you dont ruin your body natural is the best and also looks the best guys!

  245. jon says:

    hi, im 35y.o,5ft 9,a couple of stone over weight and r just about 2 start creatine course,any senceable idvice? Also my dad is 70 y.o,been working out only 4 about 6 months,just started taking creatine 2day,wot do u think about this?

  246. Drew says:

    HI everybody one of my suggestions are to take the new creatine189 tablets. they aren’t risky like the powder is.

  247. Peter says:

    I take creatine monohydrate, i am on my second cycle and it works pretty well. I have gained a few pounds after a 6 week time, took 6 weeks off, and now i am back on it. The first few days some stomach problems may occur, but i have not gained any acne or anything like that. I take a tablespoon with 10 oz. of gatorade and dissolve it somewhat in a shaker after every workout. I suggest it to anyone trying to get bigger, quick. Any questions, email me at

  248. Brandon says:

    ive been workin out for 3 years i use creatine every 4 months. All i can say is if u wanna use creatine, do it its a matter of if you want to or not. Just drink alot of water. Do a cycle take 3 weeks off then do it again youll get massive.

  249. Harry says:

    I can’t stop laughing at all of the people saying creatine is perfectly fine for you because some studies say so. Please link me to unbiased studies with conclusive results. Also, did it ever occur to you that creatine may affect each person differently? I don’t think it has.

    Let me tell you what has happened to me after taking creatine. Virtually no libido, it vanished. Also, severe gastro intestinal problems ranging from constipation to loose stools. Lastly, becoming extremely fatigued. Just stay away from this stuff. I’m happy for the people who can take it and not have any noticeable side effects (key word – noticeable), but why would you expose yourself to such risk? It’s not worth it in the end.

  250. Garfield says:

    Three years ago i bought creatine and little by little i put it in my cats water ….and finally he die last week of a kidney stone he died with 55 pounds

  251. jason says:

    i remember taking creatine for almost 3 weeks from now and im really satisfied with the result,it really works for me ,but , the problem is,when we had our christmas party and i took some wine,i was totally out of control i got drunk very easily and stop going to gym for 5 days and also stop taking creatine for the same day because of the feeling that i dont understand it feels like im going to get sick,im feeling dizzy and lost my appetite and im feeling like im depressed…i think i have to stop using for it now,and maybe shift to other supplements that could help me gain muscles i admit that this supplements really works for me but i dont know what will happen to me if i continue using this………..

  252. barry says:

    ive used creatine for the first time 2 weeks ago and i noticed i begin to get really bad back achs……….so i stoped using it for a while and then got back on it and once again i begin to get back achs again…… not sure what this is all about but i do know that i havent been drinking enough water daily which your clearly suppose to do when using this supplement……..anyone else have this problem

  253. luciano says:

    Personally, creatine monohydrate had mixed effects with me. Within the first week of using it, I experienced a major decrease in lactic acid build-up, which is the burning sensation you get in your muscles while you are working out, and this was a very positive effect. I used the regular 5 gram dosage each day, and I drank about 5-8 bottles of water a day. Prior to my creatine monohydrate use, I used whey protein, and with that, I wasn’t able to work out every day, but with the decrease in lactic acid buildup from creatine usage, I was able to squeeze in 5 days of weight training, for roughly an hour each day. I loved the pumped feeling in my muscles, but, I hated the bloated look in my mid section. As far as negative side effects, I did notice acne suddenly increasing, and I especially hated frequently urinating in school, along with bad diarrhea. I never had cramps or anger outbursts, and the water weight decreased fairly rapidly when I stopped using it.

    I recommend the 5 gram dosage daily instead of the loading phase, because 5 grams was enough to give me diarrhea, imagine what 20 grams would do to you, you would probably flood a stall with diarrhea.

  254. AMMODAWGTEXAS says:


  255. john says:

    ive tried many different brands of creatine and each time I’m on the stuff I get pain in my chest when taking deep breaths and my heart will hurt every now and then. creatine does give you tons of energy but the side effects for me were too great to continue using it

  256. rick says:

    i am 15 years old and have been taking creatine for 2 months and i have had no negative affects on my body I went from 145lbs benching 185 to 185lbs benching 225. its great i havent slown down any my 40 yd time went from 5.0 to 4.84 and i love the stuff

  257. bill says:

    funny balls

  258. ali says:

    on my God,,,,, why i didnt read these articles before taking creatine monohydrate?????
    i took creatine for two days, 20 grams per day and start feeling pain in my heart, a bit pain and some times feeling a bit uncomfort in my heart. shittttt
    i have also used cytomax at the same time, now i dont know its because of creatine or cytomax energy drink. i search about cytomax but didnt find any hear problem related to cytomax, that means this Gift came from Creatine.
    i will advise you guys to stop taking it. i am not beginner in taking bodybuilding nutritions, i have used many but never get any desease. before one of my friends got kidney problems after taking creatine.
    stop taking it pls or consult your doctor before use it, offcourse its not effecting to all people.

  259. Haseeb says:

    Okay, a lot of ppl are saying a lot of stuff, i think u shud also have a luk at this article b4 using this supplement, no matter in wat form!

    We all wana get big n strong n in no time, so v end up lukin 4 shortcuts n purchasing all these funny products, i mean just think every day, literally, evry day there is a new product, “they” say “oh use this this will turn u into a monsta like no other productn bla bla bla…,” Why can’t v just stick to a multivitamin, whey protein, calcium n sum supplement for joints n simply depend on natural diet….all this really really works!!

    I have 2 accept that i too got carried away, was lured n made one of my dumbest mistakes, when i bought a very famous creatine product……Now i have stopped usin it n i cant get rif of it either!!

    I felt that it made me tense n dat messes with ur feelings n all n all this isnt gud 4 sex! trust me!!

    N im not talking bout holdin my dick n lukin at a couple of pretty pics!!

    My perceptions changed dramatically when i was told by a very nice highly experienced n sizzilin lady, when i was showing off my biceps n askin her to feel how hard they were, she said dat she doesnt care bout my biceps, the only thing that matters to her is my DICK!!

    “man shud have a hard penis,” her xact words!!
    SO, y go crazy…..right Ladies??

  260. MIKE says:

    YOU GOT IT!!

  261. MIKE says:

    Took it 8 years ago. i was 5″10 150lbs in 2 months i got to 175 lbs and my arms were like popeye! yes i was bloated but mostly in the parts i workout the night before. i did not have any negative sex effects to my knowledge. i was constantly cramping due to lack of water . after i stopped taking it about 6 months later( cuz i was banging a smokin hot girl and didnt have time) i shrunk like a mother f’er. it is more for looks since it keeps you pumped. i say give it a shot . wish i could show u some pics most people thought i was on roids!

  262. travis says:

    hi all. I have started takin creatine monohydrate. And i have been sufferin from extreme heart burn from this product. I have stomach alcers, and i think that this product has only made it worse. Is this true?

  263. Kris says:

    I’m 14 (Which I Know Sounds A Lil’ Young) And I Play Rugby And Sprint At Least 3 Or 4 Times A Week. The Only (Real) Negative Side Effect I’ve Found Is The Water Bloating. Could Someone Give Me An Idea On How Much I Bloat ? And Does It Actually Increase Muscle Mass Or Does The Water Just Make Them Look Big ? Thanks. (:

  264. jz says:

    I’m 16 my height is 6 feet 2 inches. My weight 2 months ago was 55 kg and now it is 20 kg more i got confidence in myself but now i ve left taking creatine and i m going to gym regularly . I met some people after 2 months they could’nt recogonize me . But creatine has side effects too i got pimples on whole of my back.

  265. sattar says:

    I took creatine when I was 17 for the first time. I only took half of the recommended dosage just to be extra careful and drank plenty of water. Before taking creatine I had no problems whatsoever with my health, besides the fact that I was only about 150lb and wanted to bulk up. After taking creatine for close to 5 months, unexpectedly I had blood in my urine. After getting checked by multiple doctors, they all told me to stop taking creatine. I am contemplating taking creatine again but in much smaller amounts because without it I see little to no gains even when I work out routinely. But I’m not sure whether or not I should risk it again, the short term gains are important to me, but I don’t want to end up in the same situation that I was in before.

  266. Glynis says:

    44 year old female. Lost 20 kilos after starting to use ganic-f .In December 2009 i donated a kidney to my brother. WAnt to use ganic-f to maintain weight and fitness. Reading the comments on kidney damage scares me. I need some good advice. Should i stop taking it?

  267. Arman says:

    to Glynis:
    you should talk with your physician about this

  268. tony says:

    Creatine MAKES YOUR HAIR FALL OUT AFTER A MONTH OR TWO….. thats really the only bad thing about it. and if u dont believe me try it your self… on the second month i was usung it i started to notice a lot of extra sheding and bald spots.. i never had a problem with hair loss until i started to take this supplement… also once u stop taking creatine u will loose everything that u gained with it. so its not really worth it…. But dont take my word for it try it…. BUT YOU ARE WARNED

  269. MNTrainer says:

    I’ve taken creatine forever. Many of the people I work with and work out with have taken creatine forever. Some of these negative claims are absolute BS. Follow the directions on the bottle. Don’t be an idiot. Of course if you get around 200 grams of creatine a day you’ll see side effects. Same goes with iron and many other supplements in ridiculous amounts. Use your head and don’t be a rumor starter that is going to ruin this great supplement for everyone else who does use it responsibly.

  270. jim says:

    ive been taking creatine for 3 years now and have had no negative effects besides the odd time havig kidney cramps,shitting blood, puking, pissing blood, several heart failures, trouble breathig, loss of skin and hair but im still ripped.

  271. jake says:

    To ages 17 and under.
    Im 23 now and had taken creatine off and on for a few years. To the younger kids taking creatine. Its a great tool if your wanting to bulk up because its hard to at that age. But the potential side effects are not worth it. Your bodies are still developing and extra stimulants aren’t healthy at that age or for any age.
    For most, your metabolisms are fast and its hard to bulk up. Be patient, as you get older your body will naturally fill out, metabolism will slow down, and with hitting the weights you will deff. get bigger.

  272. Sheeraz Khan says:

    Hi dear readers, check it out that i am very experienced person in this field as i myself took lots of lots of supplements like MegaMass SeriousMass Steriods and lot of other things to be looked huge. But please dont take it for any cost. It is useless and harmfull.
    Life is yours and decision is yours.


  273. Mohamed says:

    HI i bought a creatine 300 grams tin iam doing my workouts no any special different between my body. if i use creatine for two weeks will any changes become in my body. and i need to know when using creating. should we drink more water or else less water.

  274. nikola says:

    hi. i am 18 years old i have try different suppliments like whey protein or gainer but i ve never use creatin. I wonder if there are any side effects if you take it in small daoses ex. 5grams a day without the loading part 🙂

  275. Bill Braskey says:

    Listen kids… and adults… If you take creatine, you will “swell up” and notice considerable gains in strength and muscle size. – but consider what type of person you are before taking any supplement. For example: if you are a scronny young kid looking to become stronger, larger, and better at contact sports… I would recommend taking creatine (AS RECOMMENDED). However, if you are already a larger individual with a large amount of fat on your body, DO NOT USE CREATINE… yes you will get stronger, but you will also look worse and once you cycle off of it you will turn into goo. You have to keep your metabolism regulated at a high rate to keep from turning into a marshmallow…. Be Smart. When in doubt… don’t take it.

  276. jack says:

    just iv’d it into my right bicep

  277. bizo says:

    hey gys can anyone tell me is it ok to mix creatin with strawbery juice

  278. Pete says:

    Thanks to LuAnne and Moh…LuAnne sorry about your son…i’ll advise that everyone stays OFF Creatine…like ur son, i started experiencing heart problems after taking creatine and the Dr hinted some signs of heart enlargement…but my situation is even more complicated than that…i’d advice that you contact ur dr immediately if u experience any problems and don’t take it anymore!!

  279. steve says:

    ive been taking creatine you all sound like a bunch of girls ive gained muscel feel great i over load all the time bench heaps iam cut t the max iam a aussie i dont no who tells u this shit u must be sick pepole creatine is great heaps of energy get life as they say life t short t be small us creatine and max powder

  280. steve says:

    just drink heaps of water with the creatine dont dehydrate and u will fill better for it great for the mind just love it u bunch of winches bet u are all poms ha creatine is great stuf

  281. John says:

    For those who are asking if creatine is ok to take with Hydroxycut……. I don’t think it would be a good idea seeing as hydroxycut cuts the water from your body for slimming and creatine adds water to your body……… You might be gaining all the bad side affects from both with zero results……

  282. Codger says:

    I took creatine back in the late 1990’s when I was in my mid 20’s. I took the recommended dosage and exercised regularly. The only noticable side effect was some extra bloating. If you are going to use the product, take it before exercise in the right dosage. It did give me extra energy. Use good judgement.

  283. TC says:

    20 years old, used pure CEE for 4 years. Doses were 5g to 10g. After looking over my lifting numbers I would estimate an increase in strength to be 10%-15%. It helps mostly in lower reps sets when you’re doing high percentage based on your max but you can get endurance fibers effectively with it also (ex. 3×225 with creatine reps would be 3×235 or 5×225). Muscles will flood with water while on it but sets seem easier and generally you fatigue slower. Four days ago i did my normal dosage then worked out, felt dizzy, sight seemed fuzzy, and had nausea. I ate and tried to take fluids in but I vomited. I was taken to the hospital and received an iv to replenish and get rid of my nausea with zofran. I had blood taken and it was determined that I had acute elevated levels of creatinine. My advice to anyone is not to take more than 10g in a dosage or your kidneys can be stressed.I think cycling should be utilized. Its been four days since the hospital and I still don’t feel a hundred percent normal, slight nausea still continues throughout the day. Not sure if I’ll ever use again because the only thing I want right now is for the creatine to completely leave my body.

  284. bryan says:

    i remember taking creatine and for the first few nights i couldnt sleep right for ages,my mind seemed to wander. and in the mornings i was cranky and pissed off, maby from lack of sleep i dont know, maby it effects people in different ways, i had to give it up anyways, i wud have got the sack, my boss had enough of my mood swings haha. arms got pretty solid tho..

  285. The TRUTH says:

    Overall negative side effects of consistent creatine use are terrible. ANYONE who disputes the following is either simply lying to you or lying to themselves.
    – By taking supplemental creatine you can damage your bodies ability to create it’s own naturally.
    – It does not immediatly make you musle mass, it simply loads your muscles with water(like a steroid would), this means your abs as well! Say hello to bloating and goodbye to your six pack. Your heart also is a muscle effected(so these asses telling you it doesn’t effect your heart at all are salesmen!
    – Your body has problems digesting large amounts of creatine, it causes constant flatulance and soft stool, this side effect may never go away!
    – MEN: creatin will increase your ability to get Gynecomastia(man boob) infact is almost a certainty to some degree.. Your blood flow to your penis will be altered as well , so yes your penis does technically shrink!!!, so you will have a good chance of gaining boobs and reducing your penis size
    – Once you stop taking it the positive effect of bulkier looking muscles nearly immediately ends, yet the negative side effects will remain for long periods of time in some cases are permanent .
    – Last but not least, if you do not drink appropriate amounts of water you will cause kidney problems to some degree.

    IT IS AWFUL, eat right, work out and be patient.. You will have a better looking physique and be so much healthier!

  286. navdeep bangar says:

    creatine is very strong

  287. Pete says:

    Thanks for summing it all up “the truth”…i hope some people will encode your observations. The effect on the heart is critical…for me doctors actually couldn’t diagnose my problem making it extremely scary.
    The heart is the most important organ in the body…u lose it your gone.
    SO its either the muscle or your life…YOU decide…

  288. MATTTT says:

    fuck i just baught some creatine and didnt read into it that much, now i’m not to keen on taking it, might just try small doses

  289. sandy says:

    hi, my body is too weak and want to gain more weight in to my body…

    is it good for my health or not…

  290. Keanu says:

    I’m 13, I take this stuff before work-outs, I’ve felt differences, Yes it does I’ve me a slight high/nausea feeling, but I feel like more urgent feeling to workout, like I cant stop, Ive been going pee ALOT! But Yea I’m trying to stay on a 2 week dosage, but it works great over-all, but what I’m shooting for is just bigger arms, and that’s what I’ve been getting.

  291. Tommo says:

    The heart is a muscle, and so is the penis.
    Does it make your penis bigger?

  292. Justin says:

    im 14 turning 15. I am a weightlifter looking to get ready for football next season. Does anybody recomend me to take creatine?

  293. Joshua Weinberger says:

    I have been taking creatine for a long time and i always end of getting muscle cramps in my legs …. this time i took creatine .. i had the most severe muscle cramps in my legs ever. .. to the point that i couldn’t even walk.. i would suggest u stop taking it .. if u start getting cramps.. because they are REALLY painful

  294. bigstick nick says:

    first of all u dont know shit creatine is in fish thats were we got it from creatine builds muscle by repairing glucose in muscle fibers which does require water it makes it so the muscle can absorb more nutrients and in tern get bigger also creatine side effects are a myth u guys just got issues its university tested bud im a weightlifer ive been taking it for a year now an nothing but insane strength has come my way dont know what the hell ur talkin bout.

  295. bigstick nick says:

    fuck u guys pussy bitchs u guys arms pry look like fuckin twigs anyway!

  296. Steve Bailey says:

    I have a 14 year old son that is working out with p90x and looking to build muscle mass and put weight on. What would you reccomend. Is there a supplement shake with protein as well as creatine and is it safe for this age?

    Thaks Steve

  297. Max F says:

    Glad i found this article. There is a lot of truth in the side effects.
    In the past i had no issues. This time around i’ve had:

    Stomach cramps
    Soft Stools
    Within 5 mins of taking it, i need to take a dump.

    The benefits are very good: The appearance of the bulky look is great. The ability to push more reps is even better.

    But after reading this article, i’m gonna put the creatine away.

  298. fotty says:

    to Mark..
    i have the same problem as you i think, and I’m glad wasn’t something else wrong with me,,i have been taking creatine for about 2 weeks now and i have no other symptoms except one..struggling on cumming when i have sex.. just feels like there is no sperm left in me.great long lasting.haha

  299. mike westphilly says:

    i just brought it yesterday but after reading this i dont think i will continue. Who wants to die just to get bigger

  300. shoaib khan says:

    take creatine as a medicine not just eat it like a monster . No side effect will happen if u intake creatine as u needed .. so do worry be happy do all things in limit u will feel better

  301. ceasile says:

    im a bunny and i love creatine

  302. mike says:

    im 17 and i started taking creatine about a year ago. ive only seriously started working out in the past year and a half, before it was mainly just alot of routines and exercises. from my experience creatine is great if you want short term results, even then theyre inconsistent. you have to remember creatine isnt a controlled substance like food or any kind of drink, theres limits to what companies can do with it but its not closely regulated or anything. for me i got bigger, had minor bloating, my heart rate went up slightly, but it seemed like i had more energy for sex unlike most people on this page but other then that i made sure i drank lots of water which is really important by the way because if theres not enough water it will be pulled from other places in your body where its needed… i used creatine for about six months then stopped, i see it just as another quick fix sponsored by a big corporation, sort of like the things you see on infomercials:p if you really want good results id look into whey protein i switched to taking that and ive been feeling alot better during and after my workout. if your really serious about weight training you should look more into eating properly and working out properly. maybe stop by a local fitness centre and talk to trainer, even improving your technique and routines can help alot. for the people that had really bad experiences i really doubt creatine was the only contributing reason. but anyway hope this helped some people out at least

  303. aaron says:

    @ steve bailey
    p90x is a great program for 35+ men and woman looking to become more lean, its not dangerous to your son in anyway but there are lots of other programs that wold better suit him.
    by the way your muscles don’t fully mature until you’re around 19-20 years old so id tell him not to worry too much

  304. jonathan c. says:

    hi i had a question… 1 rumor is that creatine can decrease penis size and cause hairloss…. can you give me some info on that?

  305. tj says:

    ok heres what i did i was fifteen n went to a little private school and i had to friends that went to workout everyday before school they were getting big i saw that and i wanted to get big 2 so i started going to the gym with them then they introduced me to creatine i started taking a very little bit it the mornings on my way to the gym in a bottle of water then i noticed i could rep out alot more but i would go to school everyday and i would keep a bottle of water in my back pocket all day but i would eat cheetos n chips all day to and nothing bad ever happened to me and my famile is known to have heart related issues in every other gene but mine was supposed to be the heart problem related gene now im 19 i used creatine for my whole freshmen and part of sophmore year i gained a shitload of muscle but i stopped working out kuz i broke my leg in a bike accident and got a job so really havent been able to work out so the kidney stone theory i think u drink enough water u wont have nohing to worry about all the enlarged heart bullshit ur fuckin dumb that is genetics if ur family is known to have heart problems u mite have heart problems not cuz of creatine but i guess im lucky i havent had ne heart problems but im still young but i look good and feel i didnt have ne side effects i hope this helps

  306. Daniel says:

    I’ve been taking high grade german creatine.. Pure stuff, 5g a day, I do the p90x+insanity workout. Yes, I have more strength and all, I have been taking creatine for the past 8 months, 5 g a day.. on workout days.. I drink gallons of water a day.. I drink lots of water to cleanse my kidneys, but I have had about 9 lbs of bloat on me, or so.. I think it is.. Although my shoulders look pretty good, I feel that now that I’m reading all these comments i should stop taking the stuff. I honestly feel a bit heavy, im thinking its just the water weight, my mid section looks puffy.. I can hang with skinny guys and I’m in shape but I dont think the bloat is worth it. You feel that you are carrying around extra weight on you. I eat healthy, but so far i have noticed the insane amount of bloat.. I was at 165 at one point without taking creatine, now I’m 188 lbs… Have more muscle.. but the bloat just feels nasty.. I dont know.. Its pissing me off just thinking about it now.

  307. Daniel says:

    I will come back in 2 weeks to tell you how it went for me.. Starting today i will stop creatine, then weigh myself and post results. I will continue my routine, but a harder routine.. More cardio to get rid of the crappy ass bloat that i have.

  308. another Rick says:

    I took creatine Gluconate for about 10 months with no problems at all and the results were ok, however.

    I added beta-alanine to the mix and as expected I got the tingles and also the skin on my head became really red. I experienced a increased reps and strength! I was pushing just over my expected thresholds! Though, after 9 sessions I started getting headachs that increased in severity that bad that I couldnt train (Yes I consumed sufficient volumes of water). I stopped both and after 3 weeks I was fine.

    After 6 weeks break from both supplements I tried just a half dose of creatine and the headaches began to return so stopped again. Later I tried a half dose of beta alanine and had no problem.

    I am not sure what changed during that intense period, I just know Creatine at this stage is continuing to give me headaches.

    Body systems are highly complex and more than ever science is identifying significant differences in all of us. Just because we are all human it dosent mean we are all identical. Reading many posts does not surprise me, I am a pharmaceutical sales rep and it is not uncommon to hear of unusual reactions to drugs that have had extensive scientific and clinical research.

    Because of the nature of this supplement and the lack of research, I think it would be prudent to involve your doctor. Get checked out and tested 1st, determine whether you have any dysfunctions before you start, you cant say something has changed if you dont know what it was at start.

  309. John Sookoo says:

    fact…creatine rockz once used apropriately

  310. Josh (16 yr.) @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@#@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@#@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@#@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@#@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@# says:

    Okay listen, creatine is probably the worst supplement you could ever take and here is why:

    Short term side effects:
    -Muscle gain (yeah but this is the only plus hear me out)
    -Shortness of breath
    -muscle tears

    Long term side effects:
    -Kidney failure
    -Double kidney failure
    -Acid Reflux
    -Bodys natural creatine production will eventually stop due to unnatural levels being introduced from supplementation.

    Think again about this before you take creatine. So what if there is no official argument or documentation against creatine, its a relatively recent supplement and side effects are not fully known, not to mention it hasnt been fully tested. Did you know that 52% of the products you buy of the shelf are sprinkled by illegal muscle gainers without you knowing it. Even your multivitamin could have high levels of led as previously tested by a grop of scientists who have studied 1300 supplements. All I know is that some of us are going to have to worry about cancer later if we stay with this garbage.

  311. Daniel says:

    After stopping my creatine for 2 weeks, I have lost almost 9 lbs of water weight and bloat! I have been in a bad mood ever since i stopped taking it for some reason. Anyways, will post back for more results in another 2 weeks.

  312. Dan LaSota says:

    HI im 14 years old. I want to know if i should take it. I would take 15 grams a day for 5 days (loading phase) and 5 grams during maitnence. Can someone please tell me if this is okay or not!?

  313. Daniel says:

    No, don’t be stupid. Don’t take a loading phase. If you’re gonna do it just take 5 grams a day. Loading phases for creatine is stupid.

  314. Ferna says:

    If doctors and scientists had really reached a definitive wisdom level, there wouldn’t be so many cancerologists dying from cancer. If you take creatine, it might be good or it might be bad. Stay in the safe side, as nature is better for you. The body builders and champions of the past didn’t know about creatine nor about any of these new and unnatural boosters. And they were very fitted as well. The same can be said about the societys of 5000 years ago.

  315. idiots says:

    this is some random guy telling you how great it is. hes not qualified hes probably in highschool dont listen to this

  316. Bob says:

    I recently just started taking Kre-Alkalyn, which is a pH buffered type of creatine. Now its been a month, and I’ve started to experience heart palpitations from time to time, as well as some minor chest pain when breathing. I’m 18 years old and have been in perfect condition all of my life. I’m 6’4 175lbs with hardly any fat on my body. I’ve decieded to stop taking the creatine because it seems like the only plausible reason for why my heart began to beat irregularly, and I don’t think its worth the risk. My question is if I stop taking it will my heart go back to normal or should I consult a doctor about it? And to offer some input into this topic, it all depends on the individual who is taking the supplement. Each supplement can have a different effect on the individual who is taking it. Perfect example is my best friend who I workout with ordered the same type of kre-alk and hasn’t had any side effects, and the stuff works great for him.

  317. jake says:

    alright heres my 2 cents. creatine in my opinion is worth it as long as u dont mind a bloated stomach at all times ha summers too close and i need my abs back so im stopping also ive heard of alot of kidney problems and heart problems and stuff. it definetly helps with my muscle fullness and strength + endurance tho. like i said its worth it but its not worth the bloatedness to me

  318. jake says:

    alright heres my 2 cents. creatine in my opinion is worth it as long as u dont mind a bloated stomach at all times ha summers too close and i need my abs back so im stopping also ive heard of alot of kidney problems and heart problems and stuff. it definetly helps with my muscle fullness and strength + endurance tho. like i said its worth it but its not worth the bloatedness to me

  319. Dakota says:

    Ok so i heard about creatin from my uncle and a guy at school they both said tht creatin works great. I started reading things from this site and now im not so sure about taking it because i have 1 kidney and is enlarged. Should i not take creatin because of this? If you could please email me

  320. Kim says:

    What’s the age apropriate to take this? Can a regular teenager take this?

  321. krishanu(k.g.p) says:

    iam a national bodybuilder and creatine had helped me a lot to loss fat and to gain mucular figure

  322. Anonymous says:

    I used creatine years ago and I remember one summer I kept getting anxiety attacks and my heart would race and I would feel as if I was going to pass out.
    I knew without a doubt it was the creatine causing my heart to work overtime because as you can imagine and KNOW the heart is a muscle and if you are gaining muscle elsewhere in your body it has to supply more oxygen. Especially when it got warmer it was harder to breath. So IF you do decide to use don’t take use it a very minimal level for about a week or so and stop.

  323. MMA Fighter says:

    I am currently taking creatine monohydrate. I got a little bigger, a little faster, and felt better over all. I am thirsty all the time, and i get a slight headache after i take it. otherwise, its good. Anything in excess is bad, so take very little and call it good!

  324. mma fighter says:

    dont take ANY supplements they are all bad, dead serious. all these side effects ive been reading about are true, I KNOW MYSELF NOW. dont do it, its not worth it for anyone, pro athlete, amatuer fighter, gym rat, it doesnt matter!!!!! its not worth the risk, think of your family!!!!!

  325. iiMR x M4G1CKzZ says:

    how long does it take you to get big from careatine because i have small arms ?

  326. Sean says:

    Creatine gave me gout. I would not recommend taking this stuff, the excess uric acid retention is dangerous. Luckily I caught it early enough to avoid kidney damage.

  327. says:

    creatine does not give you chest pains nor does it cause ur heart to skip a beat. this is a side effect of overexercising in the muscular strength division your heart is beating too fast. too fix this you need to balance between exercising your muscular strength and your cardiovascular endurance. By performing exercises such as running, swimming, or biking you strengthen your heart allowing it to produce more blood and oxgen with fewer pumps. when both are balanced all chest pains will subside. to prove this you can check your active heart rate while exercising it should be within 110-180 bpm; otherwise your heart is overexerting yourself and your exercise routine is not proportional. as far as other side effects i have no idea.

  328. zim says:

    am afraid to creatine……. can any 1 tell……. iz creatine is the best supplement huh???????

  329. lucky says:

    pls drink enough water while using creatine supplement other wise u will looss u r kidney & suffer from kidney stone
    I stop to use creatine product only bcos of this reason now I m suffering from kidney stone
    so my frnd pls b careful

    good luck

  330. Nils says:

    Check this page out from mens health, its a basic intro about pro’s and con’s of creatine use.

    Do your own research and don’t listen to half these fools on forums

    In the end you have to decide for yourself, just eat healthy, get sleep and drink lots of fluids.

  331. Kain and Able says:

    I personaly used creatine for 2 months and ended up with a kidney stone. If your gonna use this stuff make sure you’re drinking plenty of water.

  332. bill says:

    if you are going to take it dont take it for too long. ive been taking it for a while now and i just take it every other day or every 3 days even (to keep the body’s natural creatine flow working) even though the creatine flow will stop if you take it for too long and to constantly once you stop it will eventually start back you just have to give it time

  333. desmond says:

    i would think people with kidney issues wouldn’t be taking creatine in the first place, or would atleast read the bottle and see where it says water consumption must be taken when using creatine.this shit totally boggles the mind on here of some of you people, who want muscle but can’t drink water wft is with u.

  334. ALI KASSMOU says:

    When I was 17 Do I take CREATINE monohydrate or I can not, and why THANK YOU ANY WAY

  335. Wez says:

    i have been using Percision Engineered Creatine Caps *700mg per cap, HPLC Pure Creatine Monohydrate, take 3 caps before working out 3 after* i have gone from 9 stone to 11 stone in a matter of 3 weeks. my whole upper body look much fuller and bigger.. im noticable stronger, i take the recommended dose only on work out days.. 4 times a week tops. a total of 6 caps a day adds up to 4.2g of creatine monohydrate. i drink about 4 litres of water a day sometimes 5 litres. the only negative side effect i have noticed is abit of bloatedness.. mostly around my face.. just a tiny bit of a double chin when i look down sharply.. No painful heart, No headaches, No smaller Penis *steroids cause that tbh.. people who say they get that from creatine are just trying to hide the fact they use steroids*, No pain in my kidneys what so ever.. i have to piss often.. but that was the case before i even used creatine.. i drink alot of water, 4-5 litres a days just like now. i have noticed people saying about kidney stones and shit.. and thats prolly down to pervious kidney problems or lack of hydration. drink 4 litres a day like me and you’ll be fine. i have noticed on my creatin’s label that it says “consult a doctor before use if you have or have had kidney disease” so im guessing poeple with already shitty kidneys have taken this and had problems.. so tbh. if you got shit kidneys.. Don’t use this cause it prolly does do abit of damage to them.. so all in all.. creatine is fine with Lots of Hydration and Healthy Kidneys.

  336. Mark says:

    My first tub arrived today. After reading this, it will be my last. I’m going to take one scoop every other day when energy levels are low.

  337. Mathew P says:

    Hey Im 16, 11.6 stone and 6 foot. i took creatine about 1month ago to get bigger for rugby, one month ago i was 10.5 stone, it gave me a good gym boost and gave me an extra stone in weight, im off it now and only on protein i dont feel any heart or kidney problems, i suggest only going on it for a month or it will create problems, answer boys my age are looking for YES it leaves the ODD spot NOT achne remember to stay hydrated. Hope this helps

  338. Caissy says:

    Guys for the sake of god do not take this experimental supplement,
    First I am a Dr, and I work out, My trainer told me to take a small amount like 5 grams after each workout. So I looked into this

    Just by reading this, it is very suspicious that creatine may cause some heart disease, from the water retention in the heart muscle and this may cause heart blocks and failure
    Also if you are unable to drink water like hell 9I mean probably every hour at least) then u will run an extrem risk of Kidney failure from stones.

    Is it really worth it with a lot of risks, this is probably the tip of the Iceberg, We may hear a lot about new side effects in the near futur.

    I encourage anybody who had side effects from creatine to contact the FDA, This new supplement may need to be banned or at least made illegal

  339. tyler says:


  340. Josh says:


  341. Josh says:

    thankyou caissy, makes me think twice about taking this stuff, i am half way through my loading phase taking 20g of creating monohydrate a day

  342. bob says:

    i have a pain in my back, it feels like bach ache, could this be my kidneys? if so what is happening to them?

  343. ciara says:


  344. ciara says:

    Hello everyone !
    A lil bit of myself i did some gym in the past but nothing serious then i trained hard while i worked in the army till i found out i got chronic hepatitis type B , i have to mention at that time i was a smoker , 23yo and 67 kg . After i found out the news i was very depressed and i lost almost 12 kg in weight and since then i followed a healthy lifestyle but without doing any sports activity . Recently i’ve decided to quit smoking after 14 years of dedication 🙂 and i have 3 months and a half since then .
    I started going to the gym a month and a half ago and i was having 63 kg when i started … i took 19 anabol testo along with Muscle Fuel plus L-arginine along with some vits&minerals and spiruline plus eating big like never 😀
    After 1 month and a half the effects 😀 :
    71 kg in weight REMEMBER i was 63 kg
    My biceps from 32 cm to 35.5 cm on COLD
    My 6 pack dissapeared i must admit
    Confidence more than ever and a sense of well being

    Downside till now if you can call it like that :
    Pissing more often throughout the night … but that’s probably from the thirst i have throughout the day and obviously i drink loads of water more than 3 litres a day .
    Apart from that nothing serious just good results and i have to say i’m very happy 😀

    PS : I forgot to mention Muscle Fuel contains 7 grams of 4 different types of creatine .

    I will leave it to you to draw the conclusions but in my opinion all these guys saying that their brother died and sister got raped plus penis shrink ( ooops i just remembered sex drive is more then ever but i put this to 19 testo ) they are nothing but frustrated kebab lovers … god bless us all .

    NO PAIN NO GAIN !!! IT’S TRUE !!!!

  345. ciara says:

    Sorry i forgot to mention after 4 weeks i added one shake / day of Serious Mass because i ran out of muscle fuel ….i plan to stay 1 month off of muscle fuel than take it again for one month i will post back the results


  346. Master P says:

    I can’t believe they publish an article as poorly written as this one! What a Meat head! If this guy’s representing it I won’t take the shit!

  347. Jeffro says:

    If you take Creatine-
    1. Take proper dose
    2. Drink at least (4) 16 oz bottle waters a day, preferably 8.
    3. Go work out! Really push yourself.

    If you are concerned about your heart, kidneys, liver, etc. have yourself checked out before you start working out and taking any supplements.

    No doctor will tell you that it’s ok to take weight lifting supplements in fear of getting sued.

    The older you get the more likely your body parts will fail. Remember we all have a date with death someday.

    I’m 41 now, I took creatine from 1998 to 2005. I’m 5’10, started around 155 lbs, approx 15″ arm, benching (3) sets of 10 @ 225 lbs. By 2000, I was at 190 lbs, approx 19″ arm, benching (3) sets of 10 @ 315 lbs. I kind of maintained that until 2005 when work and family life cut in to my workouts. I haven’t used creatine in 5 years. My heart is normal as per my last stress test and cardiogram.

    I mainly used the Joe Weidler brand, I tried stuff from GNC but made me cramp.

    Like anything in life, it depends on the individual. Some things will work for you, somethings won’t.

  348. Bharath says:

    I had creatine for 4 days and i got Diarrhea, after consulting doctor and eating tablets for 4 days, it got cured, So people who wants to gain muscles, plz be patient and do hard work, it really pays back. So many people above wriiten about side effects, and all are personal experiences, so dont make a test drive on creatine.

  349. Don says:

    Yes diarrhea is on of the side effects! After using creatine for a few weeks I woke up with a rumbling stumich n threw up a few times, but this was my fault because I wasn’t drinking enough weater.on the pack it says u should drink 2-3 ltrs of water everyday and I guess failure to do so will result in diarrhea.

  350. Maurice says:

    Creatine is found in animal protein and does not occur naturally in nature by itself. It is stricty a pharmaceutical product just like asprin. Asprin was found in a plant called meadowsweet. This goes for caffiene l theinine which is found in coffee and tea. These compunds are not meant to be used in isolated form as one can easily overdose e.g caffiene.

  351. Maurice says:

  352. MUHAMMAD AKRAM says:

    Yes, I had Taken it and developed diarrhea but after taking antidiarrheal drug i was cured i think this is good supplement. ot should be used

  353. MUHAMMAD AKRAM says:

    This should be used with withania somnifera powder

  354. cbro says:

    well now that ive read this, ive changed my mind to not use it anymore im 15 6 ft 150 pounds bench 190, THE RISKS ARE TOO GREAT!! im jsut going to start taking whey protein which is safe

  355. Remi says:

    Thera are a lot of opinions about Creatine. Some things will change during the use of it – it will take time until body will adjust to supply enought oxygen to newly built muscles, so you will be shot of oxygen for a while, but eventually it will lead to more athletic body- cardiovascular system, muscle performance improvement. Your sexual mood might change slightly as more testosterone will be needed to repaire broken muscle tissue( that’s how you build muscles). I think it’s the best non steroidal supplement as long as it’s used in moderation.

  356. samson28 says:

    if you can’t workout natural with just good foods and healthly protein supplements , then go play ping -pong or tennis or golf. no one needs creatine junk, steroids, hydroxcut, etc i hope the fda bannes all this garbage.can hurt you and harmful to the body and the lazy way out.cheats, just work out like the guys in the 1930’s-1950’s.bodybuilders, musleman , healthy and fit, musclear. steve reeves, alan steel, brad harris, etc.

  357. Rasheed says:

    I’ve recently started taking creatine supplement, am 15 years old am working on fat burn, but my goal is body building, however since i started i had some type of fever, does this have got anything to do with the Creatine Monohyrdate that am using? and am using powder creatine, the dosage is four teaspones a day, am sick now and i can’t work out should i stop taking creatine?

  358. zaccypoo says:

    ive taken ekg-47 on and off for two months to reduce tolerance an now i have some other shit thats better. i keep my heart rate above 160 up to 200 then do a gnarly 20 minute cardio session, swim 6 laps, and then sit in the sauna. i’ve experienced nothing but muscle gain (lean not fatty) i sweat like no other though im completely soaked after the cardio and no side affects. bit i chug water nonstop also. it doesnt affect sexual performamce because i rail my gf just as good if not better then before i took it

  359. zaccypoo says:

    im 21 btw. and drinkin wi cause soreness the next day

  360. zaccypoo says:

    ive stayed at 170-180 the entire three mknths of taking it

  361. javed kabir says:

    hellow sir, i have a younger brother of 30 years height 178cm wt 54kg, wi4 is 25kg less than a normal man!!! please tell abt creatine doses for him and other food supplements.. will wait for answer thanks.

  362. john says:

    this article is extremely lame, the author has no idea

  363. mj says:

    creatine is dumb

  364. Braxton says:

    I have been taking creatine for a few weeks now; it’s under the brand of Body Fortress. I do get bloated after I work out, but that seems to be the only side effect for short term. I am 16 years old, and just getting bigger for football.
    THE BIGGEST MISTAKE you can make when taking this is either:
    A. Not drinking enough water with the recommended supplements; this will most likely cause problems with your kidneys.
    B. Taking MORE than the recommended dosage; they tell you how much to take for a reason.

  365. DEV says:


  366. Raj says:

    I want to increase my weight my age is 21 and my weight is only 47kg. I look very skinny can i take creatine supplimnt. I have two bottles of supplement one with 4g(muscle blaster) and one with 2 gram creatine(gain mass) in it. with which liquid(water,milk,shake etc) they should be taken and when i should have to take.
    i m recovering from jaundice and liver infection. but now i m feeling well. Does creatine has liver side effects.? should i go for it.?
    Tell me the dose to be taken. I seriously want to increase my weight.My diet is less. my stomach becomes full by little food,i m now taking liver tonic also. tell me best way plz plz please. Reply me at

  367. Common Sense says:

    Look, the key is WATER. Yes, the problems such as kidney stones/failure do exist from creatine but if you take 5g of it on cycles and drink WATER you will be fine. So just dont be a dumb ass and think that taking more of it will make a difference because then all you will do is kill yourself. Just take 5g or less for four weeks and then take a four week break. And drink WATER. So everyone has part of the truth. Yes, there are harmful side effects, but thats if taken improperley. And yes, creatine also builds more muscle than “natural” lifting. Just use your head and follow the proper dosage and WATER intake and you’ll be fine. Also it wont shrink your penis. The people that think that are just idiots that have a small penis to begin with.

  368. jeremy says:

    i read everything on the internet downloaded a textbook with science info saw my doctor for a physical. i never had any problems but on the second day of my second cycle of body fortress super advanced whey which includes a proprietary blend of creatine and insulin boosters, i developed a pain in my left side of my abdomen. i do not take any other drugs i’m a hi protein diet and had been working out by the book including drinking 7 smart waters that day. i do have gnc monohydrate but i stay away from sugars when possible and to aviod nausea everyone says take it with a tablespoon of sugar or a gatorade. my textbook says carbs 50g and protein 50g. i was thinking about starting with 2.5 g of the gnc before and 2.5 after workout. I am NOT interested in developing any kidney probs; my doc says if body fortress hurt then try the other one. he wasnt too worried about it he kept trying to sell me a multivitamin that the astronauts take. the left side of your abdomen is where your instestines and kidney would hurt. I found alot of ppl having left side pain as a side effect of creatine. type creatine pain in the forum. matter of fact type it in yahoo answers. alot of people having this same problem. my doctor don’t care and the bodybuilders on here are just like drink more water so i am tempted to try again. the people saying stay natural know that you cant hulk up and gain muscle if you arent talented at doing so without some form of aid. prove me wrong. lay my fears to rest. make sure you cite your sources too. ive only seen 4 smart posts on this whole board. 2 doctors an article and the funny guy.

  369. sasatej says:

    please tell me taking creatine supplements good/bad. iam in 23 but my weight 48. how can i increase my weight with good supplements.
    please answer me

  370. Ben says:

    Im 19 years olds 5″9 155 i just bought creatine what a good waste of 30 bucks i dont even think im gonna use it after all the stuff i heard, Im actually glad i found this could of saved me from troble in the future. plus i dont think i need it im getting good gains from my works outs right now all im doing i taking a multi v and whey protein, i dont think creatine is worth taking at all, just think about it you can get the same body by working hard. And in the long run this stuff could really hurt you its sound not worth the risk. What a fucking waste of money fuck!

  371. Vic says:

    DON NOT take creatine! I was a healthy lean young man with huge balls and never had erection problems….after a few months of taking creatine I started getting huge huge acnes on my chest and face, my balls were shrinking…and my penis response to sexua arousal was slow, and then when I got hard I couldn’t maintain it during intercourse…..I’ve stopped taking this shit for a month now, but i still have erection dysfunction…..I hate myself for being deceived by all the ignorant uneducted silly basterds who promote taking creatine….there has not been enough studies done on this shit, and if u take it, u put urself in the position of lab rats for next generations…..I just hope my balls will get back to normal and I’ll get rid of this annoying frustrating erection problem sooooon…..don’t take creatine….peace!

  372. Vic says:

    yeah, I know. that happens to some people. the reason it didn’t happen to me is that I don’t have any balness genes at all. all old men in my family (both maternal and paternal) still have thick hair. I’ve definitely lost some hair due to taking creatine and boosting my dyhidrotestostrone , but since I have so much hair it’s not noticeable. As I said before, guys DON’t take creatine, u never know what it’s gonna to to u, damage ur liver? kidneys? upsetting the ratio of testostrone conversion to dyhidrotestostrone or estrogen and consequenly damaging ur poor body…..u’ll fall apart physically and mentally….don’t, just don’t…it’s not worth the risk….different bodies respond differently….hopefully the damage to mine is not permenant 🙁

  373. Anonymous says:

    Vic,r u serious with those side effects buddy??? :s well,id rather have my penis normal erection than muscles…thanks Vic,u saved me buddy,owe u one… 😉

  374. LEO says:

    how about jacked 3d? is it good for me or not?

  375. kelly says:

    I have been taking NITRIX by BSN. It warns not to supplement with more than 10g of Glutamine daily, as this can diminish the effectiveness of the product. Is this true, and if so, why?

  376. callum says:




  377. Mikey says:

    I’ve been off creatine for 4 days now and I’ve lost 4lb of water weight. I will re-load on creatine in a couple of weeks though as my body fat is now less than 10%.

  378. jerseys says:

    thank you sharing

  379. thoma says:


  380. thoma says:

    Sorry about that guy, my little brother happened to get on the lap T.. My Apologies.

  381. Marlo says:

    I’ve just used 1 small teaspoon, WITHOUT! the ‘loading phase’ and it lifted my maximum rep figures by about 3 to 4 repetitions. A truly fantastic supplement.

  382. bnc says:

    how about eating brown rice daily !!!

  383. Happyman says:

    I took creatine and it enlarged my penis quite a bit…im not complaining or anything, just saying. You do still need to work out though. This is a definite pro for me though

  384. iceman says:

    some of these comment are bullshit it should be taken off. take creatine if you like good if you dont then too bad stop taken it its better then smokeing cigirats haha or smoking crak or doing ex. im gonna try creatine see how it goes but if creatine is bad and yur saying its good you can go to hell

  385. vizar says:

    i take 2 capsule of creatines per day, i hope there is a good results

  386. Mark says:

    I have started taking ‘Maximuscles’ Creatine 300 and mixing it with ‘Mutant Mass’, great results.

    Downside of this is that I am more thirsty than usual.

  387. monster says:

    My dad was on this shit and so when i popped out dat pussy i was a monster.

  388. dick says:

    question I have been taking creatine for one month and i find i cant get my dick up !!!!!!!!!! help me, my girl thinks i am fooling around on her . after reading all of this I am a little scared

  389. Scott says:

    i took creatine and it filled my heart with some water and made my heart sad. I can hold my breath for longer now tho, do you think it made me more amphibious?

  390. Doctor LoveMuscle says:

    Yes, there are side effects, but these can be counteracted. Deyhration, Hair loss, kidney pain, loss of sexual appetite, diahrrea and muscle cramps can all be counteracted with other supplements. I take my creatine caps, then drink a concoction of the following: Water, Rogain, Magnesium, Vitamin B6, Viagra, Diacalm and Deep Heat.

    This creates further side effects of severe stomach cramps, and acid reflux, both of which are counteracted with my second concotion, containing Pepcid, Zantac and Rennie.

    Once I have taken this, I’m ready for my workout, and the only minor side effects left are an intense heartbeat and coloured spots in my vision. I have found great success with this, and now take my own weight plates to add to theirs.

    I would highly recommend this method to anyone over the age of 12 wanting to look like a bronzed adonis.

  391. d.r.k says:

    This stuff is safe you have to certain amount of grams of creatin by your body weight and drink at least a gallon a day or more depending on how much creatin your consuming I’m 5 feet 5 inches tall I was weighing 140 with out is two weeks later I was 165 I was gaining about 5 pounds every two days I didn’t have any side effects from the powder creatin but the pills I did I felt really bad head aches and deep pains in my kidneys so go with the powder I was born with a whole in my heart and I’m fine I had 50 stitches heart surgery so I think the heart problems is bullshit take twin labs creatin its the best if been taking it for almost 3 years I went from bunching 185 to 245 in two months so yes amazing strength gains but drink a lot of water especially if your doing cardiovascular workouts like running

  392. DEJO says:


  393. simon says:

    What will creatine do for me just as a runner/small amount of weight training

  394. Dan says:

    I was taking it for a short time but it was a large amount of it 1500mg in one pill has anyone ever heard of swelling anckles???? and how do i get rid of it

  395. gyani says:

    i am 17 yrs old 5’10 in height 98 kgs of weight i can bench up to100 kgs but i don’t have shape in my body plz give me advise about creatind can i take this or not

  396. Josh says:

    I’m 16 took creatine for about 1 year now, weigh about 145 pounds and can bench 235. it has had no negative side effects on me. However i don’t know if creatine was the reason i got as big as i am, but it for sure did not have any negative side effects whatso ever. most people on this forum are kids who are like 18 weak as shit and want to get ripped by taking a suppliment and doing 10 pushups. CREATINE IS NOT BAD

  397. Daenerys says:

    I bought Creatine , used it for 2 days and throw it away.
    I was getting short breath , a symptom which i had never read about before.
    Then i read all the comments here , some very educational , some funny some immature some crap but the bottom line its a dangerous product.
    It’s funny because if you do a google search about creatine and side effects the most popular sites will downgrade the side effects , but when you hear people’s experiences you just wanna throw this product on the bin and never see it again. I regret i have put 8 fucking grams of this shit in my mouth but then again thank god i saw it early

  398. Jason Carr - Middlesbrough UK says:

    I have been taking Creatine for about 5 months now and I have experienced a general 15-20% increase in weights I use plus I certainly feel more pumped after a good session in the gym. The down side I have found is that I now have what I consider water retension round my waist and feel bloated quite often. If you are looking to be lean and work on your 6 pack then creatine may not be for you but for pushing more weight and bulking up it certainly will work.
    I may experiment and come off creatine for a month and monitor my weight and strength plus the bloatedness.

  399. ED says:

    well id like to clear up one thing ive read when going through all these reviews, and that is creatine and enlarging your heart. First off creatine only targets your skeletal muscles so thats the fist part, second yes your heart is a muscle but it is not a skeletal muscle and therefore does not affect your heart in anyway shape or form, third if you have had any problems like some of the people above with there heart you probably have had some predisposed heart condition that was viral or a cardiomyopathy or a hereditary condition, which any of these could of been happening without you knowing and could of been coming on for a long time or short time and just started showing there face around the same time period of using creatine. But all in all creatine is safe to use just dont be a fool and take more than you need to read up on how to use it drink plenty of water but not to much because you can get hyper-hydration or water intoxication which is the consumtion of to much water at one time, but a gallon throughout the day is plenty when on creatine, also a loading phase is not nessary it is optional so dont worry about that if you dont want to do it i never did and im just fine, im a powerlifter and i dead 650 bench 385 and squat 600 all raw and natural and weigh 200lbs and never do a loading phase plus im only 20yrs old so no one worry creatine is safe, hope this can help some people

  400. ED says:

    Thanks..I will post some more up later tonight

  401. ED says:

    well to add on more to what i was saying to back up my previous statements about your heart i will explain a little bit further. Skeletal muscle cells have multiple nuclei and the cells are unbranched. Movement of these muscles is voluntary, and contraction is neurogenic or controlled by the nervous system.Heart muscle is cardiac muscle.Cardiac muscle cells has one nucleus each and the cells are also branched.Cardiac muscle contraction is involuntary, and the contraction is myogenic that means the contractions are initiated by the muscles themselves rather than the nervous system.
    Also they have different functions skeletal muscle is used for movement and posture, while cardiac muscle is used to pump blood around the body and help us sustain life and thats the difference in why creatine does not efffect your heart by putting excess water in it.

  402. ED says:

    i am also going to talk about creatine and gains along with cycling creatine. First Creatine increases the availability of instant energy, which ncreases muscle strength and improves endurance and delays fatigue. Creatine will force a little bit more fluids into your muscles, giving a good pump and making them a little bit bigger. This is known as cell volumization leading more water inside the cells, making muscles bigger and firmer. Do not confuse this with water retention that happens outside the muscle cells, making the muscles look smooth. It’s not uncommon to gain 6 to 10lbs during the first two weeks. This gain is largely due to the increment of body fluids in the muscles. This environment makes it easier for the body to gain muscle mass whic will yield reall muscle gains not water gains. You should also start experiencing strength gains after the first week. Please note that some people already have high creatine levels due to their dietary intake or some people may have high efficiency or inefficiency in producing ATP. These people may get minimal or no effects from creatine. The human body gets most of the creatine it needs for maintaining its bodily functions from food or dietary supplements. Red meat is the best food source of creatine, however there is only about 1 gram/lb. of meat and most of the creatine that is contained in meats are destroyed when cooked due to the high temp therefore there may be less than 1g in food, to notice any positive effect from creatine, you need to supplement. And the only kind of creatine that works well in humans is creatine monohydrate. Next cycling you should as ways cycle it for many reasons. The first one is you are not impervious nor the exception to science and the studies done by some of the smartest people in the country and world and there studies show that you need to cycle off of creatine. You should run creatine 2 weeks on or 3 weeks on and 1 week off, if i run 2weeks on i take 1 off and if i do 3weeks on i do 2 weeks off just to make sure i have adequate time off to let my body rest and recoup from it. After taking creatine it takes around one month for it to leave your body fully and return to your normal levels which is Approximately 95% of the body’s creatine supply are found in the skeletal muscles and the remaining 5% are scattered throughout the rest of the body, with the highest concentrations in the heart, brain and testes and yes i know what you are saying creatine in your heart increased water i am contradicting myself no what i said before still stands and remains the same because creatine the supplement only affects your skeletal muscles remember and your heart isnt one period end. Ok so the other reasons you need to cycle is your body gets use to the creatine and it loses its effectiveness because when you ingest creatine its absorbed from the intestinal tract into the bloodstream then stored creatine into your muscles. once the creatine is stored inside the muscle cell, it attracts the water surrounding such cell thereby enlarging it. This super hydrated state of the cell causes nice side effects such as the increase of strength and it also gives the appearance of a fuller muscle. Some studies suggest that a super hydrated cell may also trigger protein synthesis and minimize catabolism.
    In addition, creatine provides for faster recovery in between sets and increased tolerance to high volume work. The way it does this is by enhancing the body’s ability to produce Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). ATP is the compound that your muscles use for fuel whenever they contract. ATP provides its energy by releasing one of its phosphate molecules (it has three phosphate molecules). After the release of such molecule, ATP becomes ADP (Adenosine Diphosphate) as it now only has two molecules. The problem is that after 10 seconds of contraction time the ATP fuel extinguishes and in order to support further muscle contraction glycolisis (glycogen burning) has to kick in. That is fine and well except for the fact that as a byproduct of that mechanism lactic acid is produced. Lactic acid is what causes the burning sensation at the end of the set. When too much lactic acid is produced, your muscle contractions stop, thereby forcing you to stop the set. However, by taking creatine, you can extend the 10 second limit of your ATP system as creatine provides ADP the phosphate molecule that it is missing (recall that creatine is stored in the muscle as creatine phosphate). By upgrading your body’s ability of regenerating ATP, you can exercise longer and harder as you will minimize your lactic acid production and you will be able to take your sets to the next level and reduce fatigue levels. More volume, strength and recovery equals more muscle (assuming nutrition and rest are dialed in).
    Creatine also seems to also allow for better pumps during a workout. This may be due to the fact that it possibly improves glycogen synthesis. In addition, studies have shown that creatine helps lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Well I a nut shell that is how creatine helps and how to cycle it and gains you can get from it. I am a powerlifter and not a sales rep nor a scam artist just a person who is like anyone who wants to know the truth and learn about the pros and cons and I wanted to extend my knowledge to anyone my age or younger or even older because creatine is a good supplement but like anything else when you abuse it, it will have consequences and you will pay the piper for your actions so any teens thinking more is better think again and listen which I know is hard because I remember I thought I knew everything and I had to learn to so be smart take time to learn and acquire knowledge join forums like and ask questions and no question is stupid no matter how many times is asked and dont jump into things before you know about them and first and foremost train hard be consistent and have good nutrition and youll reap gains I promise and If anyone has any questions let me know and ill help you out on whatever supplements you have questions on

  403. ED says:

    Oh btw ciara you complain about how creatine is so bad but for a MD you do not read very good you stated that you stopped creatine and all your probe went away but what you don’t realize is the weight gainer you take serious mass by optimum nutrition has 3G of creatine in every serving so any sides you thought you were having before was you for a lack of a better word mind Fucking yourself

  404. ED says:

    My bad obv I can not read wrong name and wrong info to wrong site trying to do posts off my cell

  405. ED says:

    thanks for your support and prase

  406. Duke says:

    I have been taken creatine for almost 20 years , make me feel good , stronger , bigger , more energetic , no side effects . But , something we all hace to know . Not all bodys are equal .

  407. :-/ says:

    Not helpful info …I never read so much crap back to the drawing board!

  408. :) says:

    You know, your body does’nt actually make creatine. It’s not a hormone. It gets creatine from meats such as beef or chicken. The body turns creatine into creatinine which is excreted into the urine by the kidneys. Too much creatinine and not enough water gives your kidney stones.

  409. JJ says:

    I took creatine for the first time, Worked out. then went to bed. Next day i woke up and i had a small chest pain and tightness on breathing. I had to take Concerta for school, and then IT started to heart even more. Terribly. When i lay down it feels like a a rock is compressing my chest and my throat is coming outa of my mouth. Strange.. I think heart rate is too fast. and yes i drank 5 gallons of water. and pissed for ever.

  410. ED says:

    Well let me just tell you says that you are talking out your ass and don’t know the first thing about what you are talking about, and before you start making erroneous statements you should get your shit straight because you sound like a pompas ass, so ill clear up what he said ok so first off creatine and creatinine are not the same and creatine is in produced in your body naturally and it is in meats but so small it has barely any affect hence supplementing with creatine, reatinine is a chemical waste molecule that is generated from muscle metabolism. Creatinine is produced from creatine, a molecule of major importance for energy production in muscles. Approximately 2% of the body’s creatine is converted to creatinine every day. Creatinine is transported through the bloodstream to the kidneys. The kidneys filter out most of the creatinine and dispose of it in the urine.

  411. ED says:

    Id Consider whatever worthless information you gave as crap because it has no relevant point nor will help anyone. Plus as far as sides or kidney stones if you don’t want to take the proper precautions to prevent sides then you shouldent take anything im assuming everyone here is grown and can make there own decisions and should know what they have to do to and if not then don’t use anything and jj I thnk you are over thinking this it is creatine not steroid, ph’s and you are letting stress get the better of you

  412. bill says:

    The guy who said eds information was crap is nuts and is a joke, and is a fucktard

  413. Jacob says:

    Thanks for the insight, I am big just by working out alone but needs more pep in my step

  414. Dude says:

    I love the effects of creatine, after 6 days I already look far more muscular. BUT…it gives me terrible tachycardia and makes me feel like my heart is about to fail. I believe this is because I combine it with the stimulant modafinil, which I have to take for sleep apnea.

    So it can certainly have an effect on the heart, but I expect that it’s only when you combine it with a stimulant.

    Wish I could carry on taking it, fucking sucks.

  415. Marlin says:

    I am 40 now and I took Creatine when I was younger around 25 years old and I didn’t have any side effects, I was drinking water and lifting weight and running at the gym. I think for those wanting to take it you need to take a smaller dosage and take for 2 weeks and then stop taking it for 2 weeks then start back on for 2 weeks do this for 2 months and then stop completely for 1 month.. and then repeat… do this and see how your body responds..everybody body is diffrent,, i reading this site because i am thinking about trying it again,,because i am playing sports and i am older and my energy level is down and recovery time is slower. I think if you follow my cycle above you should be okay. but those of you that was taking it everyday for over 2 months straight or 6 months straight that where you problems happened, I dont even take multi-vitamins over 2 months straight.

  416. ED says:

    I am going to start my next cycle of creatine tomorrow ill post my every day results and experiences to give a very detailed cycle review which I feel this site should have so people can see results people have had and daily use information from there cycle aswell

  417. caleb... says:

    im 15 i have used creatine 1 time, i eat alot of stuff with protine, i work out about an hour a day!
    when should i start seeing result?

  418. eric says:

    I have Been using creatine off and on for about 10 years , and ive found that it does work very well at puffing you up and makin you a little stronger,but this wears off after a few weeks.I have never seen any significant permanant muscle gains from it,and Ikind of think it prevents you from building new muscle.I tink it is a gimmick to help theese little skinny guys put on weight. Headaches,dehydration.

  419. Rob says:

    What about amplified creatine? Is that healthy for the body?

  420. TheOne says:

    Everyone on here is dumb. ITS NOT A PROHORMONE, ITS CREATINE!!! hahahaahah using it with hydroxycut, dumbass, eat right and lose wight the healthy way. go look into what creatine is in all its varities. ya you will get a kidney stone from it if you dont supplement it with and adequate amount of water (1 gallon a day) and other essential vitamins and minerals on a daily basis. omegea 3,6,9 flax seed, fish oil, BCAA’s. you can take creatine for your whole life with no sides if dont correctly. do some research, dont be naiive on stupid forums and blog sites. its your body, not anyone elses; therefor, take the time to get an actual understanding of what your putting in to it and how to do it correctly.

  421. robert says:

    can taking prednisone for poylmyalgia rheumatica increase the creatine kinase enzyme level

  422. sagar konde says:

    i m using creatine monohydrate powder and it has serious side effects such as depression,kidney problems,chest pain im just 21.dont take a chance.plz

  423. says:

    im pretty sure that some will have good things to say an bad things top say it happens all the time when something goood comes out. i have taken this supplement off an on sence i turned 18, at time it has gone good an at time it has done bad but further more it has helped me out all around. it has given me mass when i needed it an makes u a beast in the sack even though im a 10 not on it. it has made the world of lifting an looking good an took it to the next level for me. i have nothing bad to say about it. it all good like a box of corn flakes

  424. james says:

    creatine works great with no side effects whatsoever if taken correctly with llots of water.

  425. eddie says:

    do not take this, two hours after taking it I had a pain in my back side, where the kidney is located.

  426. Getting huge!! says:

    Im 16 and i was 5’9″ 190 lbs when I started taking “creatine” About 3 weeks ago. Since then Im up to 6’0 220 and I feel horrible. I’m always tired, my male region has shrunk, I have bad acne, My voice has gotten way deeper, im pulling muscles, BUT im starting football on varsity. I just have one quick question. Should i be worried if i bought this in an unlabeled and unsealed bottle from a guy at the gym who said that it was creatine? I’m starting to think that it might have been HGH or steroids or something else.

  427. worked says:

    I use a creatine gatoraid mix when mountain biking. Keeps me jazzed up.

  428. Jeremy says:

    I’m 35. I’ve taken creatine on and off for 5 years. I think the key is to give yourself a little break from it now and then. Do 3 or 4 months then take a month off if it. The effects I’ve seen are positive. It’s boosted my sex drive. I take a blend formula that has amino acids with it and man I love it. I do get moody from time to time but I’m pretty sure all body builders do. You have to be pretty agressive to lift heavy weight to start with. Ps. Sounds like some people on here are taking this forum as a place to joke around, that’s why there us so much misinformation on here. Peace out!

  429. Billybob says:

    I just died of a heart attack

  430. josh says:

    Not worth the risks or coming off the stuff, I say fuck creatine.

  431. casey says:

    im 18 yrs old and have been using creatine for about a month. i havnt noticed any negative effects other then dehydration which is easily fixed, drink water! reading this didnt scare me at all. if your body is in shape and happy then you will know as soon as something goes wrong. however, i do like the idea of taking it on and off so as to keep your body from becoming dependent and stopping the process of making its own creatine. I am considering raising my daily dose from the recommended amount to 50% more and alternating week on and week off.

  432. MATT LEE says:

    sdsdsssad worst shit evaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  433. tj says:

    I have taken creatine a few time.. then once I take it I remember why I stop. When I lift I feel like I could lift forever, but my temperature rises fast and I sweat. Then I get the bloated stomach after and burp a lot for a few days. As well I get real jittery for a few hours, which is something that not even caffeene does to me, I advise not taking it.

  434. jimmy72 says:

    I took Creatine for 2 weeks and grew another head,…out my ASS! Seriously,I’ve used Creatine for 5years.I take between 5g and 7g a day.I get a little bigger,don’t seem to get any extra energy from it but can complete more reps per set (helping in the long run to get bigger) so it increases my stamina.It also helped me add 30-40% more weight to most excercises.Only side effects are mild headaches when I forget to drink enough fluid through the day. I regularly donate blood and bone marrow and have never had problems with increased blood pressure or heart problems.I lose very little size when I stop taking it.Maybe it’s just “horses for courses”.If you begin to take it and notice any unwanted changes just stop taking it.If you get heart problems,maybe you just don’t want to work out and should find something else to do princess,like knitting!Jeeze,…man up!

  435. anthony says:

    yah creatine works for what is supposed to after 2 years i went from a 120 bench to a 355 bench but it also shrunk my penis from 7.6 inches to 7.1 and made me have kidney stones NO MORE THAN 2 WEEKS OF USAGE FOR INITIAL BULK

    and protein works just about as well with absolutely no side effect because after 1.5 years my buddy went from a 150 bench to a 290 bench and is perfectly healthy just dont hurt ur body to much please

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