Creatine – the cause of acne?

Since taking creatine, there is a likelyhood of you may see an increase of acne production, now you ask. Why is that so?

Creatine does not cause acne by itself, there have been studies that show creatine doesn’t directly cause acne, although using insulin as a creatine transporter may be where the problem lies.

Many brands of creatine, including the one i personally use will advise you to take creatine with fruit juice or drinks such as powerade. Now, if you aren’t prone to acne, this is a good thing. But if you are prone, and are not using products to stop acne, the release of hormones cap and will most definatley cause a noticable increase of acne.

It’s recommended to take creatine with water only, however dirty it tastes. It may take longer to be saturated into your muscles, but it is your choice. - the cause of acne? digg:Creatine - the cause of acne? spurl:Creatine - the cause of acne? wists:Creatine - the cause of acne? simpy:Creatine - the cause of acne? newsvine:Creatine - the cause of acne? blinklist:Creatine - the cause of acne? furl:Creatine - the cause of acne? reddit:Creatine - the cause of acne? fark:Creatine - the cause of acne? blogmarks:Creatine - the cause of acne? Y!:Creatine - the cause of acne? smarking:Creatine - the cause of acne? magnolia:Creatine - the cause of acne? segnalo:Creatine - the cause of acne?

31 Responses to “Creatine – the cause of acne?”

  1. Johan says:

    Or just supplement with EFA’s to restore the hormone balance.

  2. Malek256 says:

    Something I noticed was that some kinds of creatine triggered my acne, others didn’t. Then I began to suspect impurities within the creatine brands, and sure enough there are in fact some brands which are less ‘pure’ than others.

    Some of the known side effects from the residues of the least pure creatines include acne!

    So for me, this began to look promising as the cause.


  3. Tom says:

    Acne is a problem that affects the young and the old alike and the cause of that are hormones. It is a fact that hormone overproduction is a reason for creating excess sebum oil and it clogs the hair follicles that cover the human body and causes skin eruptions to break out.

    Hormonal fluctuations are the most common cause of adult acne, followed by stress, which in itself actually triggers hormonal imbalances, especially in women.

    Using omega 3 oils for acne treatment is not as a well-known cure as other more famous remedies.

    It is vital to acne health that there are enough of the omega 3 essential fatty acids in order to control the chemical hormones that come from omega 3 fatty acids and this in return, controls the excess sebum so that it does not produce in the very hair follicles that cause these acne breakouts.

    The omega 3 fatty acids for acne treatment have been successful in providing the good oils that are used in these sebaceous glands as they decrease in size causing less acne.

    But that isn’t all, one of the most important factors to remember when choosing omega 3 oils for acne treatment is to ensure the product you are getting is not contaminated with toxins and other pollutants from the environment. For example, New Zealand is a prime supplier because they have pristine conditions in the water for the hoki fish that are harvested there for fish oil, are free of pollution and toxins. The minute amount of toxins and pollutants found are removed through a process called ‘molecular distillation’ and is the only effective way to process fish oil and retain all of the essential fatty acids to maintain and promote health.

  4. acne care treatment says:

    i believe if you’re taking creatine you’re obviously in a serious muscle/weight gain regiment, along with possible an aggressive diet to promote weight gain. both of these affective the testosterone levels, which can promote outbreaks of acne. there has been NO scientific proof that creatine alone causes acne breakouts.

  5. Teenage Hercules says:

    I just started taking creatine capsules, And I drink apple juice when i take them about 16 oz. plus i drink lots of water when working out. I’m not new to working out I’ve been doing it for awhile but this is the first time I’ve taken any “muscle building” supplements along with it.

  6. healthfreek says:

    I notice I get acne on my shoulders and the side of my arm when I’m on creatine…. this is common when a person takes steroids… I have never taken steroids. I’m not prone to getting acne on my face either and it has never been a problem for me. Odd! Just wondering if any one else has ever had this occur…. Thanks

  7. Mike says:

    I have taken monohydrate and currenty trying kre-alkalyn tablets, both have caused acne on my shoulders, the acne goes away when I stop taking creatine…

  8. nick says:

    ive been on acnetane(generic) taking 40mgs a day!! and bought a really good creatinne!! ive taken creattine a number of times, which caused my acne im sure!!! so eneways this new creatine i bought is like the latest on the market, and im just worried that because of the potency of the creatine, will i be fine if i mix the 2!!! and do u think the acnetane will still clear me even if im on the creatine!!!
    really wanna take the creatine but worried!!!

  9. Steve says:

    I started taking creatine 5 months ago and saw a noticeable difference in my skin. I’ve never really had any acne problems before, but since taking it, it’s been ungodly.

    There is no doubt in my mind that creatine plays a role in causing acne (in SOME people – not all – everyone’s different).

    But seriously… in the past 5 months I’ve cycled the creatine twice now. During the off cycles, my acne begins to clear. Whether it all comes down to hormone levels or not, I can’t deny the connection at this point.

  10. Phil Jones says:

    I’d taken accutane in the past, my skin had been fairly clear for a long while, I’ve been taking creatine pretty heavily for a while, and in that time I hadn’t put two and two together that it could be the reason for the acne flaring up a whole lot, anyhow I’m on the off cycle right now so I’ll keep it posted…. if this is the case I feel super betrayed by creatine, it has done my weight gains so well.

  11. jason says:

    im taking creatine and i have noticed extreme breakouts on my back and shoulders. i am also taking acne creams. and that shit is not working. what should i do? any options of acne perscriptions or a PURE kind of creatine that doesnt cause me to break out.

  12. ldh says:

    I’m a senior in good health, I work out three times a week and play softball at a high level. Could someone advise me as to the best creatine product that I may take to help me bounch back after working out and help me play that forth ballgame in one day.

  13. arson says:

    if any1 wants to know a way to elimante acne, just contact me washing face properly, watching ur diet, and taking chinese herbal pills will elimanate it.

    naturally safe as long as u dont suffer from things like bowel disroders/chronic diohrrhea, i unfortunetly do so i had to stop taking them.
    have 30 boxes of them, unfortunely i am one of the rare few who will tell u about precuations, people will just sell u anything and hide info, but with me u get full info, i wouldnt let any1 suffer, email me for more info, even if u r not intersted in the pills, ill provide u with info on how to reduce ur acne

  14. gmg says:

    hi my son never had acne . he now has been taking creatine twice a day, and his back and shoulders are loaded with horrible acne. i have just convinced him to stop and see the difference. we will start tomorrow. i think the cause is the creatine.

  15. mitch says:

    I have been taking kre alkalyne and since taking it ive noticed an increase in acne on face and shoulders, and so has everyone else. when i took it around 7 months ago i also had more breakouts but between my skin was clear and i think im going to stop taking it because getting bigger faster isnt worth being self conscous about acne

  16. Dr Green says:

    you people are ridiculous acne is caused by lack of proper diet. Eating oily food and lots of carbs but u cant really avoid that if ur acne pron. Putting stuff on face is no good either ,i recommend aristocort 0.01 % cream it 99% fighter of acne and wash face with clean clear face wash ( oil free) and use papaya fruit as moisturizer then wash it off with clean clear sensitive face wash and apply the cream . Always use clean towel ………..take protein shake and exercise if ur ladies, if men drink beer dont stress out . I’m telling the truth based on extensive research.

  17. Timmy says:

    creatine does not cause acne. first off how much water do you drink a day? and what kind of food do you eat? do you drink smoke or take recreational drugs? also are you prone to acne? how much soda do you drink? how often do you workout and go running? answer these first and then if you still have a problem then go see a doctor or stop use.

  18. Anonymous says:

    have there been cases where creatine has been good for treating/gettin rid of acne?

  19. jojo says:

    im 15 and i have been taking creatine and i have noticed breakouts and then when i stop the acne starts to get better. im wondering if theres a way i can take creatine and not break out ?

  20. mayne says:

    I am 6’4 , 170 pounds. I want to take Creatine to increase my mass and weight. I want to try CreaPure because it sounds the safest and best quality. I also suffer from acne and will be going to the derm soon to get on acutane.

    I was thinking that maybe a pure Creatine like CreaPure would be ok with the acutane…?

    Ive never taken either of these and like to read feed back from individuals who have experience.. not some web site trying to sell me $hit.

  21. Alfred says:

    one of our linebacker use to workout naturally and he can hit hader
    but when he started to used creatin, he becomes improve physically
    but not like before when he used to be natural….right now he is like a paper blow by air
    so i wonder does it makes you lighter and vunerable of getting your a**
    woop in the field?
    and why does it makes him so weak after using it?

  22. JDS says:

    Creatine causes me to breakout, there is no question. I took creatine frequently between 20-25 year old, always had pimples when cycling on.. no pimples when cycling off. Just recently I decided to try creatin again, I’m now 31. 2 weeks into it my face has broken out pretty badly, which is what prompted me to finally look on the web for others who may have experienced this too.

    By the way, I’m on a water IV all day long.. I must drink 3 gallons easily. You DO NOT breakout on creatine due to dehydration. I’ve also noticed this time around my temperment is more aggressive, I do believe creatine ups your testosterone in some way.. which may be the cause for the pimples.

    Nitrix is a great product for those wanting an alternative to creatine, but I’ve got to admit there’s nothing like good o’l creatine for added performance and weight gain.

  23. Anonymous says:

    HealthFreek… I came on here looking because of the same problem. The only creatine that has never caused me to break out is Celltech….. it is however loaded with sugar, causes me to crash and adds 99% of gains from water weight.

  24. Georg Anspach says:

    Hi Im 18 and a few months ago i started taking creatine i only took it for a month because i had a bad acne breakout and thought it was the cause but i took 4 months off creatine and it never got better so creatine couldnt have been the cause,

  25. john says:

    i would like to ask if this help increase my d***k?

  26. desmond says:

    acne u should wash ur face with epson salt, just wash with ur regular soap first, then rinse that shit off then apply like a tablespoon of epson salt to the rag put alittle bit of warm water on the epson salt then scrub ur face in a right to left motion, once u have felt the epson salt has dissolved, then rinse ur face with warm water. then rinse with cold water so the pours of the face wont be clogged forming new possible outbreaks to come, if ur a young person under the age of 18 dont use creatine, if ur over 18 and really 25 pls learn how to drink water before using any supplement, using creatine u want to drink about a gallon a water a day at minimum!

  27. Robert Smoak says:

    Does anyone recommend a top of the line creatine product?

  28. Simon says:

    What is the best time to take creatine on maintenance phase?

  29. jackson says:

    so bottom line..
    is it worth it ?

  30. jonathon says:

    Started taking createin and after about a week or two broke out really bad. I dont think i was drinkinng enough water.

  31. Kthlu says:

    The reasons why you get acne from creatine, isnt just one cerebral cause. its an addition of different symptons for different people which inevitabley leads to breakouts. Benzoyl peroxide for us people into actually living a half descent life (pushing ourselves in the gym) is not a long term solution; its like make up that will topically remove the problem for a short period of time, THE PROBLEM LIES WITHIN.
    Say your a bodybuilder, you have a high protein, high fat, low carb diet, your liver and gall is strained, your overloading you body with supps, testoterone, old tissue and now creatine, your body cannot properly convert and digest everything and your liver has no time to repair, you get mild symptoms of jaundice(ever noticed a yellow spot on your body?), bile and bacteria are not properly removed and now circulate throughout your body. You take creatine, you tissue is filled with water, that water is a great place for the bacteria to infest. You now have a huge problem internally and you don’t even no it, your probably flexing in the mirror dumbstruck to all that acne. So your body counteracts this bacteria with red blood cells, you arent going to shit it out, so instead it has to go through YOUR SKIN. Its in your diet, guys and girls if you go for a liver cleanse twice a year you skin will be perfect, trust me i just finished my last fight with acne after a week long liver cleanse, everything is gone, If you truly are a strong man, you do not need to supplement with creatine. AND DON’T FORGET THE ZINC DEFFICIENCY WE BOYS SUFFER! Get the zinc

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