What happens once you stop taking Creatine?

I actually wondered this myself, but after reading a thread on the bodybuilding.com forum (here) it made it abit clearer what actually happens once you stop taking Creatine!

As you may already know by now, Creatine not only helps you gain mass, but it increases water levels in muscles.. So once you stop taking creatine supplements you will loose water and often abit of weight, but nothing major!

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402 Responses to “What happens once you stop taking Creatine?”

  1. moe nasr says:

    ive been working out for 3 years without taking any kind of supplements and i started from a month ago to take creatine with whey protien. i wanna ask if i stop using creatine but still worknig out does my muscles shrink or get smaller. and does creatine or whey protien makes acne in the biceps or the chest.

  2. johnno says:

    creatine will help you increase mass and strength. but alot of the size gains you make will be water retention. so yes you will lose some size and strength but you will still be bigger and stronger than when you started. also it is usually recommended that you have a break of a few weeks from creatine every now and then.

  3. mike says:

    you’ll lose size but not strength (provided you keep training after you’ve stopped taking creatine).

  4. Brandon says:

    i stopped takign creatine and i work out everyday i was benching 225 now im down to 205 after a month without creatine

  5. adam says:

    that is because you are over training !!!!! you need rest… trust me im right.
    its not the creatine

  6. Dan says:

    if creatine is taken everyday does this mean that you will need to work out everyday or if you take creatine without working out what happens? does creatine need to be taken daily?

  7. Sam says:

    creatine does not have to be talen daily and there is minimal research to back this theory up. But maintaining higher levels of creatine over a period of time will lead to lean muscle gais. Creatine stays in your system for up to a month even after only a week of supplementing!

  8. andrew says:

    If I do not work out much, but take creatine, What happens? Do I gain fat, or muscle mass?

  9. Emile says:

    gaining fat is a result of your diet and exercise regimen. unless you are taking an advanced creatine formula such as cell-tech, which has large amounts of simple sugar (75g dextrose) to aid in muscle absorption, creatine alone should have no effect on fat gains. if you take creatine and there are no major changes in your diet then it should only affect muscles.

  10. Emile says:

    assuming theres no BLOAT

  11. Zach says:

    i wanted to start taking creatine for football and i was wondering if i was benching lets say 150 now how much will it boost my max up if i weight lift 3 times a week

  12. Corey says:

    i heard when you stop taking creatine every muscle in your body gets weaker. your heart is a muscle and therefore will get weaker and can cause health serious problems

  13. Brett says:

    That is a very good question, god i need the answer to that one.!

  14. lybese says:

    the heart is a muscle yes but as for resistance trainning the heart performs almost the equivallent amount of work it does during normal day activities.

  15. nate says:

    Can I lose wight well on creatine?

  16. Greg says:

    creatine will not weaken muscles if not taking it it only helps you to get a little extra energy and pump in your muscles to give you that extra one or two reps in a set it will not effect you in any way if you stop taking it it there are many myths involving this supplement dont beleive everything you read

  17. MikeyD says:

    You will definitely see a decrease in size once you stop taking creatine as well as the strength that comes from it. It may take up from 2-3 months but u will defiantly loose it my friend. I took creatine for about a year with 3 week breaks here and there and I was an animal. I went from weighing 225 up to 260. My strength was amazing I felt like I was juicing. But know that Ive been of the stuff for 5 months straight I gone down to 235 and my strength has hit the floor as well. My point is that you will loose your gains once stopped slowly but surely.

  18. russ says:

    guys, im 34, been training since 18….i took creatine for the first time about 4 months ago…did the first course and loaded up. since i stopped i dropped from 12.5st to just over 12. ive been stressed at work which i contribute a bit to my lack of effort down the gym but can the termination of creatin do this?

  19. mike says:

    question everyone – just turned 18, weigh 175, max bench at 250 or 255 right now. ive been taking creatine pills for about 2, 2 1/2 weeks now and wanted to drop about 5 lbs of fat, tone up, and get bigger. i need some help.
    im getting stronger but i want to tone up my chest, abs, and arms.
    any suggestions?
    thanks guys, appreciate it

  20. Eric says:

    Mike – In the same boat, although, I only take protein shakes… Honestly, I would suggest pilates for toning in the abs, chest and quads, seriously, its worked for me.
    As for arms, to get stronger I’ve used the max out system. You take your max curl, do as many as possible, and then go down 5 pounds, do as many as possible, go down 5 pounds and so on.. it works for most exercises, and i’ve seen a difference, also brings you’re endurance up which is always a big thing.
    If you’re 175 and doing 255 you’re in good shape, although bench isn’t always everything.
    If you want to lose weight, thighs were my issue, running has helped, as has pilates

  21. Andrew R says:

    I just started taking Creatine, although i didn’t need it. I was doing fine….but I figured that if I took Creatine then I could cut down gym time and get leaner and bigger faster. Welll i just found out that it doesn’t work that way, I heard it only boost your Stamina so you can have a little more energy to get in more reps. Would I be better off going back to taking nothing and or will I be missing something really great if I stop taking Creatine?

    Just so you guys know; The reason why I’m working out is mostly for looking great without a shirt on. I don’t want to be freakishly enormus, I just want a lean and cut body with descent size.

  22. rolando says:

    i weigh 198 and bench 225 and i stop taking creatine will i get weaker and how much?

  23. austin says:

    my parents dont want me mixing drinks around the house…so pills is the easiest. are there any other forms that work better than pills but arent drink mixes?

  24. jun says:

    weigh 130.
    max bench is 215.
    a lot of people say i’m overdoing myself.
    love to hear your guys’ inputs.

  25. muhammed says:

    i weigh 75.
    can bench 290.
    what would you advise me to do?

  26. charlie says:

    is cell-tech the best creatine. I tried it, i gained too much mass, mostly water. but does another creatine product makes you gain like cell-tech??

  27. Dan-o says:

    I am thinking about takeing creatine to gain muscle for football, but im worried about what will happen to me, if annything. What could happen to me?

  28. rc says:

    thought about taking creatine also worried about negatiove side effects

  29. Anthony says:

    Of all the creatine brands I’ve only tried Mass-Tech, in fact I’ve been taking it for the past year or so, with a couple of two-week breaks. Last summer when I had already taken about 5 boxes I looked really pumped up and cool at the beach. I stopped it during the X-mas period and trained a whole month without it, and oops, all was gone. I dropped in size but not strength, though. Pretty scary..so there I go on it once more

  30. Anthony says:

    Rc: Not that I know for sure but the only side effect creatine has or may have is water retention, if monohydrate otherwise creatine formula is all right. ‘ve got friends who take creatine regularly and do not have any probs. They require longer breaks though, like one month on, one off and so on. Lot of liguids drinking too.

  31. mike says:

    i had a friend who was as healthy as a hoarse, he started taking creatine to bulk up (as all of us want), a year in a half later, this friend of mine was history….he was pronounced dead due to over flowing his body with water….so to all those out there thinking about takin that bs creatine…think again,

  32. bubba says:

    im 14 and i am starting to take creatine.I was wondering when u work out then take the creatine does it only help arm muscles or legs and arms?

  33. Jeff Bittner says:

    Bubba: Creatine facilitates full-body muscle growth
    MIke: Your an idiot- your friend drank too much water; creatine dehydrates the body.
    Anthony: Take 1 month off every 2-3 months. After about8-10 weeks you’ll reach a plateau effect. Quit taking it for 1 month. It is a mediacl fact that it takes the human body roughly a month to start producing its own creatine stores once you cycle-off the pill/poweder form. If you haven’t tried Cell-Tech by Muscletech, it works well. Many people will argue that, they’re fuckin idiots as well. It works, you’ll get stronger and bigger(water retention). Plan on dropping 10 lbs in weight and strength when you quit. I gained 120lbs on my bench press in about 16 bench workouts, concentrating on low-reps 3-6 range.
    RC: There are negative side effects in everything we do; don’t be a pussy
    Dan-0: You could potentially be an All-Conference Linebacker. Do It.
    Charlie: Were you taking creatine to lose mass? Why would you take creatine if you don’t want to get massive? Another good one is Phosphagen HP.
    Muhammad: Your 75lbs and benching 290? Yoiur a genetic masterpiece and ought to be in a magazine. You Iraqi?
    Jun: Are you Asian, or just a shitty speller? I f you see yourself getting weaker, then you are overdoing it.
    Austin: Grow a pair and tell your parents to go fuck themselves; its fuckin powder dude, not grape juice or wine and shit. If all else fails, take steroids in the pill form, then ask your mom if she’d rather have you mixing powder. Maybe she’d rather have you on roids.
    Rolando: Call yourself Roly. You’ll probably lose about 10lbs of bodyeight, and some strength.
    Andrew: Your gifted. You will gain massive amount of fat if you don’t diet, creatine isn’t a diuretic.
    Dan: Take creatine every day. Preferably post workout on lifting days, and right away in the morning on non-lifting days. Good question.
    Please note I am replying with smart-ass answers to dumb-ass questions…
    Remember, when you cycle-off creatine you will have to reduce the total volume of your workout to compensate for the creatine reduction. Try and keep poundages high still, but just remember that your going to have to reduce the number of sets performed. If your not doing squats, you should, as they produce testosterone in the body, which enhances muscle growth. Keep protein levels high, 2 gm per pound of bodyweight, and take a multivitamin. Not sure if creatine causes acne, I have noticed it a little in the early stages, but it just could be that time of the month. There are times of month when we get a little more acne, kind of like how chicks get hetchup added to their taco during for one week out of the month. Personally, I don’t care for ketchup on my taco, but a few zits on my back for added muscle I can live with. You all have a good one, and don’t get bent if you got a smart ass remark; it is for your own good; do some research before you ask questions, it will help you later in life.

  34. Jeff Bittner says:

    Disregard the shitty speller comment, as I feel it is the keyboard acting up again.

  35. johnny NG says:

    i just started taking creatine monohydrate. im 14 and i was wondering if i stop taking it after a period of a month that my muscel i have gained will disappear? and also how much grams do i have to take daily for a 14 year old that weighs about 145?

  36. Jeff says:

    Johnny: I can see I am going to babble a page on this reply. My personal opinion is that after a month you really won’t experience the full effects of creatine. Depending on what creatine you take will significantly affect what gains you will have. For instance, cell-tech and phosphagen will bulk you up while your taking it, mostly water weight, but you will get stronger as well. Once you quit taking it, you’ll shed the water, appear smaller obviously, and may lose a little strength; it is a mind game. I load, people say you don’t need to; I have tried it both ways, and I am currently loading for my next 8 week cycle of cell-tech. I lose a little size when I cycle off, but I still achieve huge strength gains. A pill form that works good is Kre-Alkalyn 1500 by Sci-Fit. It assists in the strength gains but I don’t get the bulkiness from the additional water weight. Normally, I usually take the pills in the summer and the cell-tech in the winter, just because I don’t like to carry a lot of water weight in the summer time (shirt off). In the winter, who gives a fuck, I live in Iowa, its cold, and I wear a coat. a little water weight in the winter doesn’t bother me when my strength steadily increases. I used to take Phosphagen HP and it worked a few years back, but recently I have stuck to Cell-Tech. A lot of people don’t like it, most hate the company. Some say it is bullshit. Hey, I have been cycling it since I have been here in Iraq and have put on 55 pounds of bodyweight, decreased my bodyfat, and to pick a strength increase everyone uses..the bench press, well I have added over 140 pounds to my bench press since I have been over here. I am planning on adding another 50 lbs to it before I leave. It can be done. Of course, it isn’t contributed solely to the creatine. You need Aminos, a protein powder, good calories, maybe a multi-vitamin, and a workout that gives YOU the results you are after: strength, endurance, size, whatever your goal is. I am a strength guy. If you get strong as hell, size is a side effect of that. I monitor my leanness by running. I’ll run more or less depending on what I want to look like. I cannot say how many grams to take, because they all seem to work a little differently. I would just follow the directions. Make sure you hydrate the shit out of your body. Drink about a liter bottle of water with every meal, a bottle or so with your workout. And I use a liter per serving as well. We have a saying in the Army “Piss frequently piss clear”. Your piss should be clear and frequent, except in the morning when you rid the toxins from sleep. When taking cell-tech I mix it with a liter of water instead of what they recommend. Dillutes the taste a little and adds to hydration. I would take your creatine after your workout along with some protein within 30 minutes. When loading, keep the doses 12 hrs or so apart, depending on your workout schedule. For example, I workout at night so when I load I take a serving when I wake up after I eat. Take another serving after my workout; might be 8 hrs later, oh well. When loading on non-lifting days I take a serving in the morning, and another about 12 hours later, give or take an hour. After my 5 day load cycle, I take one serving a day after my workout, and on no-lift days I take it in the morning or when I wake up. In Iraq we have fucked up schedules. Same with cardio, if you do cardio do it right when you wake up, it sets your metabolism for the rest of the day. I always try to lift later after I am loosened up from missions and have some food in my system. I know I gave you a little more than you wanted, and I am sure some may tell you I’m full of shit. Well I am not. I’m not a creatine guru, I just know what product produces results for ME. Lifting is really finding what gives you results, and tweaking it here and there to avoid hitting a plateau. Take what I gave you and roll with it. Try the cell tech for 2 months and see what it does. I will almost guarantee you’ll like it. Eat a lot of protein; if you can eat 2 grams per pound of bodyweight. It is a little harder for me, I weigh 255 pounds, so I drink and ass load of protein powder to maintain gains. Bodyweight x2= grams of protein to eat. Add some good veggies and V-8 and you have a decent menu for muscle growth. Let me know if I helped you out. Good luck Haas.

  37. Bill says:

    Jeff, I gotta tell you man, you are spreading gospel here pal. I am a Soldier as well, and I spend a lot of my time in the gym. PT every morning and Gym in the afternoon everyday since OEF 4. I work out in the gym like a retard humping a doorknob. I have never had a plan or goal. I might see a picture and say “thats what I want to look like.” But thats about it. I know I can standing curl 135lbs. I don’t really care what I can bench as I have always felt that is just machismo and technique. I am about 175lbs with about 12% BF. Thats how I’ll gauge it. I try my best to keep my diet restricted (my wife is a hell of a cook so its tough) I think my biggest problem is I have the discipline to go to the gym every day, but I can never remember to take all of those damn pills. I have had some creatine sitting in a cupboard for a while, so I thought I would try it. I have all sorts of fat burners, amino supps, creatine, mega mass junk. I was just hoping to push around weight in the gym and get buff. My t-shirt is definitly tighter, but my belly is seriously hurting still. I can see the muscles in there if I am trying, but just relaxed there is nothing but a belly. Any advice for a fellow troop?

  38. Sam says:

    Im 15 and weigh 135, im really trying to pack on some pounds but in muscle, im taking weight gainer right now, along with working out and i was thinking about taking whey protein isolate and L glutamine in the summer. Should i take creatine? i heard that you shouldnt really take it till your around 18 because it can hurt your kidneys

  39. adam says:

    i am 19, in Army ROTC. I am going to air assault school this summer and want to bulk up before i get there. I have about 4 months. i am 6′, 155 pounds and can bench ~180, but whenever i work out i dont get bigger just stronger. I am thinking about taking creatine because i want to get up to 170-180 pounds.

    I will be running a lot too while I am lifting weights, so I am not sure what my gains will be like when i start taking it.

    also, i will have to stop taking it before i go to air assault school, and i do not know how that will affect my performance or size. (there is a 12 mile ruck march w/ full combat gear tha tmust be completed in under 3 hours, will I be tired or weak from dropping the creatine?)

  40. D says:

    we all know once you stop taking creatine you shrink because the mass that you gain is just water weight, would the same happen if i were to take a protein supplement and then stop?

  41. david valley says:

    i belive creatine is the best workout you can have without having to push your body to an extreme level.Although you must considere the side effects if you dont stop.creatine has the abilty to turn you into a tennage mutant ninga turtle.yes i know this must be alarming to you but it is completely ture.it happened to me during a workout.i just all of a sudden turned into a freakin turtle with swords and shit around my shell.dont be alarmed though its pretty damn cool. Has this happened to anyone else?

  42. Daniel G says:

    Hello. I have been working out for 22 months. I started at 210lbs with 38 inch waist and I am 5’10”. I got down to 164lbs after 4 months of working out. I did cardio and a little bit of weights. I didn’t eat the way you should to gain muscle but i did gain a lot of muscle. i gained muscle eating 1500 calories with hardly any protein. My arms went from 11″ to 14 with in a few months before the 12 months of working out. I plateaued for about 6 months. So about 17 months after working out I decided to join a gym. I gained so much strength much did not get any bigger. So about a month after I joined the gym, I started eating a lot to bulk up. I read articles on how to bulk up. Well after about 2 months i went from 164 lbs to 182lbs and I went and 14% body fat to 18%. I said the hell with bulking up because I was just getting fat and not stronger. I was doing fine eating normal. Well I tried creatine and have been on i for 2 months. I started at a tablespoon on the days I work out now I only take half a teaspoon since I am running out. Well in the past few weeks I noticed my arms getting bigger. I went from 14′ to 15.5 since new years. I honestly don’t know if it was the creatine or the protein supplements. But all of a sudden My arms are bigger and my waist got smaller, I am loosing all the fat that I gained but I still weight 180lbs.

    So just to verify, it will be ok to go off creatine for a while and not loose strength and size. Because I cut down a lot on creatine and thats when I started seeing results. Its just that I cant afford more right now for another 2 weeks. I dont want to shrink because I love the way girls rub at dance clubs. Some times even with creatine, I cant lift as much or do as much reps. Sometimes when I plateau on some exercises, i change the exercises and start making more progress. For example, for my biceps, I plateaud on the 80lbs using the curl bar and the bench, I started using dumb bells and 30lbs was hard to do, Now after about two weeks I can now do 40lbs easier than when I started the 30lbs. i work My biceps twice a week. I actually started getting bigger and cutter when I changed exercises.

    Well any ways, am I ok if I stop taking creatine for about 2 weeks? will I shrink. Actually about 2 weeks ago I took a 2 week break for finals. Its been 3 weeks since the break and thats when I started getting bigger. I lost a lot of strength, but gained it back really fast plus more.

  43. dan says:

    hi there, how much water is recommended when taking creatine monhydrate?

  44. Sarah says:

    im a personal trainer, i usually prescribe creatine fo rmen who want to gain lean muscle etc, i was recently told that i should take it to lean up and increase my energy, i do weights 2-3 times a week and do alot of cardio with clients, do you think ill put on weight taking this? cause thatd be every girls worst nightmare…

  45. Abdo says:

    Hey guys, im 16 and started cell-tech, can u plz tell how many servings im supposed to have during the loading phase, i think im 2 young to have that much dextrose and creatine during 5 days. IVE BOUGHT A 4.5 pound one, plz help me on this cuz i wanna look gd for the summer.

  46. carlos says:

    im 14 im about to take professional strength whey protein is it bad for me?

  47. Jo-Ann says:

    My son is 16 wanting to take creatine to help increase weight. Currently 80kg but I’ve heard it can make males aggresive. Is this correct?

  48. omar says:

    im 15 and bench 320…do u recommend creatine? i also squat 480

  49. hairy ball sack says:

    omar, i dont know what kind of freak you are, but now way you can bench that much at that age.

  50. super hairy ball sack says:

    im 10, i weigh 400 lbs, and max out at 50lbs. should i take creatine?

  51. dzikihan druzakihi says:

    my wife, she is a rapist, she want to plow annose of horse. i want to stop here but i no no how. if i take creatine, will i have the muscles to stop wife from plow horse?

  52. dr jones says:

    A serious question – can you take creatine and gain strength only and not necessarily size?

  53. tony says:

    it could be possible that omar is that strong because theres a kid in clearmonte florida thats a freshman in high school and is benching 500

    but im 17 and i bench 355 and squat 520 but i think its only cuz im like fat
    but my question is that is it possible for me to drop about 30 pounds and not get weaker

  54. Jeremiah says:

    i have gone from 154 to 166 in three weeks on protein and creatine. my max bench went from 220 once to working out four reps at 220 on my last set. got about 6% body fat and have only been back in the gym for about 6 weeks. but i got twigs for legs what else can i do with squats to gain size in my legs? does size really come with strength?

  55. san jin says:

    i weigh 480 lbs. if i take creatine will it help me gain weight. i want to gain weight for sumo.

  56. shazaam says:

    hey guys im 55 and im about 300 lbs, recently i have been trying to solve my male impedence problem while gaining muscle, my question is would it be safe to directly inject creatine into my penis or maybe somewhere close to my penis even my gooch would sufice.

  57. bfreak says:

    doooood use a bike!

  58. Ken says:

    I am about 211 lbs. I’m trying to get down to maybe 195 lbs. I am already taking a protein supplement and just started taking creatine mono. Will the creatine make it harder for me to get down to my ideal weight.

  59. Pablo says:

    I have what they call small-ball-itus. Will creatine make my balls larger? I also need some more hair to impress the ladies.

  60. edya says:

    im on cell-tech and i was wondering if i get off this amazing stuff will my pecks and bicepts be saggy

  61. edya says:

    yo pablo if ur using creatine for ur balls start lifting dumbells with it cuz that shit is made for musills

  62. Shane says:

    If you’re looking for good quality creatine try Purple K. It comes in capsules so you don’t have to worry about mixing drinks which is a good thing for someone who is always on-the-go.

  63. Jonathan says:

    I’m 14 and going into the 10th grade my bench is 215 right now i weigh 160,i’m not sure about my squat its around 275 and im taking creatine but only about 5 grams 4 or 5 times a week im getting stronger but i was getting stronger before,and can creatine dehydrate me while im on the football field

  64. MillerTime says:

    Ok…I seen earlier where someone asked this, but I didnt see a response with the answer I need. I just started taking creatine, if I JUST take creatine without working out, will I still gain weight? Or does creatine not work without working out?

  65. MillerTime says:

    And also, about how long does it take for creatine to start showing a change in your size?

  66. acedoutlife says:

    rumors going around that creatine causes agression/irritability…any truth to it?

  67. Pawel says:

    Creatine gave me shortness of breath and chest pains , therefore i stopped taking it. I took 5g a day.

  68. GV says:

    Would creatine without working out cause fat gain?

  69. andrew s. says:

    hey i realize you get smaller after stopping the intake of creatine but do you decrease to your original siize or just decrease but stay bigger than you were before you started? this is with working out the same beefore during and after the use of creatine

  70. George says:

    Creatine is not the way to go.. i used Micronized creatine monohydrate for about 6 months will one break period in between. I am 17 years old and i was about 145 pounds when i started and after the 6 months i was at 165, creatine will not get you fast results, or a great amount of body mass. About 3 months ago i started to take dianabol steroids and the results are amazing, i went from 165 to 215 in the the months. The trick is eating like a horse, and working out at least once and day.

  71. jacky says:

    well u can consume cretine for an year…..then u can have a rest for 2-3 months and continue this cycle…..utill u discontinue eith ur gym

  72. UKChav says:

    Ive just started training and just started taking creatine monohydrate, i am also taking tribulus. I am 6’4″ and weigh 200lbs. I didnt load up on the creatine, im just taking 5g/day. Will i still get the same results from the creatine without loading. Also because i didnt load should i still take a break from the creatine and if so for how long? How effective is tribulus with creatine. One last thing, my bench press really sucks. I push about 70lbs currently, what can i do to improve this. Thanks in advance.

  73. mr. anderson says:

    wow you all sound really sure of yourselves!!!!
    sadly none of your personaly experiences matter
    there are simply too many variables
    however a university study i just read
    stated that no losses were seen in size or strength when subjects
    stopped taking creatine

  74. Max says:

    hi, ok ive just started taking creatine. i work out twice a week (these are intense 2 hour sessions on wednesday and sunday) and i might start doing some free weights at home. After loading is it ok if i only take creatine after i work out, or will i lose out if i dont have it everyday, because i want to get the most out of it 🙂

  75. Brian says:

    Hello can annybody tell me if Gasparis Sizeon Creatine
    really works? Thanks alot

  76. roy says:

    hi im 17 and ive been going to the gym for about 2 months everyday from 3-5 times a week, ive gained about 20 pounds of muscle since ive first started going to the gym by working out from an hour to an hour and a half im questioning taking creatine because i dont want any negative affects on my body. Would it be better if i just naturally keep working out and gain muscle or take creatine to help the process?

  77. George says:

    Hey guys.
    I started lifting again about 4 days ago and i take creatine and protein by bodyfortress… after 4 days i noticed change and after reading all this i really just dont know if its worth taking the creatine.. i mean yeah what will it do if i quit? just take me longer to get bigger if i just take protein?

    Help me out..
    My brother is a fitness trainer a bulky one like big guy no abs but HUGE.
    I want tohear somone elses input…
    if you could help me leavea post on here or email me at ugliot_@hotmail.com

    names george thx for reading

  78. George says:

    oh and im 19 years old. used to lift but gave up after vacation to spend it with the girl before college =]
    I promised her i wouldnt be the lean george she had.
    All i want to do is fill up some sleeves you know?
    Im naturally skinny bout 155.
    Help me out please.
    Like if you got a good bulk plan.. let me know?
    I hear leg work outs make everything get bigger because of the hormane production or something?
    let me know!!!
    Thanks =]

  79. chris says:

    hey, im 12 and i weigh 275 and bench 530 should i take creatine?

  80. andrew says:

    lol 275 and your 12

    and how long have you been roiding for?

    anyways to all you kiids the same age as me i heard that people under 19-20 dont really need to be taking creatine, because the our bodies already make enough and you dont need all that extra garbage. just stick to the protein

  81. ChrisS says:

    I took Animal Stack about a month ago now and I gained about 30-40 lbs on my bench and gained strength in many other areas as well, but of course everyone jst mentions bench.

    Anyway Ive been off it not for about 4 weeks ( this will be my 4th week off) and when I stopped taking it I was benching 270ish and Im not at about 285 ish. So unlike most people I suppose I feel stronger now that Im off it.

    However I have noticed my arms have gotten smaller, which of course is the lost of the water retention. But Ive continued to work out, take my protein after lifting and Ive gotten stronger.

  82. ChrisS says:

    Sorry that last post was me… anyway I meant animal PUMP not stack. PUMP is just creatine whereas i thnk the Stack stuff is a test booster? not sure but anyway I took the stack and it worked well ..

  83. David says:

    I have 1 kidney should I take creatine? This is the only reason I;m worried I need an answer because I don’t want to lose my frekin kidney.

    Do you get really saggy when you stop? and if you work out the same after you stop do you stay the same or lose it?

    I’m about 160 and bench about 273 how strong would i get in a month?

  84. coolio says:

    creatine just helps in aiding your muscle through workouts…. its main effect is to help the torn down muscles and fibers to rebuild therefore putting waterweight around the muscles but the muscles do get bigger.. and when you stop taking creatine youll lose the water weight… but the creatine has built of up the muscles and the muscle fibers so you wont lose the gains

  85. AARON says:

    hi im 15 and weigh 150 and bench 215. i want to take creatine but im afraid if i stop taking it i will just lose everything ive gained and maybe b weaker than i was before i took it. any respones will be great.. thanx!!

  86. aaron says:

    oh btw im taking this for football and ill be on varsity next year but i want to start.. maybe if i take this it will make me even that much more stronger to impress the coaches…

  87. martin says:

    There’s a lot of strange ideas about creatine on this thread! Creatine replenishes the muscles’ basic energy source, ATP. Ultimately, no matter what you use for energy…glycogen, protein, fats – anything – it all become ATP before the muscle uses it as energy. In that process it loses a phosphate molecule and beome ADP – creatine gives up a phosphate molecule to return it to ATP.

    That’s it. Creatine has NO inherent anabolic effect. There are no biochemical pathways by which creatine can cause or influence muscle growth directly. It provides more energy for the muscle and that’s basically it. It is a sugar after all so there’s little it can do. It has no hormonal effect as such, it simply supports you in your training – you can get one more rep out, or lift with that little bit more force.

    If you’re an endurance athlete, creatine will have no beneficial effect whatsoever. ATP is the primary energy source but is literally gone in seconds (and then replenished through stored creatine) but endurance athletes go beyond this energy system so creatine is next to useless.

    People using predominantly fast twitch muscle fibers (weightlifters, bodybuilders, sprinters, gymnasts etc) will benefit from creatine supplementation – but you can saturate your system which is why you need to take a break every few weeks.

    When you STOP takin creatine – your body should still be well stocked. SInce creatine has NO anabolic effect it should make no difference at all to your muscle mass or training generally. You may notice slightly less energy in the gym but that should be it. You lose mass generally by eating less calories than you need. That’s it. Eat properly – train properly and you should not notice a difference in muscle mass when cycling off creatine. If you do – then it’s likely your diet, training or recovery that’s screwed up. Eat more – it’s the most anabolic substance you can ingest by far!!! Food! 🙂

  88. NoClue says:

    Well I am 16 years old,1,79 height and 71 kg.
    I am thinkin’ of takin’ creatin,but I need to learn sth about them cos I am a lil bit confused.
    1st of all I have a lean and cut body and I can easily do 90-100 kilos in weight exercises,if I take creatin will I lose the lean and cut body and become muscled and bluffy,cos its sth i dont want.
    2nd If i stop creatin for a lot of time (lets say 2-3 years) or for ever will my ballz and muscles shrink and get belly and boobs?
    3rd one, many ppl claim that someone taking creatin,it is possible that after 30 years old he would not be able to make children and he would get many heart problems.
    4th one, could someone tell me what a creatin supplement for lean and cut body should contain,in order to know what kinda product I should buy. Thankz

  89. Ben says:

    I used to take preworkout supplements, Mutant Mass and creatine and I follwed all the instructions. I always tried to up the weight but I really never made much improvement. I stopped taking all of them and ever since I have been lifting move than ever before. I can’t really explain it. I’m taking nothing supplementory and I’ve never had these results. Just pure exercise. A guy I know was jacked and took creatine and stuff, but he stopped and now he’s shrunk. Honestly, advertisers can make any claim they want about their product, it doesn’t mean they actually help. Save your money, go all natural.

  90. shiz says:

    hello there im 14 and i want to take creatine for soccer but im scared of the consequences can sum 1 list down what are the good points and what are bad

  91. shiz says:

    hello there im 14 and i want to take creatine for soccer but im scared of the consequences can sum 1 list down what are the good points and what are bad .

  92. kr says:

    im seventeen and i weigh 145,will creatine give me the size i need for football

  93. drew says:

    I’m 18 i weigh 285 pounds my bench is 425 pounds and I’m ripped, Ive been working out since I was 15 and I think creatine is for pussies because you can do what you want without it, the whole idea is stupid, why would you want some fake ass muscles that you going to lose once you stop taking it.

  94. drew says:

    kr-yes it will but just remember that your going to lose it when you stop taking it so its your choice. My advice is load up on high-carb protien supplements and if you have a good metabolism eat a lot and work out even more, thats what I did and it worked, also take L-glutamine and Omega 3, then you are bound to get swole

  95. drew says:

    shiz-don’t be stupid…READ they are all listed on this site the good points are that you will get big and the bad is that your gonna lose those muscles when you stop taking it so just keep taking it lol

  96. drew says:

    ben- THANKS MAN thats what i’m trying to say

  97. manie says:

    Hey wasup guys is CEE good for boxing? my concern in taking it is gaining weight as in boxing we gotta watch our weight thank you

  98. Mikey says:

    Hi, ive just started taking creatine caps and plan on working out about 4 times a week, how long will it be before i see change in my body?

    P.s Im trying to tone up.

  99. Jimmy says:

    Creatine gave me a false sense of security. I knew that after cycling off it my muscles would be like Cinderella’s carriage and turn into a pumpin at midnight. …and boy did they ever. My muscles lost all the ‘puff’ that creatine gave them, they looked saggy and girly, my deep voice raised 3 octaves. Some of the guys at the gym started calling me Sally when my bench press went from 315 to 285. 🙁

  100. marc says:

    NO,1 you DO NOT need to do this stupid loading phase nonsense, anymore than 10g of creatine will simply be pissed out and you’ll waste your money its that simple.

    NO,2 you DO NOT need to do 2 hours sessions at home or in the gym an intense 30 or 45 min workout is ample to see the gains you need.

    NO,3 MYTH this idea that all the gains you see is simply water retention is a load of crap,if you put the work in you’ll develop the muscle you want, yes a small amount of it is but not the amount that ive been reading on this site. If you do interval based cardio then you burn the fat off while at the same time building the muscle.

    NO,4 the only dangerous side effects of creatine is if you do this loading phase shit coz it simply makes your liver and kidneys work harder and your only using 10g of it anyway so dont load up. If you have a pre-existing condition with your liver or kidneys then you shouldnt be taking a high protein diet or taking creatine.

  101. Ryan says:

    Ive been using creatine cycling on and off every couple months for about 8 months. Im 17 and I started at 16. I notice no side effects what so ever and nothing wrong my body. All it has done is build me up more, give my body a clean cut shape and helps me lift a bit more than without creatine.
    Lots of people here are worried about some major ‘side effects’ when there really isn’t any unless your doing things you shouldn’t be such as over dosing etc.
    Just keep drinking water a lot when using creatine to wash out your kidney and body. Eat meat, protein, veggies etc. Just eat healthy and follow the rules.

  102. TaoistShredder says:

    Personally I think creatine is only worth taking if you’re competitive bodybuilder or athlete. If you’re just an average Joe who wants to take some short cuts to getting buff, it’s not worth it. Work out with heavier weights with higher intensity, eat more lean proteins and go to the gym regularly then you’ll build a solid foundation and wont need to waste your money on creatine that might bloat your muscles for a month then leave you looking like a deflated balloon, girly man after you come off it.

    There are no short cuts to getting a good physique. I repeat, I think it’s only useful for natural competitive bodybuilders who need an edge just before posing.

  103. ecom says:

    ok, i am 15 years old and i play football for my school and was wondering about taking creatine to get a better start for varsity next year and impress my coaches. I was just wondering should i start now or next year i am 5′ 8 130lbs, and also when i get bulky from water rentension, when i run can i get a little smaller cause i dont want to be HUGE but retain the same strengh for the position i play out on the field.

  104. new x-er says:

    If you are looking to put size on try a program called P90X. The program is very intense and even caters towards athletics. Cuation, this program is extreme but works wonders…I started at 175 lbs and 22% body fat at 5’11.5″ at 26yrs old and know down to 17% body fat after only 3 months. They even suggest what foods to eat and how much depending on what you want to do. The programs are brole down into toning, weight lose, and building muscle mass. The program is a little high priced but real worth it. I take creatine with my workout and seemed to do wonders. As far as speciallized workout for football, I have a very close friend who has been a varsity coach for 10+ years and said he has never seen anything like this program…….he started making his players do it in the off season and plans to set something up for summer workouts…..trust me, this program will give you great results!!!

  105. nerd says:

    *i was wondering if i started taking creatine. After im done with it would i lose a LOT of weight and strength due to water loss?*
    because honestly, i want to get a decent body and increase my strength drastically within 4-5 months time, but will i lose ALL of my strength and nice body frame after i stop taking it? or will i just go back to normal size (as in before i started taking creatine)
    or is it better to just work out normally to achieve results?
    im looking for a more permanent solution to my problem.
    very much appreciated.

  106. gong says:

    hey guys I’m 17, 6″1 and 108kg, in pounds around 235. My bench is 225, 3 sets, so it’s awesome compared to most people I’m around. But I want to increase it to 270, maybe even 315 if I’m lucky. I’m trying to shed about 30 pounds or so and also bulk up back to 230 in muscle. I’m also trying to Increase my fittnes. My plan is a 4 day split routine in the gym in the mornings, while training approximately, 5 times a week in Rugby and 2 games. I’m trying to increase my strength aswell cause I am playing seniors grade and the guys are a lot bigger, stronger, and a lot older although for my age I’m pretty heavy. I’ve have been researching supplements, bodybuilding, diets, etc for more then a year now so I do know a fair bit. Their are several products or stacks I will be taking, 1. A Nitric Oxide Precursor before Gym. The other ones are Creatine, Protein or a Creatine/Protein/Glutamine mix post training. I’m wondering what will be the best stack. Defintely Nitric Oxide, but Im wondering if i should do 1. Nitric/Creatine/Protein, 2.Nitric/Protein, 3.Nitric/Protein(glutamine mix). The thing I’m worried about is the creatine. It says to do really really heavy loading for the first 6 days, about 1 1/2 serves 4 times a day. Then for the next 3 weeks one serve post training. It says nothing about taking it on non-training days. It also says again after 1 week loading, 3 weeks use, they recommend a 2 week break. Now will the creatine still be in my system after that 2 weeks cycle so I will only have to take once after working out after the break, or will i have to massively load again. Or should i just stick with Nitric Oxide and Protein mix? for your information these are Australian products by a company called Body Science. BSc Myocytin is the Creatine name. I was thinking about BSN but its too expensive over here, and Muscle-Tech is good and I heard good things about it. I was going to do the naNO Vapour/HALO stack, but I heard HALO makes u sleepy, and I dont want to be sleepy after my workouts when I’ve got school.

  107. gong says:

    ohh, and 1 more thing is it neccesary to take L-Glutamine? cause i probs will be taking these products. On top of that I will be taking, A Multi-Vitamin, Joint Formula, ZMA, Fish/Flaxseed/Primrose Oil, Chronium Piconilate and a Liver Health tablet. Should I take creatine? and is it neccesary for me to take these EFA’s and Liver Health? the liver health I’m worried because maybe of all these tablets and creatine will cause damage, and the EFA’s are for health.

  108. Propergene says:

    If my penis is 8 and 3/4 inches long, and I start taking creatine, will my penis grow in girth and length to about 12 and 1/2 inches? Also, when I stop taking it will it go back to 8 and 3/4 inches or something a little longer but still less than 12 and 1/2?

  109. Anonymous says:

    can creatine help lose weight?

  110. Ali-Salman says:

    how many creatine are there which help you gain weight , muscles, strenth , power and growth.

  111. joe says:

    hey guys weigh 225 and want to drop drop down to 210… i want to take creatine for lean muscle mass without gaining more weight.. i was taking hydroxycut and lifting moderate weight with cardio and a decent diet.. the question is can i keep taking hydroxycut to lose the fatty weight and take creatine to gain lean bigger muscle wothout gaining weight or is this counter productive ?

  112. BillY says:

    hey what is the best creatine on the market. Also does creatine work when taken about 2 times a week and what are the reprocussions of taking it and when stopped

  113. jerry says:

    Hay Am 27 120 slim Body i Need To Build my Body creatine helps To me

  114. Henry says:

    I’m 6ft 3, i weigh 16 stone and i’ve just turned 18. My upper body is reasonably muscular but the bottom half needs some toning.
    I have just started taking creatine and i’m hoping to build on my upper body strength through weight lifting, at the same time I am running every night with the hope of loosing some weight on the bottom half.

    Can both be achieved at the same time?

    Any reccomendations for a better work out would be much appreciated

  115. Jamie says:

    I have been working out for about 4 months now and I am taking creatine. My goal is to gain muscle and lose fat, especially near my abs. I work out 4 times a week for about 1.5-2 hours and about 2 or 3 days when I don’t, I run about 2-3 miles. I didn’t know if I was cancelling this out and if I am should I stop taking creating until I get as lean as I want and then start taking it again or what?

  116. asdf says:

    creatine.com read it, learn it. It does none of the above post.

  117. Billy Bollocks says:

    Hi guys, I’m 12 years old and weigh less than a cup full of warm oxygen. I bench around 1900lb, yeah i hold the world record. I don’t know what creatine is, but i feel like gloating cause i don’t get enough love IRL.

    If anyone wants to touch me like a human call me on 0800 lying tosser

  118. Adam says:

    I’m taking simple GNC XXX weight gainer, obviously in hopes of gaining weight and mass. Are there any bad sides to taking a weight gainer?

  119. Anonymous says:

    creatine will make your cock small

  120. scott says:

    hello to all,
    i have stopped training now for 4weeks due to money i’ve been training for 3 years on and of love the sport, i weighed 220lbs, now down to 215lbs, would taking creatine and training own body weight keep my weight or even put more on. i do press ups, dips, pull ups and other body weight exercises.
    any relpies would be thankful , scott

  121. Mike says:

    I’m 16 yrs old and play a high level of hockey. A lot of these players I play with and against all use creatine. I weigh 175 right now. And I’m 6’2. I try to workout 4 times at least a week. Does creatine have any side effects like peeing Crystals or anything? And with taking protein shakes, will creatine help out a lot?

  122. mac daddy says:

    grow up for fuck sakes weak bastards

  123. mac daddy says:

    why would u pee crystals? fuck man think before u talk

  124. Anonymous says:

    im 11years old and i bench 265 and i weigh 85 pounds ppl think im on steroids but im not

  125. popo says:

    can you mix two or nor supplement

  126. popo says:

    can you mix tow or more supplements at a time

  127. Mattdub says:

    Im 16,6-4, weigh 200 pounds, pretty solid but i want to take creatine to gain some extra pounds of muscle, and get hella bitches this summer, can i take it for like a month and stop and if i do what will be the side effects, and is six star creatine good shit.

  128. Andres says:

    how many pills should i take daily?
    i work out 3 times a week, do i still take it even the days i dont work out?

  129. Mdub says:

    Im not sure for the pills but for the powder your supposed to take it directly after your work out and on your off days you take it in the morning then a dosage 12 hours later

  130. songo says:

    i start taking creatine monohydrate power for 2 weeks with working out….then i stopped training about 2 weeks coz of my exams…..if i want to start again
    how to take the creatine…also start with these four days of 4.5 mg….or start normally take the 2 doses before the training and before the sleep …or wht??

    thanks advanced

  131. Frank says:


    i took creatine pills for like a month, 2 pills a day , i have grown some muscle mass and a litle strength, now i havent taken them in bout a week and a half , i have not seen any decrease of muscle mass or strength, i was just wondering if any one knows if it takes long to see affects from not taking it.

  132. Mikey says:

    i know how to cycle through creatine, but can anybody tell me if i work out during all 3 of the cycles? i know to work out during the maintanance cycle, but do i work out during the loading cycle and the few weeks of taking no creatine?

    1 more question- i weigh 130 and i max out at 175. does anybody know about how much my max will go up while cycling through creatine if i would out 3 times a week for a whole month.

  133. Louie says:

    Hahaha Jeff you’re the man. Ok i have a question i been working out for about to years with just protein i have gain some mass but like everyone else i want some more so im thinking about creatine the thing is that in two months from now im going on vacation for a month what happens when i stop taking it and stop working out at the same time.

  134. jimmy says:

    if you start right now you should be fine because the cycle lasts for about 8 weeks. yes going off creatine for a month is gonna make you lose a some strength and mass, but nothing big. you can always start back up after vacation and do another cycle. just be sure to drink plenty of water. 1-1.5 gallons a day is what i suggest.

  135. Louie says:

    Thanx for that reply Jimmy…so you dont think that im going to loose whatever i gained if i dont workout for that whole month?

  136. jimmy says:

    you will lose some of it. but not all of it. i wouldnt recommend taking creatine monohydrate though. i personally like using creatine ethyl ester better because you dont have to go through a loading cycle and works more effectively than creatine monohydrate. but again drink a lot of water with whichever one you choose. thats one of the most important things. cycling correctly and drinking enough fluids. (not sodas).

  137. Antonio Colangelo says:

    Hello there. I’m thinking about taking creatine to start getting big for football. The only thing im worried about is the losing of mass once you stop taking it. I hear that if you ease off of it and ease onto whey protein then you shouldn’t lose as much mass. is this true?

  138. Memo says:

    Do i have to be in proper form (i.e : muscles should have grown to their proper shape) before supplementing with creatine….since creatine does not build muscle tissue, rather, by water retension, this makes me wonder…..hope someone could advice on this…thanks

  139. paul says:

    im 15 and im coming off my second acl reconstruction. im healthy enough to do almost everything normally but i weigh 160 and bench 205 in 9th grade. I want to get stronger and gain weight for football so should i start taking creatine right now? i took it last summer. also take into account spring practice is just beginning so is now a good time to start up again and if i do does it effect healing of a knee surgery in anyway good or bad?

  140. mo says:

    I used creatine for about 2 months…my bench soared from a mere 125 to about 205 pounds.
    I stopped and lost 11 pounds and im skinny again. Its like i never worked out. So yea this stuff really makes you shrink. However, i stopped working out altogether so that might be why

  141. chrisbenoit says:

    Hey guys I started taking roids cuz I’m a wrestler in the WWE, went into a rage, and killed myself with my home gym pully machine. Should I take creatine?

  142. Kevin says:

    I just purchased cell mass. I weigh 165 and have a 6 pack but want to get more muscle in my arms. Will the creatine take away my 6 pack. And also if i only do one cycle of creatine and then go back to taking syntha 6 for awhile will i notice a big change. Thanks

  143. mitchell says:

    what happens if u dont work out enough when u take creatine?

  144. joey says:

    hey jackass, dont be a disrespectful little piece of trash, chrsi benoit was a great professional wrestler regardless of what he did outside the ring. and he has family and friends that may come across stuff like this and they see it’s jusr some disrespectful little punk and they get hurt by your ignorant comments. so please grow up.

  145. John the pro says:

    I’m really shocked at some of your comments. i believe you all are teenagers right. Let me tell you one thing, creatine is just a supplement. Creatine is not an anabolic steroid, creatine is like water compared to steroids. you wont hurt your heart if you stop using it so dont be so silly and use the freaking supplement. i hope god you never get to take steroids because your lack of knowledge is unbelieveable.
    this creatine thing reminds me of an anecdote in the gym. there were two kids that were praising for this magic supplement that will make your muscles explode and it wasnt steroid. We laughed our asses when they told us The pros, they were using creatine. i think my cat uses creatine. haha
    knowledge kids, knowledge

  146. Jake says:

    Ive been on creatine for a while now because I lift for football. I gained about 15 pounds and my bench did go up. A lot of kids on my team say that I need to stop taking the creatine when the season starts because it dehydrates you. Would it be worth it to take once or twice a week during the season or would it not be enough to make a difference? Would that still dehydrate me too much?

  147. boy says:

    im playing college football and i weight around 163 all muscle i run a 4.45 40 yr dash i was wonder will creatine add good muscle weight to me with and will it dehydrate me because im very active and a d1 college athlete

  148. igotabigpenis says:

    i am 5 years old and i weigh 10lbs and i bench 450lbs… if i take creatine, can i get up to 15 pounds and add 50 pounds to my bench???????????? PS: my mom thinks im fat

  149. creatine made my cock small! says:

    Hey… this is a serious question. I have been taking creatine for like 2-3 weeks now and i swear to god my penis has gotten smaller….when i beat my meat now it seems as if my cock is skinnier (still about the same length though) than wat it was before i started taking creatine… Has anyone else here experienced a skinnier penis after taking creatine for a while?!?!?! ….PLZ HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………………

  150. dillweed69 says:

    i am 4 years old i weight 634lbs and bench 5 lbs is that bad should i take creatine?????!!!!

  151. lol says:

    beatin ur meat makes it smaller.. don’t believe me? get a gf and dont beat it.. it will get thicker, eh especially if you’re having sex. but no worries it still will grow

  152. Creatine Cock. says:

    its true i once had a 6 and 2/3 dick… after 2 months of creatine my weiner went down to 4 and 3/4… when i put it into my girlfriend now she laughs at me.
    ive used numerous extendders to get the baby back. but i fear my cock has lost form… How do i get SMALL JERRY back?

  153. JT says:

    hey guys alota you seem like professional trainers lol didnt say you were but your all knowlegable in this creatine usage so can some you help me with some questions i kinda need answered, email me at darkblade92@sbcglobal.net please and thanx

  154. Jonathan says:

    Okay i just picked up this creatine stuff… all i wanna know is when to take it like before or after working out or both.. and days im not working out do i take it?

  155. Wes says:

    Jonathan – Go to this website.


    It might help you out.

  156. Sunil says:

    some experts says that we can take creatine long as we can….but you need to be well dehydrated….you need to drink atleast 1 gallon of water per day……because CREATINE NEEDs WATER…..creatine does not have a side effects…..

  157. Homeless says:

    I’ve been taking creatine for a month and going to the gym for an hour everyday. I also drink alot of whey protein and in a month I look swolen.

  158. Keith says:

    I will post two quotes/ links from reputable studies, one confirming creatine’s likelihood as a performance enhancing substance, and another confirming that any short-term negative effects are usually negligible (taking recommended doses, short-term: about 8-weeks. People with high or low blood-pressure should probably avoid creatine. Long-term studies haven’t been done, as it is a relatively new fad). Actually, it appears that the second study monitored individuals ranging from .8 year to 4 year creatine supplementation, and found all individuals to be within normal clinical ranges.



    “Our findings indicate that creatine, supplemented concurrently with resistance and anaerobic training, may positively affect cell hydration status and enhance performance variables further than augmentation seen with training alone.”



    “All group means fell within normal clinical ranges. There were no differences in the reported incidence of muscle injury, cramps, or other side effects. These data suggest that long-term creatine supplementation does not result in adverse health effects.”

    My conclusion:
    There have been no significant confirmed side effects of creatine, only speculation. Some people don’t recommend it for people under 18 yrs old. It can potentially raise blood pressure, as it stores extra water in the cells of your muscles. Some speculate that it could potentially be harmful to the liver or kidneys, as they have to process it. However, when you think of all of the random chemicals you consume every day, I can’t see any reason why creatine would be any more likely to harm you than they would. Best to not take drastically high amounts, though, like alcohol or any other chemical, etc. While no short-term side effects have been observed, no comprehensive long-term studies have been done either, so take creatine at your own risk.

  159. jerson says:

    im 16 i weigh 130 lbs. and im 5.5 tall i’ve been training for 2 years n im benching 215 n squating 295 and im tire flipping 780 pound tires i only take protein do you think i should take creatine ??

  160. Rob says:

    Hi im 15, 365lbs have elephantitus and three kidneys. Should I take creatine?

  161. hammad says:

    to Rob: Donate one kidney and start taking creatine

  162. bri says:

    i have got creatine and i am worried 2 take it i am 15 and 9st and are very week wat should do? wat can happen if i take creatine then stop thanks a lot

  163. sam says:

    pls tell me dosage of creatine.

  164. tim says:

    im 15 just started taking creatine for 5 days and i see the rippness already. but anyways i have 12.5 in biceps not that big but in just three months of taking it could i get up to 18 in if i work out like im suppose to and i also take it everyday

  165. tim says:

    im 15 just started taking creatine for 5 days and i see the rippness already. but anyways i have 12.5 in biceps not that big but in just three months of taking it could i get up to 18 in if i work out like im suppose to and i also take it everyday

  166. Chip. says:

    I’m currently taking creatine and gained 10 in the first three weeks while lifting and running. over the past two week havent gained a pound while still doing the same workouts and running? Why am i not gaining weight

  167. carter says:

    I stopped taking creatine and my bench went from 145 doing 3 sets easily down to struggling doing 3 sets of 125, but i’m stroinger than when i started.

  168. Alfred says:

    Many of the doctor I’ve asked about protein and creatin
    suggest I should’nt take them due to the fact that if iI stop using it,
    It will shrink my body like an old man
    for example….the governor of California Honorable Arnold [forgot the last name]
    so i have already bought four flavor of whey protein ahd creatin
    and still have second thought about using them despite the fact given and recommend by my doctor and other health care personnel…
    so what is your suggestion

  169. Bmm says:

    I’m 17 about 5’8″ and weigh 137 lbs. I run roughly 40 miles a week due to cross country practice but I wrestle too, I was considering taking creatine post wrestling up to fall cross country to get big for my senior year. How much, often, and how come( I like to know the reasons not just yes/no )

  170. Aaron says:

    Everybody please ignore everything on this thread except for Martin’s response. Thank God for you, Martin! I was scrolling down this thread wondering where all the sane people had gone.

    Creatine can be beneficial for helping you have harder short workouts, and, yes, therefore help you gain muscle, because… well…. if you can push a bit extra, you’ll get a bit extra. THAT, however, is IT.

    The rest is psychological placebo and – HELLO – the marketing spin of an industry who are all benefiting quite nicely out of everyone’s desperation to find a miracle substance to get the aesthetic they are made to feel they need in this society.

    It’s not necessarily evil, it’s not a bad idea as such, but it isn’t what most of you are choosing to believe it is.

    If you do regular weight-based workouts, Creatine will help you workout slightly harder, which should help you gain some more muscle. End of story. If you wanna pay through the nose for that, fine. But don’t think you’re going to take it and just magically turn into Hulk. If you just ate better and were more disciplined in your exercise, you’d save a lot of dosh and be healthier than what most people are who are taking creatine at the expense of a proper dietary intake.

  171. Aaron says:

    PS: Oh, and Creatine has almost NOTHING to do with weight loss! If you want to lose weight, it’s actually very simple (and cheap!). You get on a treadmill and you RUN LIKE THE WIND! And you stop eating shit. Done, weight gone! Creatine isn’t going to help you, and neither is any other commercial drug.

  172. MJ says:

    i think peoplw who take this crap should be banded from playin sports cause its not helping people and when ppl need a heart thansplant this person cant give one if they wanted to!!!!

  173. Hameed Amir says:

    Hey Hello dears…

    Can you please advise me…?

    i weight 77 KG…. can i use Creatine with Weight Gain Drink Mix (Muscle Juice)

    if yes…. can you tell me the mothod dear please i need help….!

    thnx alot

  174. Joe Kett says:

    Hey just wondering if i am benching 200 right now without Creatine and then get on creatine for a good 5-6 months and then lets say i stop taking Creatine. will i be back to the 200 i benched before or will i be higher or lower after all the creatine has worn off.

  175. Kyle Woodyard says:

    I’m 15 and I don’t really kno anything about weight lifting and using creatine. How long should my workout be? Should I try to lift as much as I can while using creatine or should I start out small since I have never worked out? Can I use creatine while running or doing push ups and sit ups and it still work? My last question is what is the deal about the water retention or whatever? What does that mean and what are the effects of that and is it a big deal???

  176. Jeremiah says:

    So i feel like im going to lose all of what ive gained when i go off creatine, in a month and a half ive gotten a bit bigger in all of my upper body and gained 11 pounds, i dont want to take creatine forever so once the jar is gone im done. am i really going to lose all of what ive worked so hard for?

  177. Florent says:

    When i use a creatine do I have to stop using Caffeeine?And how much water shuld i drink when I use Creatine?

  178. Jimmy says:

    Yeah i’ve noticed Whey protein has added a small amount of acne to my chest and a lot of the people who take it. I’m not sure if this is just coincidental?

  179. jezza says:

    Tell me if im wrong, but is this not a good way to describe creatine?
    Creatine is like a super-charged pair of runners. These runners help you run for longer, thus working your muscles harder and runners let out this gas which helps you gain mass. but it does wear off (the gas)
    once you stop using the runners (over time) you wont be able to run as well, but your muscles will still be stronger as there is no link between the runners and the muscle. but the mass will decrease because it has worn off, but there still will be the mass you put on from your muscles.

  180. Anonymous says:

    I’ve just started creatine and need to know how much time it takes to gain about two inches on my arms I’m 77kgs and can lift 130kg bench but still my biceps are 14inches pls leave a reply anyone

  181. rafael says:

    …..believe me folks, creatine really works!!!!

  182. rafael says:

    …..w/c is better, whey protein or creatine?????

  183. tuff guy says:

    i can bench 30lbs rooooah

  184. Sam says:

    Hey Guys, Im planning to take creatine. 16 years old. The reason I lift weights is I just want to look good without a shirt on. i dont want to be freakishly enormous or sht. i just want to have a ripped body. does creatine help in building abdominal muscles? when should i take creatine? and when will i have my breaks? and when will i stop?

    Thanks, Cheers!

  185. Anonymous says:

    you just need to take5gms of creatine a day and drink 3litres or more water and you’ll get a cool lean body in around 2 months

  186. Jake says:

    Anyone that takes this blog seriously-

    I am going to start taking creatine in a few days. I am going to record dosage, time of intake, gains, side effects, and post cycle effects of the powdered form. I am on bodyspace. My profile name is justjake81 I thought it would be great to see someone with a well documented experience with creatine. Since I see no such thing, I’ll make one.

  187. morons says:

    Anybody who gives their kid creatine should be put in jail. Teens have ego issues as is. Their body isn’t done growing naturally yet and you are only disturbing the process and potentially causing harm. Its possible to get ripped without creatine. It just takes a little longer. All creatine is water weight. Once you stop taking it, you lose everything you gain. Besides its expensive to keep buying over and over. Eat plenty of chicken and go easy on carbs. Any of these get ripped quick supplements are a health concern. Eat right no driver thrus greasy burgers pizzas taco bell at 4 in the morning. It takes real discipline not some magic shake to get a real gym body.

  188. bodymaster says:

    i am 33 years old i weight 210 lbs and bench 295, i been taking creatine for 2 years now with breaks (one mount on and off), im just wondering if i stop taking creatine will i lose my age and be 20 years old boy again? please help with this, is mean a lot to me !

  189. baby says:

    i am 5 years old i weight 420 lbs and i can bench 490. do i need creatin guys?

  190. natasha says:

    Im 20 years female, I want to ask you guys if I take creatine with my chest grow??? In this case I will save some money on a plastic surgery? Many thx

  191. bangamen says:

    Hi I’m 33 years old and i have been taking creatine for 6 mounts, im weight 524 lbs with my boots on but after the toilet, if i stop taking creatine will my boots get smaller?

  192. oldgizza says:

    Hi I’m 120 y old poor man and i can bench 800lbs. when i take Viagra and creatine.

  193. makedonec says:

    if you take creatine your cock will be twice as size bigger then normal. but when u stop taking creatine you will lose your cock and have pussy.

  194. kuku says:

    creatine it work for me very good when i make it lines and take it with my nose.

  195. kuku says:

    or with my arse

  196. dimitris says:

    hey guys i am form greece and no one here knows about creatine. only bullshit. i am taking creatine one month now and i was wondering for how much time i should take creatine?
    3 months?
    one year?
    when creatine will hert my organs?

  197. Anonymous says:

    all of yall are butt fucks.. if you have to look big to feel good about your self then your a shit fuck… go blow up a plane or something

  198. danny says:

    ok for a start anonymous shut up does blowing up planes make you feel better about yourself you terrorist, and yes shockingly enough improving your body does make you feel good about yourself

    anyway on the subject lol ive only recently started taking creatine pills, to be honest ive already noticed it gives you ridiculous amounts of energy, i mean i was uncomftably energetic my first few days, but shoickingly enough i have already noticed a difference in my muscle, its definately bigger and just generally when im not lifting weights my muscels feel bigger then usual lol. but the point i want to make is that it really doesnt decrease your muscle size or your strength after you stop taking it, aslong as your drinking your 6-8 pints of water a day, (which your supposed to anyway) then you wont loose muscle because of the water retension, and just because you have stopped using something that increases your muscle volume doesnt mean it will reduce afterwards, you stay the same or even get bigger if you carry on training, its something to aid you in building up, not a tempo boost

  199. Hot Dog!! says:

    i took some creatine and i started having superpowers… im able to lift a truck with one hand and fly all over. I then got arrested for running naked with a creatine pills on my mouth.. Now, im addicted. true story….

  200. Devon T says:

    my question’s are:


  201. Bojan says:

    What can I take after using creatine to keep my mass.. ?
    Anabolics? amino Acids..?

  202. oscar says:

    hi im 16 and i weigh 315 lbs can i take creatine to get stronger and not mess up my boddy system or give me a heart attack i have no health problems im just fat seriously but right know i bench 225 and want to bench 300 or more by july should i youse creatine or should i not youse it

  203. ryan says:

    if you think your seriosuly fat, well you have a health problem most likely, you get it. eat to much junk well that is what happenes. Oscar, yes you should use creatine or some other safe (SAFE) supplement if you want to reach 300, but rememebr you dont want to gain to much wieght for it will be bad for you at the same time.

  204. Billy Ennis says:

    Oscar if you ultimately want to reach 300 bench press it is within reach with you being that big. just cut out on the junk food (if you eat it) cut down on sodas(switch to diet) and work out heavy but slowly because being over weight is a very serious health problem, for it puts a strain on the heart, when it comes to drastic changes so dont expect to cut alot of weight in at least 2 months. i recommend this.
    monday- chest and abs
    tuesday- arms and back
    wednesday- legs
    thursday- chest and abs
    friday- rest or work any of these

    also another reason you wanna lose weight slowly is you will take away the fat and replace it with muscle therefore you wont have loose skin.

    i been lifting weight for three years my weight fluctuates between 160-170 i bench 300lbs all natural. no creatine. creatine is good but i dont recommend it.

    just lift heavy and steady and keep at it for about 6 months and you will be a reasonably healthy guy.

    but as we all know RESULTS MAY VARY

  205. Dan says:

    SO just starting on NANo Vapor feeling a huge increase in endurance but my face is turning red everytime i take it anyone know why? or what i can do to control it it stays like that for like 2 days i figure i just gotta drink a shit ton more water but want some input

  206. donkeyboner16 says:

    hey, im 9 and weigh about 50lbs, bench 495pounds and curl 330pounds should i take creatine?

  207. mardy45 says:

    hay i am recovering from nasal cancer been clear for 2 years my weight goes up and down weight 175 down to 142 trying to build muscle and weight just started creatine u thank that might help me or hurt me please help

  208. oscar says:


  209. Ronnie says:

    Hey i just got some creatine, wondering if it will dissolve in the drink if i let it sit out for about 2-4 hours? or will it be useless now?

  210. Tim says:

    not cool. i took creatine, so today i woke up with a huge stomach ache. basically lasted all day.. and now diahreaaa and its hurts my stomach so much. So i dont know if this has todo with my flu i had a week ago tht passed already or the creatine i started to take yesterday

  211. Sean says:

    Hey i started taking creatine and my friend told me take it durring your lift. Also that when you stick it into your waterbottle drink it right away. For example dont make it at 7 am and drink it at 11 am because it can become poisonous to the body if left out too long. is this true?

  212. sp says:

    hey guys i play football and i took creatine for a week and i already saw HUGE improvment in how hard i worked and the muscle gain

  213. David says:

    Take kre-alkalyn it’s really good and better then the powder because it doesn’t make creatinine which i think is the poisonous result of mixed water with Creatine. 1 gram of Kre-Alkalyn is equal to 10 grams of the powder.

  214. Michael says:

    Hey i’m 18 and just purchased some dumbells and a bench press and a multigym about a month ago.
    I want to start building size on my chest and arms faster and tone up my abs, would creatine be the best thign to take? and should I take any other shakes/powders with it?
    Also do I have the right equipment needed or do you guys advise me to get a gym membership?

  215. Matt says:

    “What doesnt kill you makes you stronger”

    try it. if its not working or kills you then stop.

  216. Anonymous says:

    I AM A OWNER OF A SPORTS NUTRITION STORE and I fell upon this while searching the internet.

    I would like to CLARIFY many misconceptions of Creatine….

    CREATINE- is great for building muscles. It occurs naturally in your body and helps to restore ATP (energy). When you do a rep your body releases ATPs that burst and give you energy. Your body releases creatine to restore your ATPs, now when you run out of creatine you no longer have energy to do another rep. By putting more creatine into your body you can do more reps therefore gaining muscle. Now creatine also opens up the pores in your cells and allows whatever you take with it to enter and form a mass (unless taken with water). Therefore, IF YOU TAKE CREATINE WITH WATER YOU WILL GET WATER WEIGHT. I DO NOt recommend taking it with water! However, if taken with protein your putting protein into your muscle to form a hard mass. I recommend taking your creatine with protein and if you are doing a pre-work out you should take it with that aswell. 1 scoop with a pre-work out and 1 scoop with your protein after your work out. I do not recommend anyone under the age of 18 to take it for the fact that they do not have mature muscles and it will not be benefecial enough to them. You should cycle creatine- 1 month on 1 month off so your body doesnt get used to it and also because your body was not ment to have that much creatine at once therefore causing stomach problems. Now when combined with proper exercise and taken with PROTEIN you wont lose muscle but you will lose a little strength inbetween cycles but if you use creatine properly the amount of muscle that you put on will make your strength go right back up.

    KRE-ALKALYN- is a buffered creatine. If your having stomach aches with creatine monohydrate then switch to kre-alkalyn. Kre-alkalyn contains magnesium which acts as a buffer therefore making you able to take it longer but once again you need to cycle it so your body doesnt get used to it.

    Hope I have answered your questions

  217. Anonymous says:

    Just bought some greatine and i am wondering if i can put on about twenty pounds of muscle or so, right now i weight about 170 pounds and would like to go up to about 190. Does anyone out there in internet land think its possible tqaking creatine ?

  218. Homer says:

    Im gay if i start using Creatine will i go straight? and when i stop will i go back to taking penis?

  219. nalinkumar says:

    I am 21…my height is 178 ..weight is 57 if i took cratine i can improve my weight..? if imprrove how much time will take ?

  220. lepine says:

    i did some searching and it says not to take after or before eating because the food will absorb the energy anyone here know if thats true by exp. Also when should i take it how long before my work out. How many grams a day?? I have looked up this but i would like to hear it from some one that has exp. I weigh 164 ,5’10 tall lean muscle i can bench around 215 curl about 130 with max reps of 3-4 times no creatine..started 3 days ago iam 20 years of age ty

  221. chris says:

    dose creatin make you poop more

  222. Anonymous says:

    Just eat corn. And control it within the specks for Other forms of fat and strength producing enzymes…that way…you don’t want to be like aTHE FIELD PIG who gets disectin in the BIOLOGY 202 classrooms and tossed as fodder.

    Too much corn, like (for having this amidst other enzymes) CREATINE…is NOT for injestion like a tootsie pop AFTER you do battle with a meal…just eat it with other veggies an it won’t get you out of frame size…but eat it with a MEAT? HONEY you will ZOOM up and plump too huge for cheer.

  223. Anon says:

    Im considering to take creatine, i know if i stop taking creatine, i’ll lose the strength. But when i am, i’ll be able to bench more, say from 180lbs to 200 lbs. Since i am consistently training, when i stop taking creatine, would i drop back to 180lbs or will i gain extra strength already since i have been using heavier weights and improve to 190lbs?

  224. brendan squair says:

    i want to take creatine,which is better pills or powder? Also, how much to take a day and how much water to go along with that, and should i take breaks once and a while for how long!!??? i am 15 and weight 160 is it alright to take it at my age?


  225. brendan squair says:

    i want to take creatine,which is better pills or powder? Also, how much to take a day and how much water to go along with that, and should i take breaks once and a while for how long!!??? i am 15 and weight 160 is it alright to take it at my age?


  226. Anonymous says:

    I ve heard that creatine causes hairloss,is that true?in my blogs number of ppl have mentioned hairloss by usage of creatine.

  227. Anonymous says:

    plz ppl get serious!!

  228. Pooper says:

    Hi, I weigh 110 and can bench 290. Except the creatine make me crap my drawers in middle of rep. Oh I heard creatine make you go gay too. can anyone help.

  229. Scott says:

    ok so i am 16 years old… i weigh about 120 and am not very strong, i do work out, but i still cant get that cut ripped look i want… should i start taking creatine and if so how much… pleasee help me

  230. mike says:

    Do i take protein with cell tech?????? or can i just take the cell tech without any protein shakes

  231. Anonymous says:

    my cock skin broke because it got so big

  232. yo says:

    how and when can take creatine? i only want to try it, and ive heard that it need “loading phase”? but as far as i know, u can take it even w/o doing the “loading phase”.

  233. chri says:

    Hey guys my name is chris I’m currently 2 weeks into a diet and exercise regimen I’m currently in the process of losing weight and building up lean muscle mass so that I can enlist in the airforce. Normally I would space it out without supplements and go straight but given time constraints I need to maximize my results asap. My worry is though is that if I begin a supplement that with my limited access to exercise equippment meaning only have room for dumbbells and a exercise ball can’t afford gym membership right now. I was wanting to know given that basic is 8.5 weeks long what can I take that will speed up the process but won’t leave me feeling weak at basic when I have to go cold turkey. Any feedback is greatly app.

  234. Frugal says:

    Hi guys, currently I weigh about 65 pounds, im 25 years old, i bench 450 and squat 600. Should I take creatine?

  235. Josue says:

    Whats better Creatine or nitric oxide

  236. Alex says:

    Creatine is an interesting substance. It will make you bigger, all around, but this is simply the water. Sure, when there is more water in your muscles, you tend to have more strength. Think of it as an engine with a bigger capacity (like 4 L vs 3 L). The majority of the size gained only by creatine will be lost after stopping. You have to understand that the people who say “you don’t lose everything when you stop taking it” are correct. You would gain strength and muscle mass either way if you were working out, with creatine, or without.

    I have been bodybuilding for over 6 years and have taken creatine a number of years. I stopped taking it as it was having negative consequences on my health, particularly with the kidneys, the bladder, and the large intestines. I was feeling random pains in my abdomen. My body felt bloated all the time and I could never reach a six pack on creatine.

    After taking creatine nonstop for over a year I stopped. I lost a lot of weight (20 lbs) and about 50 lbs from my bench press. During the time I stopped taking creatine, I also didn’t lift for two months. So the time I took off definitely attributed to my loss in strength and some mass. I, however, put back about 10lbs of that muscle in the first two months after starting back again without creatine *only whey protein.*

    All in all, I say don’t take creatine. It’s tempting to take something that you hear everyone saying makes you bigger… I sure fell for it. However, the consequences from putting creatine and other such substances in your body far outweighs the benefits. I would rather have a substance-free body and know that my gains from lifting naturally are here to stay. I would have praised creatine a year ago… but you live and you learn.

  237. Alex says:

    Nitric oxide is not creatine. Nitric oxide doesn’t stay in your blood for as long. It expands your vascular system for better pumping of the blood. I don’t know about the negative side-effects of this substance, however. Some people have mentioned that it can have a positive effect on blood pressure (by lowering it). I am not familiar enough to speak on it so take my word with a grain of salt.

  238. Brady says:

    i am thinking about taking n.o. xplode. but i am a little worried if i started would it make me bulky or more cut? and i also heard if you stop taking it most your muscle will turn into fat is that true? thanks

  239. ramsey says:

    hi im a tall fit slender/skinny 16 year old. im looking at taking creatine to put on decent size, not oversize body building. would it be advisable to take creatine or should i carry on with minimal gains on a protein shake?

    and should i only take it on workout days, or every day?

  240. teji says:

    hi, im 14 and thinking of taking creatine i do mma and skinny, i want to take creatine how im not sure how many taplets or portions to have before i train?

  241. Jackson says:

    If you are 14 there is no way you should be taking creatine. The recommendation is 18+. If you work out too much at your age, you risk damaging your body and this will effect you in later life. If you try and bulk up so young your body with start to focus growth and repair of muscles and it will not have enough supplements to continue your growth that should be happening during puberty.

    Regards Jackson

  242. Jackson says:

    Plus if you want to start building young. You should start off on whey proteins then ween yourself off onto creatine at a later stage.

  243. Robby says:

    Hey guys, i was just curious in beginning taking creatine. I was thinking about taking purple k creatine pills, any opinions?

  244. RoyJonesJrFan says:

    what happens when you stop taking creatine after using it for 4 weeks and please i want a straight answer.. thanks.

  245. coxy says:

    robby, im no expert on supplements but it was recommeded to me by a good source that creatine should be consumed preferably in powder form and PURE creatine monohydrate (sci-mx is what i use and would definately rec. it)

    rjjrfan i dont understand your question… why would you use it for 4 weeks then want to stop so bad? it definately wont have any negative impact on your health if that’s what your concern is…

  246. ukchaos says:

    Why do people have this whole “I weigh x and i can bench x” attitude.. i assume they refering to their one rep max. (and whats that got to do with taking creatine?!)

    Anyways Creatine is good for bulk but not long lasting gains in my opinion. Like any supplement research it and use it cautiously. If your under 14 don’t touch any supplements your body really doesn’t need it, and don’t over do the weights!

    I have used many supplements on and off for various different reasons, I now stick with PHD products but only take half the reccomended dosage on protein in takes etc. (still get good gains and have good core strength)

  247. jonny says:

    I take creatine every week day and none on weekends. is this good? and i lift weights 1 hour after i take creatine.

  248. Ethan says:

    i’m enlisted into the Marine Corps and i leave on June 21st. i bought body fortress super advanced whey protein, and found out that with every scoop it contains 3g of creatine. now, i don’t know much about creatine, and i don’t want it to effect my body and make it weaker when i leave for bootcamp. will it effect me? i will be taking 6g-9g every other day, and 3g on my off days.

  249. Philip says:

    been taking creatine for 6 months before then i benched 190 and now im up to 275

  250. brendan says:

    ive been takin whey protein with creatine monohydrate for about 3 weeks and i found out there was creatine in it so im going to start using all whey protein am i still gonna lose alot of mass?

  251. "LIHP" says:

    Seriously to be honest.. I weigh 154 lbs and I can bench 195 lbs. I started lifting in the summer of 2009, at 115 lbs and benching 105 lbs.I have took creatine once so I know it hasnt made any difference in my strength. Im just sayin all you need is dedication and scarifice. You guys needing an edge is ok but wouldnt u want to walk in the locker room with ur head held HIGH and ur huevos down LOW?

  252. Philip says:

    hey really creatine doesnt make your kids small

  253. callum says:

    well it all depends on the person some people have good effects with it and some dont. theres not many side effects. doest matter wat you take your always gunna lose size and strength after stopping to use it bit simple realy. the best way if ure serouis about taking it, if anything doest feel right stop taking it and consult ure doctor best way realy/

  254. Johnny says:

    Im 17 and weight 120 lbs, im going to start working out now, should i take creatine ? because i really need to gain weight and muscle quick.

  255. eli says:

    Is it alright to take multi vitamins while taking creatine?

  256. eli says:

    LiHP. That is staroids u are thinking of. It won’t make your nuts smaller

  257. sam says:

    will it shrink your balls

  258. vic says:

    I just started talking creatine and im not 100% sure on how many servings and when i should take it. I was told to take it when i wake up. I am trying to gain about 15lbs in muscle weight and not look fat, because i still wanna look defined for the ladies if you know what i mean. So how much and when am i taking this stuff?

  259. ELI says:

    guys..im 130 pound…im 18 and skinny…so i started taking protein powder a week ago..i joined the gym and drink the protein when im done any other things i can do ?

  260. carl says:


  261. eli says:

    Well vic tak five grams of creatine each day even on the days you don’t work out. On the days you don’t work out take it in the morning. On the days you do work out take it after you workout.

  262. mike says:

    Ya you will gain weight but most of it will be water weight and some will be muscle. When I started taking creatine after one month I gained 10 pounds

  263. carl says:

    Hi again i train 3 times a week what would be the best time to take my creatine capsules . also is 3 times a week ok or should i do more.
    many thanks .

  264. joshua says:

    hi, im a little nervous to go on creatine , i wana gain muscle and mass. i work out 5 times a week usually and without any supplements it takes long to gain muscle. if i take CEE or CE2 how long will it take to see results, and if i continue to gym 5 times a week when i go off creatine, will my size drop alot even though im still gyming everday?(i wana maintain the muscle i get from creatine, i just want a little boost from it ) PLEASE HELP thanks

  265. mike says:

    Take five grams every day. in the morning on the days you don’t worj out and after you work out on the days u do work out. And 3 days a week is fine as long as you are working hard on all your muscles.

  266. mike says:

    Or you can just take it right before you go to bed. But make sure to drink a lot of water but not too much

  267. ezra says:

    i have a good natural 6 pack that i dnt really work on too much,i heard that creatine makes your abs go away is this true?

  268. carl says:

    hi how many months should i stay on cratine and what would be the best exercises for making byceps bigger thanks .

  269. mike says:

    well take it as long as you want. U can cycle it if u want. I don’t think cycling it is necesary but if u want to b extra safe then go ahead. And curls are the best for your biceps.

  270. mike says:

    Stay on creatine as long as u want to. U can cycle it if u want but I wouldn’t. If u want to be extra safe than go ahead. And curls are definently the best way to get bigger byceps.

  271. mike says:

    . U can cycle it if u want but I wouldn’t. If u want to be extra safe than go ahead. And curls are definently the best way to get bigger byceps.

  272. mike says:

    . You can cycle it if u want but I wouldn’t. If u want to be extra safe than go ahead. And curls are definently the best way to get bigger byceps.

  273. ike says:

    . You can cycle it if u want but I wouldn’t. If u want to be extra safe than go ahead. And curls are definently the best way to get bigger byceps.

  274. mike says:

    Cycling is when u take creatine for a month and stop for a couple weeks and then load up for five days and repeat. The reason people do this is because when u take creatine your body stops producing it. So when u stop taking creatine your body will start making it again.

  275. jakey says:

    i started useing creatien, i must be honist i do get angry easy but i think createin makes me even agryer =/ does this effect anyone else ?

  276. josh says:

    Creatine does not change your mood. A lot of people think that if steroids make you mad than creatine will but they are both completely different. A lot of people also think that when your taking creatine your puting some strange chemical into your body but your body already makes 2 grams of creatine every day and most meat has creatine.

  277. josh says:

    you shouldnt over do it with the amount of creatine you consume. your body already makes it and takin to much puts alot of stress on your kidneys. can cause alot of pain. when starting creatine you should do a loading period. where you double up the amount supposed to be taking for two or three days. helps the creatine get in your body faster. also take it with some sort of apple juice or drink like tht. helps start the fire better than water would

  278. jacob says:

    I think u should take 4 time your daily dosage for five days to load up.

  279. brandon f says:

    im in highschool trying to put on around 20 lbs and im wondering if it is worth it taking it untill i gain the weight

  280. jacob says:

    If u want to gain that much weight then take cell tech

  281. Joe says:

    Hello i am 16 and weight around 224lbs. I bench my weight. I have some questions about creatine. Well i have been lifting on and off for a few years and have been going hard the last 9 weeks with a one week break and am wondering if i start to take creatine, will it make my gut larger because one thing i want to do is cutdown on my bellyfat. The rest of my body is decently toned but i want to get rid of my bellyfat so i feel good about taking my shirt off in public. Any advice on creatine that wont cause me to gain weight/appear bloated?

  282. eddie says:

    Hey guys if I take creatine for the summer and load for a week then work out for 2 then load another week and so on for 2 weeks how would that affect me
    Im 15 btw and I weight 135

  283. eddie says:

    I wanna take creatine for 2 months in the summer how should I work out and distribute it evenly?how will effect me when I stop?
    I wanna get big for the 11th grade
    Im 15 and I weigh 135 pounds
    I really need help

  284. Joe says:

    Hello i am 16, 6 feet tall and weight around 224lbs. I bench my weight. I have some questions about creatine. Well i have been lifting on and off for a few years and have been going hard the last 9 weeks with a one week break and am wondering if i start to take creatine, will it make my gut larger because one thing i want to do is cutdown on my bellyfat. The rest of my body is decently toned but i want to get rid of my bellyfat so i feel good about taking my shirt off in public. Any advice on creatine that wont cause me to gain weight/appear bloated?

  285. jacob says:

    Creatine doesn’t make you gain fat, creatine will probably actualy help you loose the fat. Creatine is not anything like whey protein or muscle milk.

  286. Qasim says:

    Hi, im 16 i weigh 120 but most of my body is muscle,i joined a gym and planning to workout atleast 5 times a week. i want to get bigger and increase more muscle mass, and want to weight about 145 by the end of this summer (i have 2 months), should i take creatine? if yes, how long should i take it for? like 1 month etc…?.

    If i take it for a month and i stop using it, will my muscles become saggy? and i will lose that weight again? and go back to what i started with (120)???

    thanks alot in advance…

  287. jacob says:

    Your muscles won’t sag to were you will see a difference and you probably won’t loose all the weight you gained you will probably loose about five pounds if you get off it

  288. Adam says:

    Im going into 10th grade and i am thinking about buying some creatine monday. I work out on my own, but right now i work with my football team for summer workouts. Everyday we run our asses off before we work out. Will creatine dehydrate me? Also, once the summer is over i will not be working out that often til after the season. Should i still take creatine in cycles? I drink wheybolic xtreme and muscle milk also

  289. josh says:

    havok, you seem to me like a bitch that has nothing better to do than sit aroun on the computer looking at blogs to make. Haha but your right

  290. Busta says:

    Take 5.1 g of creatine monohydrate mixed with a good quality high protien high carb shake with you breakfast everyday. Buy multipacks of good quality 1.5 litre bottles of spring water and make sure you drink 2-3 of them throughout the day everyday. The best creatine ive found in 10 years is reflex creapure creatine monohydrate powder. The best protien drinks for good quality protien is sci-mx grs5 pure protien. The best protien and carbs drink is sci-mx mass system. These products use the best ingredients which stop any negative effects like acne or spots that can occur from putting shite in your system. Creatine purity is of parramount importance as some cheaply manufactured creatine is manufactured using production equipment that is not bieng properly cleaned, this causes traces of ‘old’ creatine to be mixed in with creatine bieng produced. When creatine becomes ‘old’ it goes through a chemical change and becomes ‘creat-inine’ which is toxic to humans and therefore something you deffinately dont want in the creatine you buy. Ive done lotts of research on this and the safest creatine produced is marked with the ‘creapure’ logo regardles of the actual manufacturer. You can type in ‘creapure’ in any search engine and get more info on everything about that. Anyway, good luck! Peace!

  291. Busta says:

    Eat lotts of whole grain cereal, brown bread, eggs and meat. Good quality fillet stakes and lotts of fresh fish. Take a strong multi-vitamin with a big list of shit in every mornin, also take a 1500 mg good quality vitamin c tablet at the same time. Take a realy strong omega 3 fish oil capsule with lunch. For extra boosts of energy and a bit of a natural high, take 500mg of korean ginseng and a strong ginko capsule (good quality) with every meal. After each meal, when you have taken your vitamins/herbs drink a large cup(500-750ml) of green tea with a squirt of honey. This little concotion is realy good for you. After a week of this suplementation, as long as your eating well and not drinking ANY alchohol, i guarantee youl be feeling fuckin fantastic and litteraly bouncing around. Haha. This supplement schedule gets me so fuckin wired i feel like ive been plugged into the electricity mains. Haha, im always like yaa yaa wohoo singin an dancin, damn, an some of the girls ive been bangin, fuckinell hahaa woohooo! Combine the creatine diet i laid out above, with this super supplement plan and i gaurantee youl never look back waaaa hahahaaa woohoooo, yeah! The number 1 rule for all this shit to work, is to let it build up in your system over 2-4 weeks without drinking any alcohol, you can however smoke marijuana as this helps detox the body using complex plant sterols and cannabinoids, which are full of unique super-vitamins, wich is a good thing for the whole endocrine system. So if you need to feel a buzz, use high quality cannabis instead of highly toxic alcohol. Peace! Haha

  292. Busta says:

    When youv been following the creatine diet and the super supplement diet for 6 months, go to jamaica for a holliday.

  293. Melissa M says:

    I used to take creatine in High School and in college. I stopped taking it for a few years now. I was told that our bodies make creatine naturally, but when you take creatine your body can stop producing it. Is this true and should I be taking small amounts of creatine if my body did stop producing it. Will this also help me loss weight. This stuff was great when I was in sports, I just hope I didn’t mess up my body using it.

  294. bobert says:

    Creatine is for noobs

  295. Bryan says:

    I think yall are all wasting your time. Ask a friend who you has expierienced the effects. And creitine has nothing to do with horomones, so therfore I don’t see why anyone would have anger/agression side affects. I’ve been taking cell tech creitine and a good protien for 3 months and my bench has gone up 40 pounds and I gained 10 pounds. I’m pretty big for my build. So I would just say get out there and expirement and find out what you like best & get er done! “I don’t care if I die, as long as I get buried in a big fuckin box!”.

  296. manpower says:

    Hey, im 15 and i was wondering because it says you have to be 18 and i dont really care but i want to know the bad side affects if i take it

  297. josh says:

    Hey herbert my advise is to stop being a duche

  298. Frank says:

    I’m 16 and Ive been wrking out for the past year with some rest btwn months and i’ve been taking whey protein for 6 months I went from a 95 bench press to a 135
    Nowadays I’ve started to take creatine with my protein and I’ve had a drastic change in my bench press i now bench press 200 with 5 sets of 6 and I’ve noticed alot of acne on my back and I don’t know of the aggressive part but my girlfriend says that I look like Ima punch a wall in. I have gained alot of size all my shirts feel like they gonna rip any moment and from what I’ve heard if you KNOW how to teach creatine that is “cycling” then you really won’t have any problems with the after effects of stoping the use of creatine.

  299. Shawn Macmurray says:

    Since taking creatine. I have found that I have had homosexual tendencies which I have never had before. I was wondering if anyone else has been having these issues… I am 20 years old and I have never had this issue before.. should I stop taking creatine?

  300. Jonny Martin says:

    I am 18 years old and have bulked up from around 220lbs to 245 lbs and have a BF % of about 16. I have also gain alot in my strenght over the past few months having taken lots of creatine and protiene. I want to be the same size as i am now give or take a few pounds but with about 10% BF. What is a good diet or work out plan?
    Should i continue with 3 or 4 protience shakes a day? creatine also?
    any help will be a preciated

  301. Danny Oliveira says:

    hey guys, i play soccer and have recently started taking creatine, i was wondering if i wont get dehydrated by playing taking creatine and frinking lots of water.. also i take creatine not for soccer but because im trying to gain muscle mass. Please someone help!!

  302. will says:

    Man there is some really bad information on this blog. I have taken creatine mono in the past and it can cause some bloating and cramps. I’m now taking Pump Fuel which has Kre-Alkalyn in it. Kre-Alkalyn is creatine that has been buffered and eliminates the side effects of creatine mono. You also don’t have to load up or take as much. I have had some of my best workouts in awhile taking Pump Fuel. That is saying alot since I was a personal trainer for about 4 years.

  303. Jarrad says:

    Hi everyone, Im looking to get really big in muscles im 17 and really need to, I use to be fat but have lost alot of weight over the last year, What is the best CREATINE for me to take to get results asap?

  304. Steve says:

    Hi I’m looking to start using creatine as I wanna get in shape, I’m goin on
    holiday in 25 days and have read about putting on weight, is this
    referring to on your gut or just weight gain but not actually noticeable and also does creatine monohydrate give you diorreah?

  305. Mark says:

    ok i got a question ive been workin out for 2 months now i wokr out for 2 weeks at a time n take a break for a couple of days n do it again i got mega men sport creatine pills 2 days ago n this is the 1st time wit them should i start takin them or just work out clean cuz im wantin to get stronger but more cut not bigger im 5’8 n 155 pounds n i dnt wanna b no bigger just more cut n a lil bit stronger wat should i do

  306. Aaron says:

    Quick question, I’m 20 years old, 6ft tall, 160lbs, I want to see that weight go up, exercise daily, eat A LOT, but my metabolism is crazy, I could(and have) eaten like 5lbs of fatty foods a day, and NEVER gain any weight(not even 1lbs, scale always reads 160 EVEN, and it’s not broken), and I want to see 180-200 lbs. Way I understand, Creatine builds muscle energy, allowing you to do more, and stores water in your muscles making them seem bigger… So here’s my question, if I start taking it and keep on my routine(similar to P90X) and am able to do more because of the extra energy, will it help transfer what I eat and whatnot into my muscles and help me gain weight while at the same time burning off the water or absorbing it so I don’t lose the weight when I stop taking it? I want to gain weight and muscle mass, but I don’t want to put on a bunch of water weight that will just disappear… Or does anyone know a similar(safe) product that will do what I need, without me going back to how I am when I stop taking it?

  307. Chase says:

    15.. weight 145ish… bench 280

  308. Chase says:

    age 15.. weight 145ish… bench 280

  309. Anonymous says:

    Ok i just turned 16 and was on creatine for about.. say a month and i drank alot of water but not enough so i was diareghing a tremendous amount.I was benching 215 before and now im benching 250, how much do you think my bench will go down. thanks.

  310. richard dumes says:

    if i take creatine and protein and i decided to stop on the creatine but keep taking protien will my muscle and strength decrease!?

  311. Milljay says:

    I’m currently taking cell-tech and it has increased my size and strength greatly but i’m starting to feel too big. If I quit taking cell-tech and start taking hydroxycut to reduce my size will i lose the majority of the muscle i’ve put on?

  312. mimi says:

    Im a 35yr woman and I weigh 120ish after efforlessly losing about 6lbs… I want to weigh about 130. At 5’2, is the weight desired safe for me. I came across some HP Performance Creatine Fruit Punch Powder. Is this ok for me to take once a day, 1scoop 1.2 without exercising? Please help…. I am single and think when I tell people my age they don’t believe me…. 35yr looking like in my twenties…. I get this way too often.

  313. jj says:

    when i first started to take creatine i was 18 and took 5 grams bfore and 5grams after working out i weigh 135lb at that time and bench 10 reps of 135. 4 months later i weigh 147lbs and was benching 8 reps of 225.
    Creatine helps alot if consumed properly along with hard training,Eating protein like a pig and Rest is a must for growth. But now 2 years off creatine i some times get liver pain! i still work out and think twice on going back to it.

  314. mike says:

    nothing will happen to anyone from creatine it is naturally in the body you can booste it with supplements unless its illegal substance you have nothing to worry about

  315. kingsisqo says:

    you shouldnt really take creatine for long periods imo like jj was saying. there are effects like his liver causing pain. but of course you gonna. creatine is sugar. so u consume that much a day by hong ever long u use it. and then u have soft drinks maybe, dessert, sweets, etc and it adds up.
    i used to take it but i cant say i stoppped taking it cos of this, but cos i couldnt keep up the water intake. this was some years back. i thought recently do i want this. i have gained fat and thought gaining more fat with sugar carbs is certinly not going to help me. so to those that are concerned about weight right now….dont. just go natural.

  316. aissar says:

    im 17 and im starting to drink whey protein shakes and muscle milk and animal cut and creating and im doing aqbout an 1 45 min cardi plus workout will that make me get fatter or loose weight or get leaner?

  317. alex says:

    hi guys ummmm im 17 and ive been goin gym for 2 year since i was 15 (i aint been now for 6 months) and i saw a difference in strength but in body change, im not as good as all and im slim as well. i went from benchin 20kg to 55kg, im gonna start goin gym again soon and was thinkin bout takin creatine but ive read and been told by some peeps that if i stop takin it im gonna put on some fat which i dont want i want a body that girls would love like…… rey renalds from blade 3, he has a sweet ass beach body, i just want to put on muscle and be bigger and stop being pushed around if any of u can help i wuld greatly apreciate it

  318. Rob says:

    sup guys. im 15 at 6’2 230lbs. i just took 2 capsules of creatine today, and my stomach is killing me, and when i went to go play basketball earlier, i was dizzy as shit. i just want to know from any of your personal experiences, should i stop using it? or should i stick with it? cuz to be quite honest with you, i am pretty strong already and have good stamina, and i dont know what to do. cuz when that dude up there said his friend died, that scared the shit outta me

  319. Jared says:

    Hey yall,

    I played Lacrosse through college and lifted on a regular schedule since Highschool. I only used Weigh protein and managed what I ate and started running as much as possible. I went from 6’5″ 295 as a junior in highschool to 6’6″ 235 currently. My bench went from 215 as a junior to 405 right now. I have never taken creatine because of the negative things I hear about it. I dont have the same opinion anymore due to some research but I still think it is the pussy way out of hard work. And hard work pays off because a month or two out of the gym wont ruin your physical condition like going on and off creatine. Your call, but man the hell up and lift/run and do it the old fashioned way.

  320. jambon says:

    what is the best creatine to take if looking to gain size and strength without much water retention? eg monohydrate, citrate, ehtyl-ester, malate etc. ?
    and is it better in powder or pill form?

  321. Tanner says:

    i feel nothing from creatine

  322. Adrian says:

    hey im 18 years old and ive been working out for 6 months.. im doing pretty good actually but im trying to get bigger muscels without getting fat and i would like to know what kind of creatine would be the best for me to take and i dont really care if i gain a little extra pounds.. so thanks guys.

  323. randy says:

    im 17, weigh 160, bench 245, squat 315 and curl 60s on each arm. creatine gives you gains in 2 weeks, and its very noticable, cycling is the best idea when you reach a plateau and youll start making new gains. if you stop taking creatine for about 2 months youll start loosing some mass but its mostly from water weight and probably still be okay with strength, my strenght was still the same when i went off it. 2 months in and 1 months out. i took 20g during my lifting days and 10g during non lifting days and it was working like a charm, hope this helped guys.

  324. randy says:

    ohh and creatine-mono works best for more reps meaning light wieght, trust me in 3 motnhs youll be veinyy and really cut

  325. Colden says:

    Hey guys I see alot of you want to get toned but just want to take it for a short amount of time with no negative side affects take lol amounts such as 5 grams everyother day as creatine stays in your system for a long and rotate you work outs atleast 4 times a week you need to be dedicated lower body then upper body even if you only care about upper body gains take for about 3 months and a two week break in that time your body will start to do it’s own production of creatine then come back with the same cycle and when you stop most people don’t step down slowly as you should do for less losses as you body adapts and produces it’s own ceatine most people gain there strength back after two weeks even when they stop cold because that’s when it all is out of there system and they get back to producing there own but always stay hydrated for full gains and keep a lean diet will off creatine just like you were on it because that’s half peoples problems stop taking care of there body needs because there not on creatine if you go buy that you can have close to no loses that will not be hard at all to gain back AND YOU ALWAYS have those muscle cell you don’t loSE STRENGTH BECaUSE OF STOPPING

  326. joe shmoe says:

    All you guys are pussies if you need creatine! im ripped to the max and dont take nothing and could kick any one of your ass’s

  327. Chris Simpkins says:

    I wanna lick every guys asshole on this page!

  328. Mike says:

    Hi, I’m 14 years old and a freshman in highschool. I am genetically skinny but thanks to being a football player and wrestler I have a decent amount of muscle. Even though I have a decent amount, I want to be bigger- but not huge. I have 5 questions regarding creatine.
    1. I want to take the pill version- how many should I take a day and should I take them before or after?
    2. What exactly will creatine pills do? I have wrestling 6 days a week and we usually lift at practice so that is my workout.
    3. If I use creatine for let’s say 2 months and forget a couple days here and there or don’t work out what will happen?
    4. If I stop taking creatine due to money problems or for just any reason, what will happen?
    5. How can I keep from becoming huge, I wanna be bully, muscular, and ripped but not a massive freak.
    Is love for a good reply so give me your feedback either on here or my email: mikehrynkow@yahoo.com

  329. Raymond says:

    For people who say its not the creatine that is causing a loss of strenght when you take breaks dont kno the use of creatine. Of course u lose creatine as creatine is part of the main energy system ATP-CP system which is greatly enhanced when taking creatine. So yes you will lose strength and endurance on breaks.

  330. Raymond says:

    Also if your 14 just relax, trust me there is no use taking creatine at this age unless u are so depserately think u need it. What will happen is not that is not only the possible risks of long term use on health but also it throws of your bodies own production and when u dont take it u will feel a great decrease in energy. Another thing is your 14 if you start taking this now, by the time ur 19 you will be looking into steroids. At this point do things naturally, if u want to start creatine wait atleast until Uni or. Im 20 and i started a few months ago. The best bet is do things naturally as possible only some protien now and then at ur age.

  331. Jeremy says:

    Hi guys –

    Quick question – I’m quite happy with my body fat and all that – I’m about 72 kg and have a good physique, six pack etc. I’m going to be kind of off gym for a month – on holiday but on the beach so plenty of exercise (swimming, surfing, tennis etc). I wanted to try creatine for the first time and just took my first teaspoon. However, the big catch is that I am not going to be doing weights for the next four weeks. What is creatine going to do to me during this loading and maintence phases and am I going to lose my six-pack?

  332. monty says:

    almost all of u bullshit shut up and take creatine u will loose 90% of ur gains get over it but you will have some muscle on u added with 10 % strenth better than not using any thing grow a pair and DO IT !

  333. jack says:

    im 14 just about 15 im thinking about taking creatine, should I

  334. jack says:

    oh and im 5″5 and weigh 9 and a half stone i do M.M.A and im skinny have muscle looking to gain more weight and muscle

  335. tony says:

    i’m 17 i was 145 before i started liftin. i’ve been takin whey protein along with creatine for 2 months and was up at about 165. My bench when i started was about 145 max and at the end of two months i put up 195 once. i cycled off creatine and still am off it, it’s been about 2 weeks, i did lose about 5 pounds but im still putting up 185-195. The only reason i think i lost weight was bc i only ever drank water bc i was takin creatine. Now that im off of it for a while i dont drink nearly as much water which made me lose some water weight. My experience with creatine was great i definitely recommand it

  336. jack says:

    would it be recommendid for my age?

  337. T says:

    I tried creatine for about 6 months. I experienced amazing strength gains and gains in size… I eventually stopped taking it and watched my strength gains disappear.

    I noticed two things: 1) My muscles frequently felt very full (which is probably the water retention discussed) and (2) I would wake up at night with my heart pounding hard. Scared me to say the least. I took creatine at the advice of a trainer at our gym – but, honestly, my naivet led me to believe this trainer understood all the side effects and potential pitfalls to taking creatine (by the way, he said there were none).

    I say this: Why not challenge yourself to grow to your body’s potential on your own terms without the use of something like creatine supplementation? Do you really think the potential of advancing heart disease or kidney dysfunction is worth it? Perhaps when you are 20 and feeling invincible you might say “yes” to that question… but those of you who are thinking logically will simply say “no.” And don’t trust weight lifting sites that tout the benefits of creatine while mocking its reported dangers. Consider the source.

  338. tony says:

    Jack- I trained MMA for 2 years i started when i was 15 but i no longer do it. I wish i would of taken it when i was 15, after a few weeks takin it you’ll definitely gain strength. Always take it after post workouts, i drink mine with juice or lemonade or something it doesn’t really matter what u take it in just drink a lot of water after.

    T- not everyone experiences problems with creatine. Maybe ur nighttime scares weren’t even due to creatine? there are so many factors that could come into play. You can die doin anything, possibly get in a car accident tomorrow and die, live life to the fullest, take advantage of every opportunity! Creatine doesn’t work for everyone but it worked well for me

    MMA requires strength and endurance. Wrestling, grappling, boxing, all takes tremendous energy and endurance which creatine will help boost. It’ll still take tons of hard work if you wanna go anywhere in the sport!

  339. tony says:

    oh yeah and the creatine i take is Gnc creatine plus. It cost extra but still a $20 tub(which isn’t that big) lasted me a good 2 and a half months

  340. jack says:

    thanks tony.

  341. jack says:

    should i be taking protein with this?

  342. js says:

    all i want to say is that creatine is an amazing supp i was on for 3 years till i got my bench to 315, from 160 i went from weighing 150 to 185 but i started taking dianabol around a year ago and my bench just sailed thru the roof i wen from 315 ( i reached a plateu) to 445 in around 8 months and i trimmed down to weighing 175

  343. F says:

    All you guys cicling creatine i advise you to drink at least 3L of water a day or else you will get sides…!!!!

  344. I Heart Creatine? says:

    Hello. I am currently who the fuck cares pounds and why does my max bench have anything to do with me taking creatine? ya it doesnt so im not going to post that. One question of mine would be, does creatine still work if your not drinking a lot of water? and if your under 18 does creatine harm you in any way.

  345. Nataraya says:

    Hi i am female and i have been taking creatine for two weeks now( 5g/day).
    I now like justin bieber so add that to the side effects pls!!!

  346. jddhjsuy says:

    Some of u are just mad cuz my life is better than yours

  347. Andrei Che says:

    well i am taking protein atm but i dont see any big diference..i have a little bit of belly now and if i take creatine will that effect my bodyweight or get my belly to grow bigger ?? i just want some more musce :/ i am training twice or three times a week …

  348. lorenzo says:

    i took creatine a little over a year ago, i got alot stronger and my muscles were definitely bigger. now about 8 months later i can honestly say im back where i started if not worse. even though i lift every single day before school. but now i just got like a years worth of the stuff. does anyone know how i can make it so i dont lose it all again???????????????

  349. jarrod says:

    g’day guys
    im 16 and only weigh 50 kg and want to put on size and gain strength as i will soon be trying out for the army i am also currently training to become an amatuer boxer. i really want to take creatine for the gains but the only problem is that i was born with one kidney and was told that creatine puts stress on the kidneys but i was wondering if i would be able to start taking it maybe if i keep hydrating all the time or something. another worry i have is what will happen when i stop using it as i want be able to always take it will i loose size and strength even if i keep training hard. i want to start taking creaform anyone know if this is any good. any help would be great thanks guys

  350. Jason says:

    i ahve been taking the stuff for a while now, and I have had minimal adverse effects on my body, but my cock is about 250% the size – Does this have to do with the Creatine, or the fact that i am too cought up in the gym, I dont get laid anymore.

    Any help would be appriciated.

  351. rick says:

    Jason – try rubbing one out.

  352. Joe says:

    Ladies do not need creatine, Sara: U NEED AMINO ACIDS THATS ALL

  353. Fade says:

    i was wondering, if i take creatine twice per week only? will it help muscle mass gain still? (haven’t bought creatine yet but im thinking about it)

  354. Lucas says:

    I just started joining the gym, i wanna build muscle and tone up. Im 18 and weigh about 9 stone. Should i start the gym for a while and take creatine after a few weeks or can i take it straight away?

  355. aaron says:

    ok ay for all you people who think creatine makes you lose a shit load of weight and strength,your wrong! Celltech monohydrate and creatine phosylate and a few more forms of creatine, has extreme results if taken correctly, and if you are correctly breaking muscle tissue down. Okay you have what is called “cycles” two weeks on, one week off, when i say this it means that you workout regularly and take the appropiate vitamins and the recommended dose of protein. On the one week off, take time for your muscles to recover,still workout but take double the amount of your normal calories and protein. well back to celltech, if you take celltech with your protein then you will see likely double the gains. do not over work your muscles, usually when i hit the gym i workout extremely hard for 30 to 45 minutes, then i cool down after my workout with a light ab workout on non ab days. staying in the gym for two to three hours a day doesnt do shit but destroy your muscles. any professional athlete, bodybuilder, or personsal trainer will tell you the same.when you stop taking celltech, go to a cheaper form of creatine you will retain good looking water weight

  356. Pete says:

    I’ve been taking whey protein supplements and working out. I am thinking of taking creatine to gain more power. Only problem is that I won’t be able to workout during the summer time (like 3-4 months) because of the work. So if I cut off working out and taking creatine, what kind of effect it will have in my body?

  357. kamy says:

    hi ther i weigh 17 stone and want to start taki creatine i am quite fat and want to know if i will look fater or more musculer

  358. hurleyboyd says:

    i have just started taking creatine and in the loading phase, 20g – pre and post workout, noticed changes to lifting weights when im not on creatine, that or maybe just a placebo effect.

    if i go on rest for a day should i still load on creatine, i regulary workout 3-4 times a week or if i have time since i am very busy from work

    hoping to get good results, my question is – can you combine creatine and some other forms of fat burners, since i want to bulk up but at the same time be more lean and avoid having those water retention and fat build up that other people mention about when taking in creatine?

    help me answer my question – thanks

  359. ed says:

    hi, is 1 gram per serving enough?
    instead of using direct creatine powder could i just use
    serious mass? i want to gain mass too…
    is it not enough creatine?

  360. ry says:

    bunch of idiots^

  361. Pat. says:

    I feel that a lot of you guys are beginers and so am I, considering i’ve only been workingout for about three years now. I’ve been working out off and on 5-6 months since then with 1-2 month break because of school and other shit. Through out these few years I’ve definitely learned a lot about my body and figured out what works best. I’m only 19 right now and I definitely will never stop learning what works well and what I need to do to suceed in certain areas of my body(like lose fat). But the main thing that I learned and that I tell everyone who is just starting out, is you just need to experiment with your own body and learn how your own body works-trial and error is key, because “god” didn’t create everyone equal. Ofcourse you can take all this advise but generally nobodies body works exactly the same.. just experiment, it will take time, but pay off in the long run. 180 bench 245 never taken a supplement except for Hydroxy cut.

  362. jm says:

    guys if yall want gains in muscles and retain it? look into prohormones. do your research before you get into it. usually 4-8 wk cycles and may cost about $120 total for a cycle with PCT (post-cycle-therapy) however youll get some unbelievable gains and lose body fat while getting lean muscle mass all the while retaining your gains after. 🙂

  363. kang says:

    took creatine for around 2 months , every work out day which was pretty much every 2nd day. Drank 2 litres of milk a day with this and had intense work outs 3 times a week. Gained ruffly 6kg within this period , with huge difference in the size of arms , and strength . Started off with 15kg dumbell curls to 22.5 dumbell curls.

  364. Michael Richards says:

    Ive seen a few people asking how much grams of creatine per day should they be taking, so here it is :

    You have 0.03 Grams of creatine for every kg of weight, so im 78kg.

    78 x 0.03 = 2.34 Grams of creatine, hope this helps.

  365. steve says:

    Is creatine a supplement that is aloud in NCAA sports?

  366. Aj says:

    Im 17 and weigh only 130 lb I’ve been working out a little I can bench 20 more pounds then I could when I started but I haven’t gained a single pound, I’m wondering if creatine is good for a teenager and if I should take it or not

  367. fedslovescats says:

    Okay so I’m a girl wrestler, I’m not exactly strong so I did a little research and got some cheap creatine from the commisary on base and have been taking it for 5 days now and have already gained 5-7 pounds! I know its a lot of water weight but I’m not looking to get big dykey or buff at all just get lean and stronger for the season. I take one scoop a day and I weigh(ed) about 125, now 130’s. I take it and then do p90x, I know its not an extreme lifitng work out, again Im not looking to get big just strong, but is taking one scoop of creatine and just doing p90x/running/wrestling going to benefit me at all? Also if I stop taking it how long will it take for the water weight to go down? I read in one of these posts that creatine can stay in your system for up to a week and I want to stop taking it before prom to trim up, cuz Im a girl and all….any advice?

  368. mr 2 big says:

    hi im 6ft2 weight 800 pounds i bench press the world curl the sun and the moon was wondering will creatine make me more supper human

  369. hard dick says:

    hii i am 19, 148 lbs……..i bench press at 430 and squat 500!!!
    do i need creatine?

  370. Adam M. says:

    Hey, i started taking Kre-Alkalyn Creatine like a 5 months back. But I didn’t take very few breaks. I’m steadily increasing my max, started at 185lbs to 305lbs. But why is it important to take breaks? How long should my breaks be?

  371. Tom Selleck says:

    I’m 17 about 5′ 9″ and 155 lbs I’m eating about 300-350 grams of protein a day and I’m on a 3500 calorie a day diet. I have gained about 2 inches in my chest and 1-1.5 in my arms in 2 weeks. Would I benefit much from creatine? I don’t want to get huge but I do want to my muscles to be pretty defined.

  372. Pat. says:

    Everyones asking if it will help them gain weight. What I think you should do is try a month of it and if it doesn’t work, then you’ve got your answer.

  373. Tom says:

    hi, im 160 pounds and benched 105 last week, thn i took creatine and a week later im already up to 315 is that good?

  374. Andrew san miguel says:

    Im 15 and short if i start takeing creatine or krealklyn will it stunt my growth

  375. Victor Martinez says:

    Hey im Victor Martinez Winner of the Arnold 2007 body building tournament
    i dont recomend creatine to kids below the age of 15 muscles dont develop as well so you will just be doing exercise for no reason but i do recomend taking a lot of protein mix it with banana peanut butter two times to 5 times a day.

  376. Pat. says:

    ^^ I definitely agree with Victors statement. Everyone is trying to find the quickest way to get BIG fast, when in no doubt that is going to be the worst way. Creatine will stunt your muscles, it’s recommended for persons of the age 18 and up. If you have the extra money to spend on creatine on top of protein then give it a shot and see if you like it, personally I haven’t even tried it because I don’t want to fill my muscles with water for a month and then when im off realize how much smaller I get. Too me, I just find the whole idea pointless. I just take pre-workout supplement (Jacked) and I get the best workouts of my life.

  377. Kyle says:

    I am 16 and trying to make some strength and size gains i work out about 9 times a week. is Purple K by Fusion bodybuilding a good pill form creatin?

  378. al says:

    im 17 and i only weigh 57 kg i can bench around 170 max and im not the biggest of lads, ive just started taking creatine punch protein shakes, is this going to have a big effect on my body or will it just give me the energy to go to the gym more often than my usual 3/4 times a week?
    any coments will be apreciated

  379. tom says:

    if you want results in the weight room continue reading…ok so im 17 yrs old and i play hockey and will be playing in college as well. I started to take dymatize creatine near the end of my hockey season and after only a week or two, i started to put on some good size to my frame. going into the third week on it i started to get really tierd and slow and had no muscular endurence.. so i stopped and after about a week I felt much better and faster. there is no doubt that creatine works for making you look bigger and maybe helps you with your lifts… but it is not a product that you can take forever!!! If your someone that wants a quick fix and does not want to have to work too hard to see great results then creatine is the product for you. If you are someone who is willing to work hard and eat right and want to keep everything you have gained and keep building on it then DO NOT TAKE CREATINE. use what your body has to offer and maybe some protien powder here and ther and EAT RIGHT! when it all comes down to it, creatine gives you fake size.. mostly water in your muscles and once you stop taking it you will loose everything you had gained and look skimp as fuck.. so dont be a skimp like everyone else out there… stay away from creatine. it will only help you down the road.

  380. Bryan says:

    I have a container of creatine that (like an idiot) stored in my garage. It has still yet to expire however, is clumply due to the outdoor heat. I can break it apart and it looksa alright. My question is is it still safe to use? Or should I just get a new container? Its 3 quarters full otherwise I would have chinked it. Thanks.

  381. Bryan says:

    *chunked *

  382. tom says:

    throw that shit away. creatine is not worth it

  383. jm says:

    dont take creatine. just work out and eat right

  384. Boogs says:

    I’m 6’10” and weigh 40 lbs. I bench 340 and squat 535. Will creatine help me cut down to 35 lbs? I want to be able to see my spine from the front.

  385. Michael says:

    Why anyone would listen to the jackasses on here instead of the literally thousands of articles published by people in the fitness industry about creatine is beyond me.
    Check out bodybuilding.com, they have plenty of articles on creatine benefits and precations you should take with research studies and professional experience to back it up, instead of reading a f&#%ing 17-year-old say “if you want results in the weight room continue reading” …. good….. lord…..

    c’mon it’s the internet! theres plenty of info out there. BB.com is a good place to start, their are plenty of others….

    Oh and to BRYAN: I think you’ll be alright, ive done that with creatine and some pre-workout stuff just from leaving it on top of the fridge where it must be hotter, i dont think a little clumps are much of a problem…i still used it

  386. Michael says:

    You should go on the atkins diet and south beach diet simultaneously while insufflating creatine. My brother did that cut down to his pre-school weight for his wedding.

    Good luck on your goal!!

  387. Jon says:

    Hey guys, I started taking Jack3d about 5 or so months ago. I did two cycles of it then i moved on to C4 extreme. I did not take a break in between cyles. Do you suggest taking about 1 to 2 week break after finishing this cycle of C4 extreme? if so, should i continue to take just creatine or stop everything for a week and just workout without anything? i just do not want to lose any gains i have or muscle i have worked for. give me your opinions

  388. dinesh says:

    Jack3d is primarily a stimulant and I guess same for C4. They both have some amount of creatine though.

    If you think you have been taking the above for so long continously you could take two weeks break. And if you don’t really need a stimulant you could go just with CEE (creatine ethyl ester) to keep your lifting power. Obviously, taking or leaving protein is no choice as you want to keep those muscle gains.

    You can keep a tube of stimulant and take it only on the training days you feel worn out or very tired to do your workout. Just take half the dosage of the creatine supplement when you do that.

  389. TKK says:

    does creatine dehydrates you more?

  390. TKK says:

    lets say for wrestling, you get dehydrated a lot, if im using creatine during wrestling would i get even more thirsty

  391. Arnie says:

    Bench: 400
    Curl: 70

    Creatine; breathe it.

    Arnie S.

  392. You are all dumbasses says:

    hey dipshits, I’m 100 pounds, bench 400 easily, and squat 600. So suck it.

  393. Mike s says:

    Cell tech is great but it’s almost all water retention in your muscles for the best creatine that almost doesn’t put anteater in your muscles and still shows enourmas gains is kre akilan

  394. Alex v. says:

    Well first off I have a few qeustions.

    I’m 16 175-180 pounds. I was wondering if creatine monohydrate put holes in your muscles is that where the water weight goes to? Also what is the best creatine for not retaining water wieight? Brand name an product please. how should I cycle? I used to take creatine, 4 servings a day don’t know how many grams though.

    Last thing should I wait to go on creatine? it’s summer an I want to look good with my shirt off cut an tone while having the strength gains that come with creatine, not bloated an fat. What would be the best way to reduce the odds of that happening if I were to take creatine right now? If there is no way what is the fastest way to get all the water weight off?

  395. ChronicMasterbater says:

    I just started taking creatine with my masterbation-asphyxiation work out routine, and the results are amazing. With in three weeks my left arm has gained so much mass, I could probably strangle 3 small children at once with ease (this has always been my method of bench testing).

    Not to mention my neck is massive and veiny now. My collar size has gone up to 21″ after starting this regiment. People around the office are impressed at the sight of me having to wear two neck ties at work.

    I have so much confidence thanks to creatine. I don’t walk to the other side of the road when I see a black man on the sidewalk now.

  396. Mr. Muscles says:

    I’ve found that creatine is quite helpful when it comes to exercising at the gym. Before I started taking creatine all I had the energy for was 30 minutes of making unwanted eye contact with other men at the gym, and squeezing 2 min. of work out somewhere in there. After that I would be too exhausted to do anything else.

    After I started creatine suppliments, I realized that I no longer need to exercise to build mass. So those 2 min. at the gym can now be used for unwanted eye contact in the shower room as well. Now I can devote my entire 30 min of gym time doing what I wanna do, before being escorted out by security.

    Plus because I no longer exert myself lifting those silly weights, I now have the energy to put towards my real hobby… Strangling drifters on dark highways.

  397. Substance Abuse Powerhouse says:

    I don’t get how you guys can work out, let alone anything, on this stuff. I took 4 pills before I stopped by the gym last week. With in the first 20min. all the walls started moving like they were alive. The ceiling started waving around every time I took a breath. Suddenly everything in my vision collapsed into a single point. In that tunnel vision there was a mysteriouse wizard that explained the meaning of life to me, and then lead me on a magical journey.

    To make a long story short, I was found 4 hours later in the stairwell, balled into fetal position, in a pool of my own urin (at least I hope it was mine).

    I don’t know what brand I have, but the bottle says Ketamine 150mg

  398. Tim says:

    Say I take a supplement like VPX NO Shotgun v3 that has creatine in it and I take it for a month and stop taking it but I continue to lift and take whey protein, will I lose anything?

  399. Cody says:

    I just started using amplified creatine 189. i never used suppliments before and i was wondering what kind of results i can expect. i have a 2 month supply and my current weight is 140 lbs. my max bench press is 290, squat is 405, and dead lift is 475. Id like to really see everything shoot up for our schools lifting competition and was wondering if anyone could give me any feedback on the results i can expect to gain.

  400. derek says:

    im 14 i weigh 140 and max bench press at 150 i max squat at about 300 i want to get bigger and lift more which type of creatine shuld i take?

  401. LOL says:

    Lmao SOOO many morons ask questions on here that have nothing to do with creatine lol. To funny. Theres lots of sites that Tell you exactly what the chemical compounds do to you research before you ask dumb questions. 🙂

  402. Tyler says:

    Haha everyone who thinks creatine will magically make you a majestic beast in the weight room needs a reality check. If you want to get bigger, eat like a horse and lift heavy weight. If you want to loose fat, you need to have a calorie deficit, -3500 calories = 1 lb lost. Creating will only aid you in getting maybe 1 extra rep, or making your muscles a tiny bit larger because it saturates them with water. It does not make you gain muscle. Small muscle tearing and repair from lifting makes you gain muscle.

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