Natural Creatine Sources

My friend asked me “Why I am taking creatine when my it is naturally in my body”, the reason is that the majority of people only ingest one gram of creatine from food sources per day.

If you eat a lot of red meat, do not expect to see dramatic results from creatine. One pound of beef equals approximately 2 grams of creatine, and 4.6 grams can be found in every pound of herring.

To see the best effects of creatine supplements, it is no good relying on red meats for your source of creatine, there is simply not enough produced. You will need to regularly take creatine supplements. Creatine Sources digg:Natural Creatine Sources spurl:Natural Creatine Sources wists:Natural Creatine Sources simpy:Natural Creatine Sources newsvine:Natural Creatine Sources blinklist:Natural Creatine Sources furl:Natural Creatine Sources reddit:Natural Creatine Sources fark:Natural Creatine Sources blogmarks:Natural Creatine Sources Y!:Natural Creatine Sources smarking:Natural Creatine Sources magnolia:Natural Creatine Sources segnalo:Natural Creatine Sources

19 Responses to “Natural Creatine Sources”

  1. BRandon says:

    i heard that creatine has lots of medical problems though including liver damage. Also it isnt regulated through the official food testers people so it might be not clean when purchased! be carefull i sugest up your mass as an alternative. google it.

  2. Samuel says:

    Officially Creatine is considered by the major governing bodies of food safety to be safe, this means that it is probably, but not definitely safe.

  3. jean shannon says:

    I read where senior citizens can build muscles by taking creatine, and just sitting and waiting to feel stronger almost immediately! Is this so? Let me at it! Some info would be appreciated. THanks.

  4. Jimm B says:

    no you can not get bigger by just taking creatine you need to work out with it
    other wise it does nothing

  5. John says:

    Creatine has been found to cause kidney damage in rats. No trials have been done on humans yet. Creatine just increases water uptake in muscles making them bigger in size.

  6. MicroVita says:

    Creatine is synthesized from glycine, arginine and methionine. Why not get it naturally from their food sources? Let the body generate what it needs. This option is good for vegetarians as well.

  7. Somebody who actually knows science from University says:

    Creatine can be phosphorylated in cells to create phosphocreatine. When the bond between the phosphate and the creatine is broken, it releases a large amount of energy very quickly, even more quickly then ATP being broken down into ADP and inorganic phosphate.

    Phosphocreatine provides intense muscular energy for the several seconds before it is all depleted. Claims that creatine increases endurance dramatically are incorrect, as phosphocreatine is as stated above used up incredibly fast. This power increase will be felt each time the muscles are given sufficient time to fully recover their ATP and rephosphorylate the creatine (a few minutes, how long exactly depends on many factors.)

    Red meat is an amazingly good source of creatine, and to say that it is inferior just because another source is higher is foolish and incorrect. As for the kidney and liver damage, I am not the FDA, but as it is a natural substance in the body, sensible supplementation is although unnecessary for all but the most intense bodybuilder, not dangerous.

    Vegetarians tend to be deficient in creatine, and would actually benefit from light supplementation. The body can only store a number smaller than 1 gram/kg bodyweight creatine, so taking huge doses is wasteful.

  8. sucker4lush says:

    …and all your actual science, from a university, just agrees with what MicroVita already said much more succinctly.

    You should’ve just skipped straight to the last sentence.

  9. For the person that knows science says:

    Isn’t 1 gram/kg bodyweight a lot?! I am 67kg, so that means I can store 67 grams of creatine in my body? But I read that the amount needed for an average person was 5 grams a day. Is that true?

  10. robbieq says:

    hmmm… where to begin…

    the water weight effect…
    a low quality creatine put alot of sodium into their creatine products… now seeing how creatine is suppose to be drivin into your muscle sells, and how sodium makes your body hold water… your muscles will be bigger while taking the creatine product because all the water that you are drinking is being rushed / forced into your muscles because creatine opened up the “cell doors”
    now, when you get off of the creatine you will loose the size because you are no longner drinking as much water, and you are also not taking in the same ammount of sodium as you once were
    however, a good creatine like MRI labs Anabolic Switch will give you size, and you will keep all of it (at the worst 9 out of 10 of it)
    cell tech, you will gain 15 pounds on it and loose 12 off of it… its garbage…

  11. sajid says:

    I took creatine I feel great for few days I add one inch on my arm but know I am having a problem with creatine becuase giving me pain in my chast and in my stomic even I took creatine 5 gram a day.

  12. sp says:

    if creatine makes your muscles hold more water and your heart is a muscle that probably puts you at higher risk for heart attack. wait about 2 or three years when who are taking these supplements suffer all of these health problems than decide if you want it or not.

  13. vinoth says:

    last 15 days am taking creatine for 5g/day i feel energtic and my muscles also gt bigeer but iam feeling pain on right side of my stomach, now iam in confused mood to continue or to stop taking of creatine

  14. john says:

    does anabolic switch only put water in your muscles or is it actually worth taking? and is it illegal in ihsa sports?

  15. lol says:


  16. Vic says:

    Why not try magnesium ………its needed in the use of ATP. Just found that supplementation of it allowed me to train longer.

  17. Kalim Mohammed says:

    What r the source of CREATINE in supplements? Are they from animals or chemically Enhanced.

  18. just sprint says:

    If you really want to get creatine into your body, there is no need for chemically built creatine. I am not exactly the most educated in how much grams of meat or whatever you’re supposed to consume, but I do know this, you can look it up: doing 4-5 sprints (100%) 2-3 times per week will increase the intake of natural creatine your muscles will absorb by up to 40%. We were reading about it in my anatomie class and since it caught my attention, I wanted to try it.

    So I asked my teacher to try it out, for 2 weeks, me and my anatomie class went in the gym 2-3 times per week for 4 weeeks to do sprints. after not even 2 weeks I felt alot more energetic and stronger. Just look at Olympic sprinters and you’ll have your proof. Google the guys whom sprint the 100m and 200m and compare them with guys who run the 3000m.

  19. . says:

    after a steak or chicken or bacon is cooked on a skillet on the stove, would the fat that comes out of the meat contain creatine?

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