Creatine & Carbs before a show

Combining creatine, carbohydrate depletion, and carbohydrate loading within the 10 days prior to your show date could make a better presentation of your muscles on stage.

Manipulating Carbohydrates

The application of manipulating carbohydrates while preparing for a contest is done with intent on the muscle glycogen and water content. The thought is for you to have as much glycogen in your muscles as you can on the show day of the competition. From every gram of glycogen in your body, you have another three grams of water added into your muscle cells also. That means that a weight gain of two to four pounds could be predicted if you do it correctly.

Using Creatine before a contest

Loading yourself with creatine is done in an attempt to saturate and control a larger amount of creatine in your muscle cells. The creatine you take in helps you out with the creatine phosphate section of the kreb cycle to create energy for your working cells.

Side note: Kreb cycle – The kreb cycle is what is found in all plants and animals, a variety of enzymatic reactions in the mitochondria of cells, used to create a lot of energy phosphate compounds that are a main source of cellular energy.

Protocols for Creatine:

First off, 20-25 grams per day for the period of 5-7 days

Afterwards, 2-5 grams per day for 21-37 days

It has also been shown that creatine raises your total body water and glycogen while not using fluid distribution. A two week study was done to show the results that combining both the carbohydrate loading after you use creatine supplementation has lead to prove that it gives a super concentration of glycogen and water in your muscle cells.

Competitive Bodybuilders: Usage Suggestion

10 Days out: Only have an intake of a high carbohydrate based diet.

7 Days out: Put five grams of creatine into your body daily.

5 Days out: Start the period of carbohydrate depletion for the process of three days which is followed with a cessation of creatine.

2 Days of carbohydrate loading and gradual water intake decreases.

Another suggestion is for you to takea potassium supplement which could help out with any cramping you may be having.

While more research is needed on this topic to come to a conclusion, we all know that for certain people, certain choices will be made. While professional bodybuilders use a certain type of training and preperation to make sure their muscles are as good as possible for performing at the show they are featured in, other less competitive bodybuilders may not worry as much about this issue.

Either way, it is best for you to stick around and find out any conclusion that is discovered. & Carbs before a show digg:Creatine & Carbs before a show spurl:Creatine & Carbs before a show wists:Creatine & Carbs before a show simpy:Creatine & Carbs before a show newsvine:Creatine & Carbs before a show blinklist:Creatine & Carbs before a show furl:Creatine & Carbs before a show reddit:Creatine & Carbs before a show fark:Creatine & Carbs before a show blogmarks:Creatine & Carbs before a show Y!:Creatine & Carbs before a show smarking:Creatine & Carbs before a show magnolia:Creatine & Carbs before a show segnalo:Creatine & Carbs before a show

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  1. Michael says:

    I guess creatine and carbs are more in sync than previously thought. Of course with glycogen and phosphocreatine stored in the muscle cells there are pending moments when they are used for energy that could depend on for example the length of time of a contraction.

  2. Harry says:

    Creatine is one of the best supplement around for either bodybuilding or any kind of sports. It gives you the initial rush which assists your lifts in bodybuilding. I recommend the use of Creatine Ethyl Ester as it dont blots.

  3. Aaron says:

    This site is full of so much shit! Spun by the morons who make money off this rubbish hocus pocus psuedo-science. Creatine has been scientifically proven to have minimal effects on short-term energy levels. THAT IS IT.

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