Protein and Creatine

Studies have been conducted in the past to assess muscular adaptations during six weeks of hard training. 36 males were randomly assigned to take whey protein (W; 1.2 g/kg/day), whey protein and creatine monohydrate (WC; 0.1 g/kg/day), or placebo (P; 1.2 g/kg/day maltodextrin). Workout included bench press, squat strength, and knee extension peak torque.

It was seen that lean muscle was greater with training in group WC compared to other groups. With continuous training throughout the six weeks, males that supplemented with protein demonstrated greater lean tissue mass than males which engaged in training alone. Males that supplemented with both protein and creatine had greater increases in lean tissue mass and bench press than those supplemented with only protein and placebo.

In conclusion, if you aren’t already taking creatine/protein I recommend you take both creatine and whey protein to see best results!

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  1. Lewis Davies says:

    I take creatine ethyl ester and USN whey protein and it has really worked.
    Trust me

  2. Roger says:

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  3. trainer says:

    I am an athlete, trainer and fitness Guru. I have been using sports nutrition products, including creatine, protein, and others, for some time now. I started using sports nutrition products(endurance products) as a kid and I use a number of supplements now. For all the readers of this page, I will keep this short and as less technical as possible.

    Creatine is a substance that is found naturally in the body, when you perform any type of exercise Creatine provides your muscles with the energy needed to contract. Unfortunately, the Creatine stores in your body only last for about 10 seconds. This is why you can only sprint for so long.

    In the short and slightly more technical version, a compound is used by your muscles to provide them with energy(we will call this A), when the muscles use this a new compound is formed as a by product(we will call this B). Now Creatine comes into play, Creatine is now added to the by product (B), which turns “B” into compound “A”, so it can now be used by the muscle again.

    Although you can get creatine from your diet it is impossible to get enough for effects on performance. So this is where supplementation comes into play.

  4. arshad says:

    side effect of creatine monohydrate- hair loss and kidney stone is it much water to drink and which is the best brand and how much scoop to take and when to take. i m 21 yrs height 5.6 inches and weight 70

  5. lourdes says:

    I have problem finiding lactose free protein. I believe all whey protein has some lactose. I tried egg protein and also creates problem for my tummy. what have you done? what about creatine is that for women too?

  6. Healthy builder says:

    Try rice protein if you’re lactose intolerant and want to stay away from soy. Jay Robb makes a good rice protein powder.

  7. manaf.e.a says:

    my name is manaf from kerala,may i get the diference between creatine and creatinine

  8. bill says:

    Hi losers, if you take this shit your head will explode like jfk. get used to being a stick.

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