Is creatine a steroid?

Someones e-mailed me a few days back, asking whether creatine is a steroid. To give you the answer in a nutshell, no it isn’t a steroid. Steroids are a synthetic version of the male hormone testosterone. You can see creatine is not by reading through my other articles on the website. creatine a steroid? digg:Is creatine a steroid? spurl:Is creatine a steroid? wists:Is creatine a steroid? simpy:Is creatine a steroid? newsvine:Is creatine a steroid? blinklist:Is creatine a steroid? furl:Is creatine a steroid? reddit:Is creatine a steroid? fark:Is creatine a steroid? blogmarks:Is creatine a steroid? Y!:Is creatine a steroid? smarking:Is creatine a steroid? magnolia:Is creatine a steroid? segnalo:Is creatine a steroid?

36 Responses to “Is creatine a steroid?”

  1. aman says:

    effect of creatine on penis weakness

  2. blank says:

    but basically it has most of the side effects that a steroid has as it can cause kidey problems and creatine may also not work if you have your daily supply of it.Creatine also does not give you much of a boost so if you work out daily theres really no sense in using it.

  3. trustory says:

    wrong. creatine helps move water to skeletal muscle, which promotes muscle growth. it is most effective when working out. boost is irrelevant. creatine is used for mass gain.

  4. jano says:

    blank you are an idiot. creatine has none of the side effects of steroids. hair loss? no. acne? no, unless you just dont shower. aggression and increased levels of estrogen? no. and creatine doesnt give you kidney problems, do some damn research.

  5. Yehoshua says:

    yeah i agree with Jano, blake don’t know nobbin, im sure creatine would be no where near as popular as it is if it resulted in lowering natural testosterone thus giving you low sperm count and basicaly tits.

  6. Dan says:

    Blank your a fuckwit!!!!!!!!!1

  7. Zakk says:

    Blank u don kno wat ur talkin about. trustory is the one with the info that ain’t bullshit.

  8. gator says:

    creatine is a great supplement to use if u wanna get big. it works best if u are hittin the gym daily so then you take it daily. there are no side effects that are bad. i suggest this if you wanna become an animal

  9. Anonymous says:

    no side affects brooo :)>!!!!! im hungryy ass does it make u heaps hungry asss?

    porko love x

  10. aas says:

    just increase the heigh of your nav graphics …

    nice post

  11. jloveslc says:

    i need to get bigger

  12. jeremiah p90x modle says:

    this shit really works as long as u work out and plus its totaly safe

  13. Gaurav says:

    Hey guys this Aman said that it weakens the pnis ………

    I have no idea about this supplement…..

    I am thinking of using this…………..

    But after reading such comments……

    I am bit scared of using it…….. help me for it ………..

    I really wanna be a monster…………

    but at the same time wanna make sure that i stay monster on the bed tooo………. lolzzzzzz………. 🙂

    So please give your comments on that…………. plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  14. Anonymous says:

    you’re yummy

  15. Anonymous says:

    Is Creatine illegal if u are in hi skool and taking it ??

  16. Supersecret says:

    Creatine is legal in schools, Unlike most supplements that athletes use, creatine is neither a vitamin, mineral, herb nor hormone. It is a naturally occurring amino acid that is found in our body that has the chemical name methyl guanidine-acetic acid (see Figure 1 below). As most of you are already aware, amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. The majority of creatine (about 95%) is located in the skeletal muscle system, and the remaining 5% is in the brain, heart and testes. We acquire most of the creatine in our system by consuming meats and fish as well as dairy products, egg whites, nuts and seeds. Although the human body has a way of storing very high amounts of creatine to enhance recovery and muscle power, it is quite challenging to consume enough food to provide the same amount of creatine that using supplements will. In the event that you do not consume enough creatine to suit your bodys requirements, your body can synthesize it from the amino acids arginine, glycine and methionine. This manufacturing process takes place in the kidneys, liver and pancreas.

  17. joseph coverson says:

    well i been taking creatine for like 4 weeks and my bladder is messing up for some reason whats up with that, i use the bathroom about 15 or more times a day

  18. Rob says:

    Basicaly creatine fills your muscle cells with water which makes you able to work out for longer and it also makes your muscles bigger, the only side effect I know is that it makes you piss alot.

  19. peter says:

    i have jst started taking creatine and was wondering if i need 2 take protine shake 2 help mend my muscle or does the creatine do that as well

  20. peter says:

    o yeh ad blank ur a dum ass i no more bout creatie than u and am 16 its not a steriod

  21. Mr. Question says:

    does it make your penis larger? smaller? neither? if not larger.. what can?

  22. Mr. Question says:

    does it make your wang larger? smaller? neither? if not larger.. what can?

  23. vish says:

    ta bn ploc …creatine is z most bullshit supplement i hav take…its just amazing…pushing huge weights wiz that… side effects…. u want to b an animal just take it….. GO HARD OR GO HOME….ANIMAL RULZZZZZZ……..

  24. Lilly123 says:

    Why take it guys seriously, if you want something so bad, do it properly! :). Ok fair enough I’m no doctor, however the lad who i know who takes it is a big lying little shit!!!! Maybe this reason has other links, but he thinks this tablet is gods gift, when really it makes you piss a lot, eat more which if you don’t eat the right food you will become fat!!! Also it makes you spotty and greasy, however if you wash twice a day you maybe able to beat it! This lad who takes them has become more agressive at the same time addicted to things/objects/FOOD!!!! Also he has become more letssss say wimpy fied to things you supposendly animals would find not wimpy fied …. What I’m trying to say is you take this you won’t have a girlfriend who wants you for you more likely for your body!!!!! So I’d suggest you just eat the right food, eat at the right times, sleep not whenn needed but in a pattern e.g 10-8.30 you need those hours, and what you do most work out, you’ll build up more with using this method rather than the tablet method, try it, if I’m wrong then am wrong but what if I’m right 🙂 x

  25. athanz says:

    creatine is a good brand but all people here is a full of shit men…..dont listen to them listen to me volks

  26. ajf says:

    What would girls supplement with, in order to just get lean muscle, not to look like a body builder. I don’t lift weights, and just want to look super toned with a six pack, etc. Thanks for your response!

  27. shai says:


  28. jack3d says:

    get jacked= steriods

  29. jack3d says:

    get jacked= steriods

  30. Dirty Dave says:

    Blank suck a cock number one…..i really wanna be a monster too… debatin on this or putting a needle in my ass

  31. Rene' says:

    Simple question will it or will it not make your PENIS larger. and if not what will Help..

  32. hardass says:

    8=====D~~~~ in all of your mouths

  33. big ray says:

    your name said it all blank your blank information about creatine might have you looking like a chico stick you need to get with the program or stay in the problem remember no brain no gain!!!

  34. facai882004 says:

    i am hypertensive but i work out thrice a week and can handle an hour or more of wotk out per session, i am also taking maintenance blocker for hypertension, now, is anybody think it will not be good for me to take creatine as well?

  35. Mr. Cock says:

    Creatine make my cock 3″ longer thank you creatine now its 9″ Long Monster

  36. cagefighter says:

    Hey i am kyle glorius i cage fight umm you all are not acting serious on here about the creatin powder a couple people seem intrested but not much. i have been taking it for months i really does work and its a good quality price, but you do have to workout. But you have to drink the creatine within 10mins then start working out this helps really good cause cage fighting is no wathe damn park i feel like the sport am in is way more intense then anyother trust me . but that is what am saying about creatine! now get with it people and stop messing up reviews! theres actual people that wanna know if it works or not and all you people are you doing is goofing the fuck off and giving them the wrong answers so get with it. bye

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