Haven’t posted on here lately due to me coming down with the flu! Wasn’t a pretty sight, but i think i’ve just got over it now, so hopefully i will be back in training tomorrow morning! digg:Recovered.. spurl:Recovered.. wists:Recovered.. simpy:Recovered.. newsvine:Recovered.. blinklist:Recovered.. furl:Recovered.. reddit:Recovered.. fark:Recovered.. blogmarks:Recovered.. Y!:Recovered.. smarking:Recovered.. magnolia:Recovered.. segnalo:Recovered..

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  1. Matt says:

    Have been out for a week with a nasty chect cold but was suprised to find that i didn’t lose much int he way of strength although I did have to perform less sets but witht he same number of reps as to not exhaust myself out too much!!

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