Creatine ‘boosts brain power’

I was reading up on a news item from the BBC which claims Creatine boosts brain power. An outline of the story was;

Experts believe Creatine does not only boost fitness levels, but it has a role in maintaining energy levels to the brain, and have the theory that taking Creatine supplements WILL improve mental performance.

Researchers from the University of Sydney and Macquarie University, had given creatine supplements to 45 willing young adults. The volunteers were split up, and given either creatine pills or “dummy pills” for a period of six weeks.

The volunteers ability to repeat long sequences of numbers were tested and a series of general IQ tests were given.

The researchers, led by Dr Caroline Rae found that creatine supplements seemed to have a positive effect.

She said: “Both of these tests require fast brain power and the IQ test was conducted under time pressure.

“The results were clear with both our experimental groups and in both test scenarios.

“Creatine supplementation gave a significant measurable boost to brain power.”

The researchers found that the ability to remember long number improved.

Dr Rae believes that the creatine increases the amount of energy available to the brain for computational tasks, improving general mental ability. 'boosts brain power' digg:Creatine 'boosts brain power' spurl:Creatine 'boosts brain power' wists:Creatine 'boosts brain power' simpy:Creatine 'boosts brain power' newsvine:Creatine 'boosts brain power' blinklist:Creatine 'boosts brain power' furl:Creatine 'boosts brain power' reddit:Creatine 'boosts brain power' fark:Creatine 'boosts brain power' blogmarks:Creatine 'boosts brain power' Y!:Creatine 'boosts brain power' smarking:Creatine 'boosts brain power' magnolia:Creatine 'boosts brain power' segnalo:Creatine 'boosts brain power'

7 Responses to “Creatine ‘boosts brain power’”

  1. Garret says:

    What is this, above?
    Please, no more like this, no-one reads them anyway.

  2. Creatineluvver95 says:

    I used creatine and got blue balls twice that nite…i had 2 change clothes b4 my mom chekked on me…that was embarrasing…the next day i woke up wit a wet dream…i am against creatine and its horrible spell on penises…it made my head rotate 360 degreez…now my sack is sagging and my girlfriend won’t even look at me…

  3. tinkerballs says:

    fuck u garret get a life cuz i read this u fucken faggot quit netbanging u flake…come see me bitch im in milwaukee southside to be exact n my friends call me tinkerballs

  4. bigschwann says:

    hey Creatineluvver if that really happend you didnt get creatine. ive used it for 5 weeks and added 315 pounds back on my squat after blowing out my knee 2wice

  5. ross says:

    Its true that creatine boosts brain power, i stumbled upon this several years ago when taking it to build up in the gym.
    Over the next few days i found besides the physical gains which reversed when i stopped taking it, i got an unusual sense of mental clarity & actually felt more intelligent, with my thought processes & speech being the most obvious.
    I now take it in two week bursts if i`ve got an exam or important interview ahead. Wouldnt take it for longer periods as posible effects on liver & kidneys though.

  6. Protein Kid UK says:

    I totally agree with this article. In fact, according research, one of the factors that differentiates homo-sapiens from chimpanzees is the creatine metabolism. Creatine metabolism and brain activity are definitely correlated, they did a test on elderly people and it showed that the sample of elderly people that took performed better than the group without it.


  7. whatwhey says:

    @Creatineluvver you sound like some isolated case. Should see a doctor.

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