Creatine and Caffeine

Many weight loss supplements come packed with caffeine, and a lot of atheletes use it during training to stimulate themselves. Although chronic caffeiene use will lessthen the boost in strength you receive from your creatine supplement.

Studies have shown that extended caffeine use completely destroys the physical benefits typically afforded by creatine use. By contrast, a single dose of caffeine immediately before exercise either has no effect or even enhances the improvement in strength observed with creatine. Therefore, at least as far as creatine is concerned, chronic caffeine consumption appears to be much more counterproductive than an occasional cup of coffee.

If you are serious about getting the most from your creatine supplement, try to avoid use of caffeine. Studies show that the equivalent of three cups of coffee per day for as little as three days is sufficient to completely negate the benefits of creatine in your system. Although an occasional cup of coffee doesn’t seem to do much harm.. and Caffeine digg:Creatine and Caffeine spurl:Creatine and Caffeine wists:Creatine and Caffeine simpy:Creatine and Caffeine newsvine:Creatine and Caffeine blinklist:Creatine and Caffeine furl:Creatine and Caffeine reddit:Creatine and Caffeine fark:Creatine and Caffeine blogmarks:Creatine and Caffeine Y!:Creatine and Caffeine smarking:Creatine and Caffeine magnolia:Creatine and Caffeine segnalo:Creatine and Caffeine

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  1. Michael Spann says:


    I’m cycling two MuscleTech products one is called NitroTech hardcore protein and the other is Celltech Hardcore. Now I’m thinking about adding Hydroxycut hardcore. I read the ingredients in hydroxycut hardcore and it contains 300 mg of caffeine.

    DIRECTIONS: As a dietary supplement, take 3 capsules with an 8-oz. glass of water 2 times daily, approximately 30 to 60 minutes before meals. On days of your workout, take 1 of these servings before the workout. Consume ten 8-oz. glasses of water per day. Read the entire label before use and follow directions. Do not exceed 3 capsules in a 4-hour period and/or 6 capsules in a 24-hour period. Do not take within 5 hours of bedtime. To assess individual tolerance, follow the chart. For best results, combine Hydroxycut Hardcore with an intense exercise and nutrition program.

    I was told by a muscletech customer service that caffeine canceling creatine was a myth… Is this true?

  2. Johny says:

    Yea i heard that coffein cancelin creatine=(

    for how long u’ve been taken that cell teck hardcore?

    how is it goin for u?

    coz i drink one myself, but now i start hearin that monohydrate is the best.

    shoud i continue with cell teck or swith to the monohydryte?!

  3. Muscler Man says:

    I am using only creatine supplements, I tried different products but only creatine works for me…. I don’t know, probably we all are different and maybe there is no rule which products is best for everyone…

  4. mbeach says:

    I’ve heard that caffeine and monohydrate (creatine) together does not cancel each other out. However i’ve heard it just the opposite. I will say that while doing the research i discovered that the stats about them not cancelling each other out came from a reputable source. Best way to know for sure is try both ways and weigh your results.

  5. George Rocco says:

    YOu cant use caffiene and creatine at the same time. The caf negates the creatine.

  6. dot says:

    yes! of course!! caffeine does negate creatine monohydrate,,wat creatine does is increase the water storage in better pump,longer pump increase in size…and it effects kidneys….and caffeine ,dehydrates and increases heart rate and metabolism….theres a dual effect on cells and actually harmful for kidneys and the body,,,,try and avoid..

  7. Bill says:

    ok jay, lets start with this part
    “For those that don’t know……Nitric Oxide is a GAS!!! How would it be possible to turn a gas into a solid so you could ingest it??? Think about that for a moment meatheads!!!”
    Nitric Oxide is a gas, a gas that is made in your body supplements like no xplode do not have nitric oxide in them, they BOOST your body’s production of nitric oxide. Do your own research, don’t just follow what one guy says.

    Supplements are there to fill a deficit in your body, if everybody got everything they needed from food than the supplements would not work ever, and you would be making “expansive piss” but the fact is it is hard to get the correct variety and volume of vitamins you need when trying to get riped so its more like toping off an almost full tank of gas.

    now I am out!!!

    (jack a**)

  8. BK says:

    Spell check: Athletes…..not “Atheletes” (first paragraph at the top) Improper spelling can really undermine any article. Nothing worse than trying to make an intelligent point with stupid spelling……just an fyi.

  9. mugen says:

    It is correct though that nitric oxide isn’t necessarily introduced directly into your system with n.o products (in some cases it can be when attatched to a molecule). In most cases they use arginine which is made naturally in your body. This creates n.o via nitric oxide synthase. arginine is called a precurser to n.o. The supplements just increase the amount of arginine in your system to increase your n.o production. Also, it’s pretty tough to keep to a diet if you are like most people and dont have time to plan out every meal.

    The trick is to know what you need and buy products that have amounts printed clearly and stay away from proprietary blends that have a single amount for 10 different things.

    As far as caffeine with creatine goes, Ive read that it’s ok to do them together as long as you dont consume more then 200mg of caffeine a day. Doing more than that can also trigger a stress response that can increase cortisol which is bad for building muscle.

  10. aiyaz says:

    hi im having cell tech hardcore i stated the loading process.So cud u plz suggest me if i can have a cup of coffee in the morning at work

  11. Expert says:

    hi guys

  12. Expert says:

    if you guys have questions dont hesitate to ask. i will have all the answers for you.

  13. Expert says:

    aiyaz, coffee does not affect muscle growth so its okay.

  14. mantrix says:

    who care just take it all and explode your ass

  15. says:

    aiyaz you can drink it no problem, the amount of caffein taken by morning coffe isn’t enough to cancel de creatine effect. The catch is to take it at diferent times, if you wakeup and take your protein/creatine mix, drink 1 cup of water also after the creatine, take breakfast then go for coffe 1 hour after all this 😉

  16. L.a. says:

    could i take animal cuts and creatine monohydrate at the same time in the morning before i go to the gym?

  17. Gary Cohen says:

    I have my creatine first thing in the morning. How soon after can I have a cup of coffee. I also take prescription medicine. Help!

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