Will Creatine make me bigger?

Creatine is used by hundreds of thousands of weight trainers across the globe, purely because it helps build their muscles. Creatine does increase muscle size and strength although strenuous workouts are necessary to see good results. The supplement helps you do more reps, and lift more weights when training, although if you do not put the hard work in it is pointless.

It has been said that after at least two months after taking creatine you will see positive results in your muscle size and the weights that you can lift.

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120 Responses to “Will Creatine make me bigger?”

  1. Taffy says:

    What a load of tosh – “creatine will help you do more reps”…..Creatine helps you with short bouts of exercise – Hence the ATP-Phosphocreatine energy system. There are no scientific studies to show that Creatine actually does increase muscle strength or mass. The weight gain is purely water retention within the body

  2. creatine says:

    Yerp, but.. maybe there is no scientific studies, but hence the reason i am writing content for this website as i go along… since i started taking creatine i have upped by bench and bicep exercises. Maybe others may not see any drastic changes, but i certainly have!

  3. BILL says:


  4. Matt says:

    Since taking creatine – 2 weeks ago – i have pushed myself to 65kg comfortably on the bench from a striggling 50kg. It’s also important to have a very well planned out program and not just to throw any weight around.

  5. DEVIN says:

    just bought month and half supply of creatine only plan on taking it for that long i have not worked out in 2 years untill last week and last night and i will say it was rough.. i plan on posting my experience weekly

  6. Humph says:

    as i have read on other sites they said others may benefits from it and other may not, for what ever reason it has an explanation.. been using this stuff and it turn out to be true.. try it as long as you have no kidney problems.. good luck!

  7. NOLAN says:


  8. arzan says:

    Hey Nolan are u telling me that u hav taken creatine for 6 consecutive months????????

  9. nathan says:

    jesus! ur onli supposed to take it for a couple of months haha

  10. rob says:

    it works i do mma and weights im 14 stone hardly any fat and can bench 100kg 5 times2 months ago 60 kg 8 times.i can grapple for 20 mins straight no stopping.try telling me that the most important thing in my training dont work

  11. warren says:

    Iv just got a months suppy of creatine, iv only takern it once and im over powering my mete who has done it for 6 months full of hard work, I couldnt do this 2 months ago, My secret is to take milk and egg protein add some muscle gainer by weiders and add a rour egg and blend, then as on extra take 100% creatine. The results look promising and i hope it does work. ! Does any one else have a secret to share

  12. michael says:

    i have started using creatine and within one week my bench press has gone from 70kg 10 to 90kg sets and dumbell fly from 12kg to 18kg to mention just a couple of exercises with have improved

  13. Luke says:

    Michael do you think that much of an increase is somewhat mental and over coming a mental block? I’ve done creatine on 6 wks off 5wks and so on. I ‘ve seen increase in my physic, endurance and recovery but with that much of a jump in a week I have to give some of that to a mental block that you overcame. Maybe something like what a sugar pill will do.

  14. Marlyn says:

    im 16. and ive been takin creatine for a month and you can tell and see a hugee improvement, but a negitive side effect is i broke out reall bad.

  15. co co says:

    i have used creatine for 3 weeks now ,but all yous are saying that you feel the diffrence but i dont how long will it take to notise

  16. Mark says:

    Hi im 34 just started on creatine in the last 2 days. been out of training 10 years so looking forward to getting back into it. wish me luck i gonna need it

  17. Sasha says:

    I would like to know while taking creatine should I stop drinking coffee & does it have any negative effect on creatine ?

  18. call perkins says:

    yeah im 16 and iv been on creatine for about 9 months now and im prety jacked i went from 150 to 350 in 9 months it works really well but im forced to take it by my football coach and i hate it but good results

  19. myroslav says:

    Hi can you tell me please what is better creatine explode capsules or creatine powder?

  20. sanju says:

    i took creatine for one day and it pumped me up durin the whole workout. i used to do the most of 30 reps on each hand with a 20 lbs dumblell….on the other hand, after i took the creatine i did the most of 50 reps with 20 lbs dumbbell. i think that creatine does work and it helps a lot and help build n size and mass. But once u stop workin out u will loose some of the weight and the mass. if u can keep up with the creatine and workout like almost everyday..u wont loose it(trust me)…therefore, creatine can make a huge difference in ur body…33……..(i love carol soo much)

  21. sanju says:

    i took creatine for one day and it pumped me up durin the whole workout. i used to do the most of 30 reps on each hand with a 20 lbs dumblell….on the other hand, after i took the creatine i did the most of 50 reps with 20 lbs dumbbell. i think that creatine does work and it helps a lot and help build n size and mass. But once u stop workin out u will loose some of the weight and the mass. if u can keep up with the creatine and workout like almost everyday..u wont loose it(trust me)…therefore, creatine can make a huge difference in ur body…33……..(i love Carol V. soo much)

  22. vinny says:

    im abit overweight and thought creatine would help lose weight but after reading that it puts mass on not too sure,,,does anyone have any comments on whetever i should bother taking it or just exercise without it??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  23. bre says:

    For a girl will creatine make me look like i am bulky and not slim?

  24. Petrus says:

    Hi. I am a 14 yr old boy . I only started gyming wen i jst turned 14. bec0z i c0uldnt play rugby due 2 an injury. Ab0ut 4 m0nths ago i started taking pr0tein shake and wen 4rm 70kg to 73kg recently about 5 weeks ago i started with creating and hv picked up 10kg in muscle i am nw ab0ut 85kg. It works wel and recoverys me al0t faster and makes u str0nger. I also take pr0tein shake with it. Its a nyc c0mb0.

  25. Bob says:

    i have been taking creatine for 6 months now straight, and i have to say it has increased the size of my penis two fold. Now i can ejaculate and squirt twice as far as usual,and i have been impregnating more women then usual 2. Its amazing, because my penises girth and length have increased tremendously…i use to be 6 inches , now im 10 inches flat..!!!! creatine is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Rob says:

    holy smokes, bob your right, my penis has grown like crazy, ,,and my wifes vagina (she is taking it 2 ) has grown 2 fold!!!!!

  27. john says:

    ur all mental just fukin try it and speak tha truth it fukin works or it dunt.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Im 25 and just bought my first bottle of creatine (weider) capsules the other day. I did my first workout today after work. Hopin to see good results in the near future. i will keep u updated…

  29. Anonymous says:

    while on creatine do u eat a high protein diet

  30. brandon says:

    ive taken it for about a week and ive seen slight increase in muscle mas, and some toning, but also, my last max was 150lb. just recently i put up 160 without working out for weeks before.

  31. Kriss says:

    I’ve been taking creatine monohydrate for about a week now. I can actually feel that im able to do some heavier than usual. 10g a day.

  32. adam says:

    im 21 years old i took creatine monohydrate for 3 months with whey protien, i would usually mix it in something with suger and carbs about 20 minuts before a workout and post i would take it with whey protien. I was 135 lbs taking about 10 grams of creatine a day and about 120 grams of protien daily as well, half through foods and the rest from whey protien, i am now 150lbs and i have to say i didnt see a huge change from taking creatine i think its mostly from the whey protien but i did notice that the times i would take it pre workout i would have more energy to do more reps.

  33. chizzy says:

    yo does creatine make you get water retention

  34. mark says:

    hey guys i got a ?..i just bought a bottle of creatine i weight 252 and i would like to know if im going to gain more im trying to lose and just get ripped. any advice from any1 i would really appreciate it.

  35. Steven says:

    Wow, half you guys are idiots. To the serious questions, yes you want a high protein diet as well if you are trying to gain mass. To the overweight guy, yes creatine will still help you, only instead of trying to eat as many calories as possible like someone trying to gain mass would, you will want to eat less calories. Also, it has been proven that taking creatine with grape juice or other type of juice will greatly increase the effects. To the person who said creatine broke him out, creatine is not a hormone and will not break you out. You said you were sixteen, I would imagine your problem is related to puberty, not creatine. To the girl, creatine will not make you fat. It simply lets your muscles release an extra boost of energy during exercise. As long as you eat right, it will help you. To the guy who got a bigger penis than expected, you should call the dildo store back and tell them that they sent you a size bigger than you are used to. I am sure they will let you exchange it if you still have the receipt. Yes, Creatine does work, but you have to work hard for it. The Texas prison system used to sell creatine on their commisary, but the inmates were getting so big that they took it off.

  36. Dean says:

    Why take something that’s going to make you big for a short period of time. Reality check, r u going to use this crap the rest of your life???? Stick to a good diet, regular workouts, and stay way from all the crap you see advertise on the internet and in the magazines… Face the facts, genetics play’s the biggest role in how you look and you can’t change that… work with what you have, stay true to yourself and do it for the health benfit… People don’t really care if you have 15 inch or 19 inch biceps….

  37. Anonymous says:

    what effect does redbull mixed with creatine have?

  38. billy joel says:

    does it really give you a bigger penis. im already to big. i might have to quit

  39. kodi says:

    i’ve lifted all my life and i did not take anything but food.
    i have 17 1/2 inch arms.
    all you do is work out hard and all the tome..
    but don’t forget to rest very important.

  40. Max says:

    I use creatine about 45 mins to 1 hour before a workout and i actually have increased weight in all my work outs and more reps in my normal work out.

  41. Pappy says:

    I’m 57 yrs. old and started Creatine caps from GNC two weeks ago. I seem to be able to do more reps and not as sore afterward. I only started lifting about two months ago after a long layoff due to 2 back surgeries. I’ll give an update around Christmas for some of the older crowd.

  42. jim carey says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalrighty thennnnnnnnn!

  43. spooky says:

    BEWARE creatine made me gain over 20lbs back in 1996. I took it for a year and all i got was thick bloated looking muscle and any benefits were very short lived.
    If you are looking for cut ripped muscle STAY AWAY from Creatine throw it away.
    This summer I tried a new protein supplement and did NOT notice it had Creatine and almost instant 10 ibs of very unattractive bloated weight gain and my ripped appearance is only just now coming back.
    THICK UGLY NON-ripped muscle= CREATINE

  44. Eddie says:

    My friend told me that Creatine basically fills up your arms or body with water o.O

  45. dave says:

    i need to gain muscle and reading these comments i was debating wether or not i should buy creatine, if i decided to take it, how long will it be before i see any results???????????????????

  46. shayneoo says:

    creatine is amazing. i love it. makes me drive harder.

  47. Expert says:

    you dont really have to take any of these products to gain muscle, you just have to be dedicated in the gym. work out 4 times a week and you should be fine and you will see results in no time. i have friends and people that i know that were incarcerated for 1 or 2 yrs and when they got they were big and when i say big they were big. thats because they had nothing to do but lift weights, these days they dont even have weights in jail all they have is body weight work out like push ups and dips and a lot of pull ups. these friends of mine were like animals ( beast ) and they were not using any products, all normal.. all they ate was 3 meals a day and thats it.. the only thing is, is that their Wings ( lats ) were big because they didnt have weights and they were more into pull ups.. still, this is something to think about, you dont need to spend all that money to gain muscle, its not that i dont believe these products work but i think its better to just work out with out them.. trust me, all my friends now after they got out they still stick with in the gym and they are big like monters. its good that they love working out becuz before all they thought about was drugs. now their life is straight and all they do is work out. well its just my thought.. good luck.

  48. chiro says:

    all of u are idiots?all of you are arguing whether creatine works or not of course if you take some creatine you think it will work be cause you spend money.if you are lazy and not doing your exercise properly and have no dedication on it of course it has no effect or no improvement to your body…stupid !!!!

  49. spencer says:

    it works as long as you continue doing your workout and if you dont it will not. it is not a magic pill or powder that makes you huge by just taking it. you have to workout eat right and the rest will come. if you dont want to be bloated then do cardio along with your worjout which you should be doing anyway and sweat alot and you will not be as bloated. also if you have kidney problems DO NOT take creatine you will get kidney stones it happened to my personal trainer and a bunch of his buddys so if you do not want to pee little rocks then dont take creatine if you have kidney problems.

  50. HaxAras says:

    XD If Creatine Does make Your Dick Bigger Im a Lucky Guy Im Already Big I Was Lifting Today And I noticed I Had More Energy Cant Wait to Get Bigger How Long Does It Take?

  51. Anonymous says:

    maa ke lode ho tum sab???????????

  52. vikram says:

    gained 1/2 inch in arms in 1st week only also not exercising to much.

  53. bmooney says:

    i have been takeing creatin and drinking protien shakes everyday for about four weeks now the only workingout i have been doing is arm workout and pushups but i also do drywall for a living i have gotten thicker everywhere iam 31 years old 5 foot 7 215lbs 34 inch waste i dont mind water retension or bloated muscle it makes me look swole i have gained 1inch on my biceps and my chest and legs are bigger and my back has gotten widder my muscles fill full creatine and protine have been working well for me

  54. Chris says:

    Most of you people are full of shit….creatine is like any LEGAL supplement….it might work over time with training hard and dieting well! anyone who is 14yrs old, just started working out or do not eat or train properly, so yourself a favour and research first, it will save you money….or Just come to a supplement shop and spend a heap of stuff you know nothing about and keep making me rich

  55. Michael says:

    Wow, give it a rest people! Creatine will fill your muscles with water! but news FUCKING FLASH! your muscles are 70% water in the first place u dumb fucks! shit read a book!
    proper diet! (and i mean proper diet not shitty fattys foods and big macs) will get you results!
    search up on google, traditional bodybuilding diets! look and study the foods and adapt your own diet from that!
    workout like u never have before!
    eachworkout on any particular muscle should consist of 3-4 workouts and total workout should last no longer than 1 hour!
    i.e. if a workout on day was: back/biceps: wide grip pullup- 3-4 sets
    seated row- 3-4 sets
    bent over row 3-4 sets
    preacher curls 3 sets
    individual bicep curls 4
    concentration curls 3
    perfect workout, exceeding no more than 3/4 excercises per muscle per workout!
    overworking muscles actually burns away at them eventually! now we dont want that do we?
    and REST, at least a day 9 hours sleep for a mass budiling cycle! come on guys! do a bit of research!

    workout= 20% diet= 60% rest=20%
    pretty simple stuff guys!

    as for diet?
    a simple quick formitted way to work this out is like so:

    1gram per pound of weight- Protein
    4 grams per pound of weight- Carbs
    3 grams per pound of weight- fat

    for example someone weight in at: 150lbs diet would consist of

    150 grams of protein a day
    600 grams of carbs a day
    450 grams of fat a day

    split each of these into 5 meals a day and each meal consist of

    30 grams of protein
    120 grams of carbs
    90 grams of fat!

    with each meal consume anywhere between 5-6 grams of creatine monohydrate

    and come back in a month and tell me u arent weighing in at 170lbs ripped to fuck with a body fat of 9%

    any doubts or questions feel free to add me on msn:

    more than happy to help!

  56. Keith says:

    Who every says Creatine does not work is a idiot. Creatine is by far the most studied supplement when it comes to bodybuilding. If you work out hard and take creatine after your work out you will see results of course you do need to keep your protein intake hgih. I would recommend just getting a regular creatine monohydrate with out any fillers is in it, it is the best bang for your buck.



  58. Ian says:

    Honestly….take creatine for a few months then stop! HYAHAHA are u retarded? no wonder u see no results…if you do not use it consecutively you will see no results, i personally watched my brother gain 4 inches in 2 months on his biceps alone! dont listen to these retards who say it doesnt work! they just cant afford it! personally i use Cell-Tech Hardcore and it works magnificently and to answer your question creatine addict, Yes it damages ur liver and kidneys….these are two organs that filter everything you drink and eat SO DO THE MATH! Either way all in all creatine will hepl you gain muscle if you stick to it, if you listen to these idiots then your fucked!

  59. Ian says:


  60. Ian says:

    SORRY 1 MORE THING! creatine doesnt make ur dick bigger! hahaha shame on you losers! if anything it will help cripple you. hahahhahahahhahahaha

  61. JOHN THOMAS says:


  62. John Doe says:

    Good advice. For the most part. Except for the idiot above me ^^^
    Thanks all for the tips.

  63. Michael says:

    Would month on month off cycles help out with the water retention? A friend of mine said that if I worked out for a month taking creatine regulary then worked out a month with out it, the muscle would actually stick rather then “deflate” after time.

  64. Christon says:

    What creatine is is an amino acid that gets absorbed through your stomach into your muscles using water retaining to make you look biger/muscler. you cant take this and not work out then theres no point of using this. Before a workout take this 30 min before workout. Take it once a day not 2 or 3 times thats just company ripping you off. The next day or two you should feel stronger.l It also increases strenth and speed and sences

  65. JCR says:

    How long after stopping creatine should the bloating clear up?

  66. joshua says:

    how long does it take to see results with CEE, and do i need to do the loading phase

  67. Charley says:

    I heared that the gel form of creatine was eligal at least it is in the mlb. Duz anyone no why?

  68. neil says:

    u gotta remember to drink alot of water when taking creatine, it not only helps keeping the system clear, but it also helps with some people who bloat up when taking creatine. And don’t drink acidic juices while taking creatine.

  69. roger says:

    creatine has been proven many times (search it) to increase muscle mass, by allowing the user to work out harder and longer. it has the best results if used in combo with a high protein diet, loading helps for faster results, and cycling keeps your body from getting used to it. always drink a lot of water because the excess amounts of water your muscles absorb when you use creatine can cause you to become dehydrated. there are no known long term side effects, short term are gastrointestinal problems such as gas,diarahea,etc, frequent urination is common.

  70. davie says:

    awrite boys well am 17 av only been going to the gym for 1 month and the best thing to do is 5 sets if benching start on a weight that you can do comfortably such as 40 kg. do 15 reps take your rest another 10 reps afterwards then put the weight up 5 kg do 8 reps twice then put another 5 kg on by that time you are at 50kg do 5 reps then thats your chest done move on to your second muscle of the day and repeat that exercise again. i would be interested if some one could comment on what i have just said so if read this leave your comment please .. thanks

  71. lou lou says:

    no one in this day age is going to be pissing up rocks, unless they have fright of drinking water and overdosing on protein, many people develope kidney problems because of a over abundance of protein in their systems, creatine demands high water consumption ALWAYS! that means atleast a gallon of water a day would be a good start.

  72. Mike says:

    How long will it take to notice the muscle gains from creatine?and after u get off of creatine but continue to workout will u still be able to lift as much as on creatine or u wont?

  73. Mike says:

    if u continue working out after u get of creatine will u lose all the mass/weight u gained or will it stay if u still workout daily?

  74. Chris says:

    If you start taking creatine once taking it the next few weeks you start to feel more alive in the gym , you have alot more stamina , you can lift heavier weights eg me i could only bench 65 kg 10 reps max but when i was on creatine i was doing 85kg easy, also when i started i was 10 stone 5 pounds then within 3 – 5 weeks i shot up to 11 stone 4 pounds , then when i finally came off creatine i started to see decreases in strength then every so often i dropped a pound or two .

    ps think hard before taking creatine you might not think it isnt addictive but when you feel your achievements in the gym while taking it , its out of this world but when you stop you get a depressed feeling and you get short bursts of anger

  75. american says:

    i take creatine. and bench 365pds, without it..only 335. it simply makes you stronger. with more endurance. it will not make you cut,swole,super strong. It helps repair muscles after intense work outs so you can hit it up even harder at your next work out.

  76. Shane says:

    I have just got back in the gym and I am taking creatine two times a day with whey protein as a supplement to a high protein diet. Not in the best shape with a bit of pudge on the stomach. I hope the combo will work. Can anyone tell me if cutting out carbs to try and loose the gut will have a serious effect on muscle gain results eventhough I’m still taking whey protein? Thanks

  77. dantheman says:

    i am about 13stone now and last christmas i was about 14 and half stone i want to still loose weight but i really want to look bigger in my chest and my arm and my shoulders etc..but not around my stomach area lol…can someone help me on what i should do .cheers

  78. buttonz says:

    creatine has had no effect on me since i started using it over 2 months ago, i have found hard work and persistence has increased the weight i lift not the creatine as it reckons

  79. Alex Gray-Johnson says:

    ive take it on cycles. 1 month on it , then off, its does work for energy levels i can have rapid workouts and feel stronger all round, the muscle development wont happy instantly , but u will see great reuslts over time

    LA MUSCLE Explosive Creatine , great product

    remember if you take it in cycles, ur body will not get use to having so much creatine , so each cycle u will see results

  80. pimp4lyf says:

    hahahahahahaha……..dicks growing and shyt…hahaha sum gud stories and are js plan wack…when i started creatine i was only 65kg and by the end of 3months i am was 80kg…ive been off creatine for about 50 days now and im still eating and taking my multi minirals like zma and 500mg vitamin c 3 times daily and a protein shake and im stuck on 80kg….i did notice a small loss in muscle size but nothing really bad…im thinking of starting another cycle to gain more muscle mass

  81. Kyle says:

    Guys DO NOT DRINK COFFEE and alcohol as well if you can while on creatine. If you are doing this.. make sure to drink a shhhiit load of water. And also take supplements for calcium. Why? Because your body needs extra water on creatine already, diuretics like coffee and alcohol make this a lot worse. so if ur drinking coffee and alcohol 1. you wont see any gains 2. your muscles will cramp 3. its unhealthy anyways. And calcium is the same sort of deal, alcohol and coffee rob the body of calcium, which is necessary for muscle contractions. Creatine increases the demand for calcium, so make sure to load up on it as well. probably 2000mg a day of calcium.

  82. Ryder says:

    Creatine works in different ways I guess. Im 17 and im an MMA fighter who fights at featherweight. Ive been taking creatine for awhile now. Not noticing any size difference or muscle growth. But it has given me a lot more strength in my workouts, and in my training. I can judo throw and trip people who weigh over 200 lbs. Plus my walk around weight is 160. So I toss people around about 40-50 pounds heavier than me. Creatine has given me some good strength. Not really a difference in size or muscle definition.

  83. ROBBIE says:

    im masssssivveeeeeee i put on 10kg just looking at my protien shakes raaaawwwwwrrr

  84. Kasandra says:

    id fuck you robbie mwa call me baby ooooooo yeaaaa

  85. ROBBIE says:

    jokkkesss that was meee…..

  86. Andrew says:

    im 15 and creatine has been good. i was a chubby ass kid b4 and now i slimmd down got big instead of workin out every third day im in gym 6 oclock liftin everyday. i went from benching 130 a week (which suxs as a max) to repin 260 in not tht long of a time. i forgot who said it bout breaking out but what u need to do is decrease how much u take. but othr wise this shit is good

  87. Roids says:

    Hey I’m 16 years old and I’ve been taken creatine for 4 years now this is my best result so far when I take creatine with orange juice and drank a shit load of water and that’s the key to getting big with creatine is water drank alot and I Also take protein if u want to get big take creatine with lots of water and drank 10 grams of protein more than u weigh I’m 205lbs and I’m gaining to 225 so I’m taken in225 grams daily like I said I’m 16 been lifting for 3 and 1/2 years I started out benching 95lbs but now I’m benching 335lbs squating 615lbs deadlifting 885lbs power cleaning 305 box squating 1275lbs if u need answers I got them so just ask and the reason y my nick name is
    roids cuz I weighed 105lbs when I started lifting and now I’m 205 and 7% body fat and no I do not take
    steroids it’s all creatine and protein

  88. Matthew Reagan says:

    There is so much misinformation in here.
    Creatine increases ATP in the muscles. ATP is basically muscle energy(ATP stands for Antinone TriPhosphate(not positive if it’s Antinone)). You WILL retain some water but what it does is cell volumization which means the cells in your muscles will get bigger(partly due to the excess fluid).
    You will get stronger.
    You will gain weight.
    Some people get very bloated.
    Some people get nausea and diarhea.
    It should start working within a week.
    Powder forms absorb the fastest.
    5-15 grams should be taken daily, depending on body weight(the lower the weight, the lower the dose).
    It does not make your penis bigger! Haha!

    Hope this helped clear up a few things for you guys.

  89. Rache says:

    Hey peeps, I just bought some creatine a couple days ago after looking up some stuff about ti online. I read that basically what is does is help hydrate your muscles and help your recover faster from workouts? Anyways, thanks to those of you who actually knew what you were talking about, even if creatine doesn’t “increase energy” (some ppl think it doesn’t) then it doesn’t really matter, if you THINK it’s going, then it will (remember the supplement tests where people thought they were taking an energy supplement and actually were just taking sugar pills…?)

  90. ANYBODY says:


    If people were taking sugar pills in an energy supplement test
    they would have energy anyway!!! sugar gives you a burst of energy
    and so this was probably not the best example to use.
    A good example is quit smoking trials were they give people patches which did nothing more than stick to their arm but because they believed the patch was helping their cravings they didnt smoke.

    but you are right i dont think it increases energy its the fact you are able to work your muscles for longer that gives the impression of increased energy when actually its decreased fatigue your feeling


  91. Tom says:

    iv been taking creatine for 6months straight lol. i havent really seen any results from it but i still take it just to b safe

  92. robin says:

    creatine is bullshit

  93. Brent says:

    I serve in the United States Special Forces, I have had some of the most extensive physical training of anyone in the world. Putting our body’s threw 5 tours and pushing our body’s from jumping out of air carriers at 6 miles in the air. I take it 8 times a day with 3-54g protean shakes. I saw a massive improvement on my stamina, and weight lifting. If you can say it doesn’t work, then come fight me because my pounds per impact after taking a regiment of it went from 500pounds to 850pounds. That enough force to drop a average man in one hit and nocking him out.

    It works.

  94. mike says:

    Wondering what happens when you come off the stuff. Less bloating and bigness I’m sure, but will I loose my gains even if I push hard in the gym without it?

    Just want to use it for awhile for some gain. Thoughts?

  95. Kemps says:

    Micheal is a muppet he’s jumped from benching 70 kilo to 90 but he only lifts 18 kilo for flys I right your a right Trevor a bench a hundred and fly 30 do the math your probably just a geek sitting Reading about using weights on the internet

  96. Chris says:

    not to talk shit but for those of you talking about your gains jumping up durastically they are probly just noob gains for not lifting that long not to say creatine dosent help you but its not some amazing supp like some people think…

  97. Chris says:

    and hell no ur gains will not go down when you stop using it its not a pro-hormone or steroid..u may lose size because it draws water into the muscle but you will not lose your strength gains

  98. Chris says:

    I’ve taken Creatine on and off for some time now. , years probably. Creatine is great if you want fast results with a noticable increase in stregnth. However, you must consume large amounts of water before and during your work-out for best results. Also, do not take creatine any sooner than 15 minutes prior to exercising, allow time for the suppliment to get into your blood. It will cause bloating, but the effects are different for everyone. It’s a much safer alternative to many other suppliments.

  99. J Marie says:

    I am a 46 yr old female. Following Mackie Shilstone Lean & Hard book. Taking Creatine and Protein & Maltodextrin with occasional L-Glutamine and many antioxidants. The combo really has fueld my interval training and weight training. I want leanness, but would like to see the scale go down of which it has not since starting 4 weeks ago. I took measurements. Body comp is chaning-see it in the mirror. I know muscle weighs more than fat. Eating good protein, carbs and fats. When should I notice a cut in my shoulders, biceps, triceps and do I need to stop with the creatine and malto for weight loss?

  100. jack says:

    hello every one here i want to advice that you dont fucken have to take anything you just have to exersis mora and eat good then you will be nautral athelatics

  101. jacooby says:

    Hey guys im jacob and i bought a months supply of creatine a month but i only workout once every 3 days including sports every other day but i workout hard i have been using it the right way that includes eating right getting plenty of rest counting calories etc and what i did was get some whey protein and mixing it with the creatine i get a really crazy pump i went from 127 pounds to 141 pounds in 3 months my goal is 150 or higher and basically if you workout right you will c some changes =)

  102. Anonymous says:

    Michael, you are full of shit.

    “for example someone weight in at: 150lbs diet would consist of

    150 grams of protein a day
    600 grams of carbs a day
    450 grams of fat a day”

    Are you serious? That is like 7,000 Calories a day for somebody that weights 150lbs? They will the fattest cunt on earth after 12 months.

  103. rahul says:

    hey guys , i was taking this protein called serious mass for like eight months now and ive put on 10kgs with a proper work out . im planning to start creatine , so could someone plz tell me if its okay ? or does it really fck up ur system ? my instructor say says i need to take 5gms of creatine before workout along with whey protein after workout to counter the side effects of creatine . is this true ?

  104. arenuld says:


  105. brandon says:

    rahul you will be fine taking creatine and protein before and after after your workouts if you choose i have been doing so for a long time.

  106. justin wheeler says:

    That stuff is bad for you stick with protein shakes and brown rice. Eat about 4vups of brown rice a day.As far as protein you should take in 1 gram per pound of your body wieght so if you width 200 jobs the you need 200grams of protein a day.This will get big results.Brown rice is much heathier

  107. Cambob, leeds says:

    I’m 14,
    about 6ft1/2,
    10.5 st
    and have started using creatine today, im quite skinny in the arm but have a nice chest and shoulders, i know what it basically does during in excercise etc, i just want to know,
    will this put weight on me?

  108. read this says:

    you guys are retarded. creatine monohydrate is the best and most talked about supplement on the market. what creatine does is it allows water to flow into the muscles. your muscles are 70% water so creatine is a good supplement to use. your body already makes creatine naturally but its good to take even more. if u take creatine i would take it for a month or two and then take a month off from taking it. this is because if you keep taking creatine your body will eventually stop making creatine naturally. so it is very important to take a month off and recent studeis have shown that the most muscle gains from creatine are from the first 2 months of taking the supplement. if you take creatine it is important that you drink plenty of water or it wont work. you also need to eat healthy foods. you need 1g of protein per pound of body weight and you want to eat alot of carbohydrates and calories to gain weight as well. and you need to work hard in the gym. it isnt easy to gain muscle you have to work at it and it takes a long time. if you take creatine and you havent seen any results email me at aelbe15@yahoo.com if you have any questions.

  109. ALI says:


  110. tombodein says:

    Creatine will help you gain strength and mass. For those who are overweight and want to get ripped, believe me you are what you eat. You want to cut carbs dramatically while only cutting out about 20% of your normal calories. People who cut out too many calories usually gain back twice as much weight as they lost once they start back eating normally. Also, you want to loose weight healthy not 10 pounds a week. 2 pounds a week is as much as you really need to loose to be burning fat healthy. Cardio.Cardio.Cardio. you must do cardio at least 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes. get most of your carbs early in the day in foods like fruits which have natural sugars and complex carbs. complex carbs=good carbs, simple carbs=bad carbs. If you eat bread limit this to whole wheat bread once a day and if you eat things like starches which are found in potatoes eat them around lunch time as well. 6 small meals a day keeps your metabolism high and you burn more fat rather than 3 big meals a day. so, eat right workout right and do cardio and you will get RIPPED.

  111. Behemoth says:

    I want to tell you that there is a lot of junk info here.
    DonttakeCreatine for over 6 months.
    I started taking Creatine 12 months ago. The results start showing the first month. And after 4 months my dick start getting more pumped erections.In 6 months it start showing growth, even when i was not erect i could see the difference in size.Now it does not fit in my old pants and i have been injured because i daily trip over it.

  112. Marc says:

    Creatine works! But why is there 14 and 16 year olds on here using it. If you are that young and you want to get big then eat big. Your body already makes it’s own and you do not need creatine at that age. All you have to do is get off your ass! Work out hard! Eat good! And eat alot! I’m 23 and used creatine for 1 year off and on. I gained 30 lbs and I can lift ALOT more weight, but you still have to eat BIG! No need for creatine at the age of 14. Put down the hustler or playstation controller and work out for fyck sakes

  113. holabangbang says:

    i am 85 and i weighed 115 and benched 125. i started taking creatine about 4 moinths ago and i now weigh 200 lbs and i can bench 700. is this good? the reason i take creatine is when i do the holabangbang with the ladies i can thrust more powerfully in the annuse. i can also “tickle the snatch” (as kids say it these days ) with alot more power

  114. marc ur a fag says:

    hey marc stop dissin teens if they wanna get big let them do it. i am 16 and i work out every other day. i also play hockey every day and i am very fit. maybe you should stop stereotyping teens . maybe some chubby depressed kid who wanted to take creatine read your comment and was hurt. we all know that your not just stereotyping teens but your speaking from your own teenage experience. i bet i get more pussy than you do and your in college. so shut the fuck up and worry about yourself and let the kids who have gumption and the want to get fit take creatine to better there lives.

  115. Ryan says:

    True that^^^. dude needs to mind his own buisness. Creative increases ATL(muscle energy) which gives you those extra reps. Yes it does add waterweight, but guess what……..muscle is like75% water. The muscle you gain using it is real muscle that you won’t lose when you stop taking it. You just lose some of the bulk from the water. The fluids that are directy circulated to the muscles are full of protein and things that the muscle needs to grow. It’s natural and is in your body using the supplement or not. It’s just not as abundant when your not using it. Anyone who says creatine doesn’t work needs to read up and get educated.

  116. mike says:

    This is for the ones who post the stupid comments about how creatine just adds water wieght well muscle is 80% water? and for the record creatine works

  117. Paul says:

    Creatine is the most hyped worthless product ever and supplement companies make billions selling what is basically a salt which costs pennies to produce to your dumb asses. Every trainer I know that went to college to learn about athletic training says creatine is worthless as long as you have a balanced diet. I have lifted regularly for 6 years, started at 155 and am now 210. Best gains I ever had I attribute to drinking chocolate milk at the gym. Chocolate milk costs ends up being a little more expensive but at least its not a cheap salt.

  118. Paul says:

    I also wanna say that all of you kids 15 to 18 that are getting huge its not about the creatine, which has a placebo effect because you are more excited to lift, You have to realize that your body is super charged with testosterone causing rediculous gains. I would bet it has less to do with the creatine and more to do with the amount of testosterone pumping through your veins.

  119. Dude says:

    hey guys, so in some ways is creatine a form of steroid then ? ive taken steroids years ago in pill form and i got built up but proportionately very nicely in quite a short time of space, no joking i was getting close to the stallone look very defined and muscular but i had to do the work mind, you dont just take it and you wake nxt day ripped like stallone lol, but after doing more research on possible after affects in time to come i stopped taking it,
    many years down the line ive now decided to give creatine monohydrate a go i mean after all its legal so what can the harm be right ? ? ? i pack on muscle quickly as anyone who knows their stuff will know that the human body has a memory so to speak and so to do what moves you,ve done before the body memorises and responds accordingly, but allittle push in the right direction can always be welcomed right guys, so lets see what the fuss is all about with this creatine : – )

  120. Gregory says:

    Im 18 and im 5 ft tall, my arms are very small, will exercising make my arms bigger or just make them more muscular, I needa know how to increase my arm size drastically

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