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Umm Controlled Labs Green MAGnitude creatine tastes good!

20070426 15:12

I’m just giving you a quick update from my previous post from where i stated i had ordered some ‘Controlled Labs Green Magnitude’ creatine, this stuff really tastes good. I got the Sour Apple flavour, and at first i was thinking it’d taste horrible, but it does really taste nice!

If you’d like to take a look some cool offers on Controlled Labs Green MAGnitude Creatine.

Just ordered some new creatine

20070408 22:49

Well it’s been a while since i’ve last posted on here, i’m fully setup in the new house now with my bench press etc. I’ve been bike riding daily for about half an hour. I haven’t done much weight training recently due to the move but i ordered some new supplements earlier today, Dymatize Elite Whey for my protein supplement and Controlled Labs Green MAGnitude for my creatine supplement. I’ve had good comments on both of these supplements so only time will tell! I’ll keep you updated!

I’ve taken a rest!

20070303 20:36

As you may or may not have noticed, i haven’t actually posted on my journal category lately. I have been busy, we’re moving house next week so everything’s sort of hectic! Along with that i’ve had a few bad cases of the common cold which hasn’t helped with being physically bothered to lift weights! I’ve had a few weeks off using creatine, because of being ill and i ran out, so i’ll just leave weight training untill my mini gym is setup in the new house. I will be posting some interesting creatine reviews very soon.

Teen bodybuilding

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Happy crimbo!

20061224 22:47

I’d like to say happy christmas to all readers and best wishes for the new year!

It’s six month’s till summer, and no doubt in January everyone still feel’s bloated from Christmas lunch! I know i will, but why not try something new to bulk up for summer time? Take yourself down to the new year shopping sales and treat yourself to some creatine! In my opinion creatine is definatley worth the money.

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