Just ordered some new creatine

Well it’s been a while since i’ve last posted on here, i’m fully setup in the new house now with my bench press etc. I’ve been bike riding daily for about half an hour. I haven’t done much weight training recently due to the move but i ordered some new supplements earlier today, Dymatize Elite Whey for my protein supplement and Controlled Labs Green MAGnitude for my creatine supplement. I’ve had good comments on both of these supplements so only time will tell! I’ll keep you updated!

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3 Responses to “Just ordered some new creatine”

  1. roi says:

    looks like you’ve already done some reading with the products that you’re using since you’ve actually paired your whey protein with a creatine supplement. i’ve just started working out and i’m looking for products that will help me get a toned body. i’m not going for ultimate body building or anything like that. just want a well-toned build. any helpful feedback will be greatly appreciated. thanks.

  2. Lifter says:


    You will get “toned” up by two methods

    1) You harldly lift or don’t lift at all, and you starve yourself like an anorexic so every tiny muscle shows on your malnourished body. NOT recommended.

    2) You lift heavy and build real muscle, eat a proper diet, and be smart about it.

  3. mike says:


    to tone your body you do not want to lift heavy weights because that will cause you to bulk up and that is not toned whatsoever. to get a toned body Roi, just grab some light weights like 30’s or 20’s and do ALOT of repititions.

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