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20060826 14:11

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Three days and no creatine..

20060808 23:40

Ok, well unfortunatley i haven’t been able to take Creatine for the last three days, as i’ve been in hospital 24/7 with my family, but i will be getting back on it tomorrow morning. I’ve still been eating high protein food when possible, and nurishment drinks, but the hospital food/shop doesn’t get much better than that! So hopefully this doesn’t ruin the routine i had going, and i’ll be able to jump back on it.


20060731 12:48

Welcome to my journal, my name is Terry Bytheway. This blog has been created to give you a true insight of the using Creatine Monohydrate.

I myself have never used creatine as a supplement for weight training, i have heard good things about it from close friends, so i think it is time to try it.  All posts in this blog will be written by me, and tested by me.

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