Back into the routine..

I’m back into the routine of taking creatine, i am still on the ‘loading phase’ due to missing three days out because of the family issues. At this time i am seeing no significant change in my workout routine, although i am feeling like i have loads more energy when i goto the gym, and bike rides. I’ll see how it goes as weeks pass by.. into the routine.. digg:Back into the routine.. spurl:Back into the routine.. wists:Back into the routine.. simpy:Back into the routine.. newsvine:Back into the routine.. blinklist:Back into the routine.. furl:Back into the routine.. reddit:Back into the routine.. fark:Back into the routine.. blogmarks:Back into the routine.. Y!:Back into the routine.. smarking:Back into the routine.. magnolia:Back into the routine.. segnalo:Back into the routine..

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  1. Johny says:

    For how long uve been takin creatine already?

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