Creatine – Good or Bad

My first impression of Creatine wasn’t very good, it tasted horrible, and didn’t see quick effects, but now i am starting to think it is a good supplement. Dispite it’s horrible taste, it has boosted my energy while working out, and my usual bike 40 minute bike ride every day or two, seems like it can be doubled quite easily which is amazing seeing as i have only taken it for less than one week!

I will be pushing myself physically to try and get the most out of the supplement so hope all goes well.. - Good or Bad digg:Creatine - Good or Bad spurl:Creatine - Good or Bad wists:Creatine - Good or Bad simpy:Creatine - Good or Bad newsvine:Creatine - Good or Bad blinklist:Creatine - Good or Bad furl:Creatine - Good or Bad reddit:Creatine - Good or Bad fark:Creatine - Good or Bad blogmarks:Creatine - Good or Bad Y!:Creatine - Good or Bad smarking:Creatine - Good or Bad magnolia:Creatine - Good or Bad segnalo:Creatine - Good or Bad

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  1. Alex says:

    Is Creatine Monohydrate good or bad for you? If bad (or even good) what are the side affects? Alex

  2. Francesca says:

    i am a fucking slute. Dunnowhy i am here.

  3. Alex says:

    What the fuck is wrong with you Francesca? Alex

  4. Bryan says:

    Creatine really shoudn’t have much of an effect on your +40min, as it is mainly for helping in anaerobic short-burst activity (e.g. sprinting, lifting, etc.) if anything i would say that creating isn’t something you would want to use with endurance activity, because the effecets of creatine on the heart aren’t well known, and endurance activity primarily excersizes the heart.

  5. Dan C says:

    Agreeing with Bryan, I am now researching info for my Phys Ed muscle assignment, and the creatine does make muscles stronger, but definatly not for endurance training. The creatine takes some water from the blood to the skeletal muscles, causing the muscles to grow in size.

    And…. Francesca??…. very random

  6. Dan C says:

    and answering your question, yes
    there are side effects
    with creatine’s dehydrating properties.
    Dehydration is said to sometimes happen in the intestines. This will cause bad cramps, diharrea, etc…. but it more than likely wont kill you.
    And drinkin water while working out will also help not to dehydrate u, regularly

    Dan C

  7. ullasharma says:

    yes, i agree with Dan, creatine causes dehydration am a new user and i can feel the dehydration.

    well, can anybody tell me what is the right amount of water intake if the daily consumption of creatine is 3gms?

    regards, u.m.u

  8. Tjsage says:

    Everyone tells me that when they took creatine and stopped that their muscles pretty much turned into mush, and sagged on their arms and body ect. is this true?

  9. Johny says:

    i dont think its true. maybe those ” everyone” stoped workin out, an thats why the got this mush.

  10. Y.S.Virk says:

    Want to know about creatine?????????
    plz send me reply…………………………………….

  11. Annonymous says:

    I used creatine and my penis wouldnt fit back into my pants……

  12. jamaican sprinter 10.11 says:

    bryan is right creatine isnt really efective in endurance athletes or excercise creatine builds muscle and promotes a quicker muscle response eg. in sprinter were neccisary quick response is needed and also in wrestling or in weightlifting soo if ur a sprinter or wish to lift heavier weights and build muscle creatine is a fairely good choice

  13. george rodriguez says:

    i put creatine mi burrito

  14. young athlete says:

    i hear that creatine is bad for the kidneys and i am interested in taking it sooo i would like to know if i am going to hurt myself by taking creatine.

  15. zoop says:

    is it bad if you actually put pure creatine powder on your mouth without the liquid because i just did that and i am freaking out right now plz resp.

  16. Chioino says:

    I just took a creatine supp and about 10 minutes into exercising i started feeling really energetic. every set i did i just wanted to do another. i never lifted a curl bar this way before. It is definitely a buy to me, and only 18$ i think. just make sure you stick to a good, healthy diet that works for you. even healthy food can taste good if you cook it right. 😉

  17. Aaron says:

    Ok I want a real true honest answer, I always wanted to know does creatine have an effect on the penis or testicales like make the shrink or anything?

  18. victor perreca says:

    im victor and im 15 years old and i take creatine and it wokrs great i also play football and its does not hurt your ednurance much it will make you tired maybe then faster or maybe that night and u shouldnt take it by your mouth u should mix it in smomething then take dont dump the powder in your mouth thats nasty and drink a lote of water well working out not gadorade or propelle just straight tap or bottled water

  19. victor perreca says:

    im victor and im 15 years old and i take creatine and it wokrs great i also play football and its does not hurt your ednurance much it will make you tired maybe then faster or maybe that night and u shouldnt take it by your mouth u should mix it in smomething then take dont dump the powder in your mouth thats nasty and drink a lote of water well working out not gatorade or propelle just straight tap or bottled water

  20. anon says:

    Ok I am researching creatine for an exam I have and I thought I would knock down some of the myths…

    starting with penis shrinkage.. are u crazy? of course it doesnt.

    creatine can improve performance in high intensity exercise lasting around >30secs.

    It can easily be bought over the counter as it is legal (It will always be legal because it is a natural amino acid that the body produces). However because it is bought over the counter doesnt mean it is safe and you cant tell how pure it is. Perhaps the persons who seem to claim increased energy could equate this to what ever else is in the substance they are taking.

    As for increased energy in exercise lasting longer than 90secs watch out for the weight gain due to water retention this could slow you down.

    I may sound like I am against creatine but im not. I think if I knew more about it Id be taking it myself. I know that taking it with carbohydrate improves efficiency and any concerns over kidneys is yet to be proved scientifically so its pretty much safe. All drugs and substances do come with side effects and risk of toxicity so take the creatine in moderation and think about it if you have a gentic ceiling and can only absorb so much then you could end up with some expensive urine and the possiblity of kideny damage in the long run.

    Some people will be non-responders and I think people with high amounts of fast twitch II fibres will benefit most.

  21. Dustin says:

    To anon,
    Not to argue with you or anything but just because your body produces it is not the reason why it will always be legal. Your body produces testosterone but we all know you cannot buy testosterone over the counter. Only testosterone boosters.

  22. Matt says:


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  23. Matt says:

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  24. Anonymous says:

    ur gay

  25. chinese penis says:

    i think urine is delicious if u take it with adequate amount of liquid, food, and u are carefull. too much of the acidic acid found in the cock of ur penis will make u sick. i say creatine is helpful and benificila thanks, georgee.

  26. older milf says:

    wow thats a good point sir urine is good but u must use proper percautions before consuming…. yes protein and creatine are delicious and mix well in the stomach and they will make u very muscular very good point but u need to also consume a lot of vitamins to see real gains. i take vitamins and feel so healthy and strong and my muscular mass has seen large gainst signifigantly. thanks … christine

  27. chann says:

    what r the side effects of creatine n how much it is good for u

  28. j says:

    forget creatine all u need is an n.o. booster and the right amount of protein and rest.

  29. alex says:

    creatine is good, since ive started taking it i have got much bigger doing the same lifts as before

  30. david says:

    @alex: so you’re doing the same lifts as before but getting bigger? so your not getting stronger, just bigger? is that what your saying?

  31. Brandon says:

    my back/shoulders/bis/tris/chest/legs/calves hurt so bad for the past 3 days can bearly lift my arms and i wanna go back to the gym so bad NOW!. i owned creatine monohydrate for a bit but worried until now. Thanks for the Info guys. O and go watch if you wanna see what the US government is doing to their people. Peace

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