Bike riding exercise! Get fit

Before i move onto the actual point of this post, i’ll tell you a little story. About one or two months ago i brought a standard mountain bike for £80($150). My dad dropped me to the shop where i tested it out and brought it. From there it’s probably about 20 minutes walking distance to my house. I was well up for riding home, thinking it’d be a breeze in the park, only untill i got home with buckets of sweat coming from my t-shirt, and legs like jelly! Then i realised how unfit i actually was!

To date, i currently ride my bike for half an hour or an hour four times a week, and hardly work up a sweat! It’s quite shocking how you can turn yourself around in such little time, it only takes some sore legs and determination.

Now to the point of the post, whether you are a bodybuilder or just trying to get fit, if you eat 1000 calories a day, or 4000, bike riding is an excellent way to get fit! I found a nice tool to find out how many calories you burn for certain types of exercises and the length of time you do it for. Using myself as an example, every day i go on a bike ride with an estimated speed of 9.4mph I burn 245 calories!

Use the exercise calorie counter here to find out the amount of calories you burn doing whatever exercise you do! riding exercise! Get fit digg:Bike riding exercise! Get fit spurl:Bike riding exercise! Get fit wists:Bike riding exercise! Get fit simpy:Bike riding exercise! Get fit newsvine:Bike riding exercise! Get fit blinklist:Bike riding exercise! Get fit furl:Bike riding exercise! Get fit reddit:Bike riding exercise! Get fit fark:Bike riding exercise! Get fit blogmarks:Bike riding exercise! Get fit Y!:Bike riding exercise! Get fit smarking:Bike riding exercise! Get fit magnolia:Bike riding exercise! Get fit segnalo:Bike riding exercise! Get fit

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  1. Enzo says:

    Riding bike will not only burn fat but it breaks down less muscle tissue and build more muscle than running. on the other hand, running burns more fat, but i wana get BIG

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