Lazy week

Quite annoyed with myself this week, i’ve had a totally lazy week! Earlier in the week i said to myself i’d go on a bike ride on the evening but in the end i decided to go the day after and didn’t know i was going to be busy and one thing led from another and the weeks turned out totally lazy! I haven’t touched weights or my bike, which i know is going to kill me when i get back on them.

On another note, i quit my part-time job which means ill have christmas/new years free for family and friends which i’m quite happy about as i was due to work on new years day and i was really dredding it!

I will be starting my weights on monday so i can have a fresh start for the week coming and can do my program properly. I’ll be posting some more creatine articles shortly, including one titled ‘How much weight can i gain with creatine?’ so check back soon for an update. week digg:Lazy week spurl:Lazy week wists:Lazy week simpy:Lazy week newsvine:Lazy week blinklist:Lazy week furl:Lazy week reddit:Lazy week fark:Lazy week blogmarks:Lazy week Y!:Lazy week smarking:Lazy week magnolia:Lazy week segnalo:Lazy week

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