Glutamine side effects

Glutamine, one of the twenty special amino acids that have been encoded by the standard genetic code, is also one of the most common amino acids that occur naturally in the human body. It makes up more than sixty percent of the skeletal muscle tissue, and is fuel for both the digestive tract and the immune system, while also playing a pivotal role in responsibly conducting nitrogen to muscles around the body. High concentrations of Glutamine are especially available in the brain, the gut lining, the lungs, the heart, the kidney, the liver, and the muscles. In short, no human body can survive without this vital amino acid; in fact most bodybuilders and athletes use it as a supplement to enhance their performance or to strengthen themselves physically. Glutamine can be found in protein powders (mostly favored by the likes of athletes, weightlifters, and bodybuilders); and is also rich in other high-protein foods including fish, red meat, beans, poultry and dairy products.

While the human body does not take well to anything taken in excess, however useful it might be, studies regarding the side effects of excess Glutamine use have even churned out inconclusive results. Still, it’s safe to say that it’s never a good idea to take high doses, and it has been proved that excess use might lead to an an upset stomach, if nothing else.

It is now widely believed that since Glutamine occurs naturally in the human body, supplementing a diet with the amino acid comes free of any major health risks or adverse side effects, as long as it’s done in low doses. In fact, it is mostly encouraged; Glutamine deficiency is so common in our day, that medical practitioners check for Glutamine deficiency as one of the primary tests when searching for clues in patients with symptoms of chronic illnesses or dysfunction in cognitive functioning and mood swings.
Nevertheless, it’s important to understand that anybody thinking of starting a regimen including Glutamine supplements should consult a physician or nutritionist first; especially those suffering from either Type I or Type II diabetes since they are usually advised to exercise extreme caution with respect to Glutamine powders or supplements. This is mainly because surplus amounts of Glutamine in the human body are broken down by the liver and the kidneys for the production of glucose.

Aside from being used as a diet supplement by bodybuilders and athletes, Glutamine has been deemed effective in treating muscle cramps or pain in the elderly. It can also speed up the Krebs Cycle and aid in weight loss while retaining muscle mass. However, the principle use of Glutamine is still the replenishment of the body’s stores of amino acids; which is why supplementation is considered particularly healthy after strenuous exercise or long workouts. Furthermore, people suffering from any kind of physical trauma, immune deficiencies, or cancer also tend to find Glutamine very helpful.

Thus, as the article suggests, Glumatine use (in a controlled manner) has many favorable effects, yet most often comes free of any adverse side effects; which is why it’s become such a popular fixture on the market for health supplements.

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21 Responses to “Glutamine side effects”

  1. dhav says:

    I am 17/m working out and im not sure if i am taking excess amounts of glutamine but i supplement with glutamine almost about 3 to 4 times a day in 500ml water with 5 grams or glutamine and i also use other protein supplements n multivitamines etc.
    but i just wanted to know if taking in this much doses of glutmine is fine or if there are any side effects if i take more.

  2. Johny says:

    im takin glutamin rite before i go to sleep. nothin bothers me.

  3. Johny says:


    so what u want to say that u take 15-20 gramms of glutamine everyday???
    i think its too much.
    i believe that normal dose of glutamine is 5-10

    1st 5gramms you take after u work out and another 5 gramms before you go to sleep.

  4. Lisa says:

    Did anyone find out if taking OVER 20,000 mg is dangerous? If so, what are the side effects? I don’t see an answer and would love to know.

  5. Ali says:

    hi , I wanna know how much to use glutamine and whey protein not to see side effect and really there is no side effect in these???

  6. ron says:

    reply to ali.

    take a gram or 2 of protein per pound of body weight and 5 grams l glutamine after work out, and then five grams l glutamine before bed, it also helps to take a casien based protein before bed, so as to release throughout the night.

  7. Andy says:

    Hi, I am interested to know if anyone with type 1 or type 2 diabetes using glutimine and/or creatine ethyl ester cee,have any positive or negative effects?Thank for all responses.

  8. ryan says:

    i just started taking glutamine
    and on the lable it says to take 1-2 scoop (5-10g)
    2-3 times today, and i see that on here u are saying only to take
    like 10g a day
    so what should i do?

  9. Blue GillFurnish says:

    I was just wondering who wrote this article?

  10. Bulk Hogan says:

    I started back in the gym after shoulder surgery and not exercising for 2+ years. I struggled with 130 lbs on the bench press. I started using a liquid Creatine/Glutamine supplement about 2 times a week before my workouts. I exercised 3 times a week and within 2 1/2 months, I gained 10 lbs and my bench jumped to 310!!!! I was working out longer, harder, and stepping out of the gym nice and pumped. There didn’t seem to be any side effects and I loved the new body! When you’re over 40 and strong, it really was a personal boost in confidence. I tried a couple other supplements, but they didn’t produce results and also jacked-up my heart rate quite a bit.
    I love my liquid blend in a small bottle w/ an eye-dropper dispenser and have NO plans to use anything else. See you in the gym!

  11. Stuart says:

    I have up till now only been using the glutamine provided in protien powders only, but have found two full bottles in my cupboard.From what I hear it can only do good so I will try it in the morning ,afternoon,after gym and lastly before bed.If you dont hear from me again it has probably killed me,but I doubt it Ha ha ha.I will give it a full hearted try as fatigue is a big problem in my life as a result of training.I hope it works !!!!!!!!

  12. Mark says:

    Nothing’s wrong with taking 15-20 grams of Glutamine (L-Glutamine) daily. I already have 5 grams of it per scoop since it’s made with my Whey Protein. I’ve recently started to take additionally 5 grams of Glutamine before bedtime.


  13. bboi says:

    if i drink glutamine will the hot ass chicks suck my cock in exchange…i dont know i feel like gluta makes girl’s pussy super wet…plsss gimme suggestions hahaha

  14. sajjad Gazali says:

    I have problem of CK level high in my blood. And pain in my leg muscles and back. Doctor not advice me to go for gym. After reading article and comments from many people I like to use this product “Glutamine”. It is necessary to do some hard work or must go for Gym while taking Glutamine? Can anybody advice me?

  15. PJDash says:

    Probably a little late posting this sajjad Gazali but you can supplement with glutamine anytime it is a naturally occuring BCAA and can readily be found in vegetables like cabbage. I read alot of people are stacking glutamine with creatine …. this is a no no due to the fact creatine and glutamine are delivered to the muscles by the same means … sodium and since you only have a certain amount of sodium to deliver them ( and no ingesting more sodium will not allow you to fully obsorb both ) it is best to stagger them approximately an hour apart to fully reap their benefits.

  16. Dr Brown says:

    I am a chiropractic physician. I do not recomend glutamine for distance runners.

    My daughter took it (10-20 grams/day) at the advise of her cross country coach. We knew nothing of this until she started having slow times in the 2 mile. Glutamine increases cell volume thus increases water wieght. Once I took her off of the glutamine she lost 4 pounds in 2 days and looked much more cut in her legs. She had been complainig of tightness in her calves and feeling heavy when she ran. I was thinking she had a poserior compartment syndrome. Now we know it was all glutamine causing the problem.

    She has a race this weekend and we are expecting a great improvement in her times now that the glutamine has been eradicated from her system.

  17. Musclegirl says:

    Dr Brown says “…….now that the glutamine has been eradicated from her system.” if glutamine naturally occures in the body how exactly did you eraticate it. I never thought that glutamine could build up in your body as it is constantly being used up – is this correct? Would be interested to know if anyone has the answer.

    I have been bodybuilding & training for many years. I take glutamine during my pre contest training and I have never had any problem with water retention or any other side effects of this products.

  18. Anonymous says:

    glutamine sucks

  19. steroid anti says:

    take all your bcaa’s ,protien 250g, and a caffiene supp ie torchger (geranium stems) and thats all you need. oh ..and know how to work out

  20. b4 gym kolla,m says:

    ggod to know all this…thanks for these useful and valuable tipsss….

  21. gymguy4help says:

    Different supplements effect people differently. As for ME taking over 20g a day is to much or 10g at anyone time. I get extremely bloated and feel almost faint especially when i mix it with creatine. Now 5g after workout and 5g before bed work perfectly. I prefer creatine and glutamine post workout by my body (or should I say stomach) cant handle it….. Not saying there arent any other side effects but with me large dosage and/or mixed with creatine cause bloating and cramping….hope that helps

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