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Upped by bench press, once again..

20061014 11:44

Some reading may be thinking, this is just some big hype to try and earn commission from creatine products, you may be correct but i am also using the blog to post my personal achievements while taking creatine and protein shakes.

Earlier, i decided to up my bench press weights again by another 5kg. May not sound like alot, but it sure makes a difference! I have had to lower my reps to 4 or 5 so i can do it correctly.

Who know’s.. next time i may up it by 10kg :p

Will keep you updated!

Pasta on the go

20061009 11:21

Ive definatley been eating more pasta, whether it be at work, home or on the train. Pasta is a simple dish, but it can be the best meal of your day with the right food mixed in.

Pasta is fortified with folic acid which is important throughout our lives, believe it or not in a womans childbearing years, folic acid is a key nutrient before conception because it helps to prevent birth defects. In addition, there is new evidence that folic acid may protect against heart disease and some types of cancer.

For body builders, it can be a meal packed with carbs and protein depending on what you do with it, i personally mix tuna and sweetcorn in the past, but you can literally throw anything in the bowl and it will be a nice treat for your taste buds.

If you havent already, give it a go! Take a look here for some good pasta recipes.

Body building and your food

20061005 20:26

Over and over again, i have saw and heard people stress the importance of eating about three, four or even six meals a day if you want to be serious about body building. Before my eating pattern was irregular, i often missed breakfast, had one or two meals a day, and didn’t even meet upto my 2000 calorie intake. Now i am eating full meals, upto four a day with breakfast included, with a total of 2000+ calories per day (which some may say is still not enough, but it is much more compared to my previous diet).

As im increasing my daily calorie intake, i am going on daily hourly bike rides, and making sure i do not miss out on creatine and protein dosage.

If you have any comments please post, i’d like to hear what you have to say on the whole idea.

Upped by bench press by 3 reps

20060928 14:04

Lately while doing bech press at home, it has been getting easier and easier to do 5 reps, so earlier today i was upped by reps to 8 and 3 sets. My next target is to drop the reps back down to 5 but add more weights =)

I’ll keep you updated

Carbohydrate – A must for weight training

20060926 14:16

Carbohydrates are an important energy source for strength training. Stored as glycogen in the muscles, it is the fuel used to supply energy for short, intense bursts of power. The harder and longer you work out, the more glycogen your muscles require. Once these stores of glycogen are gone you energy level will drop and you will have to stop exercise. So Carbohydrate should be a major concern of athletes doing strength training exercise in the hopes of building lean muscle.

Experts recommend at least 400 to 600 grams of carbohydrates per day to keep your muscle glycogen stores high.

You may use this formula to work out your personal requirement; a:

3.6gr carb x body wt(lbs)= grams carb/day

For a 140 pound person this is about 504 grams per day or about 2,000 carbohydrate calories and 720 grams or 2,900 carbohydrate calories for a 200-pound person.

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