Reverse barbell curl

The reverse barbell curl exercise works bicep and forearm muscles. I personally use the reverse barbell curl as a support exercise for the end of my bicep workout. It is good for building strength in your forearm and bicep muscles. If you have strong forearm muscles you can bicep curl more weights, and build more muscle so reverse bicep curls are recommended in your bicep workout!

You should try to use the reverse barbell curl towards the end of your bicep workout, as you don’t want to wear out your forearms at the start of your workout because you won’t be able to lift heavy weights for the rest of your session. barbell curl digg:Reverse barbell curl spurl:Reverse barbell curl wists:Reverse barbell curl simpy:Reverse barbell curl newsvine:Reverse barbell curl blinklist:Reverse barbell curl furl:Reverse barbell curl reddit:Reverse barbell curl fark:Reverse barbell curl blogmarks:Reverse barbell curl Y!:Reverse barbell curl smarking:Reverse barbell curl magnolia:Reverse barbell curl segnalo:Reverse barbell curl

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  1. Building Biceps says:

    Hi there,

    Good to see somebody else passionate about weight training.

    While I came upon your website by chance, I saw this article and would like to comment and maybe ask a question, if I may?

    I would like to know what kind of results you’ve had on your biceps using the reverse barbell curl?

    I ask this because, I follow the training principles of Mark Rippetoe (Strength Training Coach), and, he states that EZ-Curl Bars, where the grip isn’t as suppine as it is on a straight bar, means the bicep isn’t being worked properly, because the palm must be in the most suppine position it can be (straight bar) in order for the most muscle fibres to be recruited into the movement.

    So, if Mark Rippetoe deems an EZ-Curl Bar not very useful because it forces the hands into a slightly more prone grip, I was curious to know what kind of results the reverse barbell curl gives, given the grip is completely prone?

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